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>I have no problem with Microsoft's success. I have a problem with the fact that they make third-rate products.
Do you agree with him?

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Lol, look who's talking.

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So he was either okay with the fact that third-rate products were successful (fitting for Apple), or he was okay with shitty business practices as long as first-rate products are being forced upon the market. I don't agree with either.

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iToddlers BTFO! Satanichia wins again!

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>I am great
>All others suck
That is all Jobs ever said.

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So he took a shit on MS but was fine with the fact that Apple was gonna go bankrupt and then Bill Gates literally handing him money to save Apple?

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he died of aids.
the end.

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He's just salty because his company makes fourth-rate products.

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Nope. Without Microsoft bailed Apple out by injecting hundreds of millions of capital and developing Office for the Mac. He was just an ungrateful smelly arab who needed a villain to rally the sheep.

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And he died of cancer because of alternate medicine pseudoscience bullshit, clearly not the smartest guy around.

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No. Anything software Microsoft has ever created is better than Apple imitations.

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if steve jobs was so great, then why is he dead?

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If steve jobs was so great, why isn't there a steve jobs 2?

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I have a problem with Microsoft's success as well, doesn't make sense to be okay with the spreading of a cancer.

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Love that interview.

Steve was based and Microsoft sucks balls and everyone knows it.

Now MS has a pajeet CEO who unironically is doing a worst job than Ballmer.

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He wasn't wrong.

Microwang needed Apple to stay alive due to anti-trust laws, idiot.

Do some research.

Is that why everyone's copying Apple for the lat 20 years?

Read my post above idiot.

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Microsoft Excel is by far the best spreadsheet software.

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>h-he didn't need m$, t-they n-eeded h-h-him

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Based. Android is the modern day Microsoft. Jobs would have called the, McDroids.

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In the 90s, the government had to break up Microsoft because it was a monopoly...to help aleviate that, they funneled money into Apple so it would have "competition".

In essence, Microsoft saved themselves, not Apple.

And Apple doesn't need any saving every since they hit it big with the iPod.

Now fuck off faggot, you clearly don't know anything about the computing industry.

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They also had undisputable proof that MS stole QuickTime code for Windows Media.

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Satanic posters confirmed for Wintoddlers.

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MS stole the GUI from Apple in the 80s from the original Macintosh.

Apple did not "steal" the GUI from Xerox, they actually cut a deal and gave Apple stock to Xerox in return.

Also MS wrote Office Suite for the original Mac and they never intended to make any operating systems.

These zoomers need to fuck off and die. Without Apple this industry would be completely different.

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Bill has no taste, not Microsoft.


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Based and redpilled

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He's right. We shouldn't lambast Microsoft just for being successful. That is petty. Microsoft does make terrible products, they even make terrible hardware nowadays, and that is worthy of disdain.

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>In the 90s, the government had to break up Microsoft because it was a monopoly...to help aleviate that, they funneled money into Apple so it would have "competition".
The anti-trust case is from 2001. Microsoft dumped cash into Apple in 1997.

>you clearly don't know anything about the computing industry

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Steve Jobs had his place. It's a shame what they are doing with his company.

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DOS and Windows pre-NT4/95 were ass, especially compared to NeXTSTEP, so yeah.
>all of the shrieking reddit newfags ITT stumbling all over each other trying to win the bi-weekly Fuck Applel Virtue Signalling Olympics when Jobs wasn't even working at Apple when this interview was conducted

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Steve Jobs was gone from Apple for over a decade you mong. While he was gone he played a big role in creating Pixar and NeXT computers. Had to come back and save a failing company. He had to come back and make a deal with the devil to save his baby.

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kys zoomer


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You Zoomers are too young to remember how shitty MS software was back in the 90’s.

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You apparently can't read either. How much of a fucking failure are you? Go choke on Jobs' putrefied cock.

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but windows was unironically less proprietary than mac despite not being unix-like

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Read that shit zoomer, then you'll see why it happened.

Bill was a cutthroat business person, not a charity nigger like he is now.

He only did it to sav his own ass you mong.


I started using Wangblows since 3.1 and it was a complete piece of utter shit.

Zoomers are lucky with Wangblows 10, as much as it sucks, its 10000x better than what we had.

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It's stupid because windows wasn't even that much better until 7 really. Zoomers still should remember that.

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If xerox came up with the idea of the gui, ms took the idea from them not apple.

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Nah, NT4, 2K and XP were fine for what they were. I draw the line between 3.x and NT4/9x (by association). The progman UI was fucking trash, 9x was a fucking frankensteined corpse but at least it looked somewhat professional and had some proper features.

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Same goes for Google.

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Microsoft has no taste too. Just look at Windows 10.

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Imaging hating Apple so much that you unironically defend Windows.

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I'm confused as to what that makes apple products. Almost everything apple makes is below the quality of a Microsoft product.

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My biggest problem with Microsoft is that they are the Borg. It's only a matter of time before they consume Linux. If they are not fought back and denied. Resistance is not futile?

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I would say macOS is definitely better than Windows. And the iPhone is without a doubt better than the Windows phone. In terms of hardware quality, both the current generation MacBook Pros and Surfaces are horrible, maybe the Surface is a bit more innovative. I'd give Microsoft that.

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>but windows was unironically less proprietary than mac despite not being unix-like
Mac OS wasn't Unix-like at all until Mac OS X, it was extremely proprietary due to being developed for a fucking 68000 machine from 1984. It was also a even bigger frankensteined fuckfest than Wangdows 9x.
>Zoomers are lucky with Wangblows 10, as much as it sucks, its 10000x better than what we had.
We grew up with XP and 7 which are 100x better than the fuckfest that Windows 10 is though. 8/8.1 wasn't bad either, everything except the UI was great.

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This was back when consumer Windows was based on DOS, so yeah, agree 100%

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>Android is the modern day Microsoft
the absolute state of /g/ everyone

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Macos is still the biggest frankenturd OS. Using an experimental half-baked kernel meant for BSD, but then jerry-rigged to use half of the NEXT kernel code to justify their buyout, with macos9 legacy trash tossed in to maintain backwards compatibility, with an ancient filesystem made in 1985, dubbed the worst filesystem in the history of computing by Linus, only recently replaced with a barely adequate replacement that has the security of swiss cheese, and with a completely proprietary pajeet tier bloated bug ridden insecure trash UI made for toddlers shat on top of all of it.

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you know you can hate BOTH, right?

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really made me seethe

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Oh, hi, winjeet.

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He's dead now, so he shouldn't be talking.

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