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>Create a parts list
>Learn how to build a PC
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69WFt6_dF8g [Embed]

Want help?
>State the budget & CURRENCY
>List your uses e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors include purpose & graphics pairing
>NO Speccy or "bottleneck checkers"

Secure CPUs based on current prices
><8 thread CPUs don't always deliver a consistent 60fps+ in all games
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (OC'able on some MSI mobos)
>1600/1700 - for non-gaming; worse in gaming due to slower memory latency
>R3 2200G - Light 30-60fps gaming(dGPU optional)
>R5 2600/X - Good 60fps+ gaming & multithreaded work use
>R7 2700/X - Best value high-end CPU on a non-HEDT platform
>Threadripper - HEDT

>NEVER use only a single stick
>8GB - very light use, and/or if you don't mind closing programs regularly
>16GB - standard amount. If you have to ask if you need more, you don't
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 2800MHz+ is ideal. Check "more" for true latency formula

Graphics cards based on current pricing:
>Used cards can be had for a steal; inquire about warranty
>RX 570/580 - value.
>1660 - Slightly better for more demanding games on high/maxed 60fps+;
> 1660Ti / 1070 / Vega56 / 2060 - higher framerates
1440p (WQHD)
>1070Ti / Vega / 2070 - 60-120fps+ in most games on high/maxed
>RTX 2080 / 2080Ti - higher framerates
>Radeon VII - may be considered; needs cooler mod to run quiet
2160p (4k)
>RTX 2080 / Radeon VII - upscale or lower settings
>RTX 2080 Ti, but poor value.

>Consider a larger SSD (better GB/$) instead of small SSD & HDD
>M.2 is a form factor, NOT a performance standard
>Consider 75hz display minimum; 60hz are old models
>AIOs don't change the laws of thermodynamics



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This is a pretty bad OP, for the following reasons:

>Secure CPUs
AMD CPUs aren't secure

>Moreover, even though earlier AMD had claimed that its CPUs were not exposed to Meltdown-class vulnerabilities, researchers discovered a variation of Meltdown (called Meltdown-BR) that was perfectly operational with AMD CPUs. So at this point, the CPUs of all three of the largest global CPU vendors — AMD, ARM, and Intel — are susceptible to both Meltdown and Spectre. Well, at least to some of the variations from both these families.
https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/35c3-spectre-meltdown-2019/25268/ - Kaspersky, one of the foremost names in security

>Moreover, researchers also claimed to have found two exploitable manufacturer backdoors inside Ryzen chipset that could allow attackers to inject malicious code inside the chip.
Which raises the question, is OP a glowie?

No Intel CPUs are mentioned, because OP is an AMD fanbitch.

>Graphics cards
The 2060 isn't mentioned because of the 'muh VRAM' meme that's been proven false time and time again, despite performing as well as or better than the 1070Ti and Vega 56 with a significant boost to efficiency

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EVGA 750 G3
GTX 980 Ti

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Would it hurt the wifi card or graphics card having the wifi heatsink about a millimeter from the graphics card backplate?

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>getting baited this hard
Literally nobody even read the OP. Just look at any of the "is this gud" builds that constantly get posted with trash i5s and shit ram.

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Nvidia uses HBM2, knuckle dragger


Stop lying. You've already been BTFO dozens of times.
All those "AMD securtiy flaws" you site are already fixed. Meanwhile, Intel has over 10 vulnerabilities which are far more major than those were, and CAN'T/WON'T be patched because they are too ingrained in flaws in the architecture and would require flushing page tables every cycle LMAO.

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Redpill me on chairs. Ive heard that typical office chairs are better for you but i really want something with a headrest since half the time i will be lounging and halfway lying down to watch tv. Are gayming chairs total shit or what?

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the dxracer tier chairs arent too bad but are expensive. an exec office chair from an office shutting down is your best bet for cheap good chairs.

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Are Noctua D15s the best air cooler, ignoring the colors?

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>All those "AMD securtiy flaws" you site are already fixed
They aren't. Literal manufacturer backdoors. Learn to read, shithead.

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if its not blocking airflow its fine

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Thanks. Here's to hoping everything works.

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>Ive heard that typical office chairs

>but i really want something with a headrest
Well Herman Miller has ones with headrest
Haworth has ones with headrests as well. I have a Haworth, and its nice, but the cushion hasn't lasted 5+ years despite me only weighing 140lb. They are cheaper and good for the back and supporting a proper seating position, though.

Pretty much. Plenty of others are within like 1-3% though.
And if you're getting an efficient CPU, you don't need a D15. Just get a Scythe Mugen 5 or Ninja 5 and swap on Arctic 120mm PWM fans.

Post proof, shithead.

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I've got one of these
I think it's great. I sit on it all day and I don't get a sore back or neck.

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What's the difference between a mugen and ninja, and what does the fan swap do for them?

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>Post proof, shithead.
Already did, shithead. >>70568010

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Post actual proof instead of FUD that's been refuted dozens of times over and over

Ninja looks cooler and costs more. Slightly larger.
But both are 6 heatpipes.
>what does fan swap do
The fans which come with them aren't as good as the heatsink itself is. Arctic 120mm PWM fans are top tier in performance-per-noise, only barely noticeably behind Noctuas for 1/4th the price.
I've had a few Arctic fans over the years, and the pitch of them is such that the noise is muffled fully by the PC case. Though I do hear their 140mm fans are bad, so avoid those if you need 140mms.

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>PC boots weird
>windows system repair
>doesnt move off 0%
>is of the oldest HDD
>take the hit and just reset, abort the system repair
>everything booted okay
>other HDD was okay
>defective HDD also couldnt be repaired by windows system
>removed it and PC is now 100% fine
how likely is that this is the SATA cable? i dont really need it but its not like i wanna just trash it?

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Thanks. Is the thermal paste that comes with mugen stuff as good as the noctua stuff or is it all the same?
All I have is some AS5 what I heard is no good these days.

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tl;dr cry more faggot

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It's not much better than arctic silver according to this.
So maybe you should get some kryonaut. Diamond 7, NT-H1, or Gelid Extreme if you want to save money as IIRC those are a lot cheaper.

mugen 5 + 5 pack of arctic fans + 1gram of kryonaut is like $82. That is almost what a D-15 costs though you have 3 extra arctic fans to use for case fans.
I'd skip the paste unless you have an old GPU you also need to repaste or something. 2c difference isn't much.

