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finally, FINALLY, someone calls out pg's idiotic platitudes instead of licking his taint for seed money

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I don't think anyone was under the impression that you could be poor and realistically pull yourself up from your own bootstraps.

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You can as long as you are smart, young and healthy. But it's very unlikelly to become rich, being middle class is possible though.
Also it will usually take decades.

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So muh govmunt Bernie bitch can hand out money thats not his to those who dont do shit with all the mandatory hiring for the last 50 years cmon bro no excuses get off ur ass

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people unironically believe this though. just as /pol/

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>implying /pol/ is one person

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The collective IQ of /pol/ does add up to about one normal person's IQ

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/pol/ is really just 99% trolling I think.

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maybe 50 years ago yes.

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Theres this teacher in college obsessed with us becoming entrepeneurs, he believes tech business will only skyrocket from now on instead of crashing
What are reliable sources to prove him wrong?

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The intent of the pg tweet is to inspire or motivate people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, not to deliver a hard truth.
The prince tweet is standard twitter virtue signaling.

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merely pretending

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pull yourself up by bootstraps was a cruel joke from the mid 19th century mocking the poor

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To inspire or motivate at the cost of omitting a negligent amount of information shouldnt be allowed

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right, a tweet from a self-absorbed jackass is going to inspire them better than their own miserable quality of life

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That's the lie called the american dream and last time I checked a considerable number of amerimutts still believe that shit.

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Second post literally admits that he is a rich guy. Maybe also virtue signaling, but it has to be some second level thinking, because at face value it's at his own expense.

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>just trolling

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>The intent of the pg tweet is to inspire or motivate people from lower socioeconomic background
You mean lie to them and have them even more disappointed than if they'd accepted their position from the beginning and adjusted expectations accordingly :^)?
Would you tell someone who was paralyzed after being thrown off a horse to walk it off and get back up on the horse?
If you had a kid who cried every time you tried to feed it anything other than icecream would you give it icecream because that's "the nice thing to do"?

The first Tweet is the same as that Elon Musk one where he's basically saying "don't go to college -- I'm a drop out and look how far I made it," conveniently ignoring the fact that he went to private schools and then dropped out of the SA equivalent of Harvard... oh and yeah the fact that his dad owns literal diamond mines

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Oh God it's nice to see someone dabbing on Paul Graham

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Literally go talk to any "Middle Class" blue-collar worker. A lot of white-collar workers, too. One of my friends is an electrical contractor, and talked about this constantly, until someone pointed out that the only reason he was able to get work for the first 2-3 years he operated, was because HIS dad owned a business constructing houses for a local credit union's subdivision developer, and he gave him most of the work installing wiring in the homes, and taking care of home warranty claims for the people who had moved into the ones they had built.

The start of every business thats opened within the last few decades, is monetary wealth, a well-off or well-connected family, or a political connection. George Watson isn't going from making 30k a year as a supervisor in a call center, to owning his dream business selling windows without some sort of outside influence that he's personally connected to via circumstances of his birth, letting him. Even my friend who does IT contracts now for businesses, went from CPA to business owner because the CPA firm he was at did work for some people at the local Country Club, who needed a computer guy to do stuff for them, and introduced him to more and more folks that way. He didn't do shit to pick himself up. He got picked up by the rich and well connected to do what they didn't/couldn't, for them.

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damn bro i got super bamboozled
shadilay to the master trolls

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This. I am not against motivating people, but stay realistic. Startups fail all the time anyway, if you can go to college do that, if you can learn a trade that might be the best way for you.

Posts like his can turn people who could have lead a completelly good middle class life into total failures.

And also if you are poor but a one in a million genius I don't think you need Twitter posts, you will find a way.

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Fuck... too real.

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try being born in Brazil or India

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That is not completelly true. There are some anomylies and you can work from that I think.

For example I was a succesful online poker player, some other people made money with crypto. Sure, most people waste that money on bling, but if you really want you can do it.
But even then I don't agree with the Twitter post, because the way that I propose is kind of shady, only a few people can do it, it's not glamorous and compared to companies like Google it's simply nothing. But you can go from nothing to a little bit and you can use that money to start a small company.

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Yes, then you are most likelly fucked. You are right I was thinking more about US or western Europe.

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Dude, you're just ignoring everybody who lost whatever money they had on crypto. There wasn't any intelligence involved there, it's simply timing on a random walk.

...and fucking poker?

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No one did it on their own. I love all these uplifting stories about people bootstrapping themselves that conveniently leave out the friend or relative that invested a significant amount of money. Every fucking one of them.

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Poker and Crypto is literally gambling you absolute imbecile.

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This. It's all about luck. As in lucky enough to know someone, or meet someone, or be born to someone with a lot of fucking money so you can even think about taking the chance of potentially starting your own business.

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>these people who are related to eachother by some bonds and community and have acquired wealth over time and generations want to maintain that wealth and help their prosperity by investing that wealth in them
Damn what the fuck, what kind of inhuman bastard does that. The government should kill these people and give that money to shaniqua.

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You fall short when considering how this centralisation is limiting others' access to resources.

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t. commie

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In poker luck is king in the short run, skill is king in the long run.
I was never one of the very best but anyone who played during the boom knows that back then just waiting for strong hands like Ak, KK and AA printed money. I feel sorry for all the noobs who lost money to me, but I played against some pretty rich gamblers who were millionaires, it won't hurt them too much.
There was intelligence involved. First of all you didn't have to invest in crypto, many services were in demand. Many ICOs made a shitton of money with very little initial investment from the developers. Who paid for this? Braindead whale investors. I never said it was the most moral thing to do, but I would rather have that money than let some oligarch or Chinese businessman have it.
Then it was also clear to me at least when the real hype began, a ton of people in my uni made money with btc you just have to let go of it and not be blinded by greed.

There were other bubbles like early iPhone, or early Android.

This is not a sustainable business model, but if you need money as a programmer, who in the long run wants to create something useful, you can take advantage of things like that.

Again, as I said, it's not something everyone can or should do, but it's definitelly not pure random. And it's not something I will post on Twitter as a motivational speech, but it can be done by some.

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There are always going to be outliers. People running into a lot of liquid assets very quickly. Lottery Winners, Gamblers, inheritance recipients, "Gold Rushers", but these aren't "picking yourself up by your bootstraps". These are gaining a fortune through others or luck. Nobody who says "Pick yourself up by your boostraps!" is meaning "Go and wait for another random investment bubble to appear that you can pour a few hundred dollars into!" or "Pick up a good feel for casino blackjack!" They mean: "With hardwork and dedication, you can achieve your goals and dreams!" which is simply untrue for most

>But you can go from nothing to a little bit and you can use that money to start a small company
And your business flounders, 95% of the time, without MORE money, connections, or other circumstances. I work with an office equipment company. I get to see all these small business setup shop, last a few months, then die, and the "owner" gets to go back to whatever job they did before. Want to know why all your gas stations are Arab? Because the Arab community, in local mosques, band together to hire within themselves, and build each other. Same happens for Asians with Laundries, Nail Salons, and Beauty Stores. Sandra didn't buy that strip-mall location, buy a bunch of supplies, and hire a bunch of nail techs just to fail her father who owns that Strip-Mall. No. She goes to church every weekend to talk about her business, and goes to every dinner she gets invited to to do the same, her nail techs tell all their friends to come get their nails done, and her mom talks to all the other moms at Pai Gao about it too. Through this community, connections are made based on race and class, that result in a successful business. Whites do this too, with their Dad's Golf Buddies, Uncle's car dealership, and some saved up cash from delivering pizza, suddenly they own a corner-lot detailing shop and pay some minorities minimum wage to wash all the Dad's Golf Buddies' Beemers

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Hey I won spot the amerimutt

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Who the fuck owes you those resources.
You think all these well off people and even bigger polities like countries started off wealthy? No nigger, they or their ancestors sucked dick for it too, in many ways, but didn't spend the rewards like short sighted niggers and instead reinvested in themselves and their communities so they would never have to suck dick again, but get their dick sucked instead.

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Goodwill of society; seems you have none

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That's the point: Prince himself is rich, privileged, and will never be affected by the issues he's evangelizing for. He has no skin in the game, yet in this tweet positions himself as the hero swooping in to illuminate the hardships of the lower class. Prince's exact words can be found in just about any news article on economic opportunity, and may as well have been written by a PR firm. He's just taking a cheap shot at pg (who at least works in the area he's talking about) for PC points.

