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Previous thread

>>51971506 (Cross-thread)

>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Buying headphones?

>How to activate any version of windows?
>Where can I get Win 7 or LTSC?
https://pastebin.com/smjvLZN4 (embed)
https://pastebin.com/quC0gz4j (embed)
https://pastebin.com/gHCCFBkt (embed)
https://pastebin.com/4LvsAFk7 (embed)

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I just noticed that the OP image of the previous thread was deleted. What happened?

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The usual OP is a shotacon, im not and since Shota is not /g/ related(Even gay programming socks are more /g/ related than shota) it got deleted.

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>OP has no shota
A /sqt/ must have cute boys, it's incomplete otherwise.

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Loli /sqt/ was better.

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Before Shota was loli, and before that was Xena, and before that was Dwight Schrute.

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Which is strange considering how past threads have included shotas in the OP without any problem.
Did someone in the previous thread make a scandal over the OP image big enough for a mod to intervene and delete the image?

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loli threads had this problem, xena ones too.
All sqt threads that had something not related to /g/ had their image deleted.

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There's no system to this. Sometimes /sqt/ gets its OP pic deleted within an hour, sometimes you can have a dedicated loli thread reach the bump limit.

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windows key+r.
Computer Configuration>Administrative templates>Windows components
Select and disable shit from there.
Set telemetry to security mode, disable defender real time scans and defender itself.
Set windows updates to manual download manual update and disable the service after you updated to the lastest version using the cumulative update from Microsoft since windows update takes a huge amount of time and resources.
Disable key logging and application logging.
Telemetry to security mode.
Try to not mess with anything else.

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I put it back together and am downloading mint. Sadly I can't find a spare USB right now but one I already have W7 on and I don't want to wipe that again so I think I'll be forced to wait until tomorrow to proceed.

After I test to see if there's any connectivity problems on Linux (and find out there's none), what would be my next step?
What should I do if I find there is still connection problems on Linux, give up?

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>Defender, key logging.
You're not giving any info here, what are you saying? Defender logs keystrokes? How do I disable it, what group policy?

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If the laptop works fine with Linux then you reinstall windows and the drivers.
If it doesnt just get a $5-10 USB mini wireless adapter like TP-link nano.

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While defender logs some stuff not keystrokes, that is a separate telemetry service which you can disable in group policy, i dont remember which folder though.

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How do people have the stamina to do other things that isn't work? I want to die

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They get /fit/, drink water and eat properly and don't masturbate more than once a week.

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>If it doesnt just get a $5-10 USB mini wireless adapter
Oh yeah I forgo that was what I was originally going to do..

Since this laptop originally came with W7 (according to the sticker) should I be reinstalling that or W10 (even if this is really just a question for your personal preference)? Would windows need to be reactivated?

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Thank you for not having a gay OP image.
I have a .mkv file with built in subitiles, and a seperate .ass subtitle file.
When I put the subtitle file in the same folder as the video file and play it with mpc-hc I can toggle the .ass subtitles but the built in subtitiles don't show up anywhere?
I want to be able to switch between the inbuilt and external.

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Actually, I can toggle the internal subs but they don't show on screen, only the external ones do.

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Both 7 or 10 will work in this laptop since it uses a A8-6410.
if you install 7 use windows 7 Ultimate you just have to install 4.5 net framework and Run Dazloader, drivers and that would be it.
If you want 10 install LTSB (And install the April 9 cumulative update pack so you install 3 years of updates in 40 minutes since the stock version has a problem with Realtek WLAN cards) open group policy to disable defender, updates and tell windows to not download drivers on its own.
If you install 10 LTSC also install updates because this thing was a mess on release (All Windows 1809 releases were broken) but the updates fix it.

TLDR install 7 and disable updates and defender.

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I used to go the gym l, but it just made more tired, I drink water when I'm thirsty I masturbate only once, or twice a week

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thanks for trying to help, but without being specific on where to look it's impossible to "Disable key logging and application logging." because there's a million subfolders in "Windows components" and no way to search.

as far as i can understand the keylogging you're referring to is "Inking & typing personalization", which can be turned off inside Settings > Privacy (and not in group policies)

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>build media server in a cave with a box of scraps
>time to format old HD's
how do you label your drives?

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If i had a W10 pc in my hand i would tell you but i dont use W10.
And no, iirc its in the application compatibility folder together with steps recorder and application telemetry which you should also disable.

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Thanks a lot anon. W7 Ultimate it is then (if I don't just buy a wireless adapter), that stuff for W10 is way too much work and i'm pretty sure the user doesn't even enjoy W10 or know how to make use of any of its unique features.

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thank you! you remember correctly, have enabled two things in "application compatibility" which disables telemetry and steps

so annoying not knowing if i've missed something else, fuck

you'd really have to wonder how much MS really gains from this by losing so much goodwill. it's not like average joe would bother to shut off spying anyway, might as well make it easy to opt-out for those that want to

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Anime girls, of course.

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Note that this is the "private" enterprise version, in the normal versions there is a huge amount of stuff yet to remove and in home you cant disable some stuff at all(Hi compatelrunner).

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Nevermind, VLC does it.

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lennies usualy

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found some more things to disable in Services and Task Scheduler. this is terrible, I'm glad I at least waited this long until getting windows 10 because from what i can read microsoft didn't even have many of these privacy settings at the start, they have been added throughout the years (biggest improvement was in 2017 from the looks of it).

maybe next time i'll try the https://ameliorated.info/ windows 10 version, have you tried it? although it feels like swapping trust in microsoft to trusting some random russian or whoever put together that version of win10...

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reminds me of that pic of the dog someone post it

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Why do my posts sometimes do this weird line breaks thing? I wrote pic related as two lines, I expanded the comment window so it wouldn't word wrap when I write it out. Happens in both Firefox and Chrome(what I wrote it in)

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is having a frame time variance which produces stuttering fixed by using gsync? i'm not referring to dips in frame rate output causing stuttering but instead having frame time variance due to something like certain game engines freaking out when not able to use 8c/8t or something which it may prefer otherwise

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Is there a way to convert a windows hdd to linux without losing my stuff?

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Is Citizen Kane still worth watching even if I've already been spoiled on the twist?

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Everyone's seen the simpsons parody. Yes it's worth watching.

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how do you find out under what license chrome addons are distributed?

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So I have an oldish clunker laptop I want to put to use, and it only has 2 GB RAM.
I was wondering, is there any point to using a 64-bit operating system with less than 4 GB of RAM? I know 32 bit programs use slightly less RAM, which is why I'm going to use a 32-bit OS if there's no other reasons to go 64-bit.

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is this true? should I pick gpt for a 4tb hard drive?

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yes that's true

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What's the best option for accessing files on my computer remotely? I don't want to use shit like Google Drive.

