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>MSI is reportedly blocking support for 3rd generation Ryzen "Matisse" processors on its AMD 300-series chipset motherboards, including those based on high-end AMD X370 and OC-capable B350 chipsets

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they're chinese so they're rice jews. not trustworthy

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this is the most low IQ board on the entire site

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>other vendors already posted BIOS updates for 3000 series

>MSI incapable

Guess we know who has shit engineers now.

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Even if you dislike AMD, why would you celebrate anti-consumer BS from MSI?

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what the fuck even is this thread?

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Intel fanboys are mostly prepubescent retards, what do you expect?

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Enjoy your shit VRM faggot

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I bought giga butt

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donno, a retard (op) seeking for attention?

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Mortar and Tomahawk have the best VRM from all b450 boards but their 350 series was shit. No wonder they disabled the support for Zen2 in it.

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Thanks for the PSA: Don't buy MSI.

Every other vendor can do it but they just can't be fucked/are incapable.

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My MSI board had that same update
must not have been for the 3000 series

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Aren't all mobo companies taiwanese? What are non-taiwan mobos?

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amd's had it too good for too long. intel's time to shine.

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Why can't AMD keep a single promise?

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/pol/ exists

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/pol/ is overrun with schizos from /x/

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The VRM-lets shilling housefire B350 boards as suitable for a 4GHz 8 core are to blame. Mostly.

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>Cringey alt right incel standing next to his queen of whores.

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Guess who's not buying MSI... Ever again.

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AMD is supporting it and other mobo manufactures have already released microcode to support the engineering samples. AMD kept there promise. MSI didn't.

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<----this guy

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Found the incel.

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If you bought an msi board in ryzen 1st gen, it wont support ryzen 3rd gen, which means that amd lied

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Haha seething
Msi has the best vrm up to 180€

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AMD doesn't own MSI.

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just kill yourself, fucking retard
anything anti consumer is bad

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thank you

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>buying overpriced, overheating, spyware, botnet, buggy as shit, "we'll pay companies to use us because people might actually realize we suck if we don't" intel

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never bet on a new gen amd cpu being compatible with a last gen motherboard. lots of people have fallen prey to that and were greeted by black screens via amd's many random incompatibilities. i mean their 5000 series gpus weren't even compatbile with pcie 1.1 which was still very common in 2010. "hurr, hey guys, we're amd the budget company, but our products won't work with budget solutions like backwards pcie compatibility and drivers that suck the life out of your budget cpu lol!" the company has always been a clusterfuck of missteps.

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Did AMD not promise complete compatibility until 2020 knowing this exact thing?

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this is what you get for buying cheap indian shit

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the same company that said they wont allow overclock on the apu's and a week later of their statement they released a bios update allowing people to overclock them

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I'm guessing there's some issue on MSI's part since this move would hurt their sales quite a bit?
Unless their sales for AMD mobos were abysmal

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pretty sure msi isnt even considered mid tier for amd
not when gigabyte and asrock exists anyway

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>MSI makes statement about B350 boards
>MSI also have B450 boards that are unsold
gee... I wonder why?

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People with Genuine Intel Buyer's Remorse™ are happy to see that other CPUs also need new motherboards, just like they do (every year). Smart people don't see this news article as good news.

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its just msi if this was gigabyte asus asrock maybe this wouldnt have been a good news

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not their fault MSI wanted to be idiots, while ASROCK, Gigabyte and ASUS already updated their AGESA code to support the new processors.

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Top kek
Gigabyte and assrock are total shit boards
4phase vrm for 130€,yeah go fuck yourself faggots

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>I bought an MSI board years ago under the impression the socket would be supported
>Ryzen 3000 is going to be blocked

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AMD made the specification, so they didn't lie. It's up to the mobo manufacturers to implement it

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What a mistake. What was you thinking about? Did you even see their cringy ads? Should've buy ASSrock

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I wasn't working full-time when it launched and I was already paying a shitload for a DDR4 kit.
It had decent user reviews at the time so I was content.

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taichi is shit?
since when? everyone considers them top tier

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Sell it nao when the news aren't widespread.

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Have sex.

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So essentially they lied
Thank you for the clarification

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>MSI (MicroSoft Intel) shits all over AMD, the guys with the Linux drivers

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based msi ditching the curryniggers

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nice hoverhand, fucking r/theCringe faggot overlord

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>ITT: falling for a MSI mobo

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450 boards are safe though right...right?!

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What's the best mobo brand? I have Asus and might get it next time too.

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ofc. that's what's happening here. MSI knows their B350 boards have shit VRM designs, this is why they're artificially gimping them so that the user buys their B450's.