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this is not even factual correct

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I grew up. Goodwill exists for those you know and care about and who are your community. Not for every meatbag to walk on this earth.
What kind of dream did you have, messiah?

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america basically runs solely on bootstraps and religion. If people ever figured out they were getting fucked and voting against their interests, america would collapse within a week.

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literally /thread

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People are waking up. Someday the dream will end.

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>acquired wealth over time
using public infrastructure and exploiting laborers
>give that money to shaniqua
Right now the rest of us are giving money to Shaniqua in the form of food stamps because Mr. Billionaire doesn't pay her a living wage.

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See I am not saying the current situation is perfect or even good.
I live in Europe so here it's a bit different than the US. I always had the opportunity to go to university simply because I was smart. A master in CS here is really a guaranteed job. But I know that it not always the case in other countries and even if you have a job as a programmer, you will just live normally, you will not be rich.

The thing is I mostly agree with you, it's BS, that's why I tell you guys to bend the rules. But it will only work if you are truly good at what you do.

People tell me that I am an idiot for promoting poker, but poker is literally 100% skill. Even though I had enough money to play higher, I started playing for cents, I had a fixed bankroll and a well estimated risk of ruin. I never disregarded my bankroll management. And once I was very sure I was able to beat the population on my limit I moved up.
Yes, I only won because others lost, that's why I'm saying there is no shame in not doing this and just getting a normal job, but some people here are truly intelligent so look for such opportunities.

I didn't even have to invest that money, all my investment was in a few months of rent and in that time I created a software that made me more money.

My post is really meant to be the opposite of a motivational post. I know some people who fly around, burn money, talk abhout fancy terms like series A, while I made money with poker that I invested into paying rent and selling C++ software. I never had investors, hell my monitors are 12 years old and not even full HD.

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>world's largest economy runs soley on bootstraps and religion.

scary isn't it? makes you think what china runs on.

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>because Mr. Billionaire doesn't pay her a living wage.

not so sure about that. I think it's more related to how price intolerant people are that it's basically a race to the bottom for people with low value skill. Literally no one cares to pay shaniqua because somehow she manages to exist on min wage and that's the way people like it. This idea that some CEO or some board somehow demands people not be paid living wages is a joke.

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If all evangelicals suddenly vanished it would solve a lot of problems.

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>People tell me that I am an idiot for promoting poker, but poker is literally 100% skill.

lmao'd my ass off. you still need a margin of luck to at least throw you a fucking bone every so many hands or you're just folding or walking away all day.

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Yes being exploited is life. Get fucking used to it or suck enough at the right time and place and try to break through, then making sure not to crash and burn because you're the same as shaniqua.
Or try and kill your way to have what you want - but that won't happen since you'll be dead first.

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nice pat on the back. you losers feel better now?

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no thanks im going to learn 2 code

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gutter oil

>> No.71024014

only thing that would do is allow you to get chick fil a on sunday

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You misunderstand what it means to play online poker professionally. I used to ply 60,000 to 90,000 hands a month, yes I had pretty bad days but over the course of a year if you are truly better it's almost impossible to lose.

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>if you are truly better

so all those other players who aren't better just lose their wealth over time and never get back up?
it's almost as if it's gambling and the money one gains is from other people instead of everyone earning money, like in a job that produces

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>This idea that some CEO or some board somehow demands people not be paid living wages is a joke.
That's not the impression I get any time someone mentions increasing the minimum wage and every owner/executive/board member immediately starts crying about how it'll destroy their business

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Hants poker turned into a pussy sport where you cant even shittalk people or manipulate them to fold/call/raise because that would be putting them under pressure and influence?

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if gambling was a solution to poverty then casinos wouldn't be in business

>> No.71024083

Poker is positive sum because the players who lose money receive entertainment that is worth more to them than what they're paying.

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How does that boot taste?

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It's a concern because it means higher cost to consumers who may be more price sensitive depending on the necessity of your service. In practice, doom saying about minimum wages is wrong, but mainly because there is always some way to lower costs.

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Absolutelly true. I did it because I was poor as fuck and I hope I have the talent to produce something useful at some point. I thought it was better to stay at home after uni and do that, than work at a supermarket.

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the Chinese have seen their lives improve dramatically within just a few generations. In 100 years they went from being a backwater stepped on by all of the colonial powers to a second great power.

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Nah, that's not what a boot taste like, right now you're tasting a velvet slipper. You'll get a taste of the boot soon enough though.

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The whole global economic system is broken.
Everything revolves around making more things cheaper, cutting costs, ramping up production and forcing obsolescence. It's a race to the bottom fighting for marginal scraps while wasting resources and destroying society.

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Gambling is not the solution to poverty. What I am saying is, that if you are one of the rare anons here who are truly talented, things like that can potantially build you a little bit of capital.

There is also a huge difference between poker and something like roulette or blackjack. Poker doesn't make casinos a ton of money, it does some of course, and you don't play against the casino. You play against other players and the casino only takes fees.
Online poker is dead anyway, my point is more that if you are poor you should look for things that are not that accepted but can make money.
I think you can still do that. But I was always a pussy so I didn't play much live and I disabled the chat online.

>> No.71024178

bureau of labor statistics

>> No.71024179

Exactly is short term profits above all consequences be damned. Every other opinion is nothing but boot licking.

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Surprisingly this is a pretty good thread with some well thought out posts.
My gut instinct is to agree with PG, but I must admit that I was afforded a comfortable life with an upper middle class family and very well educated parents. What I get hung up on is the idea that poorer people are not faced with the same opportunities as more financially well off.
From my point of view, public education is free and everyone is able to go, and then you can take out loans to attend university. After that, supposing you've done well, you can get hired at a job and naturally work your way up. Yes the process can be made easier and sped up through connections, but speaking from personal experience, at no point in my life did I get anything I wasn't qualified for. My father is an engineer and I'm going into finance, so none of his contacts proved to be useful.

I went to a decent but relatively cheap state school, and was able to land a job at a big investment bank without any connections or referrals. Explain to me, then, how someone else who may not have had as much money growing up as I did, but still attended the same public school and university as me, doesn't have the same opportunities?

>> No.71024192

>try being born in Brazil
Literally happens all the time. I have a bunch of friends that came from poor families and are relatively wealthy now.

>> No.71024196

>identify potential clients
>sell your services to them
>word of mouth gets you more clients
>somehow this is corrupt nepotism
A lot of newer Americans believe that shit too, which is why they came here at considerable risk to themselves, and somehow they've managed to make it work by busting ass at shit jobs nobody else wanted, then working their way up over the course of a generation or two.

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ah you play online. i only played live and enjoyed the actual fucking with people rather than even the money

>> No.71024206


You're competing on a global scale against near completely sovereign entities who do what they can to make it better for their people even if it means screwing them over.

Of course its going to be a race to the bottom without some global leadership that enforces rules and standards for everyone to compete in.

>> No.71024220

>and somehow they've managed to make it work by busting ass at shit jobs nobody else wanted, then working their way up over the course of a generation or two.
Sure if we're talking about the 30s 40s 50s and 60s. But if we are talking about $currentYear US? No chance in hell.

>> No.71024226

By fucking over entire nations but go on

>> No.71024229

We're not.

>> No.71024230

That's globalism.

>> No.71024231

If you truly believe that all you have achieved was simply due to privilege, you would have to be the most evil person in the world to know that and not give it up
Really makes you think

>> No.71024233

yeah, thanks to all the suicide nets

>> No.71024242

Plenty of immigrants do it, but it tends to be only south and east Asians that are successful.

>> No.71024244

that's why you put on the blinders and enter the boomer state of mind.

>> No.71024245

>If you are talking about Chinese or Indians opening businesses, those are usually funded by their extended family's life savings. They pool everything with goal of it being a way to eventually immigrate everyone. It's different that a single person making it on their own.

>> No.71024246

Yeah no shit that's exactly my fucking point. Globalism killed the "american dream" decades ago.

>> No.71024255

What's your point?
Should I feel bad now? Should give free shit to those poor nations now? Fuck off with you self deprecating weakness shit, everyone fucks everyone over the moment they get the chance of they are not someone related to them, be it people or nations. My country was mongol colony for around 300 years, no one cries about it. Tough shit.

>> No.71024257

3rd worlder here. Around $800/mo in management level.
Can I come over?

>> No.71024265

If you are truly talented, then there are far more lucrative options than online poker. Just look at what talented athletes or artists make.

