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is it good now

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ntlite the shit out of ltsb 2016 and then it's ok

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This, any other version is botnet/spyware garbage or broken

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What about the 2019 LSTC?

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It was always good.

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Better than every other os

ruined by systemd AIDS and taken over by capitalist RH and Canonical


Only good for servers, doesn't support shit for desktops

>any other edge case bullshit

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>home editions only 5%
This is what happens when you outsource IT to literal street shitters.
>oh hallo angeela wat is ur problem
>Hey Rajeev, these security update things are kinda annoying can you make them go faster or something?
>oh ya i can fix that for u super good
>turns off updates

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Still awesome. Stupid that they renamed it but whatever.

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Windows 10 AME is the only version of 10 that doesn't make any phone homes whatsoever. I've watched it with wire shark for months and everything is as advertised. Ltsb and c are great and all but will always make contact with Microsoft no matter what u do

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fucking truth /thread

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It's not and will never be good
Gamers, zoomers and other retards have developed stockholm syndrome for it but it'll always be a turd cobbled together by pajeets

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Does it spy on me when I'm watching porn?

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Remember Anon-kun, I'm always watching you fap.

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No i'm going back to 7

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That's because nobody can download anything on it

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It's everything 7 is but you can't stop the spying and has a shitty pseudo-metro design. Every program compatible on windows 10 is compatible in 7. there are no benefits. no new features. it's all shit.
Microsoft OS design has peaked at 7 and will only go down from here.

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didn't happen to me

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>Microsoft OS design has peaked at 7 and will only go down from here.
It seems you made a huge error while posting but don't worry. You accidentally typed 7 instead of Windows 2000, it's not an easy mistake to make but I'm sure the top hand surgeons in the world can help you.

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