It's not BAD. It's just almost always worse than the paste that coolers come with already. It's not worth buying compared to better options if you're going to actually buy paste.

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>1 meltdown + local exploits possible on (physically and locally) hacked hardware "discovered" by israeli shills trying to short AMD who were paid to do so by intel
>intels 30+ vulnerabilities, almost all of which remain completely unpatched on a hardware level and will remain as such until 10nm cpus come out in 2020 maybe

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I bought a bunch of fans last year to test them out. There was something I didn't like about my 120mm arctic fan but now I can't remember. I ended up using Cryorig case fans. I think the Arctic was as quiet as any of them but if I held my hand up to feel airflow it didn't feel like it was pulling as much as the others. I suppose I should really try the fans in a controlled environment and check the case temps.

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Ehh, unlikely in my experience; I'd be much more willing to bet on the HDD fucking up than a relatively simple SATA cable. Sorry, chief.

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Is a 2600x or a 2700x going to be better for gaming at 1440p 144hz

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What kind of wattage should I be looking at for a PSU for this build? Says it's only pulling about 270, but that feels awfully low. Even adding five or six case fans only bumps it up to 300; would a 550W unit do the trick, or ought I bite the bullet and go for 650?

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This, although I'd wager intel would be better for 144hz, if more expensive. Hope someone can give you a better answer.

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>post proof
I did
>No wait post actual proof
Get fucked, shithead

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>navi memes etc
im certain thats single thread performance territory

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pls be gentle its babbys first build

I'm mainly building it because I want the 10 fucking extra hard drive slots I can shove in the case but its time to upgrade anyway.

I don't play games really so I was just going to use the onboard video but, there's room for a gpu if I ever need/want one. I know I'll have to get a PCI sata card at some point. I'll probably get a 10Gbit card as some point too. The PSU seems overkill, but if I stuff it full of hard drives and get a gpu and another monitor it seems about right according to some calculator

Also I use linux and I'm a big gay freetard if that's relevant

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if its not a gaymen rig buy a 2200g. 500-600w platinum rated psu and rest is fine.

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>recommend 2060
>works right out of the box
Explain again why someone should buy a Vega or the 2060? The fact that you HAVE to under volt makes me wonder if AMD even test their own cards.

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currently using an i5 8400 and 2060 at 3440x1440

thinking of upgrading to a 2080 because mostly i'm bored. will the 8400 be a big bottleneck? I have a b360 motherboard, so buying a k chip seems like a waste to me

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I mean I just hope the 3000 series is better at it, I don't really have issues on my 2600x hitting 144hz and keeping stable but I'd rather not lose my ability to do work for a few frames more with Intel.

>> No.70569301

And the 1 meltdown vulnerability is actually a misnamed Spectre one. The misnamed Meltdown-BR. lol.
Meltdown vulnerabilities are ones that exploit a lack of privilege checks or bypass privilege checks somehow. Doesn't happen on any AMD arch.

No, you didn't. You're just spreading FUD hoping others are too stupid to cross-reference what that site says and see it's literally nothing and paid for by Intel.

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Why do you think >>70569171 needs a 500W PSU for a <150w build?
But yes just use a 2200G/2400G.

>hur dur clicking auto-undervolt is too hard buy Nvidia the true choice for morons like me

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So I’ve got all the hardware down for my rig all I need now is an OS. Obviously I’m not gonna lay 100+ for windows 10 and I looked at options for cheaper windows 10. Does anyone know a way to get cheap legit windows 10 keys or if this sdckey is legit? Also I know about media creation tool but I want full windows. If I can’t find anything I’ll just settle for the incomplete windows 10

>pic not related

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500w in case he buys a gpu later on for it. no one sells efficient 200w psus.

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why did you bothered clocking a i7 with a z board but not its OCable version

if you will never go above 1440p120 go with what anons told you.

>> No.70569358

you think everyone thinks everyone else is you
you think you're that important lmao

rent free

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>all this unsourced FUD with a 10 IQ meme to go along with it
You're seething, try to control yourself

The 2700X is barely better in games than the 2600X

Probably no reason to get an i7 unless you're compiling gentoo every day

Vega was for people who like to tinker; there's not much reason to get a V56 these days. Navi is coming in a few months, so any diehard AMD fan with a decent graphics card will wait, and anyone who just needs to upgrade now would likely better off with 2060

>will the 8400 be a big bottleneck?
No, but if you want you can get the i7 8700 which is significantly better than the i5 you have. If your monitor is 60 or 75Hz, there's no reason to upgrade

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What's a smarter buy for a PSU, a 750w platinum or 850w gold?

>> No.70569414

750w platinum

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look at the pastebins in >>>/g/sqt

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would any b450 motherboard good enough for at least 5 year and with fast ram or I really need better motherboard?

>> No.70569730

any tips for switching to ryzen from an old i5
what do i gotta do to drivers and shit

>> No.70569737

literally nothing you just need a new motherboard since ryzen won't fit in your current socket

>> No.70569752

new motherboard, motherboard drivers, and possibly new DDR4 ram since Ryzen doesn't support DDR3

>> No.70569755

He means software side.

You will need to reinstall Windows.

>> No.70569766

reinstall OS. its a lot easier than fucking with drivers.

>> No.70569773

yea thats what i mean why do i need to completely reinstall?
can i use a usb to repair files or whatever
i just installed win 10 so i dont wanna do it all over again shiet

>> No.70569837

Because it's a lot easier than fixing all the drivers that are going to be fucked because windows installs appropriate files for your hardware.

It's not like graphics card drivers where it's mostly just one thing.

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Alright /g/ I've spent all day narrowing down my choices, which of the following do you think is the best monitor for the price? I don't really care about viewing angle, and I tend to play in a well light room. I have a 970 that needs to be upgraded sometime but not right now. Which would you get?
ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q $949
Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD $969
ASUS MG279Q $699

>> No.70569861

these prices sound australian. my choice would be the Acer VG271UP - $599

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what a pain the ass lads
last time i upgraded from a10 apu to i5 i didnt reinstall shit and it was fine for years but whatever ill do it this time

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You don't need more than 400-750W unless you're using Skylake-X (which would also mean you're a mega retard and shouldn't bother asking for help for your retarded build).
As how power usage as a 2080Ti and 9900k is, a 750W is still enough. But builds like a 2600X+1660ti don't even use 250W.