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Gigabyte for AMD; EVGA for Intel.

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I am not sure the MSI realizes how this world works. Nobody is magically going to be buying their "spesial" new motherboard because they block support.
People will find someone else who can.
You are not apple who can cut port and sell dongles, people who are capable to install motherboards, know how to pick other one.

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I never bought anything from msi ever, but guess what

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Good to hear. Thanks.

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>literally the only product I have ever bought from MSI was a B350 board
hmmm I wonder if I should buy more MSI quality products....

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Never bought an MSI product in my life, their marketing is too cringe

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Who gives a shit? Based GIGABYTE® provides all the support I need.

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>MSI cheaps out on VRM for AMD motherboards again
Like fucking clockwork, why do people recommend these fucking chinks again? MSI is literal garbage tier hardware.

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I own an 890FXa-GD70, are you telling me I can't run Ryzen 3000 on this?

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This is for msi's am4 motherboards (the 300 series)
Zen 2 (3000 series ryzen) should would just fine on your one

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>msi says something
>literally nobody else will do such a stupid move

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/pol/ is on another website

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msi, everybody

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>clueless outsourced tech support makes obviously wrong statement
>this happens
I'd expect /g/ not to fall for this shit but really who was I kidding.

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>mfw shitel seething zen 2 will still sell infinitely more cpus

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My msi x470 m7 ac, already received the new support update

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And that's a good thing

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Yeah the first viable board from assrock is a 200€+ one, they are totally not shit
Everything up to the msi gaming m7 is not viable from other manufacturers

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It means MSI are:

1. Incompetent
2. Lazy
3. Malicious

In what way is this move good for them? They literally just ensured I never buy a motherboard from them in the future.

I was picking zen motherboards last year and choosing between ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and Asrock, depending on features. Now I know - strike MSI off that list. Fuck, it's like these retards want to go Biostar tier.

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4. Pay a small german computer shop to provide local tech support who made this dumb statement

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not schizos from /x/ or else they'd be posting in /x/

it's mostly useful idiot gullible boomers and marketer/pursuasion firms trying to destroy cohesion and communication

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ASUS, Gigabyte, and Asrock seem to be the only reasonable options

>> No.70572907

My shitty b450 TUF board got the update, this is on MSI.

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Too late, damage is done. Get better marketers, MSI.

I'm not touching your garbage.

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Hahahahaha......will buy based MSI stuff next time just to piss off AMDtards.

>> No.70572941

Not an argument. ASSrock gives you the same (if not more) for less money.

>> No.70572948

You only piss in your pants when buying MSI.

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Glad I went assrock master race
Hopefully amd 3000 series make a bomb ass 2700x equalivilent with 5ghz clocks

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God, ASSrock shilling is strong in this ITT thread.

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really? msi is where you draw the line?

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In light of this thread Virtualization needs AMD or Intel with Spectre and shit that keeps popping about?? How would Epyc compare vs Intel Xeons?

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kill yourself redditor

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Found the consumer.

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But 9th gen already outsold Zen 2 tho?

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MSI cucks BTFO

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You're either a fucking retard or a gook shill on MSI's payroll. MSI's B350 and X370 boards had absolute dog shit VRMs. The literal worst on the market. The flagship X370 Xpower Titanium was an absolute embarrassment, with a worse VRM setup than $150 Asus and ASRock boards. That's probably why they're scared of updating them to support Zen 2, as they'll start going bang.

MSI has always been the worst of the chinkshit gaymer-grade companies, with garish design, cut corners on component choice and cringworthy advertising. Their products are for literal retards.

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wow, can't even apply fucking thermal paste right

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Almost got a B350 bros

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oh wait no its a pile of doublers piece of shits

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It can't even outsold zen+ in custom-built pcs.

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So what motherboard should you buy for Zen 2 then

>> No.70573540

Dont buy zen 2 because of shitty business practices from AMD
10nm is coming soon

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>10nm is coming soon
Just wait by Intel™

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>Mobo manufacturer doesn't implement specification
>I-It's AMD's fault!

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It's always known that Zen 2 will shit on Gen 1 Ryzen mobos

Motherboard manufacturers like to churn out new boards since they profit more that way but not to the point where their production lines are made obsolete in less than a year like Intel did with the 7th and 8th gen processors

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>AMD promises that motherboards will support their cpu's for 3 years
>Motherboards dont do this
>Somehow AMD gets away with lying

>> No.70573926

>AMDrones swear by the Tomahawk and Mortar
>shill them so hard that everyone bought them
>now MSI blocks support of Gen 1 mobos because it can't run the newer Ryzens without being a fire/safety issue
>retards think the other board manufacturers won't follow suit

Same thing will happen with Ryzen 4, all the X/B400 boards are going to be obsolete and you need a 500-class board to run it.

