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There's no reason to use Linux anymore.


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welcome to 12 days ago

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Not having to deal with Windows IS the reason to use Linux.

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wtf i love m$ now!!!!

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Again with this shit, we don't use linux because of the kernel but rather getting rid of the useless shit that comes with windows.

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I have shit to do, I'm not a neet like you

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I don't care about my privacy, I don't have nothing to hide and Linux is useless.

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there's no software for linux

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>Linux is useless.
Windows is even more useless. it's literally more obnoxious and irritating to use than Linux is. You have to try very hard to be that incompetent.

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wsl was useless last i checked

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I'm honestly hyped for this to have a full release. I think this is going to be one of the best things Microsoft has put out since Windows 95.

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what is the big difference between that and VM again?

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Linux doesn't have adobe, autodesk and office support, so yeah, you're a useless neet piece of shit that needs to fuck off, just fucking kys nigger.

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give me your credit card information, then. you've given it to microsoft so why not me? i won't leak it and i won't use it.

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That picture is really dumb.

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There's no software for linux so lets make a thread about finally having a competent terminal emulator and a fuil kernel

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This can't be real

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There never was any reason to use that piece of shit called linux. Ever.

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>i dont care about my privacy
okay mr shekelberg
>i don't have nothing to hide
"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.
>linux is useless
seems pretty useful to me though
and not having my os use half the ram and cpu when idle feels nice

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>used in almost all enterprise, supercomputers, Android, software development, networking etc
Shitty bait

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Except that windows kernel sucks
And the scheduler sucks
and the memory management sucks
and the security sucks
and the updates suck
and the forced driver signing sucks
and the slow filesystem sucks
and the new filesystem that's even slower but missing half the features sucks
and the ui sucks
and the lack of control sucks
and the verbosity of powershell sucks
and the licensing sucks
and the windows store sucks
and the package management sucks
and the peformance sucks
and the bloat sucks

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>wsl2 requires hyper-v
>gaming pc takes a performance hit worse than all intel cpu mitigations combined

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I've used Linux for over a decade and have no idea what this means. Actually this isn't true at all. Maybe this is what it looks like using WSL but not on an actual distro.

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work during working hours on the work computer that your employer gives you. Let them care about what it runs. Putting up with retarded bullshit - of all kinds, not just computers - is what they're paying you to do, after all.

Why you'd have work software installed on your personal machine, or be using work software when you aren't at the office working, I can't imagine.

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>be linux
>actual command to go to home directory is just '/home'
>'/' to go to root dir

What the fuck are you talking about

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software availability isnt a part of an operating system, dingus
it is a reason to use a particular operating system among many other reasons
but mechanically, intrinsically, windows is an inferior operating system
that is the point he was making

programmers don't like to use windows
the decision to compile for and support windows only is an executive decision, not an engineering decision
if given the choice, i would guess at least 80% of competent programmers in the industry would gladly stop supporting windows in order to stick entirely with gnu/linux
this is because, from the engineer's standpoint, gnu/linux is superior in every way that matters to the engineer
at the executive level, you have the opposite
the executive does not see mechanics, the executive only sees market share

gnu/linux is the better system
windows is the better market

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Stupid /pol/ NPC still hasn't figured out the politicians distract people with this gender bullshit while they give themselves massive tax cuts and fuck you in the ass.

You are just as bad as the SJW with this gender obsession. NPC bullshit.

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what are you talking about? I have never bought anything from the Microsoft store you fucktard.

>"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
that's right, I don't like to talk or express my opinions

>seems pretty useful to me though
that's what I expected of a neet fuck.

shitty OS but Linux doesn't have support for many professional software, nvidia drivers sucks and no games, so why the fuck would I bother of a OS that doesn't do shit?

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I use linux because it's FOSS and way easier to develop on. I couldn't imagine doing half the shit I do in windows, even though I'm sure there's a convoluted way to do it

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I'm my own boss.

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I'm not a huge fan of Windows but there's no other choice, I will stick with Windows until Linux fix his own shit.

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>actual command to go to home directory is just '/home'
Except that it isn't, /home as a command on its own is equivilent to type /home
To just go home, you use cd alone.

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What are you talking about?
If you are not sub-100iq monkey, everything just works or easily fixable.

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why are you using a picture of conemu

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no adobe, no autodesk, no games, no office, no affinity photo.

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You or more like your management's insistence upon using incompatible software is not a poor reflection upon a Linux environment.

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Well then you decide what you use then, don't you. You don't have a manager telling you that you must use MS office. You could choose to use anything you want.

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Everything works fine under wine.
There is no excuse for people with iq more than 100 not to use linux as a main driver.

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yeah, you're right, fuck this shitty thread this shit is over.

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if you're an artfag or whatever the fuck you do, yes linux will not work for you. But still I'd go for a OSX over windows in that case. Most steam games work on linux now because of proton

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Wot? Just use cd ~ to get into the home directory. Y'all plebs. Much disdain.

