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>having general anxiety
>sleeping a lot
>yesterday again fell asleep at 7.30 pm and woke up at 7.30 am

When am I supposed to learn programming?

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anytime is a great time to begin. start tomorrow morning. pussy lips

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I have a jon you know

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>not sleeping the whole day and ataying awake the whole night
you're fine...

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Set an alarm you weeb. I could easily sleep 10h+ if I don't set an alarm even when I don't need to get up early. You oversleep and have the same symptoms as not getting enough sleep. 7h minimum, 8h maximum. No more no less.

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stop sleeping too much faggit. I have extremely bad anxiety disorder and OCD so I understand the struggle, but you gotta do what u gotta do my negro friend.

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Some people needs to sleep more that 8 hours. And as my doctor said your quality of sleeping is poor so you sleep a lot

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Just letting you know that sleeping more than 9 hours a day is more harmful than sleeping less than 5 hours. Not kidding look it up yourself.

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Then your doctor is a retarded or for some reason intentionally telling you BS.

Current academia explicitly says sleeping more than 8 hours a day significantly raises death rate (i.e. your chance to die).

Look up every study worldwide all come to same answer. Sleeping less than 8 hours but more than 6 makes people die less from diseases, cancers, gunshot wounds and airplane crashes (This is not a joke has been published over and over in medical literature), while sleeping more than 8:30 increases your chance significantly of dyingfrom diseases cancers etc.

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Serious question: how can you stand to sleep for that long when there's so fucking much to do?? So many people to meet and things to learn. Life is so short and you sleep for half the fuckin day?!?! Kill yourself my man!

I'm in a constant battle with balancing out my sleep deprivation. I never want to stop. I am also a programmer, I know like 10 different programming languages or more idk, ama if you want.

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Whole day of having anxiety makes you tired so you dont have energy to learn something

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some diseases like cancer and heart issues can make you sleep more, that creates a bias in those studies since there are perfectly healthy people that also sleep a lot.

In nature, animals that sleep more live longer.

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Then go see a fuckin doctor or get on the darknet and self medicate

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I already seen one and for more than two yars i have been taking pill, it helps but it doesnt eliminate my anxiety completly

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I've been taking Lexapro for about 2 years and it works for anxiety (my anxiety actually developed into panic attacks), it works fine for me so but my libido is almost dead.

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>my anxiety actually developed into panic attacks
I've never understood this
do you just feel anxious for no reason

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Same. Probably going to shell out big bucks for ERP therapy because I'm not able to do shit with my life with this disorder in the way.

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Tell your doctor it isn't working. Try out benzos, ssris like lexapro are fuckin bullshit. Get some amphetamine for your lack of energy. If he refuses then go to a different doctor. This is your fuckin life dude!!

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>Now then Anon, let's begin the SQL portion
>How do I view this table here?
>Open my pink pussy lips and whisper,

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I randomly get physical symptoms and my brain thinks I'm about to die (chest pains, dormant hands, weird smells, confusion), then I get into paranoia mode thinking I have some terminal disease like heart failure or cancer until the next panic attack.

I've had several medical checkups and I'm perfectly healthy, and since the symptoms disappear with the jew pills, the conclusion is that my brain is fucked a bit.

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i am also programmer, and sometimes its so hard to come out the bed, knowing that old bugs are still not fixed and new ones are waiting to be discovered by retard like me. Its better to go back to sleep desu

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same boat, let's help each other u fuck. Join the #aaa33aaa33aaa room on freenode.

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> meu is working
> "tell your doctor it isn't working"
quality advice

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same except i'm depress about not having a job and failing last few interviews

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> meu

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You need to volunteer too

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don't give up anon. I got one after about 100 interviews.

Meanwhile improve your skills by getting certificates from Udemy and shit like that, it makes a huge difference.

