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>Moore's law
>computers actually get bigger

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>being this retarded
is this the power of down syndrome?

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Your palm-sized smartphone can emulate 100 instances of your ancient gaming computer
t. bit the bait

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upload higher quality retard

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I can't tell if this shit is bait or /pol/ tourists anymore

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super USFF exist, you're just a dumb fuck.

Pic related has a quad-core 4GHz+ i7 + 4 TFLOP VEGA GPU with 4GB of onboard HBM vRAM

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why not both, /pol/‘s entire culture is built around low effort attention whoring

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>start gaming
>fan at 100%, cpu starts throttling, sounds like a 1950s vacuum cleaner

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Agree, those fucking racist toxic misogynistic /pol/tard incels are everywhere.

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>what is a joke
tech autists truly have the worst sense of humor

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>I'm merely pretending
Okay buddy here is your (You)

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>Moore's law
>it's not actually a punishable law

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Next time you make jokes make em funny.

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Just wait 10 years and watch what happens to all computers.
There is a floor on shrink and we past it.

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Nah the CPU never is what throttles the Skull Canyon NUC.

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this, but unironically

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keep seething retard

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Nope, that thing has a surprisingly beefy cooling system. Even when putting a 100% load on the 100W GPU and 65W CPU (i7-7700 real world max power consumption) the cooling manages to keep temps below 100C which is fucking insane considering the form factor and that the CPU is a quad core and doesn't tank to it's 3.2 GHz base frequency. Throw in a good chunk of safety margin and you have about 140W of effective cooling on a pc the size of a light novel.

It's obviously going to be really quiet for web browsing and other light tasks.


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I don't think you realize how fat C64 was. You can fit a modern ITX or even mATX mainboard inside if you use a sufficiently flat cooler.

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>whining about /pol/

Any mention of /pol/ outside of /pol/ should be met with an automatic permanent ban. Basically that means Israel is going to get rangebanned from 4chan.

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>ahah computers were made of keyboards back in my days lolo

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