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How do i leave the shaving botnet?

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dampen a cloth with sulfuric acid

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Stop shaving

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Stop shaving and grow a beard like any real man does.

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No hair. No problem.

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>buy $10 de razor
>buy $10 pack of razors (100 astras or 50 feather)
there, you're set for life

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Shave with a bread knife.

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buy an electric foil style razor from braun
I've had the older version of this for like 8 years and only replaced the blade/foil once

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Transition and dilate.

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dont shave
either that pr just use clippers like a real man and shorten it

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The Gentoo of shaving razors.

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Take the red (estrogen) pill

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Are these a meme? What's the difference between this and a normal safety razor?

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You are guaranteed to cut yourself on this until you git gud. A safety razor will only cut you if you're a literal dumbass. That said, a straight razor is the best way to get a perfectly clean edge if you're into styling your facial hair.

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Oh my fucking god i bought this like 1 week ago and ended up mutilating my face

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