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Why is /g/ so shit right now?

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Because you're here.

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/g/ was always shit

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It's almost like a 40% performance drop happened or something

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Because it's summer. Get ready for more retarded ass threads

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Who the fuck is this ugly bitch?

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Go drink some bleach, shit for brains.

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Why? Did I offend you?

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thanks for making it even worse

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By ALLAH who is this whore

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You deserve to be burned alive and buried in a landfill with the rest of the garbage, you subhuman sack of shit.

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Because gay mods turned jannies into useless sleepwalkers

>hurr durr moderation is bad
If we didn't needed moderation, we wouldn't have boards just a single big /b/.

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Enjoy your shit life fucking loser

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Tranny infestation

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I think three reasons. Summerfags, plebbit, and /pol/

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Every /g/ thread is actually a /pol/ thread.

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/pol/ is a better board anyways

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Then why come to /g/?

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>right now

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To provide some insightful comments to people on this board. I am well educated and enjoy helping others

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>filthy socks

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stop hiding you penis

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insufficient makiposting

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almost no anime posters

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stormfags and the like keeping invading and shitting on animeposters, we need to make up for the lost men, /g/ is our board

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Everything on 4chan is shit now days. Honestly, if there was any other website that had similar thread formats and anonymous posting I'd fuck out immediately. All the chans have gone down the drain.

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Hishiron is so beautiful

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Sup fags.
/g/ was always shit. Stop crying. Etc

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based stormposters turning weebs into homeless

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They're translucent you retard

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It's been mostly shit for a long time.

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i hate anime

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its may

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kys tranny

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>right now

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flat ass

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Look at the calendar, it's pretty much summer already.

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Damn, i would like her to sit like that on my cock

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This thread is shit because trannie's and other incels crying about some woman's picture being posted and complaining about pol while posting cartoons.

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It's been shit for at least 6 years.

We used to have at least one good thread per week.
Now we get nothing. Only phoneposting consumer retards talking about phones.

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normalfags come once in a year for /aog/ only, otherwise its just apple/googlel/etc.. shitposting

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/g/'s fate has yet to be decided

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Not enough anime desu.

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worst girl

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Maki is a whore

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listen here anon...

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I believe even old /g/ would have better posts.

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The friendly thread is quite friendly today.

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whats the problem?
just hide the threads you dont want to see.
if a thread died, it either hit image/post limit, or it was a shit thread nobody wanted to comment in.

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stop posting this prostitute, it's disgusting
you can see STDs from pictures

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she (or he?) posted here like a year ago. i remember the shitshow - /g/ was unusable for a month because of reddidfags.

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We know, that's exactly why we need more anime.

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This is all YOUR fault, disgusting attention whoring anime pedo scum. You are NOT allowed

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imagine the sweaty nerd that drew your gentoo waifu

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wait till summer
when windows10 releases a new "feature"
on a slow day in the adobe mailroom
when both BSD shills are here
and another intel vulnerability hits the news.

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how do you prevent getting aroused all the time on the internet
this is not okay and I think I really need help

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cute big hips to waist ratio hag

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because there's no programming board to get rid of those filthy trannies flooding with rust and muh "coding" interview at jewgle

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I got it! It's a tranny joke because every character on that picture except one dies young. Gave me the lols.

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take interest in the arts

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masturbate less

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fap constantly until you feel nothing

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/v /b and /pol leeched on here for some reason

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full of tech illiterate windows users

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>implying the anime posters aren't also stormfags

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There's a new Ryzen release coming up, isn't there?

This place has been shittier than ever since the Intel vs. AMD console wars started ramping up again and bringing in shit tons of drooling bugmen and other retards who are just here to regurgitate official press release kits verbatim while bleating at each other like sheep about who most often gets 1-2 FPS more than the other in video games.

Gamertoddlers are fucking human garbage.

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>There's a new Ryzen release coming up, isn't there?
Nope, new Intel security hole, and the fix involves turning off Hyperthreading.

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I have been here since 2016
/g/ truly was never good

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>right now
newfag detected

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It's been shit since at least 2008.

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That's just a minor theater of the broader Ryzen wars, though, if you look at the threads it's mostly just a bunch of shills downplaying and overblowing it in ways that advance their various pro-Intel/AMD narratives. Same shit with Meltdown and Spectre.

