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No. That would be C.

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it WAS c >>70932907
now and the future belong to RUST

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No. That would be Python.

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Only ever touched python but someone recently gave me a C# book. What am I in for?

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You are now the proud owner of a book.
Be ready to turn pages and use bookmarks

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Shit grampa how do I turn it on?

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No, that would be Nim.

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based and guidopilled.

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It's, uh, always on. Powers itself from ambient light, like those old calculators your grandma used to do her taxes on.

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anybody who falls for the C meme as a first language is bound to quit.

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If you're too stupid to learn haskell as your first language, you should not program.

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I miss BASIC.

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>always on

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guaranteed job if you arent a retard. good luck op. its a great language.

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Yes it is
Except the way to make getter/setters with Properties

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Depends on what you're doing, but C# is pretty neat.

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imagine unironically thinking a newfag language could replace something that STILL remains in systems and architecture from 40 years ago

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all the guys I know who started with c# or python are the worst programmers I know
starting with c# and then trying to learn c++ is very hard, whereas if you start with c++, you can learn c# in a few days
the best programmer I know started with x86 assembly

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