>> No.71024270

yeah but you're the type of cucks who have heart attacks at nationalism when that's the only force that stood in the way of globalism

>> No.71024296

I'm talking about the people who've been streaming over our southern border for decades now.

>> No.71024297

inter generational wealth transfer is the only reason useless fucks like you survive. You shouldn't have to depend on family for shit. for instance.. What if your family are all retarded niggers like you? then wut do

>> No.71024299

actually there's a cascade of retards who don't believe it and soon America will lose it's empire and those people will be as poor as Somalians, but it's OK because at least they were logical and educated.

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then you learn 2 code

>> No.71024328

Psychopaths are unable to feel remorse

>> No.71024342

Yes, sever all family bonds, make the state your family, yessss

>> No.71024344

Kek you have no clue about my situation you sheltered bitch. Inter generational wealth transfer is what intelligent people and normal families and communities do to prosper.
Niggers go out and shit everything away every chance they get because low impulse control, and those slightly above niggers do it because some memes tell them to since it's the "adult" thing to do lmao.
As for what to do, i guess you either kys or try to leech more off of people by shouting louder.

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Sure thing, shoo go back to your containment board >>>/pol/ your great nationalism did fuck all to prevent globalism.
On top of that nationalism is an outdated meme that will be forgotten by time soon enough.
Your great 1960s nationalism only worked because the US at the time was the only major economy that didn't got incinerated in WW2. You promised billions of people the 1960s lifestyle and are now blaming cucks or whatever the current spook of the day is when those people show up demanding their share of the cake.

>> No.71024354

unironically this
i just need a government issued gf

>> No.71024363

Psychopaths gaslight and guilt trip, I feel no remorse for shitstains that are only able to bitch and cry and leech.

>> No.71024375

Can somebody post that literally who photoshop

>> No.71024378 [DELETED] 

enjoy your globalist brown world hahaha, those types don't even pretend to care about you.

>> No.71024380

>just pull yourself up by the bootstrap goy im angry you cant simply do this

>> No.71024388

Cannot feel any remorse if psychopath tho

>> No.71024395

Sure thing, but can you stop getting straw all over the place? It's a fire hazard.

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>thread turns into /pol/ shit

>> No.71024407

>if i continue to just bitch enough I'll get free shit lmao
I wouldn't feel remorse killing your type that's for sure. In minecraft.

>> No.71024411

Yeah as it always does. Just filter the most common pol shit and the quality of this board improves tenfold instantly.

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soon bros..

>> No.71024419

I agree with you but did you really think that was witty?

>> No.71024427

What is something that a programmer should do that has value to society? All that social media crap can make money but is BS.
Is there anything besides medicine or physics?

>> No.71024440

That's exactly the culture jews created in tech. What's your point?

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wearing programming socks, become as feminine as possible and let real men use your bussy to relieve stress.

>> No.71024446

What's your point?
Are you even the same anon?

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positively surprised by so many people on /g/ not having taken the american dream bluepill

>> No.71024459

le 40 percent face

>> No.71024473

But I am 6'1, hairy as fuck and have a 18cm penis.
I am a bit fat though.

>> No.71024479

>that's not true
>you could make money by gambling or gambling

>> No.71024480

There is more to IT than the current meme of the day Webdev or social media.

>> No.71024485

It mostly was some fell for the memes, but then 4chins got popular, degenerates that got blocked or kicked off of other platform gathered there, words spread and more degenerates showed up, and now it's 99.9% degenerates. Now, it is the biggest containment board on the internet.

>> No.71024489

>watch as many people in my high school are taking drugs, dropping out, not caring about school
>they live in the ghetto or shitty apartments
>make no attempt to try and get themselves out of their situation
>instead, keep doing drugs, and working shit jobs
It's an unfortunate realization that a lot of your peers are only poor because they didn't have any guidance or didn't listen to any guidance in high school

>> No.71024490

"the american dream meme is a lie to keep the goyim wagecucks in check" is a position that both the extreme onions left and edgy /pol/ frognazis can both agree on, just for different reasons

>> No.71024492

Tall girls are based. Also not him but big dick traps are the best ones by far fuck faggots and their "FeMiNiNe PeNiS" bullshit.

>> No.71024496

Based and yangpilled

>> No.71024498

Natural selection.

>> No.71024521

Point being that you're mocking people who think bitching and moaning will get them what they want and that's exactly what your supposed superior people brought not only to tech but every where they go but go on

>> No.71024522

>You can as long as you are smart, young and healthy
You're not going to be very healthy if you're poor, poor nutrition will also affect your development making you stupider.

>> No.71024523

Very possible in Burgerland, not in yuropooria though.

>> No.71024524

Yea, true. I am pretty good at C++ and ASM, my current goal is to just improve that and just make random things faster, then at least one of the things that I optimize must be a good thing?
Also I am not new, I am 30 and worked in this stuff for some time, but it all feels pointless sometimes.

>> No.71024536

Warren Buffet unironically lives off Coca Cola and fast food burgers, and he's done alright for himself

>> No.71024540

Why does everyone here suck corporate dick? Do you think it grants you with these people? Do you actually think you'll be a billionaire someday and you're just voting like you are one now?

>> No.71024545

The exception doesn't make the rule.

>> No.71024547

And? What are you gonna do about it? Bitch and moan hahahhahaa
At least if you're going to do that, do it strategically to get a raise or something.
But who am I kidding most people like this i have talked to turned out to be fast food workers or unemployed

>> No.71024551

>Do you think it grants you with these people?
Do you think it grants you favor with these people?

>> No.71024560


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Hey it worked for the kikes. It's already a proven method

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>> No.71024581

also the 4chan is composed exclusively of straight dudes meme spread for some idiotic reason
multiple boards (even just the normie popular ones like /gif/ and /b/) always had tons of gay porn and obscure degenrate fetishism (like furries) and then you have the almost sitewide programming sock fascination

>> No.71024592

>but it all feels pointless sometimes.
I get that feeling too. Worked in various chem companies (not in IT actually but as a plant designer), changed to IT, got my masters and have been hopping from company to company since. Sometimes it really just feels pointless which is I guess why I hop around so much.

>> No.71024611

That's becaues in Yurop poverty is "middle class".

>> No.71024635
File: 913 KB, 768x416, THis.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kikes are successful because they are excellent bitching and moaning AND adhering to inter generational wealth and community, thus fostering opportunity for themselves and success for their posterity.

>> No.71024690
File: 29 KB, 367x451, faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No anon, no. That is laughable. Bitching and moaning gets you nowhere in life. Also, it seems that petulent poster disappeared

>> No.71024700

you are the petulent poster actually

>> No.71024706

I wish you could experience the American political system once or twice.

>> No.71024711

Well tell me who likes kikes, go on (see what I did there sweety)

>> No.71024732

no u

Half of america so about 150 million

>> No.71024750

Half that bullies the other half in to giving them what they want anyways might as well be 100.

>> No.71024811

>be me
>grow up with literal dirt floor
>do well in school
>get accepted to college
>get scholarships
>be successful adult
>get bored one day
>come here
>see this comment
fuck you, defeatist.

>> No.71024833

Bro this place for losers. Unfortunately most losers become either nazis or commies, best stay out of here.

>> No.71024961

Poverty can make people stronger, say someone who's born into a very wealthy family, if he has to starve to make ends meet one day he might have a complete breakdown, now someone who has experienced hunger might find this easy as shit to deal with.
Poverty can make people much more resilient than middle class and richer folk who never tasted true despair. It's a mistake to assume that poor people are always frail and incapacitated in all ways. This also applies to people who came out of high crime neighborhoods, ghettos and such.

This is also why immigrants from shitholes can be very successful, those people have experienced poverty in ways that the population in countries they immigrated to aren't really familiar with, so they have a huge drive, mental fortitude to succeed and never ever go back to where they came from.

>> No.71025500
File: 12 KB, 100x107, Cosmic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71025811

>be homelesd
>teach myself security
>hired for internship in security
>first team meeting tomar

Fuck the Blackpill. Take the redpill.

>> No.71025834

checked, it's true.
Wealthy people are more liberal, they have it all so they could care less about their surroundings.
Poor people have nothing but that around them so they naturally become conservative.
it's why all muslim countries are conservative, and all cities and wealthy countries are liberal.

>> No.71025856

>if he has to starve to make ends meet one day he might have a complete breakdown, now someone who has experienced hunger might find this easy as shit to deal with.