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How is it bait?
If it was completely out of their hands why did they make the promise in the first place?
If you make a statement, you have to own up when shit goes wrong

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Watch Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock, EVGA to follow suit.

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Not him, but you are an imbecile. You are not lying if you make a promise with knowledge and agreement from different parties that they are willing to do something to make another thing possible. There is nothing dishonest about making that claim if one of those parties chooses to back out later on down the line. If they had made the promise with the knowledge that those vendors would stop supporting those processors, then you would be being dishonest.

>> No.70574252

>It's always known that Zen 2 will shit on Gen 1 Ryzen mobos
No that wasn't "always known" you lying retard.

>> No.70574284

Morally speaking, they werent being dishonest but they should have considered the possibility of one of the vendors dropping out midway. Either they knew this and still made the promise anyway which would mean they are gambling with their honesty (which is dishonest) or its gross negligence of the possibility which means they are essentially retarded

>> No.70574352

It's not gambling with their honesty if those vendors told them they would support their later processors.

To put it into perspective, let's say I have several friends coming over for a party, another friend asks if they're going to be there. For whatever reason, one of those friends isn't able to show up anymore due to an emergency. Did I then lie to the person who asked me about who was going to be there? No, of course not. There was always the possibility that one of those friends could not show up, but sometimes shit happens, if anything the blame is to be laid on the friend who could not show up to the party because they're the ones that initially said they would. Likewise with AMD, the blame here is rested on the vendors for lying to AMD and saying they would support their processors when they knowingly couldn't support the architecture.

>> No.70574353

Are you retarded? Everybody in the thread talks about the x470 chipset of msis competition and tells it like they are better which is not true at all atleast not up to 180€
As for the 300 chipset, that's what you get for being a dumb cuck and not buying the best vrm that you can afford

>> No.70574357

Holy fucking autism

>> No.70574398

>don't buy chinkshit, buy bargain bin trash instead!
asrock is the lowest common denominator of motherboard vendors, except maybe biostar.

>> No.70574400

That analogy is completely retarded
The motherboard vendors did not promise AMD that they would support zen cpus until 2020. In your analogy that would mean they are only invited (or pressured to by amd) to the party, then AMD proceeds to promise everyone that the motherboard vendor will definitely be there.
Is this not gambling with honesty?

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>> No.70574436

Same anon
If AMD wasnt completely shit, they would have said something along the lines of "we will make a strong attempt to get motherboards to support our cpu's for 3 years" which would have been fine.

>> No.70574492

AMD didn't pressure anyone in to anything, they made a claim with the knowledge and reasonable expectations that vendors they licensed technology to would be able support their processors until a specified date. That doesn't put pressure on the vendors to support it, it's always their choice to to no longer support their technology. And it's not like specifically stated "absolutely and without doubt, 100% guarantee you will be able to upgrade if you bought a MOBO from vendors we work with". You are unjustly trying to demonize the company and are jumping through hoops playing mental gymnastics to do it.

>> No.70574501

>MSI says they're going to stop supporting motherboards they have no good reason to stop supporting
>somehow this is AMD's fault
so this is the power of /g/

>> No.70574520

Intel makes claims and goes back on them or isn't able to deliver on them all of the time. No company markets with the kind neutral words you use.

>> No.70574560

>AMD overpromisses bullshit
>It turns out it was overpromissed bullshit
>AMD is somehow not at fault for once again overpromissing and underdelivering
Really makes you shit in the shower.

>> No.70574586

All im saying is that if AMD cant control other companies actions, they should not make promises for them.

>> No.70574592

AMD didn't over promise anything. You have zero intellectual integrity as a person.

>> No.70574595

>one vendor makes independent decision regarding support
You are legitimately retarded. Please dont breed.

>> No.70574614

>one (1) bargain bin board partner decides to not support Zen 2 on 300-series boards
>hurr AMD lied
AMD said X370 and B350 would support ryzen 3000 series chips, which is true by all accounts.

>> No.70574619

>The one Socket AM4 motherboard you buy will work with any AM4 processor (some 300-series boards may require a BIOS flash)
Taken directly from their own website and if I could be bothered I could look for every other time they said exactly that. But I'm sure I'm just an intel shill and it's totally fine when AMD does it cause Intel did it too.

>> No.70574631

Or this one again from their website
>EVERY AM4 PROCESSOR IS COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY AM4 CHIPSET. Note that 300-series motherboards may require a BIOS flash to be compatible with Ryzen™ Desktop 2000-series processors.

