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does anyone here have an android tablet they actually use? if so, can you explain to me what it's useful for? since android doesn't have tablet specific apps like iOS does (and no, I hate apple so I'm not gonna buy an iPad).

I'm eyeing the S5e but I'm not sure if it will remain useful.

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>Mi pad 1
4chan and panda

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>4chan and panda
but this is way better on a pc.

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got an amazon fire hd8 or whatever it's called for 40 bucks on sale.

i use it for netflix while i'm cooking and cleaning

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I can't take my pc to bathroom.

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Yeah but you can't being your pc into your bed to fap to traps on /gif/

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i used to have the galaxy tab and the asus transformer, but android on tablets always ran like shit compared to phones.

i've got a surface pro these days and its way better to just have a tablet running pc stuff

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>fapping in your bed

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I use an iPad as a web browser in bed and sometimes for reading pdfs or other learning material. I use it on a daily basis for several years for those things and it’s comfy, but anything more iOS is too limiting for. Even downloading files is usually a problem. There are no good android tablets unfortunately.

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Large tablets are dead. For $400 any shitty laptop with a keyboard is infinitely more useful and has way better specs.

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where the fuck do you fap? beds are comfy

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Which $400 shitty laptop has a 2560x1600 OLED screen?

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>where the fuck do you fap?
at my desk, sitting on this.

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in what universe is that superior?

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that shit is very relaxing to sit on, also fapping in bed is gross.

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do you sleep in your chair too? no, because beds are more comfortable

how is fapping in bed any grosser than in a chair?

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>do you sleep in your chair too? no, because beds are more comfortable
beds are better for sleeping in. chairs are better for when browsing porn.

>how is fapping in bed any grosser than in a chair?
>sweat and jizz in bed
yikes. I just have two sheets of paper-towel on my desk to shoot on, and one handed browsing is a lot better if you don't have to hold the screen in your hand and are looking at your big monitor and using a mouse/keyboard with your other hand.

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Get a Surface Pro. They run Linux just fine if you want that. I use Windows 10 LTSC on my SP4. ARM tablets are next to useless. I had an iPad Mini 3 that I gave to my gf because it was useless for anything but emails and pdfs, and was mediocre for those tasks. And no, iOS does not have tablet specific applications, even if they say they support iPads. It just means the apps have proper GUI scaling, which should be the default for all devices. Whatever GUI toolkit they use must be pure ass.

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>buy surface pro
>ruin it with loonix

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Is there any reason not to? It has driver support for all the hardware. It's just laptop hardware in a different form factor.

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My mom has an old Samsung tablet from 2014 that she uses to read ebooks she downloads from library genesis and watch movies that i torrent for her with vlc.

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>garbage OS with the worst GUI and performance where most things have to done by typing
>on a small touch screen device

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get her to dump that garbage for MX Player Pro

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>casual games while shitting on a decent siced screen (8")
that sums it up, why it will always be relevant

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>paying for a media player or having ads in a media player


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piracy on android can not be easier.

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Enjoy your malware

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>Enjoy your malware

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No u

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>>garbage OS with the worst GUI and performance
Surely you must be talking about the DOS leftovers held together with ideas stolen from VMS that Microsoft calls "Windows" despite it being neither open nor transparent in any way.
>where most things have to done by typing
It's not 1999. All Debian based distros offer a graphical front-end for package management and desktop environments handle most other stuff.
>>on a small touch screen device
Virtual keyboard.

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fuck off newfag

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This desu, although one day I might just take this anon's opinion >>70971112

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>meme pic from reddit's favorite overrated movie
>wall of COPE for loonix inferiority

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>knows what redditors like
>his pea brain can't comprehend more than two sentences at once
I think you need to go back. Just don't respond.

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loonix GUI (DE) runs like shit, virtual keyboards suck when you have to write shit for every simple task, and loonix runs like shit in general and most software for it is unfinished abandonware.

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How is he a retard? Do you decompile the app and inspect the bytecode for exploits?

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>mongrel doesn't know where to get his apps
>mongrel doesn't know you can even get apps directly from the app store without paying
>mongrel doesn't know there are websites made for checking APK's

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I use it to do 90% of what I do (internet, 4chan and twitch mostly) but on a bigger screen. Convienent pseudo-laptop with a keyboard

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I use it to browse 4chan when I'm taking a dump. other than that? pretty useless.

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>sweat and jizz in bed
do you not have sex in your bed?
just wash your sheets

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Are you suggesting websites such as virustotal are good at scanning Android apks for malware? If so, you shouldn't breed.

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I fap way more often than I have sex, so if I can prevent making my bed dirty, I do. Also when having sex, I have a girl to jizz in, so there's less mess, also I don't have to browse the web in bed with one hand on a tiny screen with virtual keyboard.

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no, I said made for APK's.

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I use to read manga mostly.
Sometimes I watch videos on it too
I have an old Samsung Tab S

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*changes one line of code so the hash of the scanned APK is no longer identified as malware*
Aww man!

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>he thinks they only check hashes
if the hash is not known, the APK is fully scanned.

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reading comic & ebook

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If you are a manga weeb, an android tablet is the best purchase you will ever make even if this is the only app you will ever use on it.

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Does the website say the apk is decompiled and the parts are individually scanned? This would be like detecting someone reusing a common payload but is also trivial to detection. If the website says it watches system calls, then I would be impressed but I don't know of any third party Android antivirus that does this.

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>he still doesn't know how it works
>he's too lazy to look it up even

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>trivial to detection.
trivial to avoid

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When my pc crapped the bed (athlon on ram2 from 2004) I switched over to a cheap 99$ android tablet for shitpostan, emulatan and porn watchan.
t. Neet.

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What size tablet should I get for manga?

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Yes you can

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I have a Galaxy Tab which I think is 8 inch or something.

It's ideal as a half-way browsing device for when I'm not at my full PC, and not away from the house on the phone.

So I use it for browsing before bed, in the morning, in the kitchen and garage. Occasional video chats with family.

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Enjoy your battery life anon, i just got a convertible chromebook, best o both imo. 1080p too

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You sound like a Microsoft or Apple shill. Android tablets are pretty based and I use them for anything I please. the Play store is more than reason enough. Beat that Microsoft and Apple. Oh, you can't. You will just have to compete then.

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I have a thin bezelled 7", 16:10 which was sold under the tablet category in 2014 bit is actually a phablet and still use it everyday.

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Got a shitty tablet for ~£10 and some Tesco clubcard points a few years ago. Still use it daily for Netflix, 4od, iPlayer and debugging my own android ports.

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Samshit Galaxy Tab 3 7in
has 8 gigs I think or 16, have a 32 gig sd card on it with audiobooks, textbooks, books. I also use it for podcasts. ooh also infothread pics that i use for cooking.

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I have an S3 or something. Use it for reading manga and books and watching my japanese animes.

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