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I have never and will never properly comment a code. I only use indentation if the language makes it mandatory.
I don't have a github account as I can always save the code and add the date to the filename, and send it to other people by email or via flash drive.
I dual boot windows 10 and windows 7. 10 because it's alright and 7 because it's the best OS ever made.
Get the fuck out with "muh linux". In 2019 you can compile whatever language in whatever OS literally with no exceptions and having to write a single line in a terminal to install a printer for a driver is inexcusable.
I'm in a senior devops position and make more money than you.

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thanks for the blog, NEET

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cool story bro

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How do I unsubscribe

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nice larp

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I have never written a line of code. I just pay you pajeet senior devops to write it for me because hilariously your code is worth more than I pay you. This is also why I use linux, because I refuse to pay pajeets for software unless I really have to and who needs anything but a working browser today anyways. I'm a richfag and make more money than you.

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