>> No.70574633

What he is saying is that, while AMD did not make MSI drop out, they did make promises that motherboards will support cpu's until 2020. Which as we all know now is complete horseshit.

>> No.70574635

They never guaranteed that every single vendor they work with would continue supporting their products, they only claimed that if you bought a MOBO from the vendors that did support those products at the time you would be blessed to do so, which is by any technical account the truth.

>> No.70574638

Quit replying to the shill, you dumbfucks.

>> No.70574641

Stop lying you dirty fucking nigger

>> No.70574650

Are you fucking retarded? Any socket will not work without the sufficient microcode update. Hell, some LGA-775 boards needed them to be able to run Pentium D's or Core 2's. You're now outed not only as a intel shill, but under aged too.

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At least the RAM isn't soldered... yet.

>> No.70574663

>imagine being this much of a shill, being this retarded, and lying to yourself till the world fits your view

>> No.70574667

They did, picture related (eat shit part is for person below)
Go euthanasia yourself

>> No.70574677

And the boards that do require the flash can't have that happen if the vendor who provides them doesn't allow for it. Those boards DO support ALL AM4 processors. There is no lie there way to shoot yourself in the pot retard.

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File: 329 KB, 2560x1320, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to provide pic

>> No.70574685

>sperg out that only AMD does this.
>LGA775 boards needed microcode updates via bios flashing for them to be able to run Pentium D's or Core 2's

>> No.70574695

>the boards don't support it due to lack of updates therefore those boards DO support ALL AM4 processors
The absolute fucking state of shills. Holy fucking shit.

>> No.70574697

Absolute retard, those boards do support AM4 processors at a hardware level, there is no dishonesty in AMDs statement.

>> No.70574700

It did though.

>> No.70574702

>See your motherboard manufacturer’s website for more information
So it is down to the motherboard manufactures as has been stated multiple times. The chip is compatible with the boards but they are just refusing to update the bios to support it.

>> No.70574707

This is the same thing as what happened with AM3, AM2, AM3+, etc.

You're truly underaged, and retarded to accept that this has been practiced by both Intel and AMD. You need the microcode update first to run processors that were created after the said chipset. Only a retard would decry this.

>> No.70574717

Intlel shills btfo

>> No.70574721

You keep enjoying living in your own little world then kiddo.

>> No.70574739

>one fucking vendor dropped out
>complete horseshit
Mountain meet mole hill

>> No.70574749

You're the only one living in their own little world with your utterly retarded mental gymnastics. Drink some bleach shill.

>> No.70574764

every time amd is about to release info on the new ryzen shills comes out to falseflag

call me suprised

>> No.70574769

What is it this time, /g/?
>chink merchants being chink merchants
>intlel calling msi and telling them to shut it down
>fake news, just retardation of the support team
>low end boards with shit vrm would die with +8c cpus

>> No.70574770

So do they have a reason other than "we're too shit" and "intel paid us"?

>> No.70574771

Can you say this is true for the upcoming zen 2 cpu's, based retard?
>"Here is what we guarantee, every am4 chipset will support every am4 cpu, your motherboard manufacturer will explain it in greater detail"
How does this mean that motherboard manufacturers can do whatever they want?
>AMD promises that all vendors of am4 chipsets will support all am4 cpus
>"I-its okay because its only one!!!"

>> No.70574778

>anyone that doesn't suck Lisas dick is a intel shill
>if I just call them underage no one will notice I am clinically brain dead
>the boards do support all AM4 processors they just don't work
>says other are going through some mental gymnastics
You enjoy keeping shilling for a company that doesn't give a shit about you.

>> No.70574786

>Brand notorious for not having good VRM designs for their B350 boards.
>sperg out why they're forcing people to upgrade to their B450 boards.

This is literally the guy who builds a value computer with a K processor with a B360. Retard alert.

>> No.70574789

I wouldn't say it's complete horseshit. At this point, it seems like every other brand will be supporting Zen 2 on 300-series boards. From an engineering standpoint, they are 100% in the clear- zen 2 can run on old boards. Sure, shame on AMD for not reinforcing that in business agreements, but no company should have to sign a contract with their partners saying "support your products as well as possible." That should just be a given.

>> No.70574795

Seriously? Fuck MSI, even if Intel somehow gets their head out of their ass and I do buy one of their processors I'm never buying another product from them again. Dropping support like this for no valid reason other than to try and support an Intel monopoly is fucking bullshit.

>> No.70574800

>How does this mean that motherboard manufacturers can do whatever they want?
They wouldn't need to direct you to the motherboard manufacturers if it was all on them. They would just have the first part of the statement otherwise.

