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if you can't name at least 10 of these then you don't belong here

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RIP harmful guy

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nobody, snowden, rms, nobody, nobody
nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, torvalds
nobody, nobody, nobody, theo, esr,
faggot ritchie, nobody, nobody, faggot pike, guido?
tpb guy, nobody, uriel, nobody, raiser?

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do you like Stallman, or why is he listed 5 times?

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>he forgot about me


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most of those guys fight each other

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>or why is he listed 5 times?

nice one anon

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I got 6

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I know NSA guy, GNU guy, Linux-GNU guy, NSA's guy gay boyfriend and last but not least, internet's own guy.

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NSA guy's gay boyfriend*

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applebaum, snowden, rms, schneier, assange
,,,,, linus
moxie marlinspike, theo de raadt, eric raymond
dennis ritchie,
anakata, weev, aaron swartz, reiser

Not 100% sure about everyone.

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Where is Linus Tech Tips, Luke Smith, TechLead, the TempleOS retard and the great Steve Jobs (RIP)?

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Know what 8 of them did, remember the names of 5.

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2nd guy 2nd row is alan cox, a british kernel developer
4th guy 4th row is rob pike but you probably knew this

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Fuck i new it was a kernel hacker but couldn't remember which.
Now that you say it.

I'm adding Glenn Greenwald.

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>Linus Tech Tips

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fuck off freetard, /g/ is not for programming

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>mfw I recognized Reiser primarily because of the clothes and only secondarily because of his face.

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Which one is Steve jobs?

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But it is?

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notice how there are no niggers in this picture and the only jew is a reformed jew?

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No Terry.
CIA nigger confirmed

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Where is Marques Brownlee

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Can you please stop shilling cringe Smith.

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can someone tell me who the other guys are

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forgot picture of course

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>everybody I don't know is nobody.
How do I know that this is what you did?

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rob pike is a monumental faggot

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>Jacob Appelbaum
>Bruce Schneier
>Glenn Greenwald
>Moxie (Matthew Rosenfeld) (can't verify but most probably so)
>Aaron Swartz

So how will you revise your "see how there are no jews among the good guys" remark?

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oh, by the way, uriel was a monumental faggot as well

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>Moxie (Matthew Rosenfeld) (can't verify but most probably so)
as if there's any doubt

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the guy in orange made a killer app

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I always forget about Eben Moglen, he's like if Stallman wasn't a fat autistic neckbeard. Stallman should just let him be the face of free software lol

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added a coupe 4 u

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oh, of course

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Oh my god the it's faggotry all the way down.

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Oh my god it's faggotry all the way down.

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oh also the pedo above Uriel is the K from K & R

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Why is it that everyone in this thread seems to know Denis Ritchie but not BK??

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|| !
|| >

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Aaron was such a QT.
I want to fuck his corpse so fucking bad...

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he's not dead yet

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I only recognize Stallman, Torvalds, Dennis Ritchie, and I think I see Theo, Pike and uriel

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Fuck, there's Snowden. I don't know how did I miss him.

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Where is Slavoj Zizek? Shit list.

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everybody I don't know is indeed nobody
how did you come to this conclusion

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zizek is a shitposter who has accomplished exactly nothing.

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isn't top right corner Assange?

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Yes, but the guy in the quote failed to identify him :c

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ahahah, fuck google

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Nice pic OP, but it's missing Terry, the greatest programmer that has ever lived. Sad.

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Thanks, this should be all

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holy white males black batman no wonder women dont want to be in stem.

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genuine retard

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Smith is tha Leenux god nigga!! He got all the good ass Arch Linux hacks on deck. Truly a hackerman

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I knew he had kind of a ressemblance with Revolver Ocelot.

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got 12

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Lol, get a dictionary.

?,cia|nsa nigger, stallmoo, ?, assangeinated

Only know linus+stallman+assange because you girls spam them.
>if you can't name at least 10 of these then you don't belong here
Nice. Feels good to be me.

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Snowden, rms, assange,
alan cox, linus torvalds
theo, esr
dennis ritchie, rob pike
weev, uriel, swartz

Got 12

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I can identify most of them by what they've done/made but I don't remember most names due to alcoholism, does that count?

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I can’t even name anyone here.

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Their names don't matter. I want them all in my bed while ovulating and wearing french lingerie.

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don't know, snowden, the fat fuck who never does anything, don't know, assange, some chink, fatass commie neckbeard #2, don't know, don't know, the guy who wrote a shitty kernel and does the middle finger like a first grader, fatass #3, don't know the next 4, C guy, don't know, don't know, that guy who did something but I keep forgetting what, don't know, don't know, don't know, harmful guy, coward guy, don't know

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Why is Torvalds in this picture?