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do a >>>/g/hsg and port forward
put it behind authentication ofc

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I build myself a small server with sockets on linux and can connect to it locally and over wifi and shit
What do I need to do to connect with it over internet?

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It is true.

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Is /hsg/ a general? Because there's nothing in catalog

>> No.70840389

yeah, home server general. idk why there isn't one right now

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Seems like the answer is modern 64-bit CPUs have many features 64-bit OSes can take advantage of that don't involve RAM at all.

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>What do I need to do to connect with it over internet?
Usually "port forwarding" is what you'll need to setup in your router's settings. It will forward certain outside traffic to your server.

Do note you're going to want to pay attention to security here! Any server facing the internet will receive tons of malicious requests within minutes.

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What should I do if I'm too tired to eat but too hungry to sleep?

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is there any benefit of doing a long format (of a new hard drive) over doing a short one? Are there things on there that might be used to spy on me?

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is there a program I can use to test my gpu or diagnose faults?
I have an rtx 2080, have had it for around 8 months and it was fine to start with however I was only using a 1080 monitor. Ive since switched to 4k and almost everything I play has issues.
No Mans Sky crashes to desktop without error and in the windows error log there is an unknown error with with an nvidia dll.
Subnautica has some odd flashes of green geometry on screen, it doesn't crash but this is quite jarring.
project cars 2 randomly freezes up, but without error even in the windows event log.
GTAV doesn't crash or have any on screen issues but performance is appaling...I don't think im hitting even 20fps.
BF5 and anthem both crashed to desktop within 10 minutes of starting to play. Not too concerned here as im not a huge fan of either game.
Project Gemini 2 the image freezes but I can hear the game continuing and am able to fire weapons etc, I just cant see it happening.
Far Cry 5 shadows are on acid and flying around the screen randomly and frequent ctd.

Left 4 dead 2 plays flawlessly, as do any 2D only games ive played.

I only really want to play NMS and subnautica, the other games I installed just to see how they ran

Most of these issues only occur at 4k (except subnautica, I get shit with that no matter what resolution) so my thinking is that theres a problem with some of the memory on the card and at lower settings im not using that memory

How can I test this?? and is 8 months too long for me to be able to send the card back? At £780 I expected the card to perform well and last a few years at least :(

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>Dwight Schrute
this was pretty recent, I remember it and I only came here in 2015/2016.

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I should add, ive installed windows from scratch, tried various driver versions for the gpu and even gone as far as to flash my motherboards bios to the latest version.

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no. a long format will format your entire disk at disk write speed, a quick format will format in a few seconds.
the only benefit to long formatting is a marginal (like few KB/s) write speed improvement on your first time writing to any given part of the drive

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Thank you

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tried that
I think Im out of luck because I get my internet from my landlord company and they might block everything
still thanks

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Do pirated copies of Windows 10 really work without a key or will this be a waste of time?

Should I install a pirated version of Windows 10 or something else? I'm interested in gayming but I'm not willing to even spend $10 on an OS.

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don't waste your time with copies from shitty torrent sites

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Does Proton work when playing pirated games or is just just a shitty steam addon? Is WINE my only option if I install a Linux OS and I'm not a dumb faggot who pays for games?

thinking of just downloading a linux OS and calling it a day, I have no way of verifying your shit isn't somespyware scam or a virus, at least trackers are somewhat reliable in number of seeders and comments.

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What's that app that lets me stream PC VR games to my phone? Does it support feeding back gyroscope data for basic tracking?
Also, is a $20 chinky plastic phone VR mount with a QHD OLED phone going to give acceptable results, or should I not even bother?

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>Does Proton work when playing pirated games
please do install linux, i was only suggesting that since you seemed set on windows
i recommend LMDE

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File: 243 KB, 497x720, World-War-1-British-Jerusalem-Ottoman-Empire-Cartoons-Punch-Magazine-1917-12-19-415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dont know whats a good beginner prog. language to learn

C,C++, Java or python

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Is Tribler basically the Limewire of torrents, with everything that implies?

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I have videos that were shot at 1440X2560.
I want to rotate/transpose these videos 90 degrees counter-clockwise/clockwise(i have this part done with -vf transpose).Doing this there is a very large portion of the video that is black on the sides
How do i get ffmpeg to cut these bars off?
I've tried autocrop but it fails due to text being on the side in some spots.
How do i crop properly?
All videos have the same resolution/dimension/VBR bit rate etc, the only change is the duration

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>just want a smartwatch that doesn't need to be paired to a phone and can use wifi to send messages via Skype/Line/anything that isn't SMS
>seemingly impossible to find

Why is this so fucking hard? They have jammed them up the ass with heart rate trackers, GPS and all kinds of trash no one cares about but not an easy way to send messages via wifi.

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python or java is gonna be easy

>> No.70841228

No phone allowed, that's the point.

>> No.70841258

lmao where are you/wtf are you doing where a phone isnt allowed but a smartwatch is

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Is it possible to allow the executable to access network only if VPN is connected on Windows?

>> No.70841290

I am planing on building a webpage that also hosts a minecraft server and a plug-in called dynmap that is pretty resource hungry with a x56/79 xeon, but the mobos are shit with dual channel ram. Will that impact performance or should I get a triple/quad channel mobo?

>> No.70841295

They want to narrow the focus of the internet to track everything.

>> No.70841307

Which one first?

>> No.70841325

Is there agood firefox or chrome extension similar to anonymox for free VPN ?

>> No.70841340

I need upgrade the OS from W8 -> W10 in a home computer but my home internet is shit.
If I pull the HDD and take it to work with me along with a SATA to USB powered connector, can I boot from it on my work PC and proceed to upgrade it that way?

>> No.70841358

just use openvpn on your actual os
no, windows shits itself on major hardware changes

>> No.70841363


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kek at MPC-HC if its gui cant handle multiple subtitles

>> No.70841391

>no, windows shits itself on major hardware changes
Oh fug you're right, I totally forgot about that non-sense.

>> No.70841404


There is a small possibility that an application you want to install is available in 64 bit only in which case you will not be able to use it

>> No.70841433

python for hobby
java for job

>> No.70841471

Yeah thought so tnx gonna learn java for a few monthes

I mean i just used pascal for small ass math cheating shit

>> No.70841545

Only with a sysprep before 10, and I'm not sure it'll even boot through USB.

>> No.70841555

I hope this is the right thread to ask this, it's stupid so I guess it works.

Anyway, computer has recently been just rebooting randomly whenever I start up a game and play for a few minutes (specifically Rainbow Six Siege and TW:W2). When I start it up again after it's rebooted I can play them perfectly fine but it's getting annoying and not sure what the cause is. I've reinstalled my graphics driver and checked the temperature of my shit when the games are running and everything is reasonable (not that they run long enough to get hot before the reboot anyway).

Any ideas?