>> No.70574803

Either kys or learn to read, the CHIPSET is compatible just as promised, if the MOBO isn't because of MSI's retardation, that's their own problem.

>> No.70574807

>t. tech Illiterate retard

>> No.70574809

Ahahaha the Intel shills are growing desperate by the day.

>> No.70574810

And you think Intel gives a shit about you?

>> No.70574817

Anyways, considering that the new chipset is made by AMD, couldn't they refuse to sell to MSI if this limitation is purely artificial and not because of shit VRMs?

>> No.70574832


>> No.70574836

Even your attempts at making others out to be intel shills are as retarded as you.
Even if I was an intel shill where did I say or imply that other than in your twisted own little world where everyone that disagrees with you MUST be an intel shill.

>> No.70574871

They redirect you to the motherboards website so you can get the bios and firmware updates, i dont see how this is so hard to comprehend
The chipset is ON the motherboard which means its ON MSI's board. AMD said that if it has the chipset, it supports all AM4 cpu's. How is this shit so hard to comprehend?
4channel baffles me sometimes

>> No.70574927

>They redirect you to the motherboards website so you can get the bios and firmware updates
So you agree AMD isn't supplying the bios updates themselves and it it is down to the motherboard manufacturer to do so?

>> No.70574940

which all other brands support. Again, the main point here is that MSI won't update their AGESA for B350 boards to support Zen2 processors. Which again says that the chipset is compatible. It's MSI who refuses to update AGESA.

>> No.70575016

AMD guarantees that all motherboards of the am4 chipset will support all am4 cpus, they then tell you to go to your motherboards manufacturer to get said support. Yes, it is up to the motherboard vendor to supply those updates but that essentially means that AMD made a promise they couldnt keep.
You would be right if they were obviously not referring to the motherboards when they said chipset. They say "EVERY AM4 CHIPSET" when there is clearly only one AM4 chipset, so just using basic thinking, its obvious they are referring to the motherboards when they say "every".

>> No.70575062
File: 10 KB, 501x585, 1547306223826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70575121

Looks like mobo manufacturers got it a bit too easy ever since the Intel hegemony that followed the Bulldozer fiasco and think they're entitled to a new socket every two years.
That's a shame because MSI became decent with Zen+ when they stopped using NikoSemi fets and got pretty good heatsinks unlike everyone else.

>> No.70575187

What are the chances of unofficial custom BIOS versions coming out? Would it be possible for someone to inject the updated AGESA version in a current BIOS to whitelist the new ZEN2 chips?

>> No.70575243


>> No.70575344

why the fuck we have 183 replies on a thread talking about msi shit when literally nobody else will do that?

>> No.70575397
File: 205 KB, 807x745, 1542027477262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70575414

Because after all the Spectre and meltdown mitigations, their failure to innovate. The abysmal sales and the downgrade in stock value and the all-around shitshow that has become Intel, Fanboys will jump at anything that remotely tries to make AMD look bad

>> No.70575420

Because shitel shills gotta shill for their pozzed company and their pozzed housefires.

>> No.70575437

In a perfect world, corrupt jewish piece of shit companies would not exist.

>> No.70575454
File: 282 KB, 752x548, 1492139297054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pure coincidence...............

>> No.70575478

we are talking about msi here
when msi ceo said back in jan

>"We have a big portion of the AMD motherboard, which makes Intel kind of upset," Chiang explained. "But I say 'hey guys, once you solve the supply issue, let's figure out how we can get back your share.'


>> No.70575498

Who cares? B350s are literally 40$ motherboards.

Get a new motherboard you faggots.

>> No.70575520

>just like what they did to Dell after they realized that their shit P4 couldn't hold a candle to the Athlon XP.

>> No.70575549
File: 236 KB, 1800x850, 1554322071732.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sirs please don't buy ryzen...........ok?

>> No.70575599
File: 216 KB, 1800x850, DcP6e1Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70575614


>> No.70575738


The ASUS B350M was the cheapest B350 motherboard at the time of it's release and it has the AGESA 0072 code for Ryzen 3000. So.. kind of odd that MSI would not support these CPUs on their 3xx series - if it's true that they won't, and I don't know if it really is.

>> No.70575756
File: 1.77 MB, 320x320, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chinese vendor angry at AMD because Intel told them to be
Goodbye MSI

>> No.70575878

Can someone explain why MSI had done this?
Wouldnt it only hurt their reputation?

>> No.70575906

see >>70575478

>> No.70575925

Intel is now up to their old tricks. This reminds me of them buying out reviewers to mislead the public that the Pentium 4 was faster than the Athlon, or even their own Pentium III.