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just dual boot windows for muh adobe and muh games and use linux for everything else

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Pretty much most of the software I use on Windows runs fine on Linux. The software I use is either open source or runs fine in Linux through snap/flatpak/wine. One of the main reasons I prefer using Windows though is that hidpi scaling is still awkward on Linux. KDE plasma has hidpi scaling but any qt program gets blurry icons. The KDE developers say it's a bug with qt but I don't know.

Ubuntu unity was the only DE that dealt with hidpi scaling well.

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They are good at ricing tho

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>if you're an artfag

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>thinks just because he hasn't bought from the Microsoft store that windows hasn't stored every bit of that transaction

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That's just 2 different commands that do the same thing not whatever you're saying.

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literally just read github brainlet

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why are you replying to ironic post?

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The tin foil hat is still on your head, richard?

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oh fuck

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there is nothing to be fixed
it is inherently better than windows in every measurable way except market share
the issue here is actually the corporate executives in charge of popular software
they see that they already built everything for windows, they see that developing for another system will cost omney, and they see that gnu/linux doesn't have a high market share
meanwhile, 95% of people are using OEM computers, which either run macOS because they are made by Apple or they are OEMs that have longstanding agreeements with Microsoft to ship their system and only their system
And since business and home consumers simply buy OEM machines, Windows market share stays dominant
Microsoft literally pays OEMs to ship their software
do you really think that, given the choice between paying for an OS to load onto their machines or loading them with software they can have for free, they would choose to ship the paid software when they can get higher profit margins out of the free software?
if Microsoft didn't pay OEMs to install their software, OEMs would almost unanimously switch to shipping gnu/linux in order to boost profit margins and would simply expect the customer to just deal with it, or would spin it as "now includes our new innovative software" and slap an even higher price tag on it in order to double down on their decision
and 95% of people, having all of their purchasing decisions made by pretty stickers and positive slogans, would eat that shit up

the ubiquity of microsoft's software is because microsoft dumps all of their money into pretty much forcing everyone to use their software rather than improving their software to the point where people actually want to install it
this is not due to any inherent property of the software system
this is entirely due to executive decisions and corporate bureaucracy

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Why are you questioning someone who assumes that there are actual retards on this board?

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I prefer to think that people are just pretending.

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In that case then why he spoonfeeds retards?

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>linux is perfect
>it's Microsoft fault it doesn't get anywhere

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>look at github

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>microspoonfeeding a wojakposter unironically

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>you've given it to microsoft so why not me?
at least microsoft has a legally backed guarantee that they cant do anything with my credit card info without my permission so what's the big deal
I hate this ideology that "oh you have nothing to hide huh then give me all your account numbers" it's retarded and brings the privacy debate down to semantics and specific information and drawing lines there rather than a general mindset of privacy

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>trusting incompetent corporations with your data

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Don't kid yourself.

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you dont have to like linux but you can't claim to have technological literacy and not hate windows

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it's been in office for years retard

>> No.71008675

I get that you don't fuck w Microsoft or whatever but "incompetent" is a bit much

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It helps me sleep at night.

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quit putting words in my mouth
i never said it was perfect
what im saying is if you compare a fresh installation of any half decent gnu/linux distribution with a fresh windows installation, the gnu/linux system is, from an engineer's perspective, the superior software system
keep in mind of course that a freshly installed windows system from a standard iso or cd is so shitty that there are actually people who go out of their way to obtain an obscure version of the enterprise software that has all of the """features""" removed in order to make using windows a less shitty experience, even if only slightly

the advantage - the one single legitimate advantage - that windows has over anything else is the amount of software development executives that target it as their platform
and that isnt because of any mechanical property of their system
it isnt because windows has x feature and can run y really fast
it is entirely because of market share
said market share is, as i said previously, solely because microsoft pays OEMs to ship their software
it isnt because of any intrinsic property of the system, its just because of money
money that microsoft has only because they were in the right place at the right time to get that sweet, sweet DOS deal with IBM

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>no need to use Linux anymore!
>just use this Linux!

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>actually people who go out of their way to obtain an obscure version of the enterprise software that has all of the """features""" removed in order to make using windows a less shitty experience

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if(value == true){

KYS microshaft

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>Linux doesn't have adobe, autodesk and office support
The correct way of saying it is "Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft haven't created GNU+Linux clients". GNU+Linux can still use these from their end if you use WINE but the official support is up to these companies. You have to take it up with them. GNU+Linux has done what they can and should do about this issue.
>I will stick with Windows until Linux fix his own shit.
There's nothing to fix from their end. The system already works, third party software support comes from the third party.
>no adobe, no autodesk, no games, no office, no affinity photo.
Read above. Also which job requires these specifically? Otherwise it's a list that doesn't affect anyone 100%.

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