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>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?

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How do I install this Brave thing? People around here sure love it

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How can I get Icecat working on debian 9?
I've even added the trisquel repo to apt-get install, but no luck.

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I'm semi-forced to use a macbook for the near future. Anyway to get webms working in safari on mojave?

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Can anyone get my emulator working?

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I shouldn't have reverse searched your pic.

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What's the closest I can get to replicating FT Deep Dark in the latest version of Firefox?

I made the mistake of updating because I heard it would unfuck adblock and all of my other add-ons/extensions and now I'm stuck coping with this hideous looking bullshit for the time being. If anyone has the Deep Dark theme file lying around and would be willing to upload it that'd be great too since I wouldn't mind downgrading and finding a workaround instead either. I can't find that shit online anymore because Mozilla took it down from their add-ons site.

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When I first boot up my PC and I log in, I have audio problems. Where my audio goes robotic when I try to pull up a video or a stream. It goes away after a while and I can't figure out why it happens. Is something wrong my PC?

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try installing libpng

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>posting guro thumbnail
Well at least it's not shota shit.

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I made a new Google play account, which went fine, no problems.

The only issue is it doesn't recognize any apps I've got installed? I guess cause I installed then when using my older account?

Is there a way of fixing that? Or do I have to reinstall every app

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Tried reinstalling libpng16-16. No change.

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try libpng12

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some apps have a sign-in option, especially if they have trophies.

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I installed libpng12-0, still no change. Still had libpng16-16 though. Not sure if it matters.

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idk. there are issues on their github page that match your error message. the solution they give is to install libpng, but all the posters are running ubuntu. The emu build for ubuntu is compiled using libpng12. So the version from opensuse might be using a different version of libpng, or your issue might be something totally different.
can you build it from source?

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>can you build it from source?
Honestly, I would rather not. If it's being worked on I'll just hope for a solution in a future update.

Where did you find the similar issues btw?

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Thank you so much for this. I still gotta mess around with max-min-close buttons, but this looks 10 times better already.

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I did try to downgrade (didn't work) libmupen64plus2, but now that I checked to see what versions are available in the repo, it's only the newest one. Dang.

Checking the history, the previous version (last working one I think) installed was 2.5-2.22. Version number then changed completely to 2.5.9-1.1. I'm on 2.5.9-1.2 now.

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I'm going on my first solo trip, and the photos taken by my phone are of too poor quality.
Is there any good guide to choosing a camera as a complete beginner ?

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Is there a mobile browser that has:

> built-in adblocking
> dark theme
> any degree of ui customization
> developer support
> the ability to remember tabs forever and not crash all the fucking time

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what's an easy drag and drop gif creator for retards?
I tried ffmpeg, gimp, infranview, and like ten other applications but there's not a single GUI that just lets me select individual images and simply export a gif.

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you're using m64py front-end right?
their github has the same issue, but on windows (if that's relevant). https://github.com/mupen64plus/mupen64plus-ui-python/issues/145
Maybe you can downgrade m64py?
does the commandline mupen64plus work, without the m64py frontend?

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What do you call the sheet of plastic that comes in a laptop's 2.5' internal hdd that covers up the circuit board? Can I go without using one?

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Seems previous versions of stuff aren't available on the openSUSE Emulators repo, but yeah, the issue is on both the front end and terminal. m64py will complain about not finding the core library and on the terminal it complains about some hex value in libmupen64plus2.

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When browsing for the library file in m64py however, I can see the link to libmupen64plus.so.2.0.0, but not the actual library file itself. It's there if I go check in the terminal or file explorer, but it seems the actual library itself is not recognized.

It looks like a binary file of some kind, but what is needed to actually read it? Am I missing some path to whatever language it is compiled in?

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you're probably not going to see it in the file select menu because it's looking for .so.2 files. You could probably see it if you change "Types of file" to all at the bottom of the file select dialog.
the links to libraries with .so.2 or whatever are nothing special, a lot of libraries do that to control versions.

m64py uses qt, python and shit, not to mention all the libraries mupen64 uses. so it could be just a mismatch of libaries used between any of those components.

the original error message of "undefined" signal suggest that something was compiled with a different library in mind.

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I just tried rebuilding the source rpm (mupen64plus) from the repo, but it complains about failed dependencies: freetype2, libpng, samplerate, sdl2. All of which are provided by some differently named package.

This smells like the source of the issue. Guess I should create an issue on Github or something. Report to the package maintainer? I dunno.

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yeah post to your distro's package maintainer first.

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so doko.moe used to be around for sending files around 50mb~, what is there now? slow connection speed on both ends need some kind of host

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An update to my forum post will have to do for now. Couldn't really quite figure out the bug reporting thing.

Thanks for the help so far.

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can i bypass a slack team limitation on creating a channel?

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>tfw too scared to ask the same question on Stackoverflow again after 4 answers didn't help me fix my problem

should I just give up programming

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what's wrong dog

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Movie Maker

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Best free simple PDF editor for Windows? All I require is that it can rotate/delete/change the order of pages, merge/split PDF files and do it without leaving a watermark.

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I'm creating a stopwatch that stops after hearing a clap. My first function with the stopwatch object should call the second function, draw, and return once the volume gets higher than a certain threshold. But it doesn't seem to return and stop the stopwatch after a clap. Can anyone tell what I'm doing wrong in my code? I hope it's really obvious.

function callStopwatch() {
var watch = new Stopwatch(timer);

function draw() {
let flag = false;
var vol = mic.getLevel();
if(vol > 0.2){
console.log("true"); //created to check whether sound detection is working
flag = true;
return flag;

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Pls respond

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i don't know almost anything about js but are you shadowing another draw function? That's a pretty common name.

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Should have said it was JS at the beginning, sorry. Didn't work when I renamed draw to asdfasdf. I'm looking into callback functions to see if I could implement my two functions that way. I think I'm just misunderstanding function scope somehow. Thanks for the input anon

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what is the smallest and best video format/compression for videos on the web?
I want to host my videos on my provider's webhosting instead of youtube, and my plan has a great bandwidth scheme, but i still want to make the file as small as possible. Its all FullHD.

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Where do I find firmware for Cisco WS-X4515
Cisco doesn't offer the download anymore

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recently my wifi card has been acting slower. its a dual band tplink one. on both bands im maxing out at 25mbit instead of 50, and often im getting only 10mbit. I dont think its a distance issue and theres no additional interferrance. is there anything that could be causing it except a faulty card? desu i hate wifi but it beats running an ethernet cable through the house

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Don't know about your wireless card problem, but have you thought of powerline ethernet?

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why icecat? its just a rebrand of firefox

it doesnt seem too bad. its not on ex yet though

yeah i mean i know poe is a thing but having worked with it in the past it would randomly stop working and fluctuate with different things all the time. I know about the grid thing and all and im pretty sure it wasnt that

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Photoshop's gif making ability is pretty good although it does take a little while to learn.

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So my wireless mouse receiver stops working whenever I unplug it and try to use a different mouse. I try to restart the computer and it takes a few minutes to shut down before I get a Driver_Power_State_Error BSOD. Once I restart the computer with the receiver in, the mouse works perfectly.

I am a raging autist who refuses to upgrade my old about to die HDD or upgrade from Windows 7. What do I do?

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Don't know shit about JS but how is the function gonna stop anything if you aren't checking every frame? From what I can see that code will only stop the watch as it's being created, not after.