>> No.70575932

Fucking jews and cuck chinese manufacturers

>> No.70575950

Intel just went full retard, these cheap jewish tricks will backfire horribly in this day and age, see CTS labs and principled technologies kikery

>> No.70576004

>MSI Zen2 Support Update

>Sadly the informaton regarding the support of upcoming AMD CPUs on the X370 Titanium was wrong.
We want to shed light on this situation.

>Currently we are testing our current mainboard portfolio with MSI 300 and 400 chipsets for compability with upcoming AMD Ryzen processors. Of course we want to provide support for upcoming AMD Ryzen processors on as many mainboards as possible.

>Before AMD launches the next generation of CPUs MSI will provide a comprehensive list of compatible MSI AM4 mainboards. We are sorry for the misunderstanding

tldr: whoops sorry we were wrong

>> No.70576033

Can you please source this?

>> No.70576041

Same source as the original "news", some kraut emailing support and posting on reddit

>> No.70576060

I would rather set my computer on fire than put an MSI motherboard in it

>> No.70576073

This entire thread was a huge waste of everyones life

>> No.70576090

just because some intel fanboy who probably has buyer's remorse for his Skylake CPU wanted to sperg.

>> No.70576110

They can undo this decision with a single bios update which will come as soon as youtube reviewers point out this obvious money grab.

>> No.70576261

I would have cupped her ass cheek.

>> No.70576407

Intel fanboys are seriously hit in the head.

>> No.70577120

>we totally dont want to get a bad name out there

>> No.70577160


>> No.70577169

I don't mind eating the "weak VRM" excuse? for R7s
just give me the 3600 on my msi B350 to replace my 1600.

>> No.70577225

Why do incels make up stupid shit like this? It won't even help selling their jewish cpus in any way.

>> No.70577233


>> No.70577251

that's the thing. the 3600 might be an 8-core part and the R7's now are 12-cores at least. they might not go all the way with 16 cores

>> No.70577272
File: 38 KB, 594x594, a59b5eca443c2d3351d829f54ff19fce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70577282

I'm willing to accept that. I'd probably want a new board regardless if I planned to get a Zen 2 R7.

If my board support falls flat I'm limited to meager upgrades from Zen+

>> No.70577288

yeah, nvidia and intel shill like it up their arse. No lube needed.
that's beyond masochism, that's a mental disorder.

>> No.70577350

It was always like this. With AM3 too. 760g mobos supported up to 95W TDP, then AMD released 125W CPUs and they weren't supported on 760g mobos because of weak VRM. Same thing will be with zen2. If rumours about 125W and 135W housefires are true, only CPUs with up to 105W TDP will be supported on older mobos with weak VRM (though I don't know how they got away with 105W on b350, maybe AMD specified 105W initially for 1st gen ZEN).

>> No.70577406

EVGA doesn't make AMD boards as far as I know. EVGA are Nvidiadrone and Inteldrone.

>> No.70577420

"what is Sandy Bridge"

>> No.70577425

They probably will announce AM4+ for things like DDR5 compatibility.
>reminder that Zen2 has settings to change IF speeds to default.

>> No.70577507

nice whataboutism.

>> No.70577544

>goys buy AMD, they support your motherboards and you can buy CPUS every year!
>turns out they can't even deliver on what they promised

>> No.70577551

except, you know, this is all bullshit FUD

>> No.70577561




>> No.70577566


>> No.70577569

It was just FUD from some ASUS/Gigabyte employee, I guarantee it.

>> No.70577585

which part? they made a promise and they failed to uphold the promise.

>> No.70577599


>> No.70577618

>the statement has been rescinded.
>retard intelshill still takes it as true.

Most actual intel users are probably gaming right now, which begs the question: are you stuck with a Kaby Lake and made it your life's goal to have everyone else as miserable as you?

>> No.70577628


>> No.70577638

Buy a new one you rich mother fuck
Also this is yet another one AMD hates MSI>>70577628

>> No.70577657

Core architecture, which is derived from the P6 microarchitecture

>Created November 1, 1995; 23 years ago

>> No.70577666

>b350 gaming plus
Nice, but why does the article mention "upcoming APUs"?

>> No.70577682

Even bigger possibility: He's stuck with a HEDT-class Haswell, which Zen BTFO'd

>> No.70577693


>> No.70577706

ryzen 3000 apus (they use zen+ and vega gfx)

>> No.70577711

You only have one alternative cunt

>> No.70577714

damn, if there ever was such an obvious testing the waters campaign, this one by msi beat it by a mile.
they were only testin for the general first reaction guise. I don't know what they were expecting from this, but well, mkting departments are usually filled with egomaniacal brainlets full of themselves.
>t. egomaniacal mkteer brainlet full of himself.