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I need help with figuring out file encoding, the language is Polish.
Full post is here >>70841645, because I'm retarded and I posted it in the wrong thread. I'm not copy-pasting the post as /fglt/ guys may have some decent ideas too, I'd like to keep the discussion in single thread if possible.

>> No.70841719

does conul running in a swarm container require registrator for health checking, or just agent running on each node?

>> No.70841734


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>Compressed zip is the same size as the file
What did I do wrong?

>> No.70841804

Should I update my intel hd graphics drivers? I have heard that it is best to stay with the version your computer came with if it is giving no problems. But will an update give better performance?

>> No.70841831

You are either just using storing the file as a zip without compression or your file can't be compressed (audio/video generally can't).

>> No.70841882

There's no reason to not upgrade, really. This "use the version that came with your computer" thing is from the time integrated graphics were located on the mobo itself, so some brands could do some tweaks and the official driver wouldn't be compatible. Now integrated graphics are on the CPU itself and they all use the same standardized driver.
>But will an update give better performance?
Maybe, maybe not. But it's either fixing bugs or adding features, so there's absolutely no reason to upgrade.

>> No.70841893

Anon 3 years is not recent, and it goes back even more.

>> No.70842083

I'm lazy so I just use Team Viewer, it has an option to download files.

>> No.70842107

What's the best way of getting W7 and W8 to natively fully access a partitioned USB? Because I usually can only get it to recognize the "first" partition.
I feel like a fucking idiot having to use DiskGenius to move files this way.

>> No.70842199

most likely the files you attempted to compress are already compressed, like jpeg pictures or mp3 audio
compressing a particular dataset isn't guaranteed, there's a finite limit to how compressed something can be (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_theory)
even if you don't get it, it's pretty easy to accept that it doesn't make sense to be able to compress the same thing to half it's size over and over, something has to give
things like jpeg and mp3 are already heavily compressed compared to the original data they represent, and so passing them through something like 7zip won't yield any useful additional compression

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Back online after some australian shitposter got the thread nuked

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Should you use a registry cleaner on Windows 10? Anyone who uses or used them could tell me if they are still worth using? Back in Windows 7 and XP days they fixed couple of problems for me.

>> No.70842649

Registry cleaning programs are all snake oil. They will not improve performance. Especially not if you own an SSD. This because of how the registry is structured like a branching tree.

>> No.70842888

Not unless you have actual issues - dangling context menu options, leftover program entries, that sort of thing. Useless registry entries will neither bloat up your hard drive nor reduce performance.
What does your drive look like? Can you see all your partitions in Disk Management? Are you using weird filesystems or Linux extended partitions?
What are you compressing?
Post a snippet of the file, here or on a pastebin.
Sounds like a PSU issue. It might be broken or it might just be so full of dust it heats itself up to a glow and shuts down.
Have you cleaned your computer? If not, buy some compressed air and go nuts. (I assume this is a desktop and not a laptop.)

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Dual or triple channel for a server?

>> No.70842996

I don't know if you're going to find anyone here who has set up a Minecraft server with that particular plugin installed...
Do you have the motherboard already? If yes, don't bother buying a new one until you can see what performance is like. If not, you might as well go for triple channel if the price difference isn't too huge.

>> No.70843064

Can someone help with this? >>>/wsr/662619

>> No.70843065

I'm trying to use vimium but the find functionality doesn't work in chrome and only works sporadically in firefox. I don't understand what the issue is; in Chrome press "/", type in my search, and nothing appears in the text box. In Firefox, sometimes text will appear and I can search, but it still fucks up like 80% of the time.

>> No.70843085

I've been using the same earbuds that came with my iPod Shuffle for 10 years now. They are seriously degraded and I might need a replacement.
What's recommended these days? Doesn't need to be Apple, just the best bang for buck earbuds available.

>> No.70843205

Take all the RAM out, then put it in one module at a time. Make sure it's seated properly.

>> No.70843366

Hi, I need help, cause I don't know what to do at all

I've bought a new monitor (4k) and I am connecting it via hdmi
This new monitor absolutely does not work with a discrete video card I've got (gtx 1060)
But it works perfectly fine with an integrated video card

I have already tried to plug-in again my old monitor (via hdmi as well) and it works with a discrete video card

Reinstalling an OS (win10) did not help me at all, all I see is "No-signal" with the new monitor. With the old one everything is fine though

>> No.70843436

Yes, though it depends on what you use to set up the RAID.
Seems there is software to do that yes. Google ntfs to ext4. Personally I would back up before that though, which would make it pointless.
Some chink IEMs. Can't beat that bang for buck.

>> No.70843443

Bad cable, most likely. Try buying a new one and make sure it says "HDMI 2.0" on the box.

>> No.70843522

Tried two HDMI cables already
One was in a box with the new monitor
And another one was my previous one

>> No.70843538

>download a game from Steam
>90Mbps (basically bottlenecked by 10/100 ethernet port
>immediately after check both fast.com and speedtest.net
>30 to 40Mbps


>> No.70843690

That's weird. Do you have any DisplayPort cables around?

>> No.70843776

Unfortunately, no
Maybe any other tests I can do?

>> No.70843851

I don't know, anon. Sounds like the GPU and monitor are not negotiating formats correctly, which is usually a cable issue. Buying a DisplayPort cable rated for 4K at 60Hz is the best test I can think of right now. If that doesn't work, your GPU is most likely fucked.

>> No.70843879


>> No.70843997

What is HP CoolSense and should I turn it off or on for maximum performance?

>> No.70844085

Is there a way to change the settings of the Gmail app so email threads are in chronological order?
I can't stand it anymore and I need to read whatever response I just received and I don't have time to look it up on the computer. Let's assume it is several thousand emails back and forth as the guy I am writing with includes the original email thread in every reply (which have never been a problem until Google has to reinvent their stupid email client)

>> No.70844170

Leave it off for performance. It throttles to keep the laptop cool.

>> No.70844395
File: 84 KB, 444x444, mist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How should I compare which wifi router to buy?
Any buyer guide or simply stuff so I do get ripped off or buy some cheapo unsecure Chinese stuff?

>> No.70844422

I usually look for lists of custom firmwares what they would recommend and support.

>> No.70844434

GoT chars.

>> No.70844436

can someone tell me a boot tool to copy an internal hard disk to the usb disk the boot tool is booted off of in .vhd/.vmdk/.hdd/whatever format?

>> No.70844457

by the way, this is 320GB internal -> 1TB external so no issues with the size of the tool or any kind of overhead

>> No.70844461

>black and white
Dropped. Also >>>/tv/

>> No.70844501

Chrome Extensions are built by third parties and have many different license agreements. There is no explicit "All rights reserved" default for them.

Chrome extension source code can be viewed but it can still be under a copyright license. Need to ask the extension owner about the license details.

Luv from Brazil, homie.

>> No.70844524

>Are there things on there that might be used to spy on me?
In both formatations, yes.