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Reinstall the usb drivers

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looks familiar, is that sobchan

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女 ス パ イ と 拷 問 / ケ チ ャ ッ プ 味 の マ ヨ ネ-ズ

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How much of a pain would fixing something like this on a laptop? It's an IdeaPad, so I guess there are spare parts around. It has nice specs for a cheap laptop.

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is there ANY way of specifying which folders should synchting sync over LTE network and which over wifi?
I have small text files folder that i need to be synced 24/7
then I have a FLAC music folder, that obviously needs wifi...
Im on unrooted android

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A portable monitor is like 160€, so maybe if I contact Lenovo they can fix it for me for less or something.

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I want a browser that
>can run 4chanX
>isn't firefox
What's my best option? Yes I'm a windows cuck.

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Pretty much everything supports MP4 and most big browsers support WebM (you'll just alienate IE and Safari users).
The most common video coding formats MP4 supports are AVC, HEVC and AV1. For WebM it's VP8, VP9 and AV1.
The king for high bitrate encodes (not that good for low ones). Best compatibility.
Currently the best option for low to moderate bitrates. Unfortunately nothing but Safari supports it by default.
It's shit. Don't bother.
Worse than HEVC (mainly because libvpx is a shit encoder; haven't tried SVT-VP9 yet), but better than AVC for low to moderate bitrates and in contrast to HEVC it's supported by most big browsers.
Currently provides the best compression, but it's still far too soon to be usable. Even though it already has great browser support for its age (FF, Chrome and some of their derivatives), encoding is still slow and there's no hardware support yet.

To summarize: Use WebM with VP9 if you really want to crush the bitrate or MP4 with AVC for best compatibility.

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I'm kind of retarded but I can't work out how to load thinkpad-acpi (using Arch) or get ThinkFan working. Using a T420, anyone had experice with this/know how to get it going?

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If those are really your only criteria, you might as well use Chrome.

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Chrome, Chrome forks, Vivaldi...

well its a hinge and display frame, go look on ebay. if you can find the parts, then its just patience.

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none. pirate adobe. not even kidding, no free tool can do those.

use Discord? lol

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Ive got 4x 120mm fans
2 x front case fans
1x rear case fan
1x heatsink fan

I have some 2x1 pwm fan splitters.

Obviously I put the 2 front case fans into CHA_FAN2 using the splitter.

Should i use a fan splitter on both the heatsink and rear case fan and plug them into CPU_FAN? or do I keep the rear and heatsink fans seperate? If so, which fan header should I use to maximize cable cleanliness?

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cpu opt usually has a seperate pwm profile. just plug them all in in any config.

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just get a thing like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DEEPCOOL-FH-10-Integrated-Controller-Motherboard/dp/B077YHLDSP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=deepcool+fh-10&qid=1555960833&s=gateway&sr=8-1

fuck splitters.
need to route one cable to the controller, then all case fans go into that.

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>Buy new computer
>It has an AIO CPU cooler
>It has no optic drive
>It occasionally make clickety sounds that reminds me of a 3 12 floppy reader activating

I still have the muscle memory to floppy from the reader whenever I click a program or something and I hear the tower make a clickety sound.
What makes that sound, is it the cooling pump? Is my computer haunted by a copy of Windows 3.1?

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thanks for details

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dont waste money on this garbage lmao

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> 20$
> waste money

Also I have two, one in each PC, never had any issues with them in 2 years. Not sure what you are smoking anon...

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probably the aio ramping up or pump noise or an air bubble or a cable or something.
"help my car is making a noise"

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$20 for this vs $4 for 2 splitter cables or $3 for a 3 way cable. waste your money as much as you want

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> get long ass splitter cables
> get pwm fan cable extenders
> run it all behind the PC
> built a cobbled mess

I mean, it's up to him of course. But it's a great solution for folks who can afford 20$. I mean if you have any proper fans like Noctua, 20$ won't make a dent.

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its not about being poor, youre missing the point completely. dont waste money where you dont need to. If you had noctua fans youd already have a splitter cable. If you cant cable manage thats a different problem altogether

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I have an old 3.5" diskette which was originally I believe formatted for something called an "Acorn" computer, although I may be wrong because it was also used in a digital camera that allowed you to insert the diskette. This was circa 1997. The diskette has been kept dry and as far as I'm aware hasn't been around anything like a magnet. Should I assume that the data is gone by now though, being 2019? Or is it possibly on there? How would I get the data off (I believe they were photos I took in school), if I really wanted to?

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Is there any windows program that can encode in hevc (.heif/.heic)?

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Are there anti malware programs for Linux, (Xubuntu in my case)? Or should I just fresh install?

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How do I get a twitter account without having to give my phone number to them? Every time I make an account it gets locked for "suspicious behavior" even though I haven't done anything, and the only way to make the account work again is to provide my phone number.

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Maybe just get a cheap burner phone if it really comes down to it. Also stop using twitter

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Everyone knows how to remove these, but is there any way to create new ones via regedit?

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Can anyone give me some earphone recommendations?

I am just looking for something with good noise concealment as I listen to cringe music in public

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Been using Chromium, where opening bookmarks works like this
>middle click single bookmark: open in new tab, doesn't switch focus to it
>middle click a folder of bookmarks: same
But for the time being I'm forced to use Waterfox, where by default middle clicking a bookmark switched focus to that new tab. That I could disable from about:config. But that folder opening still switches focus to the opened bookmarks and I fucking hate it. What do?

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holy shit windows goddamn. can you use the windows 10 media installation tool to install windows 8.1?

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How many our have you guys spend on ricing? I mean you can really spend hours on this until there is not a wasted pixel and every hotkey is streamlined.
Anybody got real nuts with this?

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god dammit anon

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Anyone have experience with proxy providers and shit? What should I be looking for when I'm out to buy? I know 4G is the best route to go cause I'm doing social media shit. I also know I can get away with ipv4, but I'm trying to avoid. I only need 4 proxies max, not an insane amount like 100 - 1,000. I would be interested in making my own as well, but I know I need to get a shitty little android phone. If it's easy enough, I will, but if it's not simple, I'd rather go through a provider and spend $5 or whatever.

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Is there a way to make the Chromium 4chan X extension not lag like shit when scrolling down for the first time?

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I'm going for vacation to Turkey
What technologies should I check there?

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Answer my question

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I would like to stop feeding my information to big corporations just out of principle. As someone with surface level knowledge on internet and technology, what are the most cost effective steps I could take?
I don't need online secrecy for anything important, I just don't want to comply with the status quo

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>have a high end pc (1080ti, 144hz, etc..)
>high paying job requires me to travel alot
>most of the time im stuck in my cheapo laptop on a hotel
should i get a something like a nintendo switch or wait for google stadia, geoforce now, etc..

>inb4 get out and socialize with people
fuck you

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where do i find the rest of op's pic?

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Use umatrix
Don't enter your real info ever into anything unless it's really important.
Use a shitty email address for everything that's not important.

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Their coffee making technology.

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Is there any easier way to say pictures from 4chan? Right now I'm doing it in 3 clicks
>right click
>save image
Is there anyway to do it in 1 click?

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What's the average lifespan of a gpu that's not overclocked?

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I have an Apache server runn in my laptop but I can't access it outside of my home network. Do I have to use my public IP address? Ill have DNS resolution issues if I do.