You are so fucking naive and arrogant. Even fucking homeless people don't starve, food benefits for poor as fuck people are like $200 a month.

>> No.71025859

That pic with Le Pen looks photoshopped to me

>> No.71025991

At least in Europe and Asia it's illigal to give bribes.
And why don't we enforce this leadership?
t. american
You mean scammed others while they had the chance?

>> No.71026109

Let me guess, they're either a drug dealer or football star.

>> No.71026600

>Even fucking homeless people don't starve
Imagine being this ignorant
>food benefits for poor as fuck people are like $200 a month.
Do you really think every homeless person is claiming benefits?

>> No.71026616

UBI is just welfare by another name. You can already get $1000 a month if you decide to stop working and apply for it.

>> No.71026698

>it's hard to take risks if you don't have a saftey net
It's important to remember that "hard" does not impossible, nore does it mean "uncommon" either. I'd argue the so called "un-rivledged" are more willing to take risks than anyone else. They may not always be sensible risks, but they take risks. What do you want, a world where everyone has the ability to try and fail at least 10 times without consequence? I had 1 shot and I made it. So do a lot of people. Even more people take their shot, miss, and realign. With or without support. I hate this coddling mentality bullshit that does nothing but promote weakness for us all. Remember, being independent is too difficult to attempt, you should just give up and ask for handouts, mentors, personal dick washers, etc. before you even think about attempting to make a software product on the machines you already own.

>> No.71026721

He wasn't raised on these things.

>> No.71026765

I wonder why people think this is remotely a good idea? Do they really think they can't earn more than 1000 a month themselves by, you know, actually working?

>> No.71026825

Kek nice bants /g/
You are very optimistic anon. It used to be like that but slowly actual retards flooded the board so nowadsys most posters are either underage edgy tweens, literal autists or extremely dumb mutts.

>> No.71026843

I can attest to this. I once had to deal with several events back to back that each on their own people at my current level considered devastating. Meanwhile I was flourishing because I'd already basically climbed out of hell to get to that point.

Not to even mention all the other weaknesses that come from what basically boils down to naivety. A lot of the people I know coming from "good" families are incredibly gullable, fragile, sheep-like people.
I'm not trying to sound edgy, I'm just saying they seem like aliens. I can't even imagine having so much faith in people as they do. They have no idea.
I'm really REALLY glad I have the context and contrast that I do. It makes everything better and applies to every situation.

>> No.71026877

>if you do what every society has told you will bring you success for generations you will be successful
>self improvement requires nothing more than your mind alone
How was I ever supposed to figure that out? I thought people funding me to stagnate on my ass for multiple years was going to get me out of this shithole! In what world does putting in effort result in yields?!

>> No.71026948

>I went to a decent but relatively cheap state school, and was able to land a job at a big investment bank without any connections or referrals
you are either extremely, extremely lucky, exceptionally smart or lying. none of those are the hallmarks of the average citizen so your anecdote really doesnt apply

>> No.71026992

I don't have the images saved on this PC but there's a ton of r/the_donald and /pol/ crossposting, and literal 50+ year old grandma types trying to figure out how to post on 4chan to talk about trump

>> No.71027006

wonder what their reaction will be when they see a nigger or chink hate thread

>> No.71027009

>Wealthy people are more liberal, they have it all so they could care less about their surroundings.
>they live in a bubble and aren't exposed to the harsh realities of life so they're ignorant of threats.

>> No.71027024

they love them, most old white people are hella racist just not outwardly / openly

>> No.71027033

This but unironically. Even Bernie admitted he wouldn't pay his own proposed tax rates.

>> No.71027035

>trying being flooded by nigger-tier people
well no shit.

>> No.71027048

We all need to go back to licking his taint right now! His points are just as valid, if not more so!

>> No.71027070

that's a lot of words for zero solutions.

>> No.71027088


Not anymore. Legitimate retards. Tell them sunlight has a liberal bias and they would never come out again. Oh wait.

>> No.71027115

>illegal to give bribes

Asia is a corrupt money grabbing shithole. The biggest one being China, you can't succeed there unless you have "connections" grease the right fingers and the communist party wills it. When you succeed, someone will get pissed, and you will end up rotting in some jail with your organs harvested unless you plan and make your escape at the right time.

Most recent bigshot being ICPO's chairman who got disappeared when he went back to his motherland for a visit and his wife claiming asylum and the french police hiding her in a different place every night so the chinese can't get to her.

Jack Ma has publicly stated that he's mind is ready in case he ever ends up in jail, he's tried to retire and make his escape before but the communist party couldn't find another smart guy to keep alibaba going so they pushed him back into leadership.

In places like Malaysia the fucking cops ask for bribes. You have to bribe to speed up visas. and their former prime minister is facing massive 4.5bn corruption charges accepting bribes from fucking china via the belt and road to try to fill it's hole.

>> No.71027118


>> No.71027119

this and dead doggos

>> No.71027345

At least they pretend that it's illigal.

>> No.71027381

Getting really rich is impossible for most, but for anyone who's not stupid, a CS degree at a decent university is a free ticket (okay, with a loan attached for burgers) to upper middle class.

>> No.71027412

Actually it's not bad advise. Considering the absolute dogshit working conition of programmers and IT workers (especially if you're on a small town or in San Francisco) it makes sense for people to become entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur doesn't give quick bucks, if any. In fact, you may not get moneys at all; but for some people it beats 20+ Jon interviews for a chance at doing 50 different things for a relatively small salary and the never ending dread of being fired because tech people are the most replaceable there are.

>> No.71027458
File: 160 KB, 460x600, ok-hand-sign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being middle class == being privileged

>> No.71027517

Just three cities. Most of China is almost the same as it was 100 years ago, except now they have to breath in all the CO2 from the cities and bathe in water contaminated by coal power plants to deliver power to the cities.

And even then the cities are fucking awful. Working and living conditions are so awful some people are going back to the fields.

>> No.71027535

The problem poor people face is not that they lack money, is that they lack time.

They need money and they need it right now because otherwise they'll starve, be on the streets or both. This is specially true if they have other family members that depend on them (a sick relative, children, an elder, etc.)

They can't waste 4-5 years on college and attain 10000+ debt because they need to eat right now, not in 4-5 years.

>> No.71027595

>it's why all muslim countries are conservative, and all cities and wealthy countries are liberal.
No, it's because you can't extrapolate the US' political situation to other countries you inbred fuck.

>> No.71027596

I did, but it was a hard and long way.
Coming from a poor family without any money to get for a business idea, i had to work hard and save all the money i could to start my business.
But it craves a lot of discipline to really save up for years for a goal that might be a miss if you do it wrong.

>> No.71027604

You just sound uneducated about China and can literally only name three cities. Even someone uneducated though can at least name four. Each of the provincial capitals have a good quality of life, and in parts are actually pretty futuristic even compared to Euro and American cities. The air is dirty and there are favela-like in places even in these cities, but most of the urban population are living in clean, recently-built communities. It's hard for westerners to admit even when they actually visit China, but the east has outpaced the west for a long time, and is in some ways more advanced. Take e-commerce for example, payment systems, etc., and how quickly and seamlessly these things have been interwoven into the economy. You can use your phone to pay for literally anything, and order any item you want to any place in the country in just a couple of days.. they aren't backward at all. That is, in the cities.

>> No.71027609

Wow, Matthew Prince is based and seems like a honest dude.

>> No.71027616

tiananmen square 1989

>> No.71027624

>Let me guess, they're either a drug dealer or football star.
Not him but i'll just say they probably actually got a decent/proper education and were able to get into a job above burger flipper/janitor.
I'm 3rd world and can say most of the parents that are poor never really got a good education if one at all. Though they did bother to struggle to get their children through school which bore fruit.

>> No.71027631
File: 55 KB, 450x377, 14382702393194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>China will have 55.8% of all online retail sales globally, with that figure expected to exceed 63% by 2022. The US's share of the global e-commerce market is expected to drop to 15% by 2022. China's e-commerce sales are forecast to grow more than 30% this year to reach $1.989trn.

stay mad

>> No.71027668

ebin source for this claim

>> No.71027672

He's literally regurgitating mainstream media headlines.

>> No.71027716
File: 1.96 MB, 856x478, when you think one whole person died in tienanmen square.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71027749

And people like you literally can't comprehend why it's better for society to have more people that grew up from good families to have that pleasant worldview. Unless you're going to be a shit parent, your kid's going to grow up knowing less misfortune than you did, and that's not a bad thing. You want your kid to live in the same shitty world as you did, or a better one with better people? Why do you think all the financially successful cultures sacrifice so much for the next generation?