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They clearly aren't working if he's that worn out by his anxiety. I have anxiety myself and they gave me ssris. They helped a lot, but benzos take it to a new level. They're addictive and dangerous, but live life on the edge my man. Also get an amph script

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How about fluoxetin? I'm takin it

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Have you boyfriend jon teach you faggot

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When you have a lucid dream
Instead of dreaming about pedophile content of little girls in anime
Dream about code ..

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Lexapro anon here, I'm not OP

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Both ssris. Try some shit like Xanax or klonopin. Be careful they are very very addictive, and the withdrawal can kill you if you don't wean off correctly.

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this. Also, many meds to treat those diseases (and many others) cause sleepiness. Healthy sleepy people are just healthy, you're not developing cancer for oversleeping.

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is it different from coursera etc
and more importantly is it free

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People need to understand that correlation vs causation is irrelevant in biology.

if someone sleeps more than 8/less than 6 hours regularly you know that person is Ill and will die more likely.Whether the illness is caused by sleep or the illness is causing the sleep is irrelevant. because either way it is the same outcome.

And the comparison to animals is beyond retarded and just shows how uneducated you are. Who cares about animals if studies have been confirming this since at least 50 years whether in US, Germany or China.

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It has been known since at least 100 years from worldwide accepted studies that people who sleep longer than 8hours regularly have a significantly higher cancer rate.

Again correlation / causation is irrelevant.We know sleep amount and cancer/disease/trauma are linked. We don't know how but we know they are indicator for eacg other.

There were studies published in US gov peer-reviewed (for example Nature and Nih) that explicitly said that if you were attacked by gunfire one of the best predictors of survival was sleep time apart from physical and mental fitness.

People who got shot on average had significantly higher/ lower sleep times than those that did not (who all usually medianed around 7 hours exact). Another study reported those values for plane crashing.

I know reading this sound alike the most retarded bullshit but it genuinely is an accepted fact in biological academia.

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> studies confirming

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>Again correlation / causation is irrelevant.We know sleep amount and cancer/disease/trauma are linked
what an absolutely retarded thing to say
people who are unhealthy sleep longer
people who are unhealthy have higher cancer rates

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> higher cancer rates
literally nothing. Show me a study made only on healthy people that proves cancer develops more easily on people that oversleeps.
Sick people WILL sleep more, that's a fact. What I'm saying is that there are perfectly healthy people that sleep a lot and will never get cancer, therefore, if you're healthy and always had a long sleep cycle, you shouldn't worry about those studies.

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shut the fuck up garfield

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once i fell asleep at like 6am and woke at 6:30am feeling refreshed but confused because i thought i only slept for an half of an hour until i realized i slept for a whole fucking day.

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>sit down for a moment and shut my eyes for a second
>don't open my eyes fast enough
>*poof* 1 hour goes by

You'll understand when you get a fucking job instead of having dick waving contests all day

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>sleeping longer makes planes crash
>an accepted fact in biological academia

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This is completely wrong. I literally work with a sleep specialist because of my own sleep disorder. How much sleep a person needs is highly specific to each persons biology.

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Whatever lazy faggot, I've always had trouble sleeping. Now I take all kinds of stimulants so it's even worse. I never ever want to sleep!

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>How much sleep a person needs is highly specific to each persons biology.
no not really, it's not food, most people should have 8, more as a kid and less as a senior

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have sleep

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Mines not so bad that it completely fucks my life but it’s incredibly annoying. Like washing my hands for 5-10mins straight and not being able to stop with no idea why I can’t stop.

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>no not really
>most people
Are you literally retarded or just trolling?

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are you? most people have the same sleep pattern. that's not "highly specific"

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I get 7 hours usually by forcing some sleeping drugs down my throat even though I really don't want to sleep. Sometimes it's closer to 3 or 0 hours though. That gets rough.

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>he has to take stimulants to function
>he has to take downers to sleep
>get called a lazy faggot by the drug junkie for taking care of myself

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Those simptoms confirmed your faggotoriness. Go to see a doctor

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