>> No.70856763

Can you elaborate more? I know nothing about Turkey
Just heard that I'll be coming just in time for some festival, Ramadan, so it's pretty cool, I guess. Hopefully they'll do some coffee making demonstration there

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This is pretty vague. Your first step should probably be to learn more about what entities are tracking you, why they're doing it and how. Then you can decide which entities or tracking methods you should care about and which you're willing to ignore.
I'm not a privacy guy, really, but the EFF SSD guide is probably a good jumping point into this particular rabbit hole.

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4chanX can add a download button next to the filename. If you tell your browser to use a default download destination and to save JPEG/PNG/GIF to said destination without a prompt, then you can download them with one click on the button.

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I'm installing my new motherboard this afternoon which means reinstalling windows. I've already backed up everything worth keeping on my SSD but is there anything else I have to do to it to prepare it for reformatting or can I simply plug it into the new motherboard and boot from USB to launch the windows installer?

>> No.70856836

more of a programming question but what is the reason we have "bool" true/false stuff, is there a reason why we dont just use a variable that has 1 or 0? I just started learning programming a few hours ago and i just reached the booleans so thats why im asking

>> No.70856847

C does do that.
But most programming languages feel it's more descriptive if the type of a variable indicates what kind of value it holds.

>> No.70856880

>telling newfags about 4chan x

>> No.70856917

It was a joke. Turkish coffee is all about manual work (you can cut corners by buying already ground coffee, but I don't count that). It's delicious though, so you should still try it.

>> No.70856928

What is the easiest way to get Windows 10 to bluescreen with 100% success rate? Any batch files or anything that I could make to force a bluescreen? I don't want to use this for nefarious purposes even though I don't anyone believes me, I just would find it kinda funny and interesting to see what the methods in creating a bluescreen on purpose would involve. I'm 100% retarded in terms of code, so you probably could get me to run the equivalent of sudo rm -r f/ or whatever that linux thing is that recursively deletes the root directory.

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I need a program that will let me create a PDF out of a bunch of images FOR FREE. I downloaded adobe reader but when I press the create pdf button it takes me to the adobe store page and I'm not paying a single cent for this one time use shit

please help

>> No.70856952

why would you need this?

>> No.70856967

Why not? I'm always shilling it on /gif/, so that one day we can have ygyl threads without people constantly asking for sauce.

>> No.70856978

newfags will ask for source regardless

>> No.70856990

I don't know but I'm 99% sure GIMP or Paint.net will have a function like that (probably not by default, you'll have to download some addon from the forums)

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our janny might know something about that, let's all report this post people to call him up and see if he has any advice

>> No.70857001

convert <your input images> out.pdf
The resulting PDF is also quite well optimized (lossless).

>> No.70857007

I've used the same Linux laptop for years. isn't it fairly likely I've gotten something bad on my computer from various websites/things I've downloaded? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't really know Linux that well and I just use Xubuntu because its free

>> No.70857014

One can always dream.

>> No.70857025

i feel like youre trolling. anti virus wont help you now, and also linux doesnt "get" viruses. unless you installed something weird off of somewhere, although i doubt it

>> No.70857059

In SQL you can a number that is either 1 or 0. If you use a numerical data type that can have values besides 0 and 1 (ie. I, long or double etc) it will allocate more memory than necessary, you only need one bit for a boolean.

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How do I change the default destination for the download button on 4chanx?

>> No.70857080

I am not trolling. I am not good with computers. If I wanted to troll I'd create a whole thread, not ask one person in a questions thread. So am I probably good if I just download 4chan images, occasional github thing, and go on some porn sites? That's pretty much the only stuff I think might have compromised me in some way. Again, maybe that's stupid to say, I don't know. I asked a friend of mine and he said that Linux users use Clamshell or something like that so I thought it was common practice to use something for anti malware.

>> No.70857095

Clamav I mean

>> No.70857118

never heard of clamshell. dont even bother with antivirus. if you really care use a distro with SElinux, but i think ubuntu uses apararmor

>> No.70857143

That's browser related.
For Firefox you can change it under the general options in the "Files and Applications" section. Select "Save files to" and specify your default destination.
Right below you have a list of file types and can specify how to handle them. For the file types you want to one-click download, change "Always ask" to "Save File".

>> No.70857228

There seems to be a guide on >>>/p/
Hotel wifi sucks, I wouldn't trust game streaming services for that shit.

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Is there a software that can change the pitch of an audio from my sound output? I want something that can integrated into my sound settings (like realtek audio driver), not a converter software.

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Doesn't Handbrake support HEVC?
Your best option is Chrome, of course. If you really like Firefox but have been successfully memed by /pol/ into not using it for some stupid reason, you can also just switch to Pale Moon or Waterfox.
It's not common practice. Linux malware spreads by directly accessing other systems. Malware that users install themselves - like most Windows malware - is almost unheard of. Just make sure you're using a firewall and try not to piss the NSA or Mossad off.

>> No.70857381

avidemux, ffmpeg, handbrake... everything can do it

>> No.70857514

Is there an equivalent of MacOS's Migration Assistant tool for Windows? I just started at a computer repair shop and am currently attempting to transfer a customer's data to a new machine -- effectively cloning it -- while keeping the drivers intact from the new machine. Would it be wise to just copy the existing system files from a fresh install of Windows 10 on the new machine to a cloned drive of the old one?

>> No.70857632

feed the images into any free virtual printer software that can output pdf, like cutepdf

>> No.70857701

I have a small amount of BTC where's the best place I can sell this for £?

>> No.70857704

not unless you know exactly what you're doing

>> No.70857728

>he thinks he can actually sell his monopoly money for real money

>> No.70857885 [DELETED] 

I have to copy and paste an Excel table into an editable DOM element and preserve bolded text. The problem is the formatted paste doesn't include any indicators of bolded text. What do?
>Inb4 this is retarded
It is, but it's what my boss promised the customer

>> No.70858105

I was browsing my country's version of craiglist and there's a guy selling a bunch of used RX 470 and 570. I'm tempted to buy one. Is it a good idea?

>> No.70858346
File: 45 KB, 1001x1001, 1553995277226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an Xbox One gamepad and one of the buttons doesn't register presses properly or registers a double press instead of a single one if I quickly start tapping it.
I thought maybe that rubber contact pad was torn but whole pads looks fine to me.
Do those black conductive spots even wear off? As in to the point where they can't reach the board properly to make contact?

>> No.70858363
File: 616 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190501_134452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does ram stick goes bad if it goes unused or placed carelessly? I got a bunch here and I only put them in small plastic sachets. It's fairly waterproof but I'm not too sure

>> No.70858368


>> No.70858376

how do i underclock my pc for summer?

>> No.70858585

there shouldn't be a reason to do that unless your computer is dusty as shit.

go into your motherboard settings and change the frequency/voltage to slightly lower of current value
msi afterburner if youre on windows

>> No.70858612
File: 262 KB, 775x530, capture_001_07052019_120146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cleaned my PC and changed the thermal paste. The temp is under 45 except when I run a 3d game. In those instances, it overheats to 60-80 range and sometimes crashes my desktop entirely.

>> No.70858968

I figured it out, turning off "Unread Count: Show the unread posts count in the tab title" makes it scroll smoothly.

>> No.70859039

cool, thought so

>> No.70859620
File: 176 KB, 750x1000, 1557056744804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there an easy way to select a specific kernel version of Arch, like Ubuntu's ukuu or Manjaro's Settings Manager? I have a really weird bug where my computer freezes from suspend on kernels >5.0, the latest working kernel on my machine is unironically 4.20

>> No.70859822
File: 333 KB, 640x467, vvy7vh9t4as21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>software engineering graduate
>no luck getting software engineering position
What job is better experience for getting a software engineering position?
>business system analyst
>product analyst

>> No.70859844

when someone asks me for stupid questions I fucking deliver.