Do a clean new install of Windows. You can have tons of problems by just replacing the hardware without doing a new install of Windows.
Some games do retarded shit like generate of a config on install of your hardware capabilities and don't upgrade it when your hardware changes. A driver cleaner alone won't fix that.

>bunch of 4 year old monitors
holy fucking yikes people actually pay new prices for obsolete 4 year old shit in prison country

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Any input on this very likely new build? for gaming and maybe some streaming.

>> No.70569912

what motherboard manufacturers are good?

upgraded just today and this MSI board i got is so infested with gamer bullshit i had to turn the boot logo off, and it wouldn't work with my PS/2 keyboard for some reason

>> No.70569941

>holy fucking yikes people actually pay new prices for obsolete 4 year old shit in prison country
Sadly yes.
There's nothing I can do, shipping tears me a new one no matter what I do.

>> No.70569952

Buy used.

>> No.70569966

>anyone? looking for a 3~4 year computer that lasts college. Not necessarily gaming oriented.

>> No.70569990

I'm going to have a spare 7700k and MSI z270 gaming M7 lying around soon, are they good components to make a NAS out of or should I look at something else?

>> No.70569995

You're not attractive enough for anyone here to make a list for you

>> No.70570059

It was more of a recommendation than a list. Maybe someone lurking might be taking game design and using zbrush/photoshop already.
If i wanted a complete pcpartpicke list, i would have spoilered my gf tits for you thirsty fuckers.

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I'm a total failure and need some help. I have an older system that I'm having some issues with that I could use some advice on, especially in regards to upgrades and possible outcomes. Money is pretty tight at the moment, so I'm not talking about super high end parts or anything.
ASUS Z97-A USB 3.1
i7 4790
16 GB Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz

My BIOS is borked and I can't access it, I get a hard freeze at the page. My mobo is slowly failing. I can't access shit like boot order.
I just got a Gigabyte GA Z97X Gaming 5 from a friend of mine - it has a few bent pins but he tested it and says it works. I'm thinking about trying to fix them (it's only 3-4 pins) and move my system over to that. Problem is that I'm fucking terrified of breaking them, how hard is it to fix pins?

If the mobo works and I can move everything over, should I upgrade to a used 980 Ti? I don't have a huge budget, but it seems like a pretty nice and affordable upgrade. I can also pretty easily trade up my CPU for the k version, with just a little money involved. I don't mind buying used hardware if I know it works.
If the mobo doesn't work/I fuck up the pins, should I just buy a different used one without issues and then go for the 980, or just do a full budget upgrade to a new mobo, 9600k, and new RAM? I'm not exactly sure how much I need a CPU upgrade as I feel like I'm held back more by GPU at the moment.

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As someone with 2x monitors, (1x 1920x1080 & 1x 1366x768), I'm trying to decide on how to go about my monitor set up.
Try and buy the same 1920x1080 monitor I have and sell my 1366x768?
Or try and sell both of these to go for something like a 21:9, with the possibility of getting a secondary monitor later down the line?
I don't do anything that warrants a ton of screen real estate, so either option would be fine.

Also, since I don't play any esports titles or racing games, is there any real necessity in getting a higher than 60Hz display?
At most I might play some fairly small indie games, RPG, or an occasional older-gen shooter, and I'm fine with 60Hz (maybe until I try a 60+ Hz display).

>> No.70570093

My Motherboard has only 1 system fan header. I want to connect 2 fans to it. Is getting one of those splitters the best way or is there another way?

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So, what i've got rn is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LcnDLJ

I'm having a problem with it to where it heats up my room way too much. Anyone had this before? I'm thinking about rigging up a system to exhaust the air from it out a window.

>> No.70570130

Besides ultra SFF applications, do you think m.2 and NVMe/PCIe drives are actually worth it?

I just bought a QLC drive today, and as I'm re-installing Windows, it dawned on me that--for all the lane sharing and trade off's required to use m.2 drives, I'll probably never notice the difference.


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File: 118 KB, 800x800, 600046300-3_gr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Coolcube Maxi case. It only has 3 slots for case fans in the back. What's the ideal way to use them? Should I just make all 3 of them exhaust fans?

>> No.70570170

im not this guy but does anybody have a general guide on where to allocate fans in most important places

>> No.70570185

Apparently it has some ghosting issues.
AHHHHHHHH. Why is this so hard?

>> No.70570191

because monitors are aids. buy any cheap 144hz monitor because the rest of the specs aren't worth it.

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File: 25 KB, 128x118, kyoukosmug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're great if you never want to read the load screen text on games.

As in front/bottom intake, back/top exhaust?

>> No.70570211

yea exactly the position
i would like to get a couple more fans but not sure if its better to put it on the front or top
guess i would have to run stress tests and see the temps

>> No.70570216

Do they make 1080p 144Hz IPS freesync monitors?

>> No.70570230

When mounting a rad, is it best to put the rad or the fans directly on the case? fan>rad>case or rad>fan>case?

>> No.70570282

I built a Boson 4.0 and I'm just coming short being able to emulate a PS3

I just want to play skate again and not at 15fps

>> No.70570315

I have zero clue what to look for in a 60Hz+ monitor. Currently running 2 900p 60Hz monitors, and because they're olde monitors they're quite chunky.
I'm only even considering 60+ because of the OP. I don't even know if I'd want 75Hz or greater.
I have a Ryzen 5 1400 and RX 580 8GB.
The only games I've been playing in recent times have been Dungeon Defenders, Borderlands, and GTA5.
Anyone got any advice?

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Thinking about ordering pic related, but I've never built a mini itx before, any issues I should be aware of going in?

Would be using an AMD board/Ryzen 5, but have no intention of overclocking. main uses would be web browsing, video streaming, retro gaming, maybe virtual machines.

>> No.70570580

If you have a static pressure fan then you want a pull config since it's optimized for pulling air more efficiently through the fins of the radiator.

