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>Ok, your implementation of fizzbuzz in O(n) was correct.
>You also have a solid understand of meme algorithms.
>before closing this interview, do you have any questions?
How do I answer this question.

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Yes, I have a question. What the point to learn algorithms if the import part of the job is to be able to recognize when you can implement one. You can always find implementation online

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"When do I get my punch and pie?"

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>How do I answer this question.
Always ask "what do you expect of me", even if they just explained it in detail.

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Yes. Is your office open plan?
>Yes, it is. We really enjoy the sense of collaboration and team cultu-
This interview is over. Rest assured, I'll call you if I'm interested. If you call me I will contact the police. Please show me the exit.

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Thanks. I'm quite impaired when it comes to this formal chit chat dance.

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>open plan
I'll raise you with "activity based seating"

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Be a good girl and show me what my office will look like. It IS an office and not a fucking cubicle, RIGHT?

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>implying you deserve more than a cubicle

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Whoops. Sorry about that.
Fuck Niggers. Ahh, that's better.

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why is the boss a girl, what's going on

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Speaking of job interviews, do you guys ignore tech recruiters? I get like bombarded by these kinds of emails every week and it's annoying the fk outta me. How did they even get my personal email?

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>How did they even get my personal email?
Who did you give your personal email to? Did you put it on linkedin or give it to a recruiting agency some time ago?

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Sounds retarded don't do it

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the fuck is that email formatting. absolutely disgusting

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It's just gmail.

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I did a bit of digging on Crunchbase and other sources and it looks like there are 4 major players in the AI chip startup scene and 3 of them are Chinese, as in based in Mainland China with operations in California. Hmm...

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I want to do this
then subsequently become blacklisted for employment

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Based and checked

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Lol I was worried when my employer said they had a 'collaborative culture'. When I toured their offices I found that each person had their own office.
We just have a group meeting every Tuesday to talk about implementation.

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I just ask what they like about their job.

It's a good way of finding out their own opinion on things. Which allows you to better understand what working there would be like.

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"When's penis inspection day, and which porn actress does it?"

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I get similar ones shit like this too, For me, I just give it at least some reading of if the job posting fits me or if I can find the supposed company with the vague details but none of them have panned out to my interest so far. The only reason I bother right now is because I am somewhat actively searching, but everyone is looking for senior level people right now and pickings are few in the mid level and entry level arena with shit pay being the biggest no factor.

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I usually ask the interviewer what's their deployment/release process like and what's the coolest shit they've implemented lately. You get a pretty good picture of how things stand in the company.

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"Will I have to work with any gooks or niggers?"

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So the manhole cover doesn't fall in.

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>What the point to learn algorithms if the import part of the job is to be able to recognize when you can implement one.
What's the point of learning computers when the main part of your job is to talk to idiots? Guess we never know..

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Just ignore all third party recruiters. They're all shit, trust me. They're after your resume and Linkedin connections.

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Interview has fizzbuzz , you actual work is
Wordpress administration

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>do you guys ignore tech recruiters?
Depends if they offer me a good job or not.

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in a tech company?
gooks, definitely
niggers, probably not

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Then ask all questions you have.
Advise - always ask something. Makes you look more interested and knowledgeable.

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>tech recruiters?

Only in recruiting is literally one a one line email asking your salary considered a professional introduction deserving a response.

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>you actual work is
>Wordpress administration

Sounds like you'll need to implement a breadth first search algorithm for the job.

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See >>70973381 I won't take a job if the interviewer doesn't have a good answer to this.

Sounds like the place I work. We're a well-oiled machine and all we have is a stand-up meeting every tuesday at 10:30.

>missing a comma
>grammatical errors in a single-sentence email
I've never used a recruiter and I only give my email to companies I'm interested in, I think I've made the right decision

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>spend six months looking for a job
>finally find one
>within a week of updating my LinkedIn my inbox has been flooded with emails from recruiters.


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It's the same phenomenon as when you get a girlfriend. Suddenly everyone else wants on your dick too

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Whenever Rajesh sends me a request for my current salary, I just reply, “More than you can afford, pal.”

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May it have to be with these strange nature phenomena such as pheromones and shit?

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I just imagined asking that with furrowed brows and an honest look of concern on my face.

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>this whole square of carpet is yours to sit on
>our other employees find that cross-legged is the most effective sitting position
>chairs are for management only

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>not even good morning
this nigger doesn't want you to have a good morning, I say you take the job so you can find him and FUCK HIM UP

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theres one in bristol, uk. i applied but got rejected

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