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aims for the total destruction of c/c++/java/javascript
and its victory is certain

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language for retards, trannies and homos

no wonder you like it

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Sorry but not having classes is whack. No, having structs and implement isn't fucking good enough.

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>C but safer and more functional

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based on what?

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performance metrics

and its still halfass optimized

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only one compiler

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>he needs classes

Learn functional, brainlet

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learn OOP, brainletter

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and antinatural in the programing world

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Pretty much every design pattern you want to use can be done with just traits and/or first class functions. For everything else, composition > inheritance.

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no thanks

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>and its victory is certain
bare minimum, it'd take 10 years to rewrite all of C++'s shit in it.
in that time span, something else will probably come along that looks like a better alternative and derail the whole thing.

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No thanks to composition over inheritance? Because that's been considered a best practice in OOP since forever. No thanks to design patterns being constructed in different ways? Most design patterns are a substitute for missing language features anyways.

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>implying it can be further optimised
>isn't just optimised for specific tests
Rust is useless and hopeless.

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>something else will probably come along
yeah c++30

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>rust is useless and hopeless

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Nothing more than a poor man's C++ lacking all the support and libraries and you only gain compile time smart pointer check.

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sir I am not buying anything from you. please stop harassing me or I'll have to report you

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I am not selling anything to you.

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Rust is for people too lazy to do their own memory testing and stupid enough to hope the language will save their asses.
Change my mind.

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What does a game from the early to mid 10s have to do with c plus plus?

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>need unsafe blocks to program anything more complex than hello world
ok, retard

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