1.Why would i use linux
2.What distro? Ubuntu or Fedora?

>> No.70859851
File: 12 KB, 1024x1024, windows-10-logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any goddamn way to disable Windows 10 auto updates and not have it bother you/disable parts of the OS anymore? I haven't had too many issues with it, but my boomber parents use laptops that came with it, and the fucking things decide to slow down and update at the worst possible moments.

>> No.70859892

Legacy BIOS or UEFI?

>> No.70860070

I need some help with git.

I want to clone someone else's file into my own repository and receive updates once the owner updates it. Is that possible? How would I go about doing this?

>> No.70860103

I have a retarded question:
Will I notice a difference in performance between my desktop (ryzen 1600 @3.8, 16gb ram, samsung ssd) and a modern laptop (i7 8550u, 16gb of ram, samsung ssd) if all I do is office stuff and multimedia?
Will laptop be as responsive and fast in your typical task as the desktop?

>> No.70860116

What's overheating, CPU or GPU? Also, post CPU and PSU specs.
1. It makes you generally better with computers.
2. Just flip a coin. You'll end up distro-hopping anyway.
Disable the Windows Update and Windows Update Medic services. Pray Microsoft does not smite you for this sin.

>> No.70860160

Can I somehow restore pre-quantum look of new tab page for Firefox? To be more precise, to have icons from "popular" section fitting the screen instead of being mobile-level spall icons at 1/4 of screen.

>> No.70860167
File: 193 KB, 1193x565, capture_002_07052019_132430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's overheating, CPU or GPU?

>Also, post CPU and PSU specs.

>> No.70860204

Sounds like your case airflow is shit. This will sound retarded but try gaming with the case open.

>> No.70860355

Re-asking this now that it's time to do it

>> No.70860394

You shouldn't *have* to reinstall Windows.

>> No.70860405

How do i into bitcoin
Sending it from bitcoin to usable currency?
DO i still have to give up 20% at each step in fees?

>> No.70860409


Cant you just set updates to notify for download and install with group policy editor (gpedit.msc)?

>> No.70860434
File: 143 KB, 1280x960, index.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess I need a new case.

>> No.70860454
File: 37 KB, 686x636, 1553118464700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Microsoft really wants you to install them.

>> No.70860517


Yes, that's what I talked about. It will still show up about new updates but won't auto download or autoinstall them.

You can also disable service completely but why would you? It's supposed to provide security updates to protect people like your parents.

MS Technet have article about disabling updates completely. Sorry for not posting it but Im on phone right now.

>> No.70860534

Why doesn't Microsoft remove the right click refresh from Windows? Is it still needed and if yes why?

>> No.70860560

Oh, I thought you meant turn them off entirely.
Does this even work in non-Enterprise versions though?

>> No.70860649


If I recall correctly, disabling services doesn't need Enterprise. You can also try leaving group policy undefined and edit registry instead but never tried that since I don't consider updates something worth disabling completely (mentioned setting 2 from pic you showed works fine for me) since security updates is my main reason to use Win10 in first place instead of 7.

>> No.70860671

I'm trying to build a database on Microsoft Access that will store emails sent to certain customers in a form specifically for that customer, and with certain data extracted from that email detailing the order information (ex if sent to Tommy about his order regarding item #302, it can store and sort that info)

However this seems rather complex and I was wondering if it's even plausible to do.

>> No.70860684

The desktop is actually just a folder (ie explorer.exe process) but with additional GUI bling. It's going to automatically refresh itself whether you want it to or not, especially when a new folder/shortcut is created or you reorganize the desktop in general.

However in some cases explorer.exe is going to be a nigger and not auto-refresh so you must manually do it to ensure changes applied or new folders/shortcuts are reflected on the desktop.

>> No.70860696

Oh really? I was under the impression that a new mobo and CPU meant a new install if it wasnt the same models. So after the install I should boot into safe mode, delete the old drivers and reboot and let windows install the new ones?

The BIOS is on the motherboard, not the SSD, right? So I wont have to do anything with the old bios after installing the new one?

>> No.70860743

Oh. I never encountered something like that in 2 decades of using Windows. Will they ever remove it though?

>> No.70860747

You don't have to do shit as far as I know. Just start Windows up. It'll ignore your old drivers completely.

>> No.70860784

I want to learn how to code. I dabbed with JS for a bit but I had nothing I want to create so I stopped.

I want to create a esports betting website that uses ethereum as its currency.

Good project to start? This should take me years.

>> No.70860840

I want to copy an image file to the Ctrl+V clipboard and be able to paste it in applications like Discord, Messenger, etc...
I know xclip, but it only copies the content of the file. How do I do that?

>> No.70860920

I would personally play it safe, nuke the SSD with 0s, and install a fresh copy of W10. If you're changing MBs the OS hardware settings/drivers installed might not play nice on the new MB.

explorer.exe has been a pain in the ass ever since it was breathed into life in W95. Crashes, freezes, BSODs were rampant back in the day. It has been vastly improved since then but in bloated/celery systems it can still malfunction so i'd be pretty stupid for microsoft to remove a simple shortcut that can help fix those ailments.

So unless microsoft can force everyone to switch to LTSC and have high end computers (ie octa-core 4GHz+ CPUs + $300+ GPUs + 16 or more GB of RAM we won't see the desktop refresh feature go away anytime soon.

>> No.70860997

Okay thanks. I guess I wont change anything at first and install a fresh coat of windows if I run into any trouble.

>> No.70861063

What do I change in about:config in Firefox to make it ignore certificates for addons? I've seen someone posted that earlier.

>> No.70861092
File: 221 KB, 1023x740, illegalhokeypokey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Linux related but I think it's a little too small brained for them. How the fuck do I set up a tigervnc viewer/server. I installed all the tiger stuffs on the bantu laptop I'll be using and the home server(debian 9) I have set up. Try to connect to the ip and it says connection refused 111 something like that.

I'm a retard who knows nothing about networking up until a few weeks ago. I sorta know about ports, but I don't know where to configure it or where to start to learn all the basics of it. I don't want to be a teamviewer cuck anymore

>> No.70861125

xpinstall.signatures.required, but I think that's actually a no-op on the official builds...
If you still have the certificate expiry issue, update your browser. It's been patched.

>> No.70861135

I found the solution :
cat image.png | xclip -selection clipboard -target image/png -i

>> No.70861252

if I want to get paid to do college assignments how do I do that

>> No.70861327

hi again /g/ i ended up getting a crt, it's the syncmaster 997df. with cru i was able to get it to run [email protected] but im wondering if it's safe to do so, will it blow up in my face?

>> No.70861403

Can I upgrade from windows 10 ltsb to ltsc?

>> No.70861436

why would it blow up?

>> No.70861479

Apparently you can, but you have to burn the installer ISO to a drive and choose the upgrade option. Look it up.

>> No.70861504

Windows dropping frames on 144hz monitors when an animation is playing in a second, lower refresh rate monitor seems to be a commonly reported issue. Is there no workaround? I can't seem to find any solutions to the problem.

>> No.70861522

Nope, each long term support variant of windows is released as a separate non-upgradable distro of the windows 10 enterprise edition that will be given 10 years of support from the time it was released. You must manually format your HDD/SSD and install a fresh new long term support distro (X year) everytime you want to upgrade.

