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I saw this
>It also offers a level of performance that exceeds that of Dash
Can anyone with more shell knowledge find some way to benchmark the two and see if it's legit? It's a pretty bold claim, and I highly doubt the rustfags could pull this off, but maybe it's possible?

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>outperforms dash/bash/ksh
Mark me not surprised. those are awkwardly slow. Lua is blazing in comparison. Any brain dead monkey could hack together an interpreted language that can run programs found in PATH, have some pipe syntax, set env variables, provide arrays and hashmaps, loops and I/O which would outperform bash.

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shell yeah

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if you studied the generals of rust lang you would understand why this is absolutely possible

read the rest of the redox book, its pretty interesting

apache datafusion, written in rust (new project) is outperforming apache spark, a crown of the apache project

rust really is something else

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Why is Firefox so slow then

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obviously because the rest of firefox

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Still, it seems interesting that they are doing this on a level to compete with dash. I get that shells tend to be slower than regular programming languages, but wasn't dash the shell that Debian/Ubuntu adopted to dramatically speed up their shell scripts? Wasn't performance the whole point of that project?

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