>> No.70844533

Watching those tech support scam videos where they record scammers connecting to a virtual machine, my question is how do they have the scanner connect to the virtual machine and not their physical one? Does setting the network adapter as NAT give it a separate IP?

>> No.70844542

I have telnet'd into a router
I want to somehow use it as a proxy
my resources are pretty limited, but let's assume I can install netcat
what do

also if I want a backdoor my option is telnet only atm
I tried using telnetd -F -p 2323, but as soon as I initiate a telnet connection it says "telnetd: can't find a free pty"
how do I resolve this

>> No.70844543

Start with C, if you're macho.

>> No.70844563

install remote control software on VM but not on host
ain't that hard to figure out

>> No.70844567

Sounds like shit tbqh famiglia. Just go to TorrentFreak and check the best sites.

>> No.70844604

But when the scammer connects and then shows the user "foreign connections" into command prompt surely he will see virtual adapter for the machine?

>> No.70844650

decent vm software can emulate real adapters
for example, virtualbox emulates Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop by default on windows guests

>> No.70844666


>> No.70844674

pls answer bois

>> No.70844678

Assuming I'm a total beginner on router stuff but have basic understanding of Linux, is there a brand of router you think I can install openwrt on with minimal troubleshooting?
Something like thinkpads for desktop Linux

>> No.70844691

Well, I said that as an example. It would run 24/7 and such. I use my i7 4790 and it gets up to 90% usage with just a single player and without the webserver set. I'm using 24GB of RAM, would triple channel help on that?

>> No.70844817


>> No.70844846

Thanks. One more question from a lament. I've seen educational videos of people using Kali/Zenmap to scan local Windows machine and then hack into them. But in the real world of you scan a network surely you will only see the router as NAT will hide the machines, and standard routers run on Linux?

>> No.70844880
File: 48 KB, 453x260, blahblahblah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright so I specifically found this thread to ask for help
I am configuring waterfox to replace firefox and the one last thing that grinds my gears is this search recommendations bar

How do I turn off the part that has a red x and make it look like my old firefox?

>> No.70844905

Why am I getting YouTube ads?

>> No.70844930

do you not want wikipedia suggestions
do you not want search engine suggestions in this bar
or do you want no suggestions at all in this bar

>> No.70844957

Will Xubuntu 19.04 work with a ryzen 2200G?
The Vega 8 drivers are being a bitch on most distros

>> No.70844961

thanks but nvm I fixed it
didn't want that bar to exist, it was something under browser.urlbar
honestly I like my firefox to be as much like version 13 as possible

>> No.70845038
File: 181 KB, 450x320, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I get a recommendation for a good grandma safe anti virus thats not going to spam her with "upgrade now!" messages and can help me make sure she doesn't accidentally screw herself over? The "just don't do stupid things" anti virus is shit for elderly people.

>> No.70845078


Would a non binary computer break reality?

>> No.70845172

Windows Defender. Turn off the EVERYTHING IS OK alarm pop-up, tell her to call you if it says EVERYTHING IS NOT OK.

>> No.70845176

>and can help me make sure she doesn't accidentally screw herself over?
The only option is Norton + Malwarebytes.

>> No.70845217

It controls your CPU thermals, after 1 year it will kill your laptop though because this is an HP product.

TLDR of the program is that if your CPU hits 80°C it will throttle it to half its speed to return it to 50-60°C.
After 1 year after a "profile" is created it will kill stop working because planned obsolescence.
In simple words bloatware from HP.

>> No.70845249

OK so I've dipped my toes into self-hosting applications on my NAS, I've got Emby slinging my media to my nice TV, I've got Airsonic playing my choonz, everything's fine.

HOWEVER I'm now thinking about how to access my self-hosted apps from out of the house. Which will require some form of security hardening. A quick google suggests I need to look into 'reverse proxy', which from what I can gather translates serverip:8096 into emby.customdns.com

Is this correct, and where do I start.

>> No.70845254

Any Firefox Nightly users here, who use Tampermonkey? Did the last update break the extension for you too (not talking about the signature thing)?

>> No.70845314

Malwarebytes premium since the free version doesn't have real time scans or Windows 10 defender/endpoint for something cheap but worse.
uBlock origin with all extra filters on.
Adwcleaner every now and then manually.
An account without admin privileges?

And if you are giving her a computer with an AV running in real time give her a decent one with a SSD.

>> No.70845358

>Need to ask the extension owner about the license details.
so, Chrome store doesn't publish its application licenses? is it a secret? for example, I want to know whether the 'History Trends Unlimited' addon is open-source or not?

>> No.70845386


Thank you guys. I'll do the windows defender one set up like that and malwarebytes premium I'll take care of paying for that for her. As well as make sure she doesn't have admin privileges.
Heres hoping she doesn't just open up internet explorer and actually calls me if there is a pop up alarm and doesn't do the "well i didn't want to bother you" thing.

>> No.70845395

do the about flag .required until nighly gets same fix as 66.0.4
or download the .xpi addon
or enable studies

remember to restart ff so change does it's thing

>> No.70845407

That is the point of hiding internet explorer and giving her chrome with uBlock Origin.

>> No.70845426

I have 2 domains.
One is the old site and i don't own the domain anymore since the guy that did quit.
And now the new one that i do own.

How can i make the new one show in google first outside using ads and remove the old one?

>> No.70845433

Didn't even think of hiding IE. I just get worried and figured /g/ would know how to make sure my grandma is somewhat safe.

Thanks again.

>> No.70845467

Nope. The Russians even made some back in the day.

>> No.70845563

A modern one? It would break some important stuff, but they have existed for a while.

>> No.70845564

Again, I'm not talking about the signature debacle. All my other extensions work, but not Tampermonkey after the last update. No script gets applied and trying to open the dashboard leads to a blank page.

>> No.70845696

Interesting. Will remove it then ASAP. Thanks.

>> No.70845761

Btw I have an Omen 15 laptop so what else should I know? What else should I remove or change?

>> No.70845824
File: 89 KB, 700x487, 813b0f0c-142b-44d2-ad56-335a7fd6f5b6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are graphics card power connectors still located in one of the worst possible spots on the card? Why doesn't anyone ever move them closer to the cable management holes?

>> No.70845875

>navigate to google.com
>open dev tools
>9 results

Why on Earth is Google putting meta tags in the body? Every resource I've looked up says they should only be in the head.

>> No.70845877

I have a network share that I want to be available to Android apps as file saving location. I used Android samba client and my share appears now in stock file explorer but it's impossible to designate it as saving path in any other app. wat do?

>> No.70845879

Triple channel is about speed, not size. I have no idea if the extra speed will make a difference for your use case, though.
>using spyware
Try switching to Violentmonkey.
You obviously need access to the subnet in order to scan it.
If you're interested in hacking, here, this is one of the best introductory resources I've found despite not even trying to be one:

>> No.70845886

Sorry, didn't mean to reply.
Making sure the fans aren't blowing on the cables is probably part of the reason.

