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whats the best interpreted language? (javascript vs python vs guile vs lua)

because its pretty obvious rust is the best compiled language

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Vala is better

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Vala isn't interpreted retard

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Yeah that's why it's better you dumb fuck

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Pychad of course

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sometimes i cant figure out if posts like this are extremely low iq or extremely high iq

you are a fag regardless

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Ruby. It's going to have typing soon.
Why did you only list meme languages?
What about Perl, bash, powershell, php, smalltalk , vbscript, forth, Lua, Ada, or orthers

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Depends on what you want to do.
ML -> Python
Restful API -> Javascript

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>interpreted languages
Ruby for expressiveness
Lua for performance
Python for library support

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So you need a babysitter language to stop you from doing shit because you're too irresponsible to have freedom, got it.

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Compiled: Haskell
Interpreted: Clojure

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>interpreted language
Reminder that interpretation (and compilation) are implementation details not language specifications.
For example: Python can be compiled with Cython and C++ can be interpreted with Cling.
So by default, Haskell is the ultimate language because it is the cutest.

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C++ > Rust

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kys sepple shill

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fuck off tranny

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Clojure is not interpreted. It is JIT-compiled or AOT-compiled depending on your ns declaration.

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There is ClojureScript
Also if you are being this pedantic, very few languages are ever interpetted. Lua is both jitted and interpreted depending on what you use.
Python is compiled to bytecode

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I am learning javascript and Its difficult for me
am I retarded or is JS a pretty confusing?

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Go is best because it's more widely used, easier to use and backed by Google.

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JS is an absolute mess, definitely confusing. Dont feel bad if its difficult at first.
Still learn it though

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Ruby is the comfiest language.

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>interpreted language
>compiled language
No such thing.

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>Haskell is the ultimate language because it is the cutest.
Not even close. Clojure is way cuter for being a Lisp and type theory is cuter for having an actual non-toy type system.

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lithp* :3c

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Lua for performance (such as game scripts, but I'd argue it's better to bite the bullet and use a compiled lang)
JS if you're not trying to avoid tooling/compilation step because without tooling it's shit.
Python otherwise, because it's ubiquitous and easy to learn.

Serious software should never be written in any of these dynamic, interpreted languages anyway. I mean you can do it, and very successfully as far as the product goes, but you're delivering a subpar codebase.

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>interpreted languages
No such thing.

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>compiled lang
see >>70795147

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