>> No.71027782

>A lot of the people I know coming from "good" families are incredibly gullable, fragile, sheep-like people.
>I'm not trying to sound edgy, I'm just saying they seem like aliens. I can't even imagine having so much faith in people as they do. They have no idea.
>I'm really REALLY glad I have the context and contrast that I do. It makes everything better and applies to every situation.
This is my biggest problem with pretty much every wealthy person i've met, or child of a rich family i should say. They have no concept of the cruel realities of humanity, have no idea how bad it can get.

>> No.71027794

>wild assumptions without basis
Nothing you said even relates. Stop jumping to conclusions and maybe people will respond to you. What a nut lmao.

>> No.71027833

Trump supporters actually believe this.
Biggest welfare queen in the world is the US military

>> No.71027896

A friend of mine in his mid 20's at the time didn't know how to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwhich because his "nanny" always cooked. I had a real life "what's the number for 911" moment and went into a trance for about 2 minutes.
ham, cheese, grill. It's in the name. You know what food is? Imagine these people surviving on their own. Imagine them encountering any kind of difficulty ever.

>> No.71027921

Society doesn't get better from a crabs in a bucket mentality. It gets better when people currently living build things they don't expect to be able to use to advance society for the next generation.
Calling people who haven't experienced as much misfortune as you sheep or aliens is telling at how insecure you are lmao.

>> No.71027939

>Calling people who haven't experienced as much misfortune as you sheep or aliens is telling at how insecure you are lmao.
Why assert this as my stance when that's not what I wrote? You're misconstruing what was said, probably on purpose. I guess try reading it again or instead of jumping to conclusion ask people for clarification when you're confused. Too late now though because I'm going to bed.

>> No.71027951

Literally every generation has said the same thing, retard. You're the equivalent of a baby boomer yelling at the clouds at how people aren't drafted these days or walk twelve miles through the snow to get to school.

>> No.71027968

I find it hard to believe anyone shares that anecdote, let alone most. Not everyone is that helpless, and you shouldn't act like they are. It's highly ironic given what you posted.

>> No.71028050

>society's advanced to a state where people don't have to run around gathering their own food
waa, back in my day we couldn't sit around for the crops to grow, we had to go hunt our own. i couldn't imagine settling down in a stable area and having a consistent source of food
>society's advanced to a state where sufficiently affluent people can pay for services rendered
waa, back in my day we had to do everything myself. i couldn't imagine hiring someone to do things for me so that i could spend my time doing something else more valuable
>society's advanced to a state where affluent people can hire a nanny to look after their children
waa, back in my day i had to look after my kid myself. i couldn't imagine hiring someone to do that for me while i do more productive things
>society's advanced to a state where affluent people don't have to make their own food
waaa, man back in my day people had to learn how to cook. i couldn't imagine going out to a restaurant to make shit that i could make myself
this is you lol

>> No.71028266
File: 121 KB, 500x590, n-are-question-marks-in-now-2668525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How exactly were they privileged?
If they had no money, they were just like everyone else. No one stops you from going to library, opening internet and learning about programming and how to start a company. It's not a secret knowledge for privileged or something. I've learned programming on my own as a kid, I just got a book and read it. No one encouraged me to do it.

>> No.71028412
File: 30 KB, 600x584, IMG-20181025-WA0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you masturbated to Mao today? We don't want the Party (praised be Xi!) To think we're traitors, now do we?

>> No.71028456

Because being able to work on a startup while living on mummy and daddy's money, using their money to fund the initial MVP (not a lot of money), is VERY different to scraping by day by day, not knowing if you'll be able to keep your phone bill next month.

Learning programming is different to starting a business.

>> No.71028478
File: 116 KB, 240x267, 1507040978489.jpg_thumbnail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because they're not retards like you
>Do they really think they can't earn more than 1000 a month themselves by, you know, actually working?
>TL: I'm so fucking stupid and I don't understand anything being said in discussion but I can ask completely nonsensical question to strawman an argument that was never being made and is in fact contrary to established terminology, proving that I don't even know the meanings of the words I use

>> No.71028507

I agree with the bottom guy but he makes me incredibly angry anyway
No, some fucking trailer trash motherfucker is not gonna do a tech startup, who fucking cares
If this guy wants to recognize his privilege so much why doesnt he try working a trailer trash tier job
He will discover people raised in a certain way don't want to do the same faggoty shit he does
But yes, sure go ahead and distribute everyone's money to literal barbarians
What could go wrong?
Seriously, the only thing that could happen is that smug leftist shitheads like him get the rope
I WANT a trailer trash barbarian proletarian dictatorship

>> No.71028555
File: 286 KB, 960x722, 1537420309441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They do get the rope.
The poor don't give a shit about communism and equal society - their desires are far more basic, they just want shit to squeeze out even more basic enjoyment out their lives.
The faggots who are commies and think they're poor have another thing coming for them.
You dipshits don't understand, every revolution, you were the ones to get your balls crushed by the boot. The actual rich were either useful and kept in the elite or ran away, and the actual poor were the ones wearing the boots. No one fucking likes true believers, and everyone needs their useful drones to remain useful drones.

>> No.71028585

>tfw I read ecolocate as eat chocolate at first
>wondered how he turns the brown mud into chocolate
You would not believe I underweight at 47KG.

>> No.71028627

Only NEET faggots or underage retards who don't know how taxes work or what involves starting a business in costs and paperwork think you can be successful without cover capital. You need to suck asses even to figure those out if you don't already have someone who went through it to honestly show you the way.

>> No.71028831

You can start a tech startup with relatively little money. pg's point is completely valid. The safety net is just nice to have because if your startup fails you'll still live a comfortable life afterwards. But plenty of people take that risk with no safety net at all, and turn out successful. Even the ones who aren't successful will acquire very valuable and employable skills.

>> No.71028848

>You can start a tech startup with relatively little money.
And lose it with as much relative ease without knowing what the fuck happened and without paying lawyers to cover for all the loopholes which also costs shitloads. Please, PG is a load of shit and so is anyone who believes you idiots, and baiting idiots is the entire purpose of both his post and yours.
>But plenty of people take that risk with no safety net at all, and turn out successful.
There's not a single statistic in existence which validates that moronic claim.

>> No.71028950

/pol/ is united by racism, not economics.

>> No.71029003


This is argument for privilege, why educating privileged people is valuable, unfortunately certain ventures requires privilege, investing people without that basis is futile. The venture provision, for us all.

Science is an example of how society benefits from the privileged status of others, initially it was the hobby of nobility (like lord kelvin) and gentry.

When the astroid/nuclear holocaust comes, we will be thankful that Bezos made us an interplanetary species.

>> No.71029112

Funny but no, most of them are engineers. Here in Brazil we have a issue, most of our public institutions up to highschool are straight up garbage. If you manage to study in a private school or if you strive enough, you have higher chances of joining a public university, since there's evaluation test you can take after highschool that gives you a score, and you use that score to try to join a public institution. Most of these are pretty good, with a good chunk of them on top 100/200 of the world, so if you manage to get to university and join a non meme course, you are pretty much set for life.

>> No.71029260

exactly, it's absolutely bizarre when these numale basedboys tell poor black people from chicago that they should just drop their culture of drug dealing, rap music, etc, and should become doctors or get jobs in IT as if they want to abandon their identity entirely to become faggots like them

>> No.71029280

Same as this >>71027939
>You're misconstruing what was said, probably on purpose.
Disregarded before even finishing. Better luck next time.

>> No.71029281

>have parents
You're so privileged you cis shitlord!

>> No.71029490

Retarded anime poster

>> No.71029657

agreed. you should give people some motivation to improve themselves, but keep it at a level they can realistically achieve.

>> No.71029683

>. It gets better when people currently living build things they don't expect to be able to use to advance society for the next generation.
I'm not saying everyone needs to get kidnapped and nearly murdered so they understand the possibilities, because even when shit like that happens, they don't (i.e. see people who are raped by migrants and then feel bad for them that they got deported, and felt like the whole thing was just a misunderstanding, or excuse that kind of behavior because it's society's fault, etc)

I'm just saying that >>71027896
most of them probably don't know how to operate a grill

>> No.71029696

fascinating, captain,
>not an argument
>not an argument
>also not an argument
completely illogical

query: where does the $1000 a month come from?