>> No.70577772
File: 26 KB, 1011x327, 2019-04-16_15-16-56_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ecks dee

>> No.70577785

I guarantee it wasn't.

>> No.70577800

Kill yourself

Not wasting time reading any more of these.
Saged and reported

Their socket and chipset is compatible. If one manufacturer decides to be a nigger (Conveniently, the same one that shut AMD out of their gaming brands due to GPP), how is that AMD's fault?

This is exactly what I said. Every AM4 processor is compatible with every AM4 chipset. If MSI puts something in to break it, that's on MSI. If MSI doesn't put in an update, that's on MSI. It's possible, it's doable. If you don't put gas in your car from 3 years ago, then put a new engine in, and the engine doesn't work, did they lie about you being able to swap the engine? lol niggers

>> No.70577811

>>intlel calling msi and telling them to shut it down

>> No.70577985
File: 57 KB, 1000x395, 2019-04-16_15-34-43_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop he's already dead

>> No.70577993

I got scared, but I remembered that I have a 400-series chipset, not 300.

>> No.70578249

Me too lol

>> No.70578418

Ahahaha, dumb Chinks got the Kike-lickers hopes up, only to smash them to bits.I love it.

>> No.70578527

i have an asus 350 board if it can't run an 8 core ryzen 3 I guess I wont upgrade

>> No.70579170

MSI has always beena terrible brand, but all of a sudden make it red and slap a dragon on it and you fucking tards wat that shit up. The best no frills board man aufacturer is ASROCK, period. Biostar get second place only Because they stopped sucking as much when the Phenom came out and were the first manufacturer to allow core unlocking.

>> No.70579885

think a friend got his mobo from asrock and it lacked an io shield
customer support didn't help, believe he just taped around it

>> No.70580049

Watch as AMD will rape Intel again in sales.
Go back to shtting in the streets Pajeet and never post on this board ever again.

>> No.70580081
File: 54 KB, 640x480, marth sword head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMD promises that AM4 supports all CPUs until 2020
>MSI decides to stop updating their BIOS
>somehow it's AMDs fault
Single digit IQ

>> No.70580154


>> No.70580285

Intel's finest viral marketer's work.

>> No.70580453

I'd hate to see their worst

>> No.70580513

Every ASRock board I've worked with has had horrible BIOS and 2 of the 4 died after only a couple years. Would not recommend.
I hate Gigabyte's BIOS as well, but at least Gigabyte boards don't randomly shit the bed, and they're usually similarly priced.

That's good to hear.

>> No.70580539

I don't get the shilling for ASRock on this board. ASRock is the only brand that's worse than MSI and that's a fucking accomplishment worthy of a medal.

>> No.70580694

lose weight

>> No.70580833

so now that MSI has confirmed to be absolute SHIT, tell me some good mobo brands

>> No.70580910

>"Intel tells everybody they have a priority to supply [high-end chips]. [They say] 'let's start at data center first, mobile second, desktop last.' And then they got the higher i9, i7 processor H processor, then it's U and then it's desktop."
>data center first, mobile second, desktop last.

Intel does not even care about the desktop market at this point.

>> No.70580931

It does not matter, all the low-tier boards will not be able to support the 8 and 12-core new Ryzens.


>> No.70580975

just do what servers do and lower clock speed

>> No.70581148

>AMD promises that AM4 supports all CPUs until 2020

They promised THEY wouldn't break compatibility

>> No.70581171

Not shocked, to be honest. Their entire B350 / X370 range was fucking garbage, their VRMs especially.

Sucks for those who bought MSI, but they have only themselves to blame.

>> No.70581214

>t-the BIOS are bad!

That's weird. I have an X370 Taichi and an X399 Taichi. Both have worked with my 3200 CL14 memory from day one. Have had no OC issues either.

Maybe you're just fucking stupid?

>> No.70583234

Where do I mention overlocking, retard

>> No.70583332

It's not that their engineers are shit, it's that they want Intel style "every new CPU means buying a new motherboard from us" profits.

They love that socket jew profit.

>> No.70583403

anyone who doesn't think they will flake back on this is stupid.

>nope not going to release bios version buy new am4 boards
>ryzen 3 launches, make good chunk of sales
>go back to old boards now that chunk of sales made, say that you've found a way to upgrade them
>upgrade the bios after sales slow of new revision of boards

>> No.70583428

>they have only themselves
Fuck off, msi boards were praised by reviewers at the release, the actual in-depth tests and reviews appeared much later. My only fault is not waiting for longer and trusting reviewers.
t. B350 Tomahawk owner

>> No.70583925

MSI just confirmed first gen boards will get support. OP btfo.

