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>tfw desktop linux will never look this good

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Looks like 2005.

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Based appleposter. Let the freetards seethe.

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and that's a good thing.

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>Implying pic related isn't pure sex

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OP you are delusional. It looks like a dog shit and cream cheese sandwich with your name written all over it.

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>rendered promo picture
They aren't even hiding it anymore

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Go to the desktop thread and find any linuxfag's riced desktop and I guarantee that not only will it look better than that milquetoast trash, but it will be unique to that one person. Apple is for people who want to Think Differentâ„¢ by being the exact same as every other Apple consumer.

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coping this hard

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pic unrelated?

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Windows and Linux are a fucking disaster when it comes to design.
GNOME tries to pull off that title bar but fails miserably.

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Desktop threads are full of bandwagoning NPCs, the same worthless sheep like mactards

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Nice, is this elementaryOS?

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iToddler kys

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You can make it look EXACTLY like that if you want.
But only fags and incels actually do that.

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>You can make it look EXACTLY like that if you want.
can you redesign and re-implement widget toolkit for each application and redesign and reimplement UI of each application and rewrite window server to support additional features so it all looks and works consistently not-like-shit? is linuks just THAT easy?

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Wait which part of that can you change in MacOS? I thought you're forced to accept whatever defaults they have and just try to learn to like it.

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If I cared about looks I'd make the effort to not be born ugly

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Called Solus with the budgie desktop. Has a dock mode too that you can drool over

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Budgie is looking great, but still a little unfinished i think. With a bit more polish i can see it overtaking Gnome on some desktops.

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that belly gets my dick hard as diamonds

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You can make "desktop linux" look exactly like this, retard.

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>generic tiling wm setup
>terminal only applications
>same i3/bspwm setup on every fucking thread

Please anon, stop.

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this is so ugly

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the generic tiling wm setup looks unironically better than the generic MacOS desktop and it's not even close

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it looks good...... for 2007

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>tfw macos will never look this good again

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fagOS never looked good

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it looked incredibly good in 2007.

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>she doesn't know

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What DE are they using? Why it is not ported yet?

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It's a fork of KDE3 I think.

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why does that remind me of gmod?

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>photo album of black men and white women

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based mitsuba poster


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whats with all the dust in that image? is it causing her an asthma attack?

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uh oh, i think it's just her own breath

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is she vaping?

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Only kids require a tool to "look good"

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kys pedo

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kys redditor

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chrome os, the thinking man's gentoo

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>find any linuxfag's riced desktop and I guarantee that not only will it look better than that milquetoast trash, but it will be unique to that one person
I've browsed those threads and I've honestly never seen a setup that looked as a good as default macOS.

I guess that's the difference between random hobbyists and professional artists and engineers.

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>covering the screen with dumb icons
>you have a whole keyboard of buttons right in front of you

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these are sfw wannabe mod

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this, solus budgie looks great

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>naked cartoon girls
what fucking planet is that SFW on?

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Looks like a cleaner version of MacOS back in 95, same ergonomic and design issues that stem from that design. I would take any tiling manager+dmenu over OSX any day of the week.

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Kill yourself newfag.

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>Vagina: NOT OKAY

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I can't see their vagina.

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I-is that a proposal anon?

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why is your right hand moving without moving the sleeve?

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really made me think

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god i wish that were me

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fuck off nigger

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pedos btfo

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nice digits friendo

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i wanna touch her belly

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Mac OS is truly beautiful. There is nothing else that feels so responsive, effortless, and fluid.

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It's a joy to work on.

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wow; people on the tech board on an anime website like and a quick and easy program to show the information of their setup and anime, i never would've guessed!

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Literally looks like poo. Who drew the icons, a five year old?

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C-can I run qt-based apps on it comfortably or does it shit itself?

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windows 10 is what peak performance looks like

stay poor

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Anything that tries to catter to iToddlers is going to be shit by definition. It's like having Gordon Ramsay use his cooking skills to try to replicate the taste of shit.