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Looking at cumulative perf impact it's pretty much only Intel that's getting raped on benchmarks, even on Phoronix where Windows isn't a factor. I'm not an AMD fanboy - I'm typing this on an Intel Thinkpad - but it's clear there's some serious shit happening.

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Did you read my post before your shill instinct kicked into overdrive?

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I've been coming here since 2010 at the latest. I still use Windows and don't know how to program. I'm sorry, I've failed you.

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get out

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No, I'll continue to lurk and reminisce about the old times.

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requesting cute facts about maki

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Always getting stuck in the details. You know very well what I mean faggot. Programming, which is not technology, ruins this board. Literally 80% of the threads are:
>x language/editor/distro is better than y... free software... bloat
>i am x years old, what should I do to learn programming? / how can i get a better job as a programmer? / help me with this interview / recommend me some books
>what are you working on? / why isn't this code working? / could a program that does x be done?
Look, I work as a programmer too, I finished cs too, but I don't come here to talk about my job and anything related nor do I waste my free time with more programming.
This is the problem with /g/, it has become too infested with autists unable to do anything but being a code monkey. This braindead faggots are not even capable of getting another fucking hobby. Imagine being so non-functional you program some useless shit for a company for most of your day, then you come home and program some other useless shit just because.
And if this was not enough, those disgusting incels have the audacity to derail the few decent threads by spamming that it's off-topic, everything is for kids and you should rice your arch or "code" all day.
If there would be a sepparate programming board, we would get rid of this degenerate manchild, but /g/ is so infested that mods instantly delete any comment hinting that programming is not technology.

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did you know that stormfront is older than this website?

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The same reason 4chan is so shit right now. Basically, more people.

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Realization that Kaczynski was right, that there is no God, and that the suffering has only just begun.

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consumerist bugmen have taken over the board. there's phone/headphones/iems/chink shit generals. threads about programming or other technology issues in the news will get to ~100 replies over 24 hours and then die.
this place needs to be split into /ce/ for consumer electronics.
also, trapposting like >>70998426, it's funny the first time, but not all of us are gay.

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because it's full of anti loli moralfags now

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what topics are /g/ appropriate then?

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enjoy your 4channel retards

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things that make life better

>> No.71009838

/fglt/ /dpt/ /wdg/
why are these even allowed?

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pedos GTFO

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/pol/ isn't strong enough to contain all the assholes.

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because the rest of the board is off-topic

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See, tards like this are why /g/ has turned to shit >>71009920

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your shitty generals attract people looking for help

>> No.71010172

Because the actual professionals and smart people left long ago. It's just pajeets and neets trying to justify their meme programming languages, meme processors and cheap phones.

>> No.71010210

things about technology rather than fashion and logo politics

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Welcome to your first summer newfag.

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>those socks
smells great m'lady

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OP is a faggot btw.

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Is this >>71010444 you?

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/pol/ shitting other boards as usual

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Summerfags and muh-/pol/-boogeyman summerfags
This place just gets worse and worse every year
Imagine being an '08 fag and realizing that you were once one of these shitters

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It was always shit, you're just growing up so it stopped being funny.

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4chan was ruined in 2007 with the gaia flood. By 2008 it was shit too. The site got flooded with edgelords that got all their memes from ED and thought this was some sort of cool internet cult rather than a bunch of anons taking the piss.

I decided I hated everyone on this site when I started seeing EFG masked fucktards and memes seeping into real life.

Raiding was a mistake.

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the board's majority posters are now redditors that come here to le troll and have a catharsis from being cucked there
content that make 4chan great and authentic are now policed by them and labelled as "autistic"
engaging with anons today is not even worth it imo, unless it is pure technical stuff. (although googling is better for that sort of stuff)
i mostly lurk now

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This pic unironically convinced me of getting a Thinkpad.
Problem now is, which one do I get from a third world shithole.

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d-don't call me a penis

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Fuck me, Chanology was what brought me here (aside from the /b/tard lass I was crushin on in middle school). I was the cancer and it's come full circle. Oh fuck why didn't moot nuke us.
I need to go shower, sleep, and evaluate myself.

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Android btfo'd Apple.
Windows btfo'd Linux.
BSD arguably btfo'd GPL.
GNOME is way beyond salvation so KDE btfo'd it.
VSCode btfo'd both Emacs and vim.

There are no more big arguments to entertain oneself with.

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I can only imagine what you did with her.

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The users aren't

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/g/ was better when Makiposters were around.

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