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Does Encarta 95 still work on Windows 10?

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wikipedia is cancer

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Try running it with compability mode enabled.

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I ran it in my Win 95 VM a few weeks ago but holy shieeeet, did it age terribly! The arcticles are pretty good, but the picture and video quality (for the very few media files it has) is unbearable. As a multimedia based encyclopedia it sucks (compared to almost anything that came after) and as a classic Encyclopedia it sucks, too, because there are better printed alternatives. However, it sure is fun, If you need a quick nostalgia fix once in a while. Also, the timeline feature is absolutely brilliant and still pretty impressive.

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Oh the memories

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I remember Encarta 2000 having literar unironical 'Google Earth' thing where you fly over a low resolution 3D map plane / sat image.

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I spent weeks fucking around with that thing, I remember playing instrument samples over and over again too.

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those were simpler times

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>the poor man's wikipedia

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hey, I think I have that cd somewhere

If I ever come across it I'll be sure to make a thröd

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They have probably degraded because they were saved in a "lossy" format and have suffered from rotational-velocidensity.

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Alan, keeper of Encarta

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unironically this

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It will unironically work in Linux with wine.

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Well yeah obviously, shit from 1995 is all Linux can run.

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cool story bro.

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The inept man uses Wikipedia and believes it, he defends it.

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Fuck you just gave me a huge dose of nostalgia
I had completely forgotten this existed

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