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>using dark mode
>not using tomorrow 4chan style

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>actually thinking that screenshot looks good
>I-it's just because m-mac toddlers don't anything non-mac

literally the state of PC anime fags

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t. ipajeet

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>go to interview for a dev position
>interviewer dev uses a mac
>also talks like a fag
Like pottery.

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wrong board friend. i really hope this helps.

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based and chromepilled

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>""""slick"""" and """"futuristic""""" """"silver"""" (aka gradients of grey) everywhere
Looks ugly and always will look ugly

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kek. most of them are far from unique, let alone aesthetically pleasing. it's really saddening once you find out just how much time these people have invested into personalizing their desktop and yet it looks worse than default os x.

the sole linux distros that have a chance of competing are solus, elementary os and perhaps deepin, but neither of those is as featurerich as os x. freetards can keep seething

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Reminder to report the multiple Apple shill threads we have going on.

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a japanese girl stabbed her bf to death in a train station

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Looks like utter shit. Manages to look worse than GNOME.

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>shit fucking dock
>ugly as fuck antialiased fonts
>window menu on top for no fucking reason
>two goddamn desktop toolbars for no fucking reason
>siri botnet
>locked down, dumbed down bullshit that fucks over anyone who wants to do anything
>overpriced hardware that you have to get to even run the damn thing unless you want to endlessly hackintosh the damn thing for a buggy as shit experience
Modern desktop GNU/Linux is shit but nothing will ever be as shit as crApple.

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default ubuntu shits on mac

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Wtf is wrong with you?

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said noone ever

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Haha its always rattles the macfags when they hear the truth: they have the most generic, uninspired luke-warm boring npc os in the entire world. This goes for their hardware too.
This is a good example of someone who doesnt know shit about computers and bought a used macbook because he wanted to stand out.
Btw I own the newest memebar macbook, i7, 16g ram, etc and it fucking sucks. I use it as a mouse pad for my t470s.
I would like to

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>i would like to
nevermind about that part, just a misspaste

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You can spend a day making a custom GNOME theme and it will look better than that. I wasn't impressed when I tried out the 5k iMac and wish I could have been using my GNOME setup instead.

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yeah because a bunch of freetard programmers clearly have better UX and UI design abilities than a multibillion dollar global mega corporation.

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>minimalize window
>die of laughter
I didn't believe /g/ memes untill I had the chance to use a mac, nobody who'S mentally above the age of 12 can like this

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You can retrofit Gnome to suit your
needs. Don't tell me you are a retail Apple employee working there at 35 and can't code at all.

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is that just a stolen screenshot

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What I've noticed in those desktop threads is how the animefags always reinforce each other, cuteposting and always complimenting other animefags, while acting like huge assholes to everyone hating on them. It's the same fucking behavior you would find in SJWs, and it's the same trap lonely/insecure teenaged girls or most artists seeking validation fall into, except for boys.

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yes, you can

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mactoddlers will defend this

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Holy shit, I forgot about crunchbang!

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could you imagine?

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i like it

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Looks like crap, why do you have the menu on the top

That's so 1987

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>pays hundreds of dollars for a mousepad
and you call others retarded?

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cope, even in the same desktop environment it differs because of customization, even gnome because of extensions

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who the fuck is a tasteless asshole that thinks this default "Halloween and a sunset on acid" theme in ubuntu looks remotely passable

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Hello Kevin.

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it looks like glorified tablet os

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I think it looks nice, but have seen a Mac user fumble around her computer attempting to do simple tasks? It looks so cumbersome and goofy

>> No.71146517

it was pretty popular back in the day...

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now THIS is epic

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some people have a job so they cant spend 16 hours a day learning all the keyboard shortcuts.

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No, just no

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Reminds me of jelly windows on gnome 2. I loved that shit at a teen.

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KYS pedo.

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You wasted all that screen space, why even have a big monitor, retar

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But you can literally theme several DEs to look JUST LIKE MacOS???

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fucking summer I swear

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