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What should I expect?
Is this a good opportunity?
People say a lot of commercial companies run Cobol.
My background: Basic, R, Python and C. I'm a junior.
Share experiences as well please.

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Do you want to work in banking forever?

You can make mad money in it because there's so few people slinging it, but your employment options are limited.

Seriously you'll be paid in yachts.

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Do it

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>You can make mad money in it because there's so few people slinging it, but your employment options are limited.
>Seriously you'll be paid in yachts.
unfortunately untrue. mainframe shops have a serious retention issue precisely because compensation is garbage compared to almost any other software industry. if you want to work in banking/finance, you'd get paid far more working on large distributed real time java systems than COBOL/HLASM running on zOS mainframes.

Leaving mainframeland and moving to NYC to work for a tiny startup (read: unable to offer market rates) still netted me a 50% effective raise.

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>Seriously you'll be paid in yachts.
i never understood this with cobol
if the pay is ludicrous, why arent more people into it?
i am suspicious

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Why not learn? If one fool can do another fool can do too.

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if it's free or cheap then you'd be an idiot to not hop on it and take the opportunity to expand your marketability.

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>if the pay is ludicrous, why arent more people into it?
Because it's fucking ancient and only used in legacy systems, so very few people are learning it these days. It pays well because it is not easy work. Damn good way to make six figures writing software tho.

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touched cobol, realized it's basically like assembly, put it into the bin, never looked back.

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Because you need a way in, first.

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It's a dead end

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People base this off the fact that employed COBOL programmers make ridiculous amounts of money. What they don't tell you is that all the employed COBOL programmers are like 60 years old and the banks don't want to hire anyone that hasn't been doing it for 30 years because if their new hire fucks up millions of dollars get deleted from existence.

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J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. need COBOL and FORTRAN programmers, they need them for positions where you take algorithms and turn them into a code, those algorithms are used in sub-second trading, before stock markets are closed on Friday in last second their programs bot-trade and make a ton of money.

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I didn't know Fortran was still used in banking. That's nice to know, it's my best language

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why banks use cobol and not something like sql?

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Leave and never come back, faggot.
Fucking hell, one of the worst questions I have ever seen.

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Why don't banks drop COBOL and start using HTML?

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Lol why offering courses, why pay when there's official documentation for free?

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Do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
It's a 6 month course.
Do it. And good luck.

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bampin for interst!!!11

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People like >>70706714 don't understand anything that isn't used by Facebook/Google/Amazon or marketed by some faggot wearing jeans at a fruity keynote, so they think it's inaccessibly hard and "legacy," which is scary because they can't use it to virtue signal on social media.

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I'd fucking do it! It's a niche with a shit-load of the work force getting old as shit and all of these financial institutions that use it aren't going to replace it anytime soon. My only question is what is the career path? Is there any chance for lateral moves in large companies that use it?

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or you can also become a SAP consultant and shit money

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