>> No.70845917

Cannot reproduce. Post a screenshot or something.

>> No.70846004

Tampermonkey is the only *monkey that properly applies 4chanX's captcha fixes for me.

>> No.70846076

>yay -S gohufont
>fc-list | grep gohu
>nothing shows up
am I retarded?

>> No.70846121

fc-cache maybe

>> No.70846127

Tried it

>> No.70846290

Just do a clean windows 10 LTSB/LTSC.

>> No.70846336

Ive been using fedora for quite some while on a dual boot setup on two drives, with /home on a hdd and root on a sdd. So today i decided to switch to ubuntu again and deleted the partitions, forgot to remove grub before installing ubuntu tho, I installed ubuntu and grub rescue showed up, I managed it to boot into grub but I couldnt fix it permanently, after running grub update and install grub-rescue still kept showing up.I decided to wipe and install it again but removed grub this time with bootsect /nt60 C: /mbr. But after installing ubuntu and trying to boot into it, it just completely skips grub, it doesnt show up and my pc direclty boots into wincucks 10.
Help me anons, is there a way to make grub show up?

>> No.70846343

LTSB/LTSC install*.

>> No.70846428

Try using EasyBCD to add an entry for GRUB in the Windows bootloader.
If that works, you can either just leave it like that or run whatever the fuck the GRUB update command is now and hope it works.

>> No.70846475
File: 312 KB, 1224x1128, 1553342513166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SO what should i learn if i i'm a beginner Java or C++ , also where the fuck i start? some guides, some tutorials on youtube?

>> No.70846495


>> No.70846535

java c++ is pointlessly difficult

>> No.70846591

Are WD Black HDDs actually better than Blue ones or just branding meme?

>> No.70846609

nice it worked, thanks anon!

>> No.70846618

How hard is it to root a LG V20?

I'm kinda retarded

>> No.70846656

It's meme. Don't store any data you don't want to lose in only one place.

>> No.70846815

What's the best Firefox-but-not-firefox browser out there? Something like Iceweasel or Palemoon or whatever, etc. Preferably not ages behind Firefox in terms of security updates.

>> No.70846839

They are better speed wise(But not enough to matter).
Same reliability wise.

>> No.70846866

You could host OpenVPN on there, and connect to that. Any device from out of the house would just think it's inside the house basically. I have no idea what reverse proxy is though, it might also be an option.

>> No.70846933 [DELETED] 
File: 812 KB, 806x1515, lowqbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone recognize the font?

>> No.70846987
File: 1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-06-22-32-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need some help with my phone, it's an android and when I take photos most aren't viewable. All the gray pictures are of the same strawberry as the viewable ones. How do I fix this?

>> No.70847023

Sort of related. I want to make a custom browser startpage, and I want to store it on my NAS. I'm not bothered about accessing it from outside my network, I literally just want a .html file I can point Chrome's new tab page at.

Caveat: I don't want to fuck around auto-mounting network shares on my PC, I'd much prefer to just point Chrome at [server-ip]:666/home.html or whatever.


>> No.70847142

Pilpulsica TM

>> No.70847164

How do i get windows movie maker file converted to webm? It just say *myproj on the file type. Do I have to buy the registered version?

>> No.70847168

thank you, anon

>> No.70847230

Wireguard desu
Literally any HTTP server kek
Alternatively consider something like syncthing as a completely different solution which you may or may not like more

>> No.70847264

You need to export it as wmv, then convert it to webm.
Use something like https://gitgud.io/nixx/WebMConverter

>> No.70847588

Will using my bootleg charger eventually kill me?
My laptop started freaking out and shut itself off. Despite being shut off completely I could hear stuff through my headphones. I unplugged the charger and it stopped. Looking it up online, apparently there was some static mumbo jumbo going on to the hdd and my charger was probably the reason. I then looked up whether people can get killed via headphones and some have. Should I be worried?

>> No.70847754

If you don't have the charger close to you you will be fine. Pretty much the two dangerous things that can happen to electrical equipment are: catching on fire, and giving an electric shock. If you're not touching it the second isn't an issue, and the first might cause damage but just don't have it on your lap and you'll have a scorched floor at worst.
Unless you're recharging at night, in which case it could cause a housefire and you might die.
This is worst case scenario of course, a more likely danger is that depending on how well (or rather, poorly) your laptop is protected against really chinky chargers, it might fry something. Honestly just get a better one, chargers aren't hard to get right so even high quality ones will be like $15, don't try to save fucking ten dollars by going for an utter chinkshit housefire hazard for $5.

>> No.70847909

Hey guys.
So i updated an nvidia driver and it fcuking turned all my screens black so after a while (because i was sure nothing was happening) i turned my computer off. Now it fucking wont boot and loops and tries to repair it. I can get into safe boot easily and SrtTrail.txt says bootres.dll is corrupt.
i have no idea what to the fuck to do and google hasnt been very helpful

>> No.70848134

recommend me a language or field
ive been doing frontend/website coding for past 8 years, but i just hate javascript being everywhere, noone just wants to have optimized responsive website with css3, everything needs to be flashy as shit, bloated, full of ads.
The current state of web made me hate the craft i made and loved.
What now? Shoul i just learn C or something? Ive always cared about security as well, is there a golden book about that?

>> No.70848178

Do you have another PC and a USB around?

>> No.70848217

thanks i think i got it.

>> No.70848244

yes. Are you going to suggest reinstalling windows because im about to just do that. I already backed everything up that i want

>> No.70848260

>get job finally yea!
>need to use macbook 10.13.x daily

A larger screen would make me more productive. What is the best iMac (yeah I know) I can still run 10.13.x and boost my minimum wage productivity?

No, I can't do a VM. Looks like an iMac but which one? Thank you.

>> No.70848270

After a while of uptime any vidya game I try to run runs in background using a relatively low amount of RAM but doesn't actually open. This happened once and a restart fixed it, now it's happening again and I'm holding off from restarting to see if I can actually fix it.
Pretty much a clean install of W10 from a couple weeks ago. Malwarebytes found nothing. Not drive dependent, both are affected.
Updating Nvidia drivers didn't help, but it did also ask for a restart, and a restart will probably "fix" it anyway so I can't be sure it'll help.
Anything else I should try?

>> No.70848305

Run memtest.
Which ISO did you use?

Pretty much.

>> No.70848340

>Run memtest.
Will do.
>Which ISO did you use?
This one I think, from the pastebin.

>> No.70848379

Any decent 4k IPS screen for $400 and a DisplayPort cable, you mong

>> No.70848404

Whats the best way to install all the drivers for a fresh computer?

>> No.70848416


>> No.70848506

>you mong

This is SQT, no? Come on I don't know never had to hook it up to anything.

Will try though. Better than the $800 USD they want for some kind of crazy retina display from 10 years ago.