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all this faces, it's just some nvidia deep fake crap

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I like Reiser's picture desu.

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it's a list of faggots that names their software with their name

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Sorry, I don't follow e celebs

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i got 4 :/

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Um, it's 2019. Can we get some more diversity in there than just some bearded white incels? Come on sweatie.

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same plastic surgeon?

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did you see koreans?
males and females look the same, body and face
they are monsters or kpop singers

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Snowden, RMS, Assange, Torvalds, Moxy, Theo, Ritchie, Pike, TPB guy, Uriel, Swartz?, Reiser

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yeah, Korea's 1000x worse. I agree.

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They look like a bunch of fucking dorky incels to me. I could take them all with one arm tied behind my back

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nice. it's been a while since I saw someone even mention him.

speaking of which, apparently I talked to him through IRC a few times without knowing it was him, before his arrest.

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Feel free to replace some of the guys with women and niggers that you think are equal.

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put self hating jew on weev

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I want them all to bear my seed. We'll have sex for a whole decade, raise an hapa clone army to take the power of several small South American countries, after that I'll secretly develop nuclear weapons and more clones for my final quest of world domination.

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>create reddit
>fight for you and create a better honest world
pick one

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>speaking of which, apparently I talked to him through IRC a few times without knowing it was him, before his arrest.
Can we talk over IRC, friend?

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Nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce nonce, nonce, nonce, nonce, faggot.

Where's that traitor transitioning freak from the army?

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Assange is a nobody so he got that right.

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sn(gl)ownigger, rms, (shneier), assmonkey
brazilian gay lawyer, moxie, esr
ritchie, go lang tranny,
weev, uriel, reddit, murderfs

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>some pseud glow in the dark niggers that can't even code in python
>cia nigger killer who wrote his own compiler absent
good list /v/irgins

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>less harmful

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>tfw reiser4 still isn't out

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when Schneier hits the list but djb does not, you know it's made by a pleb

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>If you can't name e-celebs you don't belong here
No, YOU don't belong here.

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jake appelbaum (US army contractor, worked on honey pot, rapper, doesn't belong on the list)
scheiner (doesn't belong on the list)
??? (help me fill these gaps pls)
linus jobs, the creator of BSD kernel
glenn "I can't use gpg" greenwald
not sure if moxie or jeff from athleanx
ritchie and ken, known for advanced typewriter
kernighan, after Pike the least relevant from bells labs
pike (doesn't belong on the list)
if that's guido the doesn't belong on the list
anakata (pirate bay, personally never used)
aaron swartz

oh such a pleb picks

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Here we go:
1. Snowden [1] (blow my whistle)
2. Stallman [2] (gnutard)
3. Scheiner [3] (privacy meme)
4. Assange [4] (hobo wizard)
5. Torvalds [9] (made worst os)
6. Ritchie [15] (ded)
7. Thompson [16] (soon to be ded)
8. Kernigham [17] (html is a programming language)
9. Estranger [22] (suidied, good programmer)
10. Swartz [23] (suidied, give me journals)

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1. Snowden [1] (blow my whistle)
2. Stallman [2] (gnutard)
3. Scheiner [3] (privacy meme)
4. Assange [4] (hobo wizard)
5. Torvalds [9] (made worst os)
6. Ritchie [15] (ded)
7. Thompson [16] (soon to be ded)
8. Kernigham [17] (html is a programming language)
9. Estranger [22] (suidied, im a philosopher)
10. Swartz [23] (suidied, give me journals)

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all of them in my rape dungeon right fucking now

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can name 12, but this doesn't belong here

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why are mods a bunch of numale sjw trannies, stallman cock suckers and rust shills?

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>paid GRU shill Assange is ur friend
ha ha ha

>> No.70807070

>this doesn't belong here
watch out, your post will get deleted by triggered code monkey mods, already happened twice for saying this

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Can you give me a quick rundown on him? Why did he commit suicide?

>> No.70807599

Steve Jobs had AIDS

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It's a bunch of white males, the nazi Jew, and the XBox hax0r.

What do I win?

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The whole internets

>> No.70807704

> Perl harmful
He will rot in hell

>> No.70808000

presumably because so many things were harmful

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Is the BUGS shirt guy in this pic Linus?

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He is already in heaven with Terry

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use the accurate picture of assange shown here: >>70794515

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