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What's the best programming language?

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Also the best cup size am I right?

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no cup is best

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Either C or Python

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so you're either a pedo or a faggot
or both

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Low quality thread

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as someone who is well-adjusted to modern society, the only reason for me to consider the volume of a girl's mammary glands in deciding whether to date her is strictly utilitarian. and considering that, outside the purposes of feeding an infant, they are only ever inconvenient, why would anyone think that boobs are an attractive feature?

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>as someone who is well-adjusted to modern society
that's where you're wrong, kiddo

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homosexuality is a choice.
pedophilia is a choice.
because i'm not a degenerate, i _choose_ not to find men or children sexually attractive. i _choose_ not to find tits attractive.
our culture is civil enough that caring about shallow features like breasts is frowned upon. as it should be. there is nothing sexual about breasts. men have won their fight to walk around in public topless; no one bats an eye. the same ought to be the case for women. and then people can stop accusing me of being a pedophile, thank you very much.

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COBOL, nobody knows it, way to many .gov agencies and private companies have legacy systems running it that they can't justify replacing because of cost

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