>> No.71029706

>I know what's good for society
This is my favorite meme

>> No.71029756

If you are skilled you won't be living day by day.
>learn programming
>become freelancer/part time worker
>work on your startup in the mean time
Where is the problem? I seriously do not understand these people. I've been working while studying at the same time and I'm glad I can support myself. If you can't support yourself with your skills, you have no chance starting a softdev business anyway.

Retarded American liberal.

>> No.71029760

I am someone else. How would you feel about having most education material online free to access by anyone when ever? Is this good for society?

>> No.71029768

>free to access by anyone when ever?

Internet access costs money
Transportation to a library costs money
Keeping libraries running costs money
It's not free

>> No.71029774

That sounds like our current society, so no.
Who will build these roads anyway? Me? For you?

>> No.71029786

This desu. When the wagecucks drop out, everything implodes.

>> No.71029795

>at no point in my life did I get anything I wasn't qualified for.
Without connections, you'll have a much harder time getting into a job that makes full use of your qualifications, assuming you're on the smarter end.
It's easy to underestimate how much influence luck and connections can have.

>> No.71029872

I do appreciate the US getting fucked, but I don't appreciate that it' the Chinese doing it

>> No.71029881

>durr play poker
I got 20 bucks, spreadsheets and time. Recommend a client for me and Il take a shot

>> No.71029893

>Without connections, you'll have a much harder time getting into a job
While this is true I think people look at this same statement 2 ways. Most people seem to interpret it as "well I wasn't born into connections so it's an unfair advantage they have" which is just nonsense. Forgetting that you can build your own network very very easily and this is part of the game no different than anyone else.
Take that sentence and utilize it.
>Without connections, you'll have a much harder time getting into a job
Treat it like a qualification just like any other
>I have to go to school to learn X
>I need to do Y to gain favor with Z
It's easy as pie.

>> No.71029977

>I have to go to school to learn X
>I need to do Y to gain favor with Z
Here comes a sheltered one. Poor people lack that imagination due to their circumstances. People dont think like that out of nothing

>> No.71029984

I'm the opposite of sheltered, and grew up poor. Why is this thread so full of assumptions.

>> No.71029996

>Implying people in poverty can do meaningful favors
>Implying people have incentives to return them
>Implying poor has the resources, motivation or nurtured long term thinking/rationality

>> No.71030017

Why wouldn't they? Each six figure job I've held has been gained through what equates to socializing on a few occasions at best. You have no perspective on this at all apparently. Not personal or anecdotal. Growing up in a ghetto has shown me that at least some of the poor are willing to use their unlimited free time to do a backflip blowjob for someone just to get am pizza boy job. Shit just look at all the illegals breaking their back for less.

>> No.71030048

How am I an American liberal? Just because you're retarded and I called you out doesn't mean I'm a SJW

>> No.71030049

So you were born poor and yet were able to socialize with people whom could provide you six figure jobs through their nepotism. Sounds like you werent actually in poverty if you had that chance.

>> No.71030079

You're jumping to conclusions. Climbing a social ladder is no different than any other career-like ladder. And that's only 1 avenue. Being direct is a classic tactic people have talked about for decades. I hold my current job because I emailed the owner of the company.
When I was in my teens I used to take a $7 bus ride to another state to attend events from people I was interested in working for.
Why is it always a myriad of excuses with you people. If it's not money, it's time, if it's not time, it's people, if it's not people it's all of society. I just can't get a job no matter how hard I give up!

>> No.71030089

I made it and all it took was to bang an ugly rich bitch

>> No.71030190

>Being direct is a classic tactic people have talked about for decades

>> No.71030333

I have no idea if youre actively trolling at this point. If it werent for the shifting of goalposts I might think you were genuinely arguing
>Implying any job can make you move up on a social ladder
>I just was fortunate enough to get jobs with immense pay
I guess youre a troll

>> No.71030343


>> No.71030369

I've not shifted the goalpost at all, as I said you jumped to a conclusion yourself. I'm not intending to argue at all since I have nothing to gain from it. It's just anecdotes at best. You've also somehow conflated jobs with climbing the social ladder in the opposite direction.
You make good with people to get good jobs. While the opposite can also be true, you can't always start that way.

You seem confused as to what I'm actually saying, and I think you're doing it with the intent of being argumentative. If you want to be a narrow minded pessimist, then I'm not going to stop you. I'm not you mom and I have no stake in trying to convince you what is the right thing to do or what's best for you or anyone else. Anecdotes is anecdotes. Find use in them or don't. This isn't an objective topic.

>> No.71030435

isn't that steve jobs interview basically:
>just talk to the owner and ask for a job
>firm handshake and look him in the eyes
>pull yourself up by your bootstraps
this shit does not work in 2019

>> No.71030486

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.

>> No.71030511

>You think all these well off people and even bigger polities like countries started off wealthy? No nigger, they or their ancestors sucked dick for it too
You just have to be American because no one with a proper education with emphasis on critical thinking can be this retarded. Abortion shouldn't just be a right in the US - it should be mandatory

>> No.71030540

>I do appreciate the US getting fucked, but I don't appreciate that it' the Chinese doing it
I absolutely do not care who fucks them if that means we (EU) will escape the cuck cage cold war era polititcians and their successors got us into

>> No.71030543

The retards complaining about privelege are the children of the retards who willingly gave up that "privilege" by falling for the divorce/single parent and lgbbq+×÷- lifestyle memes that were banned from society for a reason. And they will do the same, and will remain unpriveleged serfs paying their dues to the landlord and CEO of whatever corporation they fanboy around because that corporation posted a rainbow version if its logo and a blumpf meme.
Made your bed fucking sleep in it niggers.

>> No.71030560

I've literally done the "call the owner" thing twice in the last decade. It's hardly impossible from this point of view.

Regardless, I wouldn't say you must speak to the owner, unless the company is smaller scale (use your judgment). But realistically, you're going to be speaking to someone in charge that is higher than the floor.

This includes things like asking managers for resumes, which is basically the norm.
Why else do people call it a "job hunt". You're literally seeking out the job yourself. You do all the scouting work and just present your case for why they should hire you, and they go, "wow great" and hire you because a lot of companies are in a state of hiring.

simply epic


>> No.71030567

Fuck off kike

>> No.71030582

>le being exploited is life law of the jungle amirite? that means we shouldn't try to rise above that as a species because screw the common good and positivity in general! people are born to suffer
>I'm nihilistic btw and this is my post

>> No.71030591


Its a long road to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

As a poor person there are lots of sacrifices and concessions you have to make to get anywhere the vicinity of success -- no mommy and daddy to bail you out.

>> No.71030598

This looks like a hackernews[1] thread.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com

>> No.71030609

coder here, it's just as bad in different ways


>> No.71030616

We're not created equal, and no one treats anyone equally. There has never in the history of humanity been equality of opportunity and equality of outcome for every living being and there never will be you retarded fuck.
And no I'm not an amerimutt.

>> No.71030649
File: 57 KB, 750x742, 1504606714303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No I'm not nihilistic. I just despise lazy control freak niggers who are in over their heads thinking that one book or seminar they read and had means that all existence should bend to their will of perfect reality.
Every single fucker I've met like that has been a lazy shit, no exception. Never will achieve anything and if they try will end up dead in a ditch for simply pissing off too many people too many times.
Yes you should have drive to fucking achieve what you want without being a gibsmedat redistribution nigger because it tingles your messiah ego.

>> No.71030655

I assumed you are SJW because you responded to my legitimate question just like SJWs do. Getting mad and name-calling without any actual argument.

>> No.71030672

sophists appear to be rising up

>> No.71030676

In countries with free education you can, if you are smart

In america, well, you are fucked

>> No.71030698

Get a job faggot

>> No.71030722

Most poor people are fucking stupid

>> No.71030741
File: 63 KB, 2400x1538, tragedy-comedy-mask-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but true

>> No.71030766

This has unfortunately been my experience as well.
When I first started driving I would sometimes see some very old and beaten up cars, and my initial impression was that the drivers were frugal people that just kept their cars until they actually failed. Turns out they're all poor (hence the old cars) and retarded (hence the dents and scratches). Never trust a driver in a shitty old car.

>> No.71030771

That's because your argument is shit. Learning some Java at a library doesn't mean you have the means or resources to have a successful startup. You'll have to beg, lie, and work like a slave to get funding if you don't have daddy to fund your shitty startup.

>> No.71030773



Fixed that for you.

