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>pay for VPN
>get on 4chin
>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
>4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]

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Enjoy your ban for complaining about 4chan.

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>not hosting your own vpn
wew lad

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defeats the purpose you mong

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By self hosting I mean using openvpn on a vps paid with memecoins
look guys he posted anime on and anime image board

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>By self hosting I mean using openvpn on a vps paid with memecoins
still defeats the purpose. are you a brainlet?

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>anime image board
that's where you're wrong, sweetie

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logs go into /dev/null and do you not understand the whole purpose of not being the quickest just not the one to be eaten by the bear?
If you aren't some fucking actual pedo you just need to make it more difficult to be tracked then it is your average normie. CIA niggers aren't going to sopena some VPS provider over some traffic logs just cause you want to watch some chinese cartoons and shit.

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>logs go into /dev/null and do you not understand the whole purpose
defeats the purpose when you know any traffic coming out of your VPN is associated with you, versus a well known VPN with millions of customers.

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Again how is it associated? Your ISP only knows that all your traffic is going to a single IP. They know nothing beyond that. Sites tracking that IP address are only going to know that it's some VPS in a datacenter somewhere hundreds of other VPS are spawned out of without any useful geo data for mining.

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>he doesn't know how network traffic can be compared to know where it enters and exits something
even if you use TOR it could be used to track you.

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Yes if you are going to do shit that warrants three letter agencies to track that shit. In reality you don't want to be the low hanging fruit.

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>he thinks shit like that is not automated
get with the times, grandpa

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Simmer with the tinfoil hat shit schizo, ask yourself why you use a VPN and the amount needed to provide all the steps needed to actually prove that your IP address is tied to a certain VPS instance without collusion from government agencies.

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>Simmer with the tinfoil hat shit schizo
you being ignorant and technically illiterate doesn't make for an argument

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Fuck right off bud, come back with some arguments instead of blocking your ears and calling me names like some fucking basedboy ledditor

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>seething kid

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ohhh kay there bud again nothing but buzzwords with no arguments.

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>ohhh kay there bud

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>implying local dialect has anything to do with a website

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>local dialect
nice damage control

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enjoy being pants on head retarded there champ

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>want thing
>refuse to pay for thing

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