>> No.70861546

I got an apple tv 3 for free. Is there custom software or jailbreaks to do fun things with it?

>> No.70861585

Nah, just aquire more gay sex porn and living with AIDS educational videos.

>> No.70861597

does windows 10 ltsc have the dark file explorer theme?

>> No.70861762

What sort of knowledge would give me chance of getting remote jobs?
I live in a shithole, far away from technological singularities, so i cant get a fucking job(i am doing major on networking)
I am willing to learn anything, it can be coding, automation whatever

>> No.70861905
File: 76 KB, 1051x394, ouig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't access this folder normally going through the directory. If I go to back to the IE folder, nothing appears enough though there's supposedly a lot of unseen folders here. I have show hidden folders on. What's the deal?

>> No.70862425

I can't find a single app for browsing 4chan on the App Store. Is there anything stopping me from creating and releasing a 4chan ios app myself? Is the api free to use?

>> No.70862429
File: 88 KB, 1920x520, Fuck this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do i get rid of the other databases. I dont need them and i cant find a way to get rid of them.I tried something but that just borked the sublime key

>> No.70862454

Why are you gay?

>> No.70862466

This is a stupid questions, not stupid answers thread.

>> No.70862560

Is there a program like RescueTime (tracks time spent in each application) that for sure does not send data back home? Something open source and offline only?

>> No.70862589

can a bios get a virus

>> No.70862591

Apple will reject it.
ActivityWatch might be what you need.

>> No.70862614

Why exactly would they reject it? I used to have an app on my older ios but its not available anymore. And I remember there was one that was pay-only.

>> No.70862623

Well, yeah, you can't find them anymore because Apple doesn't allow them. They don't want to expose their users to the vile content on 4chan.

>> No.70862633

>ActivityWatch might be what you need.
Sure looks like it, thanks!

>> No.70862664

It might work for 4channel, though.

>> No.70862668

There is an option to "On this page, you can configure the SNTP protocol, time zone, and DST to obtain the accurate time." in my modem.
What does it do, exactly?

>> No.70862697

Can you do a security update on a rooted android phone? It's a motorola phone and the OTA shows up. Not sure if it'll brick though.

>> No.70862735

Sure. There have been several BIOS/UEFI rootkits discovered. Windows will even silently run code you provide it via UEFI, a feature used and abused by various PC manufacturers.
You probably don't need to worry unless the NSA or some other government agency is targeting you, though.
Racism, death threats, calls to violence, borderline pornographic non-nude images, etc. are allowed on 4chan.
You're more than welcome to build an app and distribute it as source code, though. Building and installing IPAs is easy and free nowadays.

>> No.70862769

A quick look in the conifg fixed it. Damit im stupid

>> No.70862789

Set the clock, optionally automatically over the Internet. Not having the correct time may cause updates to fail or problems with anything that involves crypto.

>> No.70862798

It's been a while, but IIRC official update zips for every version of Android past 6.0 check the integrity of /system before updating. You shouldn't be left with a brick - and if you do you can just reflash from recovery without wiping /data - but the update won't work.

>> No.70862848
File: 56 KB, 489x522, 1426193588908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having this similar problem today. I tried to make one but I wasn't aloud in till I put in a phone number. I just sent them a long message telling them that I don't have one. Hopefully that works since after like 4 instant automated messages they haven't sent one back immediately yet. I'll keep you posted if it works anon.
I'm not him but I'll try it for a few days and see if its worth it cause I've been thinking of art-fagging lately for fun. If all else fails I'll try to see if I can get it deleted.

>> No.70862959

Firefag user here
When the certificate issue first hit, it broke my stylus addon, but all other extensions were intact
It didnt even say "certificate expired" or anything, it was still enabled but just completely broken
Then shortly after i had all addons disabled like everyone else
Then they came out with the update
I applied it and now all addons are enabled again but my stylus is STILL broken
Wtf is this, pls halp
Uninstalling then reinstalling it didnt help either

>> No.70863046
File: 14 KB, 162x572, datetime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best way to create a common datetime for these two data series?

The data lines up perfectly when I make plot, but I am as you may understand an engineering brainlet.

>> No.70863149

apart from hetzner auctions where can i find cheap seedboxes

>> No.70863160

Thanks for the reply. I'll try what's recommended. Also, by "reflash from recovery", you mean there's already a partition recovery or flashing from a backup done pre-magisk/post-magisk?

>> No.70863215

I mean you should be able to flash a backup of /system or a stock ROM from TWRP. Or is TWRP not a thing anymore? You can probably tell I haven't used Android in a while.

>> No.70863359

idk just schizo things

>> No.70863434
File: 1.91 MB, 368x307, killme.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is every other system window blurry as fuck in Windows 10 and why is the video streaming quality such shit when this all worked fine for W7 out of the box

>> No.70863450
File: 382 KB, 664x720, oh lawd no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tips for cracking a password for a rar file?

>> No.70863479
File: 75 KB, 445x640, Water sucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am told the Linux kernel supports Ryzen APUs better now in the past few months. I am trying to read the changelog, but I either don't understand or it's not listed which version improves performance. Before risking an unsupported kernel in my distro, can anybody tell me when performance improved?

>> No.70863483

When I cave in and install Windows 10, what will become of the programs I have installed to my non-boot disk? My media should be fine, I guess, but what about the applications I found important but not important enough to take away space from my SSD?

>> No.70863520
File: 2.93 MB, 480x256, windmill-of-fire.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know how persistent malware using peripheral firmware works? If someone reflashes my hard drive's firmware, can that firmware gain access to arbitrary sections of RAM?

Specifically, if I have a laptop with (write-protected) Libreboot and TPM, and TPM-TOTP reports the correct state, is it possible that a misbehaving hard drive, NIC, or graphics card will mess with priveledged memory? Or is a peripheral's access to memory restricted to only certain addresses? Assume disk and network encryption.

>> No.70863563

You can use hashcat or jtr, depending on what RAR version your file uses. Look up "hashcat rar" or similar terms to jump into the rabbit hole.
Depends on the program. Ones that don't expect any registry entries to be present should just work. This includes most games.
Of course, their configuration is probably on your main drive, in %APPDATA%. But I'm sure you've backed that up, right?

>> No.70863672

This is really something best asked on some other forum. You are unlikely to get any well informed replies from /g/.
As far as I know, for what it's worth, peripherals have full unrestricted DMA by default. Newer machines have an IOMMU (Intel calls it VT-d) which lets operating systems restrict DMA operations to specific ranges. I know Qubes OS uses it for device isolation. I don't think Windows or Linux do.

>> No.70863709

Haven't joined the botnet just yet so everything is still intact on my W7 partition. Though looking over the programs folder in my E drive it's almost entirely launchers that are easily replaceable and stuff I haven't used in years, so I guess that's not a tremendous loss anyway.

If there's anything else you can think of, let me know. Otherwise, thanks for the advice.

>> No.70863730

And on a somewhat related note, has anyone tried using google vboot on non-chromebook hardware or is this retarded? I want to be able to flash signed (by me) firmware via internal programmer on my thinkpad.

>> No.70863736

Pirate Windows 10 Enterprise, not one of those namby-pamby locked down "pro" editions, and don't forget to back your shit up. Other than that, have fun!

>> No.70863752

Thanks, I'll ask around. I just want my noided box to not trust most of the hardware is that so much to ask.

