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they have RUINED the downloads folder this is unsuable!!!!!

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you can literally just change the sorting back to normal. nothing has broken

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how? right now its not usable

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ohnoo I see boobies!!! advertisers aren't gonna like this!!!

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i think its right click and group, then change it from type to name (or whatever else)

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Click on View and change it, retard.

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>using windows 10

desu this looks nicer tho

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>he doesn't even knows how to use explorer

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OPs IQ has to be below 85.

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stupid niggerposter

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>sexy model woman boobs nude natural nipples gorgeous bea

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You don't need to Google anything here if you have an iq higher than your body temperature.

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when i started the upgrade it was the right way and now its the wrong way

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And it takes 2 click to return it back to normal if you aren't retarded.

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why the fuck should i have to?

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You don't have to but you clicked the update button.

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>windows 10
>you dont have to update

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Yes but for non retarded people only

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i will never change OS options

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Please upload sexy model woman boobs nude natural nipples gorgeous bea

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Well if OP never went on the internet then he wouldn't have to.
I think that might for the best anyway.

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Imagine being this retarded

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ironically tech illiterate troglodytes like OP are the very reason microsoft is forcing updates in windows 10
how the fuck did you even find this TECHNOLOGY board

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Post that throat fuck image

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this guy doesn't even have file extensions visible
this is your average /g/tard in 2019

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Stop using pajeetOS. Only retards use that garbage.

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The absolute state of children today

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huh didn't even notice

*changes back to the group by none setting*

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Why is the amount of retards like OP increasing by the day? Is it because of summer or is /g/ coming closer to the same fate as /pol/ and /v/ by turning into literal subreddits?

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it's a bit of both

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How the fuck does a thread like this get 31 posts? Every fucking one of you are the cancer killing /g/, and I encourage all of you to open a fucking vein immediately.

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because you touch yourself at night

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Leaking meme and pandering to normalfags lead to this. People come and go but when a big event happen or a meme leaked, the number of newfags come in gonna over run the local natives and change the board forever. Especially on small boards.
in /g/ case: Windows 10 meme, Clover makes /g/ the default board
/wsg/: eurobeat meme and later ylyl, final blow by Pewdiepie

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>not LTSC
Found the problem

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Are you a gamer? Epic. I fucking love Microsoft, too.

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I thought the final blow was tigtog

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The board is already lost before tik tok

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They ruined it when they added the directory to the system disk clean-up utility. Better make sure that shit is unticked anon unless you want it to nuke your shit.
As always with windicks, the default user folders are worthless and files should be stored elsewhere.

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I like it, thanks

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Post the Pokemon hentai faggot

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Mine looks different what did you do OP

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I don't think I've gotten a single non security since I installed win 10 like a year ago. Should I be concerned?

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what do you expect from a windows user?

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You can't post that!

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Not sure if this is bait but if you can figure out the basic sorting options in a file explorer on your own you're a fucking retard, I don't even know why you're here.

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This must be bait. I refuse to believe someone as stupid exists.

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What a sad downloads folder.

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enjoy you're wannacry and zombieload

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fuck off isac I don't want your opinion

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Requesting source of pic related.

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>using downloads folder
what retardation is this?

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wannacry was a hoax, nothing happened to my PC and I haven't updated it in years

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That's going to be a yikes from me

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>tiddies with tattoos
>download VS right before schreenshotting just for /g/
Know how I know you’re 9?

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I just sort alphabetically with different categories, but know some people with download folders of thousands of files that never get messed with (even naming files with zzzFilename to find them quicker).
After installing yesterdays update and extracting musicbee (Aimp stopped working with the update); it got pushed to the bottom of the list, which I can imagine many people getting upset over that are used to the previous layout (and unsure how to change back).

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what is that two panel picture with an unreadable name

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chronologically is superior to the point where I diss my coworkers and dad for not using it
you can STILL find files by name if you remember their exact filename, but 95% of the time, you wont need to, because the file you need will be all the way on the top
imagine your emails not being chronologically sorted, you'd be fucking done man, done.

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Did they remove the "Sort by" and "Group by" or you fuckers are memeing?

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>downloading anything to the Downloads folder
Holy shit I tried using Chromium and Firefox, and when I downloaded something, it just started downloading right away without asking me where I want to download it to first. How do people live with these browsers?

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>using the downloads folder
the ABSOLUTE state of /g/

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"ask me where to save downloads"

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>opening the settings and specifying the download location is difficult :(
>right clicking a link and selecting 'save as...' is too much work :((

>How do people live with these browsers?
not that difficult if you have a 3 digit iq.

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I recognize that picture. Sparrow should be a national treasure.

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Anon it was unusable long before that

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Not what I thought, but thanks.

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>doesn't press F1
>doesn't call Microsoft tech support
>doesn't google
>posts on /g/ complaining
You have all the tools available to you yet you still have the need to ask strangers on the internet.

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Only got yourself to blame.
That said, you should be able to revert that.

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