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File: 256 KB, 2400x1467, 1512457093827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>choosing a video card
No problem.
>choosing a CPU
>picking out a monitor
Pic related.

>> No.70570668

I wanna make a little server with my old i3 build but I only have a generic noname 400W PSU.
Is it a really bad idea to use it?

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File: 179 KB, 1024x768, thin-ITX 2400G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last I saw, that Mbest ebay seller ships internationally for free or some shit.

Ask Zbrush forums.
PS runs well on my Ryzen, though. Better than it did on my 2500k.

Neat case.
I think those are 95mm?
Get a value pack of Arctic 95mm fans.
Though those could only be 80mm... in which case it isn't even worth it. 80mm don't move much air and are generally loud. Are there bottom mount fans?
If they are 80mm, I'd see about jury rigging two side fans; having them be larger than the actual holes expose is fine.

And yes, all 3 should be exhaust if you did use the rear fans.

>any issues I should be aware of going in?
Be warned that white cases turn you into a girl

>retro gaming and web browsing
Just a 2400G in a little HTPC would be fine.
See picture related in the OP even, those thin-ITX boards are even smaller. Though cases for them are sparse. Since you're transitioning into a girl, maybe you can suck off a friend to get a case 3D printed for you.

>> No.70570785

Thanks, that's what i have rn.

>> No.70570871


How's this 1080p dude look? I call it "the gay baby."

>> No.70570927

Why is NVMe a meme? I kinda wanted one but someone here said it had shit durabilty

>> No.70571004

Only a meme if it's significantly more expensive. If it's not, then it's the somewhat decision as deciding between the Ryzen 5 2600 or 2600X.

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File: 950 KB, 3000x4000, drives.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70571056

>6+8+8 drives
Motherboard + two SAS controllers, I assume?

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File: 195 KB, 1280x824, __hisakawa_hayate_and_hisakawa_nagi_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_starlight_stage_and_etc__4364571dbeba3a3ccfb708860fecc386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally about to have enough saved to build my new PC, but don't have much of an idea of what to put in there.
>State the budget & CURRENCY
3k USD
>List your uses
Gaming, streaming, media consumption
I only have 1080ps right now but I'd like to get 4k with the computer or shortly after building it.
I also know I'll want more storage space than your average consumer. I already have 5TB on an external and would like to move away from that being my main storage and keep it as a backup.

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File: 741 KB, 4000x3000, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 355 KB, 1080x1707, Screenshot_20190415-230738__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you ready for Navi, bros?

>> No.70571144

Uh, what are they doing visiting a white supremacist neo-nazi website?

>> No.70571196

WTF I love journalism now

>> No.70571235

>any issues I should be aware of going in?
With this particular case, modular power supplies are actually your enemy. There is only about 200mm space inbetween power supply and optical+hdd mounting plate which with modular PSU half of that space would be taken by connectors and limit actual space for cable management.
With non-modular PSU you can put all (or at least more than half of them depending on power supply) of the cables in that area with only 24pin ATX and CPU power cable descending to your mobo.
If you plan on getting the model with bundled power supply, it is not of the quiet ones with rather annoying high pitch noise at loads close to peak (at least the 300W one). Better get the Lite version and something like Seasonic SSP-300SFG.
It also collects a lot of dust inside when not operating through top and side vents, consider getting magnet dust filters.
Overall the case is probably one of the most flexible ones.

>> No.70571264

If it worked when you were using your computer as a regular PC, it should work on the same set of parts now.

>> No.70571298

Low latency
Not complete shit colors
And that's really about it. It's really a matter of the extra features and resiliency of the brand for 1080p monitors.

>> No.70571316

Is the EVGA G2 750W still the best 750W PSU on the market?

>> No.70571317

If this is true then the Vega series was a total failure.

>> No.70571331

It really depends on your case and the internals. Front intake/top exhaust is popular, and you generally can't go wrong with that setup.

>> No.70571339

Using a PSU calculator, even with a R7 2700 and a Vega 56 only 400W is needed.
Is it completely pointless to get anything over 500W even if I plan to upgrade?

>> No.70571349

Get a motherboard which has VRM heatsinks at a minimum.
The rest of the build is pretty much ideal, though I prefer the comfiness of at least a 1Tb SSD.

Because you only see a difference in speed when transfering files between it and another NVMe drive. Nothing else, 100% of 99.9% is improved.

2060 buyers btfo.

As a gaming card, it wasn't ideal. Feels bad for people who paid $400+ for them.
As a compute/workstation card, it was great.

Yeah 500W would be fine with that.

>> No.70571354

It will limit your options for dual-GPUs and overclocking. Also something something efficiency curve. If that doesn't matter, you'll be fine.

>> No.70571358

I may overclock but I'll certainly never use dual GPUs

>> No.70571367

So pretty much useless for basic bitch usage?
Lower latency isn't really a huge deal when not doing anything that really needs like ~3ms quicker responses.
Also, as for colours, it still doesn't really matter, since my current monitors colours are adequate as is. Reds look red, blues look blue, etc.

>> No.70571394

Nothing outside of fringe cases makes upgrading to 1080p worth it to you, if you're happy with your 900p monitors. There might be cases where content could get a bit squished, since 1080p is basically standard at this point, but again, fringe cases.

>> No.70571420

The sites you should look at for monitors are TFT (English) and Prad (German), they are the only two monitor review sites worth their salt.
If you don't want to spend lots of time reading about detailed features of monitors then you can use https://www.prad.de/test-kaufberatung/top-10-bestenlisten/
They site lists top ten monitors by inch. First section is for gaming monitors. (Zoll is German for inch). The lists are keept simple and you can easily translate them with DeepL without losing any important information.
Note: Warranty can differ depending on your county of origin.

>> No.70571443


I'm upgrading my monitor for the first time since I scavenged some random 1280 x 1024 Dell a decade ago. My budget isn't going to go much higher than either of the two monitors I've narrowed it down to. Any suggestions? They both look decent, especially considering the price.

>> No.70571486



Anyone have experience with either of these? I've narrowed it down to these two.

>> No.70571566

What board?