>> No.70863771

Outside of the POWER world it kind of is. Qubes is the closest thing to salvation we have as x86fags.

>> No.70863800

Maybe online.net? It's in europe but idk how much cheaper/more expensive it is than hetzner.

>> No.70863811

Spilt some coffee on my laptop keyboard (first time ever). Wiped it clean and shook as much out and the keys seemed to be working fine, then I noticed the N and up/down keys stop. So I depowered it (should have done asap, too brainlet), used and damp clothe to wipe out as much coffee as possible, gently blowdried the keys with cool air and now letting it dry in warm place.

Is there a chance the keys would recover or is them stopping a sign those ones have fried?

>> No.70863989
File: 14 KB, 506x507, 1529210938155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is happening to my computer? Suddenly everything started lagging. I open Task Manager and see that my RAM which is rarely above 6GB suddenly is maxed out. What the fuck? The top 20 most memory intensive processes aren't even 4GB. I can't figure out what exactly is even using my memory.

>> No.70864000
File: 14 KB, 506x496, 1537085204469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright the problem fixed itself while writing this post. Anyone know what the fuck happened?

>> No.70864054


Was your computer updating? Win10 doesn't ask before doing it.

>> No.70864062

No clue. I noticed no change in anything.

>> No.70864074

Looks like something wrote a metric fuckload of data to disk. The RAM usage is just cached data waiting to be flushed. God only knows what it was now, though - probably an update or some other stupid Windows shit. You should have looked at the disk IO numbers.
Eh, should be fine. Power it up.

>> No.70864080


Then go check updates and look at when it says it last updated.

>> No.70864098
File: 690 KB, 640x876, 1529299054312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Java's garbage collector decided to do it's job.
This I why faggots should learn about memory management and stop relying on the (((language))) to do it for you.

>> No.70864109 [DELETED] 

is it viable to protect my porn folder on macos with a password, if i daily-use? and i don't mean so much encrypt as "pls enter a password" upon clicking

>> No.70864114

Says last checked for updates 3 days ago. I disabled automatic updates btw.
Yep. But what?
The only applications I had open were firefox, chrome and windows explorer. What the fuck used java's garbage collector?

>> No.70864133


>> No.70864140

>The only applications I had open were firefox, chrome and windows explorer.
Ok I forgot about soulseek, flux and windows defender. But nothing else I am aware of except OS stuff.

>> No.70864188 [DELETED] 

how come? the "turn folder into mountable encrypted drive" method seems to fit every box, no?

>> No.70864192

That sounds like it would be both stupid and complicated to implement. Just encrypt your porn like a normal fucko.
Check your event logs maybe.

>> No.70864210
File: 70 KB, 1000x1000, 582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the more i try to learn firewalls the less i undestand /g/bros.

like, if i set to disable all incoming connections on my router firewall, shouldnt that include 80/443?

lets say i have a service running on my LAN, and i want it to expose it to the wan, i just open ports of that service, unidirectional? like LAN --> WAN ? or i need to do it both ways?

i have a bitwarden setup on my rPI (port 5000) i would need to portfoward


or/and the other way arround?
any <-- tcp/5000
any <-- udp/5000
i cant for the life of me understand this basic shit and youtube gives me a bunch of pajeets rambling about shit

>> No.70864220


Are you sure it was not either of browsers? I recall that with helload of tabs, Opera could eat up to 4-5gb of ram.

>> No.70864232

Why would you need to password protect your porn? Is your computer itself not password protected? Are you not a grown man who unapolagetically stores pornorgraphy on his hard disk?

>> No.70864244

aaaaaaa i'm fucking stupid i deleted the op too
how come? the "turn folder into mountable encrypted drive" method seems to fit every box, no?

>> No.70864273

>Check your event logs maybe.
>Application pop-up: Windows - Out of Virtual Memory : Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file. For more information, see Help.

>Resource Exhaustion Diagnosis Events
>Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: firefox.exe (8628) consumed 1690460160 bytes, chrome.exe (4392) consumed 905052160 bytes, and chrome.exe (1040) consumed 878399488 bytes.

Still doesn't tell me what exactly happened.

It happened while I was scrolling twitter. I rarely visit that site but it seems to cause more trouble than anything else.

>> No.70864299

If you have a server and want to open just a couple ports, your iptables config will look like this:

"Allow all outgoing packets"
"Allow all related/established incoming packets"
"Allow incoming packets to these ports"

You allow outgoing and incoming related so that operations like "update my packages" don't fail; an outgoing http request requires a response.

>> No.70864322

My computer randomly disconnects from wifi and I either have to reset the internet or restart the PC. Nothing else whatsoever disconnects from the internet and I have no clue why my PC is the only thing that does this.

>> No.70864327

2 x 4GB ram stick or 1 x 8GB stick?

>> No.70864336


>> No.70864404

If you're never going to upgrade, and your mobo supports dualchannel, then get the one with two sticks.

Otherwise it doesn't matter.

>> No.70864419

>if i set to disable all incoming connections on my router firewall, shouldnt that include 80/443?
Well, here's what happens when you connect to something over TCP on port 80:
>your computer generates a random port, like 31337
>your computer sends a TCP SYN packet from its port 31337 to port 80 of whatever server you're connecting to
>the packet reaches your router/firewall
>your router/firewall logs this in a table so it knows that any packets it receives on port 31337 should be passed through the firewall to your computer
>once the connection times out, your router removes the port mapping from its table
(Disclaimer: I am not a network professional, just a programmer, and this may not be entirely accurate or complete.)
The server you're connecting to does not need to reach your port 80. It only needs to "establish an incoming connection" with you on some random port, which you generate, and which your firewall is aware of and should automatically make an exception for.

>lets say i have a service running on my LAN, and i want it to expose it to the wan, i just open ports of that service, unidirectional?
Yes. The point of a firewall is usually to protect YOU from the outside world. Any program or service running INSIDE your LAN should (in general) be able to send packets to wherever the fuck it wants.

>bitwarden setup on my rPI
You just need to forward tcp/5000 from the WAN side to the LAN side, and make sure that your rPI isn't restricted from sending packets out.

That's not the underlying issue, just a symptom (Windows wanted to page some shit out to make space for all of that cached data, but couldn't).

>> No.70864422

thanks. makes sense

>> No.70864435

>Wew everyone's computer is more powerful! Now I can embed a shitload into my webpages, write garbage ineffient code code for my software and generally use up a ton more RAM for programs that used to run fine back when everyone had 512mb ram!

What is the point of Moore's law and stuff if the things your powerful PCs use just get more lazy and bloated.

>> No.70864446

I need a quick assist. Hoping someone has had this issue.
I run arch with Nordvpn. I can't connect to my server over local ssh while the VPN is up. Thing is, if I disconnect from the VPN and then reconnect, I can ssh over local again. I have no clue why this happens. With mullvad everything worked perfectly

Anyone know what's wrong? Or perhaps any troubleshooting tips?

>> No.70864453

How many of you program for a living? How do you like it? I do boring ass work as an electrical engineer and am thinking about making a switch.

>> No.70864593

ublock origin isn't blocking youtube ads anymore, any suggestions?

>> No.70864672
File: 42 KB, 1484x767, pbox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do Android apps that have access to storage also then have access to my Google Drive?
Because for example when I go to attach a file here on 4chens in the browser, my Google Drive is easily accessed from the side, where it says 'Open from'.

I just had this thought and I'm scared now.