>> No.70848513

Shove that shit in there and let Windows sort them out

>> No.70848604
File: 146 KB, 1200x1200, abd75435ab3177da77bad8848b8f835eef3088321231d24e91b7d6f32ee8e8d4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to upgrade my RAID 1 array. It's 2TB and is almost full with hentai. I'd like to take that up to 4TB, but I need some suggestions on which drives I should buy. I've had terrible luck with 2TB WD Reds (I've had four fail in two years) and have also had a number of 1TB Barracudas die on me, in the past. I should mention that the array is powered on and off daily, since it's in my personal machine.

Should I just buy some Blues or something and just make sure I have a few spares? I typically buy four drives when doing something like this, two for the array, and two cold spares.

>> No.70848630
File: 27 KB, 641x640, samsung_syncmaster_793_df_1453608731_b99e0985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone knows if it's possible to get any cheap crt monitor to 120hz?

they mostly sell pic related here

>> No.70848666

It appears it was a problem with DS4Windows of all fucking things. I stopped it and suddenly werks. Fucking mess of a program.
What helped realize this was
>Application: Initializing SDL Joystick
In Starbound's log.

>> No.70848685

Technically up to 160Hz but the resolution will be small and this is assuming the screen still can do 160Hz.

>> No.70848726

ohh nice, they're less than 10 dollars here so i'll try to get one

>> No.70848747

Have in mind we are talking about [email protected] so i hope you like blurry stuff if you want to use it with something in 3D.
But in a decent resolution should still be decent.

What do you want a high refresh rate CRT for? still at 800x600 should work at 90 and in 1024x768 it would work at 75Hz.
At that point just get a used Thinkvision monitor since they do [email protected]

>> No.70848756

my mom's laptop allows her to connect her phone through bluetooth and use windows media play to talk to people, what setting is this? I've been trying to figure it out on my pc but I have no idea where to find it, I thought if I called out or something it would connect but that's not the case. It only connects for file transfer.

>> No.70848819

just curiosity desu, since at 75hz theres already a noticeable difference on my current monitor
i'll see if i can find any thinkvisions here

>> No.70848828

Buy a used 144Hz TN monitor instead then?

>> No.70848870

how can I fit four HDDs in a tower when there's only enough bays for two?

>> No.70848881

Do you have 5.25 bays?

>> No.70848892

>This is SQT, no?
Yeah, that just means everyone here is a mong

Honestly I was just surprised they give devs macs but not screens. Granted I don't have extremely varied experience but from what I've seen most places that force you to use standardised macbooks also usually provide standardised peripherals (which are usually dogshit BenQ or Dell TN panels but eh take what you get).
In any case yeah if all you want is a screen then there's no reason to buy an imac.

>> No.70848894

yes, but it's an annoying dell case and somehow the disk drive is still locked in position after removing the screws facing you as you open the case. It only has one 5.25 and a smaller bay beneath, perhaps for a flash card device

>> No.70848906
File: 26 KB, 620x349, blanjeet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i cant find any used sadly, and they dont sell brand new 120hz anymore :/

>> No.70848908

There are 5.25 adapters, I think you find one's that fit 4 HDDs in one 5.25 easily and there might be ones for 6 HDDs though I might be thinking of the tiny laptop form factor instead.

>> No.70848936

I registered on freenode and left irssi running at home. Now I'm somewhere else and I'd like to connect using that same nick via web client like kiwirc. Is this possible? Can I log in multiple times?

>> No.70848941

thanks for the info man, I appreciate the help

>> No.70849103

can i split a chassis fan header on my motherboard?
my case has 2 fans but motherboard only has 1 header.

>> No.70849115

Yes, look for Arctic PST fans or Noctua splitters.

>> No.70849178

I want to watch the anime I have on my computer on a tv. What's the best solution for this? Plex is utter garbage. It's still scanning shit and slowing down my computer because of it. Even when it works the naming shit is broken and I refuse to rename my correct files. I tried UMS briefly but it wouldn't show anything.

>> No.70849218

what's a good ebook reader?

>> No.70849333

thanks, i just crammed the second fan's wires into the first fan's connector; it works

>> No.70849519

clamwin + clamsentinel

>> No.70849626

darkhttpd is pretty easy
protip: you can open a local html file just with "file://path/to/file.html", no web server needed

>> No.70849670

i'd be surprised in any 2000's crt couldn't do 120hz, but you might be limited to a low resolution
my family's simple dell box from 1999 had a basic dell-branded monitor which could do;
1280x1024/960 @ 75Hz (desktop use)
1024x768 @ 85Hz (slower-paced games, flight simulators)
800x600 @ 100Hz (RTS games)
640x480 @ 120Hz (faced paced games like shooters)

while i didn't do much of it at the time, there's also the option of making custom modes to squeeze a bit more out of it

>> No.70849683

So I asked this question earlier and someone told me to just pirate it. Is there a free alternative to UFS explorer for windows or a place I can get a key for it from for free? I've looked in a few different places and can't find one or a cracked version.

>> No.70849823
File: 234 KB, 392x326, 1545471533201.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My computer often makes a loud crack of a noise some time after I turn it off. Should I be worried? I have the wall socket switched off when I'm not using my computer. It might be static electricity.

>> No.70849835

ohh nice,
i think we still have some old packard bell from 98 at my parent's house but it's buried somewhere in the garage and it's a 4 hour ride

>> No.70849874

Try looking in TPB.

>> No.70849881

also keep in mind, crts are only limited by how many /lines/ it can draw at a particular speed
that is, that "640x480 @ 120Hz" mode i mentioned, is really "480 lines at 120Hz", the "640" part can be anything you like, it doesn't care. you can throw it 2560x480 and it'll still do 120Hz no problem
the issue is of course, aspect ratio. if you can adjust your game's aspect ratio, you can squeeze a clearer picture through by increasing the horizontal resolution like this

>> No.70849899

So after 3 years of college (computer engineering) I am graduating with horrible grades. I also don't feel I have learned anything. Is there even any point in applying for any jobs? Any application they get will be better than mine.

>> No.70849911

Is there any way to check for malware on Ubuntu or should I just fresh install? Also, is it possible to embed malware in image files? I say this just because I am about to enter college and would like to have a fresh computer. I only download 4chan images and libgen pdfs so I don't know if I've put myself at risk at all.

>> No.70849916

oh, also, the 480 lines is just a common one, if you do some testing, you might find it can do a little more with non-standard line counts, maybe it can do 120Hz with 500 lines, or 520 lines... probably not 600 lines, since it has a 100Hz mode for that, but between 480 and 600 is "maybe", not "no"
the real limits are the horizontal and vertical scan rate, as long as you don't exceed them, you're golden

>> No.70849923

Don't tell yourself you are going to fail before you are even in the race. I got hired for an IT position with an awful resume. If you look around and are willing to fake it till you make it a bit, you will do fine anon.