>> No.70583933


>> No.70584179

that just makes me not want to ever buy msi products again

>> No.70584230


>> No.70584291

they never did the money from desktop compared to datacenter is miniscule

they are shitting bricks with epyc taking such a huge lead in such a short time

>> No.70584294

NOBODY of value praised them and after buildzoid made his video it was pretty evident

>> No.70584457
File: 153 KB, 979x1099, 1554144727729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My 400 series MSI board already has a BIOS with 3000 series support though, but I won't get one now because:

>> No.70584462

MSI themselves actually did too, but only for 450 and 470.

>> No.70584464

Doesnt zen 2 plus and 1 share the same socket?
Doesnt that mean msi is making motherboard drm?
Why are you supporting this?

>> No.70584469

MSI wants people to buy new boards, just like Intel.
It's either a Intel fanboy or just plain bored shitposter, nobody would support this otherwise.

>> No.70584470


>> No.70584479

>after buildzoid made his video
Look at the date of his video and date of the release

>> No.70584497

There's nothing wrong with the B350 Tomahawk. The problem is shills who were saying it's OK to stick an 8 core 4Ghz overclocked CPU in a budget board with budget VRMs.

>> No.70584520
File: 114 KB, 535x757, 1555155544856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I highly doubt they will actually roll with that, the amount of backslash even with normies this news caused in so little time is pretty incredible, I'd say they will backpedal.

>> No.70584521

Msi were extremely slow with their updates. I got my sticks working at the rated speeds like 4 months after asus/asrock.

>> No.70584540

It took Anus 18 months to get the X370-PRO ram support working right. 18 months!!!! and it still isn't perfect.

>> No.70584542

>socket rated for 95W
>don't use a 95W CPU on it!
It doesn't matter if it's an older gen 6 core or newer 8 core, if the wattage is the same, the problem isn't VRMs.
The 350 was a performance consumer board that was okay, even for overclocking, 370 was the high end board and 320 was the budget.
Not that overclocking Ryzen would make sense, you'd have to buy a high end board that can deliver 200W and a cooler capable of dissipating it easily to have any worthwhile gains.

>> No.70584547

glad to say I've never bought an MSI product

>> No.70584549

It all depended on how fast they could adapt new AGESA versions for their boards.

>> No.70584558


>> No.70584564

I'm currently running my B450 board at 160W, been for 8 months and it's running fine

>> No.70584652
File: 1.54 MB, 230x230, 1524148299482.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the HELL is he doing?

>> No.70584849

Aren't high end ASRock boards quite solid, but majority of bad experiences come from low quality cheap ASRock boards which enforces the 'you get what you pay for' saying quite well?

>> No.70584867

small brain: this is the most high IQ board on the entire site
normal brain: this is the most low IQ board on the entire site
galaxy brain: this is the most high IQ board on the entire site

>> No.70584873

yes, I used to run a 6350 with a 5GHz OC that used up to 200W for years on a pretty budget Assrock board

>> No.70584883

Second lowest.
/x/ is by far the dumbest, then there's /g/ then a huge power gap then /pol/ and /v/ then the rest of the site.

>> No.70584908

Msi boards are shitty anyway, had one bios simply got dead from a day to other.

>> No.70585188

sir please delid and buy intel

>> No.70585198


>> No.70585204

delid dis

>> No.70585214

sir please delid dis link and buy intel

>> No.70585222

>MSI wants people to buy new boards, just like Intel.
delid dis post sir, buy intel sir, please ok?

>> No.70585231

no sir you have buy intel now amd is antisemitism buy intel ok sir?

>> No.70585255

sirs please no buy amd buy intel
buy intel

>> No.70585263

buy intel sir

>> No.70585274

get intel cpu sir

>> No.70585297

you buy intel products yes sir?

>> No.70585310

buy intel.....sir

>> No.70585318

do the needful and buy intel amd is nazis

>> No.70585327

buy intel...buy intel

>> No.70586304

And they didn't. Are you braindead?
What else do you need explained?

>> No.70586344

>only MSI won't support next-gen Ryzen
Nothing value was lost.

>> No.70586378

But they do, they were one of the first to roll out the 3000 BIOS.
This is just for their older 300 boards.

>> No.70586496

And my ASUS Prime X370 Pro got an update for 3000. Who care about the incapable maker that put random words like "godlike" in their board?

>> No.70586826

You are all so fucking stupid. You have a dedicated board to shitpost and flame eachother and you STILL come here to do that. Just leave...

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