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Which in your opinion is better; BSD or Linux?

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shitty everything
doesn't even work well with what it's supposed to be good at (servers)
ok at servers
shit at everything else

so... linux because at least it's not BSD?

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The fuck are you talking about, bsd is great at embedded shit, what os do you think your fridge and toaster run on?

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and your ps4

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There are probably more android fridges now.

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No steam

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Part of me admires BSD for a more consistent commitment to being simpler and "unixy". But they definitely pay a price for that in less features, hardware support, and usage, and I can't help but feel that the tradeoffs Linux made were worth making.

Also, copyleft > permissive.

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FreeBSD and NetBSD both have Linux binary compatibility and Wine.

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I only care about Linux. There's no need for anything else. Also:
>a cute penguin mascot vs. an ugly pajeet baby mascot

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>No native steam

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redox OS

will be like linux but better

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Man I genuinely feel sorry for you if you can't tell the difference between native vs wine

I tried playing street fighter via wine one time and it was like being underwater. the latency difference is really noticeable, it's understandable though I guess not everyone has an IQ above 80

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Eh I only play games like Civ so there really isn't a noticeable difference

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just needs a few things :) id like to see it gain traction but sadly theres no visual difference between bsd and linux, maybe when the linux community moves to desktops bsd will be king in servers. as data gets bigger.

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both are great. they both work fine for me (besides BSD lacking alps touchpad support)

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>you can't slim down linux to fit in embedded systems

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use whatever just works for what you need to do and get medication for your schizophrenia

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> I tried playing streetfighter

Shhh anon, the adults are talking.

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you realise this makes you a retard, what will you do now, anon?

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only because of BSD's cuck license. at least apple open sources some of their shit unlike sony and Nintendo with the PS4 and switch.

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