>> No.70849969

There a private tracker that might have it?

>> No.70849970
File: 2.03 MB, 400x225, Discord Everyone.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a Discord alternative

So I run a server and I've run into issues with Discord's staff. Is there was a program that allows for the convenience/ease of Discord, hosted on a local server? Am I stupid or does this exist?

>> No.70849995

woahh awesome
i'll see if i end up buying one from here or grabbing my old one at home, thanks bud

>> No.70849997


Next time just google "root a LG V20".

Luv from Brazil.

>> No.70850007

have fun

>> No.70850015

Inspire IRCD
Welcome to 1990

>> No.70850106

foot messengers

>> No.70850169

I run an art server, so image support is important. Is there a way to run something like an IRC server with image support for example?

>> No.70850172

Hey, I made a few posts like 3 weeks ago and nobody replied but maybe now somebody could help.
Had a PC with windows 7 go through a brown out while turning off
Monitor (was good, tested it on a different PC) wasn't getting a signal. Used the onboard GPU to troubleshoot and w7 was refusing to load the dGPU drivers, tried with a dozen different things and nothing worked
installed Manjaro
the GPU still gives no signal while booting up, so I literally don't see the BIOS prompt screen, but signal does eventually come out once the OS loads and then it works perfectly
I'm now on w10, testing stuff with the iGPU, and the device manager does recognize the GPU, no problem, and GPU-Z does too, but it still gives the monitor no signal, not even after the OS loads
GPU-Z also claims the GPU is working on PCIe x16 1.1, when the board is capable of 2.0
should I assume the motherboard is fucked? seems weird linux can get it to work just like that

>> No.70850365

Anyone here hackintoshed with AMD successfully?
I’d like to upgrade when ryzen 2xxx price drop next and i have to use macOS because of their accessibility screen zoom feature. Unless someone can point me to this type of feature in a decent linux distro

>> No.70850375

Thats literally why discord was made, discord is just irc with media support built in

>> No.70850379

Also, no i wont use windows their magnifier blows dick thanks

>> No.70850435

I thought it was made by a bunch of butthurt FFXIV furries

>> No.70850593
File: 2.78 MB, 2704x4056, IMG_20190414_1801020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My friend is in a mining camp for the summer and he can't access clover on his phone. What's a free VPN for android?

>> No.70850598

>Should I be worried?
I have no idea why but you probably should just in case

>> No.70850611


>> No.70850623

I want to upgrade the drivers for my intel HD graphics 630. I think it will improve graphical performance of the emulators. But I have heard that it can cause problems if you currently are running a manufacturer customized driver. Anyone have experience with this?

>> No.70850638

on windows how can i convert all mkv files in a folder to mp4?

i found this but it's a bash script
for i in *.mkv; do
ffmpeg -i "$i" -codec copy "${i%.*}.mp4"

>> No.70850692

I don't know how to install DS4Windows worth crap. Can someone please explain to me how to install an up to date Dualshock 4 controller on my laptop?

Do I need to buy a pc adapter that Sony puts out?

For the sake of it, what emulator does one recommend for PSone and PS2? HOW does one install bios?

>> No.70850709

if you have almost any kind of modern router you can vpn into it.

>> No.70850750
File: 806 KB, 500x364, exterminatus in a miniskirt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Done with Firefox.
Palemoon or Brave?
Why and why not?

>> No.70850761

nvm found a powershell script after digging around more
Get-ChildItem -Filter '*.mkv' | % { &ffmpeg -i .\$($_.BaseName).mkv -c copy .\$($_.BaseName).mp4 }

>> No.70850793

Dude DS4 windows is fairly straightforward in terms of installing. Just extract and run, no major shit. As for how it works, just connect the controller to the pc via usb and turn on ds4 and it just werks. You can configure the buttons in the program itself but by default it behaves like a standard xbox 360 controller. You don't need any special adapters, just a cable that fits the controller, even cellphone cables work.
Emulators and bios I think you should just google because I'm pretty sure there's tutorial videos on how to make them work that will be easier to follow then text instructions.

>> No.70850828

One man project ran by a furry. Your choice but I wouldn't trust a single guy with maintaining a modern web browser. And no, by this point the fork is so divergent that it really is pretty much its own browser.
Highly tangled in the whole ad business thing, very dubious privacy record (touting being resistant or something while it's allegedly very easy to fingerprint), proceed with caution. Also it's Chromium which sucks balls.

Other things to consider:
>Ungoogled Chromium
I think that if you're gonna use chromium, just use this.
Arguably a bigger meme than pale moon and normally I would never recommend it, but, you know, they've never left a cert expire yet. Also a one man project, but the fork point is much more recent so it's easier to maintain.
For ultimate autism, including configuring the equivalent of umatrix purely through commands with no gui

>> No.70850862

Tell me about Ungoogled Chomium.
I've never touched a google browser, I was happy with IE until it decided it didn't want to work on my computer, then I made the switch to FF.

>> No.70850876

Look at the comments, its outdated to shit.

I was more wondering if theres any one click root program that isnt 90% malware

>> No.70850888

Not him but AFAIK ungoogled chromium is literally just what it says, it's chromium but you build it yourself, from source code that has all the google bs stripped out.

>> No.70850896

>Chromium has stopped loading some saved HTML files that previously worked fine
>haven't updated in quite some time
>some load up in Chrome
>tried just saving a new copy with Chrome
>doesn't load in either Chrome or Chromium
wtf is going on?
About half of them load up in both, but don't render correctly. I'm probably a faggot for even using HTML/webpage complete saves in the first place, so what should I be using instead?

>> No.70850921

My savestate folder for my PS1 emulator is stuck in read only mode, which means no savestates. I've tried unselecting read only 10 times but every time I reopen properties it's still read only

>> No.70850930

Was a permanent fix for FF's bullshit made yet? So far i've been avoiding it by keeping my date from reaching May 4th but I don't wanna do it forever. I have the about:config setting to off on requiring certs but they still get fucked up if it reaches the 4th. Disabling app.normandy seems to work to some extent but it breaks a bunch of websites.

>> No.70850933

is it true that GNU IceCat doesnt let you install addons from the Firefox addon store? If so, can i manually install them?

>> No.70850944


>> No.70850958

I want to upgrade the drivers for my intel HD graphics 630. I think it will improve graphical performance of the emulators. But I have heard that it can cause problems if you currently are running a manufacturer customized driver. Anyone have experience with this?

>> No.70850994

there's a way to do it with a .pem file and two lines of code in shift-ctrl-j
it makes 56 or lower work again but some people say they can't download more add ons

>> No.70851002

How is mozilla so fucking incompetent? How hard is it to fix certs?

>> No.70851078
File: 168 KB, 2109x1018, 1540916042505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why am I blocked from the captcha on Firefox? I have uBlock Origin and Decentraleyes installed, but I am allowing all first-party and Google scripts.