>> No.71030798

>You'll have to beg, lie, and work like a slave to get funding if you don't have daddy to fund your shitty startup.
This is just not true. ESPECIALLY today. Government and private organizations are throwing money at everything that moves.

>> No.71030800

>don't have daddy to fund
Your parents are retards, and it seems that so are you. What a tragedy.

>> No.71030816
File: 448 KB, 968x726, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Okay so like, it's a juicer. But, IoT? XD
$200 million

>> No.71030821

middle class people can basically afford anything they want within reason

>> No.71030832

reminder that Moot himself greenlit this

>> No.71030836

>be poor
>upgrade to middle class
>career upgrades to high class
>still live like middle class
>money accrues indefinitely
This is the best idle game.

>> No.71030838


I thinkthe biggest problem people have is trying to go for the TKO in the first round with zero boxing experience.

Why not start small? Why go for the billion dollar dream on your first go? Get some XP before going all in.

>> No.71030847

Soi communist hands are incapable of squeezing fruits, therefore the means of juice production are redistributed to The Wired.

>> No.71030851

> everything that moves
More like, anyone with a blood relation to themselves

>> No.71030862

>my boy, I love you like I love my wife's son
It's more likely than you think.

>> No.71030866

My dad did this, he had tons of money in the bank he intended to give me and my brothers to buy homes with, midlife crisis hits, spent it all on vacations and dumb shit

>> No.71030867

Why don't you fuck me?
What the fuck is your problem remaining a virgin and masturbating only to the gay porn you like? You have to fuck me otherwise its not fair.

>> No.71030889

I have 0 dependents and I don't expect any. So I'm probably going to invest it all into particular stocks somehow. Codify that in a will somehow.
>18 trillion to RISC-V inc.
>59 cents to anonymous

>> No.71030899

Many Americans do believe this.
Many people also overestimate the risk in starting businesses. Especially in the US. The US has some of the most favorable insolvency regulation in the world. Similar to Scandinavia and only beaten by Japan and Finland according to the ease of doing business ranking.

Assuming your startup requires money (most do) that's one of the hardest parts.
I think we'd have a lot of gain from offering startup advice in education. May be my personal bent but I think people would be encouraged to work hard by being presented the path.

>> No.71030907

>mother and father grew up poor spics
>they get married and decide “fuck this shit hole”
>father joins military to get out of shit hole and provide decent middle class life for me and my brother
>I go to school and get decent job in programming (mostly self taught post high school)
>have comfortable life with wife
>mfw some defeatist “woke” cuck trues to shame me by saying it was privilege and luck that brought me here
Literally thank my parents for doing whatever they could to rise out of poverty and not be liberal cucks.

>> No.71030918

> people would be encouraged to work hard
If they're not working hard already, the only times they will be working hard is bitching to get free shit.

>> No.71030923

>advice in education
100% agree.
People need to figure out how to employ a proper education system. I feel like this thread is somehow related >>71019292

>> No.71030931

all you losers who think there is no path to self-improvement and at least middle-class life if you're born poor are unironically suggesting that everyone who is poor should just kill himself, you realise that, right

>> No.71030935


Woke boyz rather go into a coal mine than learn themselves haskell for greater good.

>> No.71030953

I wish this was the same here. Everything has extreme regulation and bureaucracy. If you are not a huge global corporation or corrupt, you simply cannot start and run a company. Not to mention the insane taxes we get, while government friendly companies get millions in handouts (while americans ree at 5% VAT and per-company tax cuts)
And it isn't even some third world shithole either, we are in the EU!

>> No.71030964
File: 477 KB, 600x600, 1552405746365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's a good thing.
It's like niggers aborting themselves in yuuuge numbers, a self correcting nature thing.

>> No.71030967

I don't think people are content with the career options they're expected to have in today's system. Everyone wants a prestigious job, irrelevant of salary.
Look at this boy excited and accepting of his instinctual calling.
He's content being a farmer, he likes it.
Basically everyone from every part of the country I've seen has parents pressuring kids of college, to become something particular irrelevant of what they particularly and individually feel. It's absurd.
Other countries have trade schools and people can take pride in almost any profession. It feels different here today.

>> No.71030976

It's unnecessary. The alternative not only benefits yourself, but society as well.
Bring us all up, don't just cull, improve. It's what we do.

>> No.71030994

People are not content because they take Instagram and other social media shills and filters seriously.
Also because control freaks are trying to police private life.

>> No.71030995

That requires them to work though and they're too stupid for that, even I with some bare minium effort worked my way into a job that pays over 20 bucks an hour.

But that required effort and me doing things I didn't want to do.

>> No.71031008

Pruning is necessary to keep things healthy.

>> No.71031026

Sometimes I wonder if it's just interpreted as "not content". If we view it as such a simple choice, it's not unreasonable to assume some people aren't hardcore mental masochist. I guess they'd call it "deranged" before. If you know what I'm saying.

>> No.71031046

I'm having trouble arguing against this one. But it does have a brutal collateral effect. I don't encourage this.

>> No.71031073

And every attempt to freeze the process has resulted in even more brutal collateral.
I don't believe humans are as separated or superior to nature as some God complexes like to.

>> No.71031075

You proved his point though, you got so far because you had parents who gave a shit.

>> No.71031081

This so much. I work with a nigger and he's always complaining how he hates this company. And literally told me that since he's joined 3 years ago he hasn't tried looking for something else.

>> No.71031106

This is somewhat enlightening. Reasonable point.

>> No.71031114

>poor people
>I had kids at the age of 16 and keep wasting my money on $800 and cars that are above my means
>It's everyone elses fault that I'm poor reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.71031121

That's why you should work in the meantime to get resources.
My first work was in a startup. The founder started as normal student, got a job in corporation, came up with idea for a game, made it, monetized it and got enough money to leave job and start hiring other people.
If you have good product and can sell it, you'll get funds. He had no daddy to fund it, no connections.

>> No.71031122

And his parents btfo retarded privilege niggers.

>> No.71031185

>As long as you are hardworking and determined you will be successful with your business.
Most businesses fail, if that happens you are flat upon your ass and destitute unless you have some safety net. If that person's business failed he would have been totally fucked. Might as well play roulette with your life savings, the odds are around the same.

>> No.71031190

Which means ANYONE can become parents that give a shit and help their children get some where. You stupid retard.

>> No.71031202

Life is roulette retard.
Stay inside and never step out, it will never be all pre-planned and pre -cushioned for you.

>> No.71031248

How does that help the parents achieve real success though? It is just banking on making a moderate income for a future for their offspring, so their children can springboard off it and achieve what they want. Hence my point, so long as you work hard you can reach things you actually want is bullshit. There are people born into utterly fucked situations who will never get what they want in life through their own work, at most they can lay a foundation for their children get what they want in life.

>> No.71031255
File: 43 KB, 661x661, 1503597928033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's doesn't count tho since history only started in year 2000.

>> No.71031258

Didn't you read the post? They moved up the socal chain from POOR, to MIDDLE class, and then their KID went from MIDDLE to above. They worked their way up. Thats how life works idiot.

>> No.71031273

Life isn't fair. You have some control of it, there are always things you can do to improve it unless you're born with horrible genetic defects.

shitlib faggot.

>> No.71031280

Hey congratulations, you just described the human condition.
I guess reality isn't as immediately gratifying as fornight for your entitled ass.

>> No.71031299

It disgusts me that me and you are likely part of the same generation.

>> No.71031320

Not an argument

>> No.71031325
File: 10 KB, 250x241, 1518288216288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awwww, must schuck that nobody catapult you to your golden throne yet. What dee fook mommy always told us we were special tho, and I got all these participation trophies too :(

>> No.71031328

No shit, but the mentality that hard work pays is and always will be bullshit. What pays the most is luck. Most people will not take gambles with extreme odds unless they can recover from the loss.

>> No.71031330


>bitching and moaning about people bitching and moaning


>> No.71031338

>Not an argument
You're right, it's a poetic statement.

>> No.71031345

>I have no control in my life therefore it's never my fault
>I didn't choose to have these kids at the age of 16, someone made me do it!
>I didn't choose to go into 100k of debt for this worthless english degree, someone made me do it
>Its never my fault! NEVER EVER MY FAULT.

>> No.71031395

People being lucky doesn't negate the fact there are things you can do that improve your chances succeed in life and that there are optimal choices you can make to improve your own life. You aren't entitled to be rich.