>> No.70864694

The dialog that asks you to pick a file is displayed by Android. The app can't even see what file sources you have, much less access them.

>> No.70864781

Currently on a 1070ti, i could easily afford the 2080ti next paycheck, but is it really worth it? Should i skip?
1440p165hz, 1070ti manages 100+ framerate almost in everything, but i want moar, but do i want it in such innefective way?
SLI meme is probably not a great bet... AMD bois with their navi are not for me, i dont want a midrange card, so wat do?
When can new gen of ngreedia gpus be expected?

>> No.70864875 [DELETED] 

This isn't a stupid question so much as a stupid request. I vaguely recall seeing a GIF posted here a few times of a potato clumsily avoiding getting crushed between two gears. It was webdev related. Does anyone happen to have it on hand.

>> No.70864881

thank you based anon

>> No.70864991

If I make a class A that a pointer to class B, and class b has a pointer to class C .
Why is my dynamic array of class c inside of class b not saving the data , and only giving me the last data entry ?

>> No.70865028

when AI becomes real can we all get girlfriends? I want a cute AI girl who loves me and talks to me every day.

>> No.70865051
File: 39 KB, 486x653, 1536764304171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Works for me. Are your filter lists up to date?

>> No.70865064


Are you on firefox?

>> No.70865200


>> No.70865299

I have an old ass IDE HDD that I'm trying to pull the data off of. I have the correct connectors to the point of the disk showing up in Windows disk management console as a drive with a letter but the words "no media" under it.
According to everything I've read online, I need to use some sort of Data Recovery software at this point...any suggestions?

>> No.70865352

does firefox have an extension that allows you to go to a URL with a selected word at the end of it?
i want to be able to select a word and look for it on wikitionary. i'd do it myself but i can't into extensions

>> No.70865372


Go go to google and type "hat site:wiktionary.org"

>> No.70865383

I already know the answer is a big no, but is there a CPU socket converter? Preferably LGA into AMD board?

>> No.70865420

Friend has a 2080 with samsung memory, Gigabyte 2080 Windforce (non-oc), hes hitting powerlimit constantly because it has a max of just 109%, would flashing a bios like this one work? :

Its a bios for different 2080, anyone has experience with this?

>> No.70865445


Buy a new PSU.

>> No.70865480

hey i have a question, i am trying to create an array of objects that act independently from each other.
so in my code below:
let arry=[];
let z ={a:10}
for(let a=0;a<=5;a++){
for(let a=0;a<=5;a++){
console.log("array #:",a,"what is the value of a in each element:",arry[a].a)

each time i increase the value of a key in one element of the array, all other values are increasing with it..
so what i want the result output is:
arry[0]=10.. 13,16,19,22
arry[1]=10.. 13,16,19,22
arry[2]=10.. 13,16,19,22
how do i make this happen??

>> No.70865483
File: 242 KB, 508x562, nsa-a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did they mean by this?

>> No.70865536

PSU is not the issue, he has 750w, shit powerlimit on GPU is, its a non-A chip, would flashing a bios from A-chip 2080 work?

>> No.70865556

What can group policy updates accomplish in W10? I don't know as I give a shit about any of its other features, but how do you, personally, utilize it?

>> No.70865566

What are popular keygen or crack websites these days?

Im just trying to convert 1 book to work on my kindle and epubor only does 20% of the book unless you pay $25 for a license.

Is there any free alternatives to this software? They all seem to be paid software

>> No.70865578

i should have been clearer. i meant like selecting a word and having an option on the context menu to go to a URL with the selected word at the end of it.
same idea as selecting a word and searching for it by right clicking

>> No.70865590


So since you're not being clear, you are trying to overclock a board which only overclocks a small amount, and you're going to brick the card because you're greedy?

>> No.70865615

Im not, i dont want to brick it, thats why im asking if someone has more knowledge on the matter before i even do anything but thanks for being smartass, found out non-A and A bioses are not interchangeable

>> No.70865739

it's a honeypot

>> No.70865845

I have an ancient program called Gifanimator.

>> No.70865887

This is an insane question. Motherboards are not all the same fucking thing. They are specifically built for one or more CPU models and cannot work with anything else. Each model has its own hardware and firmware requirements - boards don't even support two generations of CPUs with the same socket nowadays. I can't even imagine how you thought for one second that you could make an Intel CPU work on an AMD board using only a bunch of fucking wires.
What format of book are you trying to convert? Calibre is the gold standard for this kind of thing, optionally coupled with Apprentice Alf's DeDRM plugin if you need to strip some copy protection.
There are no general keygen/crack websites - none that you should trust, anyway. There are some people on /g/ familiar enough with the scene to point you towards anything you might need, but you'll have to be more specific.

>> No.70865924

So custom allocator is a thing because of memory fragmentation?

>> No.70865939

Im really struggling. Ive just got calibre but it keeps spitting out python errors with this pdf that I got off google books. Im guessing I havent set this up properly?

The pdf only seems to open in adobe digital editions. Epubor is the only thing so far thats worked but only does 1/5 of the book.

>> No.70865951

t. Never built a PC before

Where do I start? I don't play any games and I mostly just watch anime and lurk 4chan. I still want a nice PC though. How much should I anticipate spending?

>> No.70865996

Upload the PDF somewhere and let us take a crack at it.
There are different kinds of allocators and different reasons why you might want to use each. Avoiding fragmentation is one of them. Getting better performance is another.

>> No.70866039

thanks for the help but i just removed it from calibre and re added it and it worked.

No idea why it just suddenly decided to work.

>> No.70866040
File: 36 KB, 640x480, 1kq51s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second request for help

>> No.70866058

/pcbg/, you can spend anywhere from $450 to 1200 US depending on your gaming needs.

>> No.70866112

My ex came over yesterday to pick up the last of her stuff. After she left I couldn't find my cat for a while, eventually called her but she just said she had no idea where my fucking cat was and hung up, figured he must be hiding somewhere and would turn up or something. Anyway fast forward to today, cat turns up, lying at the bottom of my freezer, I can only assume she tossed him in there before she left had he's been there for a good 16 hours or so by now. He feels very cold and is unconscious but seems to be breathing weakly, any recommendations to try to warm him back up so he doesn't die?

>> No.70866120
File: 80 KB, 456x350, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have a drawing tablet and i want to be able to tilt it up a bit like how i keyboard tilts up when you raise its back feet or like a painters easle. What is a good way to go around doing that? I was thinking of buying some play dough or and putting it on the bottom lol but that isn't hard. any ideas?

>> No.70866142

You'd probably want:
-AMD Ryzen APU, you probably want a Ryzen 5 2400G, but the Ryzen 3 2200G could work
-16GB RAM, pick the speed that goes with the chip you bought. For both chips above it's DDR4-2933.
-An SSD for the operating system, 256 GB minimum
-HDDs for trans-pacific moving picture storage
-A motherboard that supports the chip you bought, the two chips above are socket AM4, so most any socket AM4 motherboard will work. Make sure it is sized ATX or micro ATX (more than 99% of them are). Make sure the motherboard's video out ports are compatible with your monitors (so if you have a DVI monitor and the motherboard only has HDMI, then you'll have to buy an adapter).
-An ATX case (more than 99% of them are)
-A good power supply, you don't need more than 300 watts. Go look at the connectors part of the specs and make sure it has a 20+4 connector and a 4+4 connector, this means it works with any usual ATX motherboard.

There's a PC building general on this board, you might want to ask for more info there, especially after you've picked out your parts but before you actually buy them.

