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How do I learn how to contribute to a Linux project? Which is a good project that needs some help?

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Seconding this.

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>edit formatting of random code online, fuck around with a couple brackets and semicolons
>resume: "Contributes to open source software"

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reminds me of that turk kid who tried to edit a line just to add his github name. Someone post the link

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I haven't contributed to any strictly Linux-related projects, but generally you can do Github search for issues labeled "good-first-issue", "help-wanted", etc. in your preferred language/on projects you find interesting and find something to work on.

You could always just start by trying to fix problems in things you already use. Back when I played Terraria I fixed a few bugs I ran into in open-source mods because I was sick of waiting for someone else to. Ended up getting PRs merged for them and the maintainers were very grateful. Feels good man.

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Bumpin, im interested

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The very few quantity of comments shows up that most /g/ """programmers""" are just a bunch of codemonkeys.

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I'll tell you if you can fix gtk thumbnail

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take hormones.
wear makeup.
pick a gender
learn python

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kdenlive still needs bugfixing
kdenlive is the first serious video editing foss

redoxOS an operating system wrote in rust still needs porting and drivers

qbittorrent still hasnt implemented descentralized RSS even tho its already in libtorrent

krita, gimp, inkscape foss software that still have room for new tools

blender still underperforms maya in hair rendering

apache datafusion is a new initiative (distributed computing)

debian is still trying an alternative debian distro to get rid of systemd 70% of the software compiles in it

there is no point cloud editing foss
opencad is still very underdeveloped

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openai turned out to be a scam and the good stuff is only for corporations, stay away from it

and more projects:

wine always benefits from new testers (wine ports windows programs to run on linux )

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Linux is a kernel. Don't contribute to it, threre is no reason. It is backed up by multiple tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Facebook paying developers working on Linux (i.e. putting useless shit into it nobody wants or needs). Linux makes millions a year, it's fine. Don't contribute, don't invest. Linux is dead meat selling out.

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don't do it like this fucker
fix your code please

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