>> No.70571582

>radiator says Asrock
>Z87 Extreme11
Literally written on it two times

>> No.70571722

>150W TDP

>> No.70571738

>believing larpers from /g/

>> No.70571786

>$300 Navi is expected to be +/- Vega 56 performance.
So no point in waiting on it then?

>> No.70571820

>The fact that you HAVE to under volt makes me wonder if AMD even test their own cards.
Oh they did test it, they just found that a portion of vega cards actually Needed 1.2V just to stay stable at stock.
So rather than throwing out a big portion of vegas and lowering their margins, they instead upped the voltage on all the vegas and tried to sell more of them.
Of course all the shills and drones will claim that the vegas don't need that voltage to stay stable and that you can undervolt all of them, and that AMD themselves after testing raised the voltage for no reason.
Really it's quite interesting how AMD have figured out how to appeal to gambling retards that like to buy lottery tickets in hardware form.
>maybe my amd cpu or amd gpu has the golden chip and overclocks/undervolts well

>> No.70571841
File: 17 KB, 320x320, 818867_0__8451567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want to upgrade from 8 to 16GB of ram, thinking about getting pic related, available as "16GB G.Skill Value DDR3-1600 DIMM CL11 Dual Kit". They seem to have pretty solid reviews and it's only 62€ here in Krautland. Anyone got any experience with these?

>> No.70571867
File: 73 KB, 722x517, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my mini itx pc :D

>> No.70571877
File: 170 KB, 1920x1080, Shuttle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a shitty photo too :D

>> No.70571883

Main worth in waiting is that it'll use a fair deal less power. Vega56 tends to use in the 185-250W range. Navi 150W or could be lower.
That matters to Nvidia shills a lot, to get 2060 performance for so I'm sure they'll love it and buy them as fast as AMD can make them.

>stable clock
sure in tensorflow and blender.
For gaming I haven't heard of someone being unable to undervolt significantly, like 15-20%.

Guess I'm just the luckiest person ever since all of my AMD and Nvidia cards have both OC'd at least "average".

>> No.70571884

you know I could write bullshit like that as well, doesn't mate it true though?

>> No.70571920

I have 2 4GB sticks of the same type.
They work, the older one is from 2013, the other I bought used.

>> No.70571928

>For gaming I haven't heard of someone being unable to undervolt significantly, like 15-20%.
So just like how people advertize ryzen CPUS with "you can game AND stream"while at the same time saying "you don't need that much volts on that cpu, you can undervolt it so it doesn't run so hot" but if you take both of those together then you will get a PC that crashes all the fucking time.

>Guess I'm just the luckiest person ever since all of my AMD and Nvidia cards have both OC'd at least "average".
Difference is that with Nvidia cards you get promised guaranteed performance and if you want you can OC.
With AMD majority of people bank on undervolts to make their card decent as in not hot/loud.
If the promised performance is all we are guaranteed then that is what the product should be judged on. Not silicon lottery and "think of the potential" and easily downplaying any customer that gets fucked over with "uhhh bad luck mate, care to buy another lottery ticket?"

>> No.70572144

people would say the same of Intel CPUs if they were relevant and worth buying.

>Difference is that with Nvidia cards you get promised guaranteed performance and if you want you can OC.
the fuck lmao?
AMD GPUs give you their promised advertised performance stock too, retard.
No one gets on people for saying they can apply a +60 to +130 core clock on their Nvidia card like your mentally ill self does about AMD ones. You just LITERALLY CAN NOT UNDERVOLT NVIDIA CARDS so no one mentions it. Holy fuck you seriously need to get your head checked when these facts offend you so much.

>> No.70572208


>> No.70572271

Get a higher capacity PSU, and personally I'd want more storage.

>> No.70572303

i have a 1tb laptop 2.5" hdd or whatever it is. i'll throw that in there. do i need higher capacity psu for what's here?

>> No.70572335

>As a gaming card, it wasn't ideal
I just don't get how AMD didn't realize that by simply under volting it from the factory would result in a large performance upgrade. The initial release of Vega was lukewarm because of this.

>> No.70572360
File: 79 KB, 519x717, 1529376051317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


any reason I shouldn't buy 10 of these and sell them instantly?

>> No.70572371

Go for it, anon! :-)
Dang, if I wasn't so poor I'd love to buy these to resell. :-(
Good luck, friend! :-D

>> No.70572400

>the fuck lmao?
Nobody is advertizing Nvidia GPUS based on "but you can over clock it" or "but you can totally make it not hot/loud if you just undervolt it"
Literally all of nvidia GPUs are
>here is the stock version, here is the performance, here is the cooling, sound and so on
Nobody goes "yeah well the 2060 runs hot, but if you can undervolt it and HOPE that your chip is good enough that you can get lower voltages while keeping stability/performance.

>You just LITERALLY CAN NOT UNDERVOLT NVIDIA CARDS so no one mentions it. Holy fuck you seriously need to get your head checked when these facts offend you so much.
Maybe because nvidia cards aren't housefires that need to be undervolted? Maybe because they run usually 100W lower than AMD conterparts?
No, couldn't be that.

>> No.70572408

Hey, dumb nidnog, let me repeat since you clearly missed it with how stupid you are: you literally can't undervolt Pascal, Volta, and Turing cards. You can't adjust their voltage since Maxwell.
Back when you COULD undervolt Nvidia cards with Maxwell, yes people did suggest to do that.

>> No.70572453

>Hey, dumb nidnog, let me repeat since you clearly missed it with how stupid you are:
You don't need to undervolt Pascal, Volta, and Turing cards, because unlike Vega cards which are dogshit, they come good out of the factory and don't leave it to the user to fix it.
It runs far more power efficient with more performance, it literally doesn't need fixing in the first place, again unlike vega.
YET somehow, you insane faggot suggest that getting a shit product for higher price and then having to spend time trying to fix it is a "perk"

>> No.70572454

A quick calculator online says your build will pull 477 W max load just with CPU, GPU, and RAM. Most people will build a little more buffer in their PSU wattage so you're not quite as high up on the curve. PSUs have different efficiencies at different % of max wattage. I suspect that it will also last longer if running at lower wattage load but I am by no means an expert. All I can say is most builds I see with parts on the level of 8700k/1080Ti have a 650 W PSU at minimum.