>> No.70866147

What the absolute fuck, in a first world country I'm sure you could have some one in big trouble for that. Take him to the vet and press charges .

>> No.70866156

Is the server actually running and configured properly?
Here, read carefully: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TigerVNC

>> No.70866162

>posting on 4chan instead of taking it to the vet
Are you sure you're qualified to own a cat?

>> No.70866163


You need to login to your router and forward the port that the software on the server uses. The laptop should then be able to view the server from work/school/whatever.

>> No.70866185

My prof refuses to set Canvas videos as downloadable is there a better/easier way to get them other than screen recording?

>> No.70866189

Put him on your belly. Call an emergency veterinarian. Put your ex in the freezer.

>> No.70866191
File: 261 KB, 900x900, 1534121002970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70866192

It's like 11:15 PM and the only vet I know of nearby is closed

>> No.70866200

Ask >>>/an/ then for crying out loud.

>> No.70866205


No way, that's the only thing it's good for. There is no need to use VNC for computers in the same building as you GET OUT OF YOUR BASEMENT.

>> No.70866231

vnc sends passwords in cleartext, you must tunnel it with ssh or vpn else russian/chinese/arab/israeli/glowniggers will annex you to the borg.

>> No.70866238

Please help. Also I disabled firewalld so that it would work, probably a bad idea. I just want to know what IP address to point my domain name to and how to deal with it if it's a dynamic IP address. Fedora 30 server edition.

>> No.70866244
File: 81 KB, 1000x1000, 1534453333174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70866258


VNC passwords are encrypted, anon, even if it's weak.

But yes, SSH is recommended.

>> No.70866274

Lets say i have 2 websites.
One is closed for good and i dont own the domain but still appears in google, and the new one i do own.

How do i remove the old one from google to make people go to the new site?

>> No.70866292
File: 6 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are essentials things to do to optimise a basic bitch store bourght laptop in terms of getting rid of bloatware?

what are essential tools for such as system if keeping windows?

>> No.70866304

How is performance affected?
Because of fragmentation?
I can dynamically allocate using malloc from random holes in main memory.
Or in custom allocator case I can dynamically allocate from pre-allocated contiguous holes(also done by malloc).

Are you saying since my custom allocator would be fully circular allocation there is no overhead on kernel to reallocate entire memory; hence there would be performance gain. Instead in normal malloc, kernel might have to reallocate entire “first” time reserved block to some other place due to excessive addition at run time?

>> No.70866306

Reinstalling enterprise windows like Windows LTSB or LTSC.
Disabling windows bloatware in group policy.
Updating windows manually with a cumulative pack.

>> No.70866307

I'm checking the archives too, but does anyone remember the additional filter lists to import into uBlock origin? Moved to Waterfox following Firefox's fuck up but not everything ported over. I'm especially thinking of any 4chan related filters to counter Hiro's tricks.

>> No.70866310

install a barebones version of Linux (no GUIs), something without systemd
that's the /g/ ideal I think

>> No.70866333

I'm high as fuck and have this weird idea for a device that scans for and pinpoints cameras in an area. Does such a thing exist or is it possible to make?

>> No.70866359

Are you ok?

>> No.70866391

You can do this with a normal phone.

>> No.70866401

>Moved to Waterfox following Firefox's fuck up
Move back. Waterfox is a meme. The fuckup was unfortunate, but not a good reason to switch.

>> No.70866413

oh wow i didn't expect a whole list made. thanks anon! i'll post on the pc building general as well.

>> No.70866417

>Waterfox is a meme
How so, 4chan is running better on it too. I no longer have to manually paste the captcha, and the threads aren't fucked up (so far) every second load.

>> No.70866423
File: 1.85 MB, 896x503, 1552818164544.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bumping this

>> No.70866438

Hmm, well, when you say "custom allocator" you don't necessarily have to mean "something like the system malloc".
Games, for instance, often use per-frame linear arena allocators: values are allocated by incrementing a pointer and the whole arena is "freed" every frame. Much faster than a general purpose allocator but a lot less flexible.
If you do mean "something like the system malloc", then I imagine the main benefit is predictability rather than performance.

>> No.70866442

Sounds like you had some bad configs in your addons. Refreshing the browser and using completely default ublock origin and violentmonkey should do the trick. Quantum made heavy improvements to the engine and security. Waterfox is everything that was wrong with it plus delayed and limited security updates, made worse by the fact that it's basically just one guy running it. You have to have a lot of resources to do an even half decent fork of something as complex and critical as a browser.

>> No.70866463

What the fuck is Canvas? Have you tried a browser addon like Video Download Helper?

>> No.70866476
File: 53 KB, 622x362, 1543994764508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In which case, how do I force FF to update given that it's decided to stick around on .03 for me?

>> No.70866488

Through your package manager.

>> No.70866496

apt upgrade I guess. I don't think Canonical is pushing the latest version yet though.

>> No.70866562

Am I correct on this at least?
no custom allocator: you will new and malloc at random places of your program for your data structure T
custom allocator: compile time a large chunk of memory will be allocated and at run time “construct” would return address from this large chunk whenever any new instance of data structure T is created.

So basically predefining memory requirement?

>> No.70866593

Sure. It doesn't have to be only one chunk, and the size doesn't have to be known at compile time, but that's the basic idea.

>> No.70866598

Are c++ exceptions bad practice?

They seem like a solution looking for a problem in the form of being a band-aid for bad logic.
When would you ever not know what circumstances are going to arise in your code?
When would you ever not know what

>> No.70866752

Well, it depends on who you ask.
Chromium, Firefox and Unreal Engine are some major projects that don't use exceptions, or at least try very hard not to. Game developers in particular seem to violently dislike them.
Most people who write C++ professionally, however, as well as the actual "leaders" behind the language, consider them a good practice as far as I can tell. These are the same kind of people who love the STL, iostreams and Boost. I don't pretend to understand them, but maybe you do and value their opinions.

>> No.70866786
File: 16 KB, 400x400, jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I become a serious programmer starting tomorrow? I am currently a novice.

>> No.70866803

What search engine should I use?
I'm not that paranoid of le botnet but they've gotten ridiculous with how much information they have and I'd prefer basically anyone but them has it
>Everything else
Shit, irrelevant results

>> No.70866826


>> No.70867257

I've been thinking about making a flowchart for new PC builders, since there are some considerations that need to be made in the form of compatibility, such as how the CPU socket and Mobo socket must match, DIMM (RAM) compatibility, etc.

>> No.70867387

if it makes it faster ALT S saves the image when in explorer so you don't have to use your mouse

>> No.70867719

It depends. If you use a lot of external libraries or plan on writing a library you can't really propagate exceptions (afaik?) that well.
You would know what circumstances arise sometimes that's why you can catch them. Sometimes the part you're working on doesn't have the capability to do anything about it, though.
I think of exceptions as an extra return code. Like in C you will find a lot of functions that take a pointer and return an error code. If everything goes right, it modifies the pointed data, and returns 0 or whatever. If something goes wrong you return some error code.
Well what if you want to return some data instead? What if something bad happens, you can't just return an error code because it could be seen as valid data. So you can throw an exception instead.
What if you were dealing with a very complex object that was built in a very complex way? You might not even know the types of shitty ways it can break. What if it breaks while you are editing it and it's out of scope of your function to know how to deal with that? You can just propagate the exception without knowing anything about it, and maybe a better function will capture it.

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