>> No.71031397

>wtf why are these people complaining about me defecating on the road :(

>> No.71031410

Determinists need to be publicly executed. It's only fate.

>> No.71031414

>WTF, someone thinks two minium wage jobs doesnt improve your socioeconomic status?
>I better use these strawmen

>> No.71031430

>Calls someone else a strawman while strawmaning
>implys your only options are min wages when thats never true
>implys there aren't things you can do to move up and get skills to move up
>It's never my fault things should just be handed to me

>> No.71031445

I worked a min wage job until I had the skill required to move to a job that pays triple that. Kill yourself you subhuman determinist.

>> No.71031460

I think I see the problem. You fit in that horrible genetic issue category, your issue is that you're fucking stupid. IQ 80 MAX.

>> No.71031469

And it did failed. Mostly because he was retarded and didn't want to hire anyone but programmers. Yet he didn't became a hobo or anything, he reduced employers to minimum and just lives out of these few games that generate passive income. Just don't be retarded.

>What pays the most is luck.
Exactly. But without hard work and intelligence you can lose it all. You need all of them.

>Most people will not take gambles with extreme odds unless they can recover from the loss.
Yeah. The ones who took the risk and won deserve it all.

>> No.71031503

Thats the joke faggot, what a hypocrite you are for calling me out.
If you cant think up anything than hurr durr ur stoopid? Literally projecting on others

>> No.71031517

I am not debating that you can become middle class from poverty, that is obviously possible. I am debating the crux of the original argument, that the American Dream of an individual person going from poverty to wealth was a realistic outcome. It is not, that is a lie sold to build hope. Shit like that only happens to people who are lucky.

You are making this multi-generational instead of proving that it is realistic for a single person to go from extreme poverty to wealth through hard work alone.

I am sorry I broke your dreams of being a CEO with your hard word and dedication, but don't worry you can sign up to be canon fodder so your children can maybe hopefully do better than you. You should be grateful for this wonderful opportunity to die for the interests of the people you brown nose. If your children aren't lazy wastes of air they can be something though :^).

>> No.71031534

>You aren't entitled to be rich.
Never said that, nor do I shit on the merits of hard work. I am sating hard work alone will not make you rich. Most people can better themselves but very few will ever end up rich.

>> No.71031547
File: 45 KB, 500x366, 1552038519233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's everyone elses fault that I'm a loser it was my fate guys.

I love the mentalist gymnastic you delusional fucks tell yourself to deal with the fact that you're a fuck up. You must be insufferable to deal with in real life as you blame all of your blames on things other than yourself.

I agree with
We should just kill people like you.

>> No.71031571

And you're going to die all alone, in the basement that your dead mother can no longer pay for, amongst your capeshit comics having achieved nothing at all because "Haha they're all cannon fodder I'll show that I'm not a fool like them!" R*ddit posts amounted to most of your life's contributions.

>> No.71031597

>Exactly. But without hard work and intelligence you can lose it all. You need all of them.
>Yeah. The ones who took the risk and won deserve it all.
I agree with all of these, I am merely pointing out hard work alone is not enough to make large amounts of money. You are either born with it, or you took an extreme gamble that payed off while also working hard. Most people who take gambles can afford to lose the gamble is all.

>> No.71031643
File: 73 KB, 680x681, 1547693680550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't argue with the people that believe in fate. Just let them destroy themselves and laugh. People like >>71031534
exist for the purpose of showing others how to not live their lives. It's an important job, someone has to be the bad example, someone has to be the worthless trash of society. Just let them be what they believe they were born for, I mean it's clearly their fate and all and nothing can change anything lel.

>> No.71031644

World doesn't revolve around you. Stay a nobody.

>> No.71031659

Meant for

>> No.71031663

Im in stem uni and went through army though. Keep projecting faggot

>> No.71031672
File: 206 KB, 500x500, SBUK502-1a_1024x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71031678

Sorry anon that won't work out for you at all because it's you fate though.

>> No.71031692
File: 38 KB, 600x401, genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trying to improve your life
Why though nothing you do matters you can't improve anything it's all LUCK AND PREDETERMINED THO

>> No.71031695

Yeah but that's because of your privilege.

>> No.71031710

Yeah you didn't work for any of that. Thats all privilege, nothing that you did there was your choice.

>> No.71031734

Youre fucking correct. It was all on my family for me to get pass that 5% acceptance rate. However Im not a faggot on denial and claim it was on me

>> No.71031735
File: 1.15 MB, 360x240, 1496072365221.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I should just get on my knees and suck your dick then.

>> No.71031750

Exactly. Your family, all your ancestor were just privileged shitlords.
Pay up nigger, I got anime BDs to buy.

>> No.71031757

Who said I was a fuck up, blamed anyone, or that I opposed self improvement? That is a pretty big assumption. I can just acknowledge I got lucky and most people will not, which is why I don't blame people less off than I am for being useless if they are giving it their all.

I merely think it is fucked up to assume that so long as you work hard you can achieve your dreams, because that is profoundly untrue. Much like how people assume anyone poor is automatically lazy. I do endorse hard work and self improvement fully.

>> No.71031759
File: 19 KB, 491x488, 1551548648622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Used resources properly
>is literally in denial about this because it goes against your retarded predeterminism
Hahaha holy fucking shit.

You're a prime example of how stupid your own beliefs are as you do things that improve your life. But your so fucking low IQ you don't see this.

>> No.71031786
File: 47 KB, 960x540, 15480362689252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one unironically states you can be anything you want to be by working hard, just that by working hard you have a chance and your life can see massive improvement. You are actually an idiot, we don't tell our kids that they can be an astronaut because we believe they will. We do it so they work hard and can at least max out their potential hopefully.

>> No.71031812
File: 76 KB, 946x630, 1504620696872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admittion of privilege is used as some sort of negative label to enact guilt for a process which is natural and the result of work, determination, luck and time.
What innate pricelessness do dirt eating niggers have that I must prostate myself in front of them for living better?
Pathological fuck, kys.

>> No.71032001

>unironically states you can be anything you want to be by working hard
Yet an overwhelming number of people think the self-made man who reaches his dreams is something realistic or achievable. No shit people should strive for their dreams and put all their effort into it, no shit as well it no ones fault if they do so and fail. Simply it is ignorant to assume the world is a meritocracy when it isn't. That of course does not mean that people shouldn't try anyway.

>> No.71032183

What's your endgoal? To waste time and die? You have 100 years, utilize them you cur.

>> No.71032219

He wants to make bbc cuck porn.

>> No.71032246

Sadly, lots of people fall for the Just World hypothesis, specially right-wingers, which leads to all sort of retarded beliefs and a profoundly mistaken understanding of how reality works at its most fundamental level

>> No.71032480

A few decades ago it was possible but not necessarily probable, my dad had acquaintances that were completely uneducated but through street smarts made it big

>> No.71032567

I literally have to spell it out for you: cuck SJWs believe that every poor person should move out of poverty, but if you are the child of parents who at any point gave a shit to move out of poverty to improve their life so that their children don’t grow up in poverty, the cuck SJWs turn the fuck around and throw success back in other’s faces as PRIVILEGE AND LUCK! As if building up wealth and opportunities for your children is suddenly a bad thing. Miss me with that shit

>> No.71032731

Stable families is white cis privilege. Not everyone lives under the same norms as white cis people, but for some reason society is only catered to privilege that group especially its stable two parent cis white household. That's literally systemic discrimination, educate yourself.

>> No.71032899

Oh so it’s only discrimination or catering if cis white people have success? You sound like a fucking racist

>> No.71032903

Prince is pointing out that it would be stupid to take a leap of faith without some sort of safety net and that PG is lying in saying that tech-startups tend to come from low-income families.

>> No.71032975

Yes it fucking is, because the world is not only made of cis white people and it's not made for you. I'm sorry that people are having enough of putting up with your bullshit privilege from a rigged system in favour towards you and don't want to brownose you anymore.

>> No.71033096
File: 393 KB, 611x607, 1489461356288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>atomize every aspect of a person
>categorise the most successful aspects and least successful aspects into generalised groups (classes) only on the basis of correlation
>enact group guilt and anger between the created classes
>begin group warfare and sweep in at the emerging power vacuum and destruction
>promise stability and rebuilding of society - better than before
>declare victory and kill all prominent survivors, especially those who were the biggest proponents of your dogma
>begin your reign
Marxism 101, aka divide and conquer - oldest trick in the book, just a bit more nuanced so brainlets won't notice.

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