>> No.70572460


>> No.70572498
File: 401 KB, 1000x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zotac or gigabyte?

>> No.70572509

> Price:US $58.88
> Shipping: FREE UPS Worldwide Express Plus
Shipping here from the US costs anything from $50 to $100, and you believe some sucker would basically give you something for free? The sucker is you.
I bet the reason why you wouldn't is that they don't exist.

>> No.70572528


>> No.70572564

Neither, if possible.

>> No.70572573

I'm asking for them because they are my only "cheap" options available here not because I like then you pieces of shit
And I still have a 460 from gigabyte working just fine so what the fucking shit is wrong with it anyways

>> No.70572582

Ryzen 1700X VS Ryzen 2600?
2 extra cores and presumably better single core performance from better binning and a higher end SKU, but the 2600 is more efficient and a little cheaper.

>> No.70572614

Yep just hand over your full name address phone number and paypal info to the chinks.
What could go wrong?

>> No.70572621


>> No.70572627

Okay, sure, but unironically is there any idea as to when Zen2 is being at the very least announced.

>> No.70572639

1st May (50th anniversary) earliest, 29th (computex) latest.

>> No.70572861


Yeah I used to like Gigabyte.
They went WAY WAY WAY fucking downhill like holy shit.

wat? 2600 has higher single threaded than the 1700X, especially in games.
The poor memory latency of Ryzen 1000 series hurts it a lot. They're good for home servers, production PC, etc, but even the 1800X is significantly worse than the 2600X for gaymes.

>> No.70572952
File: 7 KB, 970x42, retard_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go for it Anon, don't be the guy who misses out

>> No.70572998

I'd argue that for a desktop general that the Intel security flaws are not a problem. If you're downloading and running code by an adversary who intends to get ring 0 access there's probably 20 other things they'd do before exploiting hardware flaws. You'd have to have a really specific and nuanced need for "secure" hardware before ruling out Intel CPUs on that factor, and that simply does not apply to general PC building.

It's a transparent attempt to remove Intel CPUs from the general thread due to fanboyism

>> No.70573041

Friend, the vulnerabilities (only) on Intel CPUs can be executed through JAVASCRIPT. You don't have to download and run an executable.
They could also be secretly pushed through, say, Steam game updates without being detected.

>> No.70573220


FUCK Intel and FUCK RTX as well

>> No.70573255

The browser vendors are working to secure the browsers, the fact that millions of PC's aren't being popped I think is evidence this isn't actually a problem in the wild.

You can push all sorts of updates through platforms already you either trust a platform or you don't. There's nothing to stop a dev on steam updating their game so the exe requires admin privs to run, and the users are just going to elevate it when they run and see the prompt and then that code can do whatever it likes to your PC including abuse other OS bugs and other application and service bugs/vulns.

For you to care about hardware vulns like this you already need to have a system that is secure, those are highly specialist systems designed and operated by experts. The proof is in the pudding, this isn't a mass problem for the millions of intel CPU owners.

>> No.70573470

i just bought a gpu from ebay and seller immediately removed the item and closed his account. i have to wait to file a dispute because i can't prove anything but its obvious i got niggered

>> No.70573775

well, this is stupid, but what happen if I have an hdd connected only with the sata data, will it damage something?

>> No.70573788

with no power i doubt it will even appear on mobo settings

>> No.70573794

>It's a transparent attempt to remove Intel CPUs from the general thread due to fanboyism
It's AMDrone shill season

It's a well coordinated shill job that can only quelled by ignoring the OP

>> No.70573936

yes, it doesn't appear, but can the hdd take some damage in this case?

>> No.70573958

it really shouldnt

>> No.70573967

Based, Shitel faggots should get the bullet.

>> No.70574012

well, I thought the same thing, thanks anon

>> No.70574018
File: 58 KB, 2000x1543, 1535238777119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70574026
File: 292 KB, 600x480, product_7_20180716111704_5b4c0e302f5a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got experiences with this board?
I ended up getting it for my build and it should arrive soon, will i regret it?

>> No.70574031

It's a solid board with a decent VRM design.

>> No.70574052
File: 1.45 MB, 600x632, test-bygge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just slapped together a little something in under an hour to see prices and what is available where I live, you can pretty much ignore the graphics card honestly I just chose it because it had the most middle price of all the top end 2080ti's, so Sweden is fucking trash when it comes to buying parts imho, what would you guys think be an actual choice regarding graphics cards and RAM memory or whatever?

>> No.70574092

Sick, thanks for the info anon.

>> No.70574124

What the fuck do you want exactly? gaming, video editing, jacking off to poorly optimized porn games?

>> No.70574131

>akshlully buying w10 key
cdkey has OEM keys for like 15 usd

dont get the meme i9 9k, get a earlier i9
can that casing even take the aio?
2666 memory is trash on high end intel, try 3200
gj withthe SSD do you even know what it cools into?

what is your monitor resolution? that is what would dictate almost everything else on your build

>> No.70574306

I usually spend my free-time playing games, but I do plan on helping a friend with video editing a bit on the side actually, maybe I should've mentioned some of this.
Yeah I was only checking what it would cost to just get everything in one place, it's not like I intended to buy that exact thing.

That casing can take 2 aio's, one triple fan in front and one double on top, but alright I'll see what the prices will be with an 3200 memory set and what do you mean by "cools into" it's a heatsink to spread the heat away from the ssd itself, do you mean where the heat goes after that?
I have at the moment two monitors both running standard 1080p atm because that's all my 780ti can really handle, but I was looking to bump up to native 1440p at the least.

>> No.70574347

Inet has been getting worse prices the last couple of years, check prisjakt.

Riktigt bögig build med overpriced shit btw

>> No.70574349

is a 550w psu enough for an i5 8400 + 1070ti?

>> No.70574362

yes absolutely

>> No.70574394

Ok, jag får väl kolla prisjakt va de säger, men vad skulle du säga är överprisat annars, jag skulle säga ssdn är nog den största boven när det gäller överprisat, nästan allt annat är det rea på, men det visas inte på bilden.

>> No.70574456

Först och främst, vad försöker du uppnå? 1440p 144hz ? 800FPS i CS? Annars finns det inte mycket mening med 9900k & 2080ti... Båda dessa är overpriced bara för att de är de snabbaste just nu. Hela builden ser lite ut som du sorterat på högst pris och tagit det översta.

