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Daily IEKA Alex general.

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If this is a thread about ikea furniture.

The super cheap bookcase is good. The billy is shit.
Ikea desks are all shit except the hardwood one that you diy
Markus is an ok chair but my ass hurts after a few hours compared to my steelcase

Grand lesson: dont buy ikea anything

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It hurts your ass when its time to stand up and go for a walk.

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>It hurts your ass when its time to stand up and go for a walk.
Fucking this.

You're not supposed to be sitting for more than 50 minutes straight anyway, according to #science.

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I've planned to diy a desk from a hardware store pine board and Ikea legs. Are the adjustable height legs any good?

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This shit?

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Nah, I have those currently and they just take up way too much space and look silly.

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that doesn't look very sturdy.

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who else / l i n n m o n / gang here?

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Well, I'm not planning to tap dance on the desk. Those trestles you could probably use on a construction site to cut lumber, but I've had them for ten years now and I've just grown tired of them.

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Fuck IKEA.

I'm not even a gamer, but pic related is what I would get if I was in a market for a desk.

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