>> No.70851111
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When I first boot up my PC and I log in, I have audio problems. Where my audio goes robotic when I try to pull up a video or a stream. It goes away after a while and I can't figure out why it happens.

Also, If I fuck up the system panel wiring here in this pc will have I any system damage? I didn't put In the led one right because my power switch doesn't light when I push it in.

>> No.70851136

Let's say I want to upload my personal files on the cloud (backing them up), what is the best way to ensure no one will be able to touch my files? Does putting them in a zip file with super long password is enough?

>> No.70851142

What in real life people can I get to know to get help getting into cyber security?

>> No.70851163

Look into Veracrypt.

>> No.70851259

I pulled the hdd that has all my steam games and steam installation on it from my old notebook and want to move it over to the new one. is it just as simple as plug and play or will i actually need to go through disk management and format the "new" old drive when i hook it up?

>> No.70851302

I added a coworker's phone number to my android contacts and now whenever I click the share button on anything it suggests his google account and shows his profile pic.

How do I disable this feature? I don't want people finding my google account whenever they add my phone number to their contacts list.

>> No.70851351

plug it in, add the library to steam, wa la

>> No.70851510

No, just your buttons will do different things.
Check your frontal and rear 3.5mm jacks.

It wont cause problems and it wont increase performance.
If you have single channel RAM get another stick for dual channel, that is it.
Get a GPU.

GPU is kill get a used replacement/new one.

>> No.70851690

Why has 4chan been so "slow" this year? It works fine but when you reply to a thread it takes whole minutes to see it now

>> No.70851699

Is /g/ better than openSUSE forums?

The newest update a day or two ago didn't change anything either.

I'm 99% sure the thing broke after the update though.

>> No.70851746

my computer has a rear 140mm fan (yes, it's a big one). Do you think that's good enough for an old i5 2500 (non-k) pc? CPU has a stock Intel fan and I have a gtx950 video card in it.

I had two 120mm fan's, one on the roof and other on the side panel (both set to blow outwards), but I noticed my pc was accumulating dust really quickly due to all of this air pressure pulling dust air in from the front grill, so I removed them. I really want to cut down on the dust.

>> No.70851756

why can't i post on this Vietnamese basket weaving forum with IceCat? I disabled the JS blocking extensions as a test and it still doesnt work, keeps saying captcha is invalid. Using 4chanX noscript captcha btw.

>> No.70851769

phone poster, ew

>> No.70851782

It happens on every platform for me

>> No.70851836

werks on my machine
2500 should be fine with a stock cooler and a standard 2 front 1 rear fan setup. If you notice temps are getting high, it might be time to repaste. Vaccuum your room to get rid of the dust.

>> No.70851903

I have a laptop with an i7-6600u and 6gb of RAM to repurpose as a Netflix and couch word-processing box. Only problem is that it has a 5200rpm HDD and I'd like to swap in a 250gb SSD and retain the OS. How do I find the key for Windows 10 to activate the OS when I install the new drive?

>> No.70851947

use search engine for questions like this

>> No.70851960

Computer can handle photoshop with 25+ busy layers no problem. Keep an average of 12 tabs open all day with no problems. Skype very often for very long periods of time, no problems. But I open 1 game that isn't even very graphically intensive, and in 2 minutes or less I crash. Replaced the power supply 3 or 4 months ago so I very seriously doubt that's the issue. Replaced the thermal paste around the same time so it shouldn't be that. What else could it be? This is my first rig and I don't use it primarily for gaming, I do play a little. It doesn't crash doing anything else though. What could the issue possibly be? I tried lowering my max processor state to 65% and it went a little longer but still crashed. 3 times in 20 minutes total after I messed with the settings. This is my first build and I really don't know what to do but it makes me mad that I don't even have the option to play games anymore.

>> No.70851984

Where do I get a bios for thinkpad t420 with the whitelist removed and how do I install it?

>> No.70852015

couple things to check easily are core temps, get something that can put your core temp in the task bar, just google that phrase and you can find something.
If it's overheating and crashing you could get some extra case fans or a new case or something.

you could also get a bootable memtest and see if one of the ram modules is fucked up.

i've also had computers act really strangely like that; working fine then crash, when a harddrive was going bad. like it worked fine until it loaded something from a corrupt part of the harddrive and dies. etc.

It sucks, but it could be a lot of things.

>> No.70852031


i've just realized that most of this thread isn't even related to answering questions. why even have this thread if you guys are going to deflect answering questions

>> No.70852057

if it was preloaded with win10, the key is built into the bios.

>> No.70852100

What's that exercise programmingfags pretend to use to time efficiency in the language they're shilling?

>> No.70852135

To reduce one-liner questions flooding the catalog. /g/ is not your tech support forum, stop acting like it is.

>> No.70852139

How the fuck does crypto work? As I understand it: Nip makes big fucking list, A downloads some software that gives him an address on that list, B, who ran his computer solving math problems or some shit is given money by Nip, B sends money to A that is secure due to the list recording the transaction between these addresses. Is that in the ballpark?

>> No.70852159


>> No.70852183

Thanks for the reply. Some of that's really shitty. Fortunately I don't think it's a hard drive issue at least since it only happens with games (unless it has to do with Steam itself perhaps?). But I got a 128GB USB on Black Friday that I haven't put to use yet so I'm gonna spend the rest of tonight backing up my shit just to be safe. I'm definitely overdue for new fans though, no matter the issue. Been rolling with 2 since I built it. Wouldn't mind a new case either to be completely honest. Not enough USB ports in the front.

I downloaded Speccy to keep track of this stuff and my cores idle at 35c and jump to 45c when I open the game and alt+tab back to Speccy. Never even heard of a bootable memtest so I'll give that a shot before I do anything else.

>> No.70852201

Thanks. I just had to jack it up to 2,147,483,647 to get some real results.

>> No.70852221

Just FYI: most of /g/ considered Speccy spyware due to their parent company's former missteps. HWiNFO64 is a better alternative.

>> No.70852228


>> No.70852233

well fuck me sideways. Changing that shit out right now. Thanks anon.

>> No.70852302


>> No.70852381

From what I've heard, long formatting scans for disk errors and tries to correct them. A quick format just marks the entire disk as "free space", without actually zeroing out anything close to the entire drive.

>> No.70852634

What >>70851510 said, but also a UPS.

>> No.70853143
File: 454 KB, 2000x1125, 59350708_458826444890258_8876465625686343680_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What causes pic related over several graphics cards?

>> No.70853250


>> No.70853312
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>> No.70853989
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Where can I find a smart GF that likes technology? All my peers are male aside from one girl who cheated her way through... Where do people like us go to find dates?

>> No.70854025

Dafaq is that reflection, you some kinda alien anon?

>> No.70854722


>> No.70854741

why do you take photos of berries

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