SSDn är extrem ja, för till spel och OS är SATA lika snabbt som NVME. Cracka windows 10 LTSB/C.

>> No.70574496


>jacking off to poorly optimized porn games?

Yes, plenty.
Get a 2600/X instead though baka

>> No.70574570

Aa 2080ti'n är bara där för jag ville se hur mycket det skulle kosta, för 1660/ti är typ bara snäppet bättre än 1070n i vissa lägen och jag vet inte hur lönt det är med rtx 2060, 2070 alls om man ens kan dra nytta av rtx skiten eller inte, jag vill egentligen vänta om de tänkte göra något bättre 1600 serie kort men ja 1440p 144Hz hade nog varit en ganska schysst uppgradering från det jag har haft nu i typ 8 år.
Där är nog bara en del som var från toppen av listan och det var aio'n, jag försökte lite mer än bara sortera högsta priset.

>> No.70574603

if I get a 1440p120 monitor and connect my 1080p60 monitor I heard I'll have tears on both of them. if I turn off the 1080p monitor will it fix itself?

>> No.70574669

you should be fine afaik.
Nvidia GPU can have problems with mismatch multiples on the refresh rates, but 120 is a multiple of 60 and shouldn't have problems even on Nvidia.

>> No.70574720

Y s but seriously consider a Ryzen 2600x over that, an 8400 will show it's age much much sooner.

I use 144hz and a 60hz on the side and I've never experienced this so you should be fine.

>> No.70574727

Nobody should buy Intel CPUs after this disaster.

>> No.70574761

these are interesting prospects

>> No.70574813

>Consider 75hz display minimum; 60hz are old models
This is the stupidest shit I've ever read.

>> No.70575022

>i5 4690k
>gtx 770
>1440p60hz monitor
Playing old-ass Vanilla WoW heats up the CPU to ~190°F, idling in Windows Explorer ~140°F. Would replacing the fan that came with the CPU have a significant impact? And if so, which one is recommended?

>> No.70575057

>replacing the fan that came with the CPU
you overclocked with stock fan?
get a 2 slot radiator and some fans to blow air around your case

>> No.70575112

I mean a AiO
and as for impact, there's no way you aren't thermal throttling so this should even make your pc faster

consider trashing that gpu for something newer

>> No.70575195
File: 81 KB, 527x404, dvdrw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know anything about DVDRWs? I got my hands on a bunch, but don't know enough about which is best. The best 2 of these?

Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7201S
Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7240S
Samsung SH-S223 ver.F
Samsung (for HP) TS-H653 / HPTHF

>> No.70575200

>you overclocked with stock fan?
Na it's not overclocked. I just recently started gaming on this thing again so I thought something was fishy...

>> No.70575231 [DELETED] 


>> No.70575247

>ryzen 2600X going for $180
sirs, do the needful

>> No.70575249

wtf stop smashing the keyboard

>> No.70575266


>> No.70575267
File: 95 KB, 1104x399, xh310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning to build a small value desktop for everyday use and basic gaming. Plan to run it on Mint or maybe Ubuntu. I don't game much and when then I mostly play some Paradox games or Civ. Plan is to have the box run for 5+ years and have a good value build. happy for comments
Shuttle Barebone XH310
Intel Core i5-8500
Crucial MX500 2TB
Crucial CT16G4SFD824A (1x, 16GB, DDR4-240
Shuttle WLAN-Kit M.2
$840 in total.

>> No.70575311

if your case allows a aio you can still use it for top tier gaming with some overclock.

you would not choke a 2060 for instance. what's your memory, might be the only hinder you can't bypass

>> No.70575326

it's in the fucking op
don't fucking use a single memory stick

>> No.70575352

>don't fucking use a single memory stick

>> No.70575436


how much of a meme is this guide? i was gonna basically build this but with a 2080 and a 1tb samsung ssd instead

>> No.70575451

it's slow specially on a pc with no gpu
just get a 2x8gb set
also igpu can't do gaems well. look for itx or sff gpus, for 1080p gaming even a 1050ti will max everything

>> No.70575462

meant to say r7 2700x and a 1tb ssd, i'll probably still be using a 2060

>> No.70575510

Shuttle Barebone XH310
Intel Core i5-8500
Crucial MX500 2TB
2 x Corsair Vengeance (1x, 8GB, DDR4-2400, SO-DIMM 260 pin)
Shuttle WLAN-Kit M.2


>> No.70575565

I don't like using wireless for gaming and I still think you should have a gpu
could consider a heatsink and possibly one regular fan for neutral airflow
all dis optional tho, that's good for a sleeper pc that doesn't game amazingly

>> No.70575671

There's been a guy on my local craigslist trying to sell a stack of them for months now

>> No.70575687

Name a better case than Fractal's DEFINE series. I'll wait...

>> No.70575706

I like them but my gut tells me I should go for the airflow meme with something like a meshify or a 500p mesh

>> No.70575793

What should I do if I want a Ryzen 3xxx but I really have no need to upgrade and security concerns don't seem like a big deal to me? I have a garbo CPU (i5 7500) but it does everything I need it to. Wait till Ryzen 4xxx?

>> No.70575822
File: 129 KB, 694x872, 87001070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


$1400-1500 and I can have the PC that I've been dreaming about for a while. What do you guys think?

>> No.70575835


>does everything I need it to

this isn't /pcbg/ type discussion but it sounds like you're restless and need an outlet.

>> No.70575839

buy amd, sir. 50th aniversary 2700x, very good cpu, do the needful

>> No.70575861


>> No.70575875

Don't fucking do it

>> No.70575887

>8700 non K
>noctua cooler
>b360 BlingMobo
Is this a joke?No wonder why retards like you purchase intel.

>> No.70575897


Why not? CAS 15 at a good price?

>> No.70575911

I just need conspicuous consumption: If I can track down another itch to scratch before July I'll probably wait. But right now I want it.

>> No.70575916

The 2600X is only $180 right now. I'm so fucking tempted to pull the trigger.

