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The absolute madmen did it again.

What version of Linux will you ruin it with it when you get yours?

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I think it's cool but what benefit at all will it have? It's really tiny, the whole screen is like 13-14" if I remember. So the tablet mode isn't all that useful. Touch screen keyboard, think we all agree this is a downside. Personally the portion of screen on the same plane as the keyboard reminds me of Apple's touch bar screen portion, which we all said is a gimmick and would rather have more hot keys instead. I think it would be cool if it could be used as a portable external monitor.

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Seems like satire to make such an abomination and call it a Thinkpad.

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>implying there will be any drivers for Linux

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>What version of Linux will you ruin it with it when you get yours?
You will be running Android since it's just a glorified arm phone.

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This will change EVERYTHING

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It runs full windows 10.

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Suicide Linux

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>Time to close my laptop!
>oh no...

fucking idiots lol

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Why the hell would you want something like that?

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No thank you.

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>it still dont exist

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> Thinkpad
> No clitmouse

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so its shit then

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well said. I don't see a trackpoint or a keyboard, therefore it's not a ThinkPad.

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Such a device only deserves the best

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>Hannah Montana Linux
>not Rebecca Black OS, or Biebian

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First the ThinkBook and no THIS!
Dont shove your experiments on the only line of computers that have a base set of functions!
Please dont ruin the Thinkpad series any more!

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>13" 4:3 OLED

I hope they put this in something without a crease.

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