>> No.70575929


>cpu that will last for the next 5-6 years
>cooler that will allow for full turbo in htpc case
>easily the best b360 itx board

>> No.70576068

>There's a 2700X 50th anniversary edition.
kek so much for the 16 cores 5 ghz anniversary chip ayydoredtv ""leaked"""

>> No.70576093
File: 74 KB, 1112x833, intel efficiency.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New security vulnerability every month
>6 years is 72 months
>72 new vulnerabilities
Lmao it's going to be worse than a 486 in 6 years of security patches.
More directly, trying to keep a 8700 cool in a hot mITX case is an exercise in futility.
Not only is the power consumption stupidly high on i7s, the shitty TIM makes them retardedly difficult to cool so you need at least a real 185W TDP cooler which doesn't fit in a mITX case.
Further, a 2600/X costs like half as much and is MORE than plenty enough for a 1070.

cool blog

If userreviews are fine, just go for it really.

>> No.70576118

No one takes that pajeet neet seriously anymore.

>> No.70576231


a lot of people use this same setup and report that temps hit 65-75 under load.


>> No.70576277

a lot of people who
i hava a i7 non ocable, im with the amdtards, either get the K processor with the z board or go amd.
also get memory with 3000mhz at least and ensure you have the most fans that case can have. i lost 2 mobos because they cooked slowly by the processor heat on a stock cooler since one fan in the case broke and i literally couldnt find a 80mm fan to replace it

>> No.70576295

Oh it's the non-k lmao. So it's just a more expensive 2600X.

>> No.70576299

So I know a bunch of people will greentext meme me, but how interested would you all be in ordering PCs from me if I could offer 12-24 month 0% financing for maybe a 20% upcharge on the actual components and a warranty if financed and 10% if paid in full at the time of ordering?

If not you specifically, do you think this would actually be reasonable or am I way too expensive?

I have a business with a major finance partnership, but have been kicking around opening a boutique shop since I know a bunch of people want certain parts in their builds but don't want some chink off-brand components.

>> No.70576315


the one thing about ordering a pc that is built with the parts you want is that the builder works out all the bugs and offers warranty work too

>> No.70576323

2700x can be matched by a i5 8th gen

>> No.70576362

Right, which is why I stated it would have a warranty, lol.

I wouldn't necessarily build ANYTHING, since I hate some parts that are known for being pieces of shit. I.E. I wouldn't use shit HDDs or SSDs just to lower the budget or anything else that is known to hate each other as far as compatibility. I'm thinking I would have a few layouts for certain budgets and offer different options like air vs. AIOs, AMD vs. intel, storage amounts, NVMe, wifi, etc.

>> No.70576408

I bought a pcie 4x to m.2 adapter, but I fucked up.. my motherboard has a 1x, NOT a 4x pcie slot. Will this retarded setup work: I bought a pcie 1x to pcie 16x adapter. Will the 4x m.2 adapter fit in the 1to16x adapter? And will this retarded setup even give me SSD speeds?

>> No.70576438

>pcie 1x to pcie 16x adapter
A what?
You know you can just put the card in a spare x16 slot right? It fits.

>> No.70576450

sell used and buy a PCIE1x SSD like any normal retard

or this
dont stick it in a PCI slot. it looks like a PCIE but reversed

>> No.70576521

It'll work but you're limited to x1 speeds

>> No.70576539

My motherboard has only 1x16 and 1x1. The 1x16 is being used by my gpu

Do you think the setup will work or no?

>> No.70576558

Pointless. Just return the ssd, get a sata version or just save the money towards a build that can actually use it.

>> No.70576575

>Intel Core i9 9900k Coffee Lake Processor Socket 1151 3.6ghz
>Gigabyte Aorus Z390i Pro Wifi Motherboard Socket 1151 Ddr4
I feel like I should go with AMD instead, what do you think? I have 1070 from my old setup, the processor broke down so I just need a new motherboard and processor

>> No.70576590

what are you planning on doing

>> No.70576592

What do you even play that needs an i9? Would it be just as good with a significantly cheaper AMD build?

>> No.70576636

The m.2 was salvaged from my (broken) laptop so it didn't cost anything

>> No.70576702


>> No.70576859

Nvm, I'll just go with a 2700 or 2600x

>> No.70576938

2600X will outpace a 1070 as it is. Why waste money?

Only way I can see a "small boutique shop" working if it's in some geeky area, yet isn't high rent like San Fran, and you got shit from China that you can't buy in the US like Thin-ITX and custom milled cases.

>> No.70577013

Yeah, I thought so, I'll just go 2600x and a x470/b450 mobo that is no asrock

>> No.70577021

It really is weird how much talk you read of Intel shills, and yet AMD shilling is mostly all I ever see on /g/

>> No.70577027
File: 21 KB, 252x633, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a good deal for 1040 euro?

>> No.70577189

>actual Intel Users are actually gaming at this moment
>Intel Shills are actually i7 Skylake users who have buyer's remorse.

>> No.70577199

Just wait?

>> No.70577208

Buy Noctua products, sirs.

>> No.70577248

what if ryzen 3600x sucks bros

>> No.70577258

2600X is still good and will be even cheaper?

>> No.70577265

I'm sure it totally doesn't. That's gotta be why it's such a secret and we haven't heard anything yet, r-right?

>> No.70577266

What if you're still crying over your Skylake shit.

>> No.70577270

Why would you get a 6 core cpu in 2019? Even consoleturds are going to be running on 8 core chips.

>> No.70577287

Aren't they already? Why would consoleros and their video game machines influence me and my decisions?

>> No.70577309

At least it will be cheap ... r-right bro?

>> No.70577370

AMD have been dead silent about their new desktop processors. Remember the CES presentation, Lisa Su was shitting bricks during the demo too.
It looks like their new CPUs aren't going to be that great and they're not very confident about them.

>> No.70577388

This. The worst case scenario is that the 2600x (goat budget cpu) becomes even cheaper.

>> No.70577403

i need to RMA my motherboard, what am i in for, i broke the pcie retention clip, lost the clip, accidentally threw out the anti static bag, put all my screws and other shit all mixed up in my power supply box and the whole thing was 100% my fault

>> No.70577418

I told you faggot, scamazon it.
RMA will get you nowhere.

>> No.70577439

and intel shills are desperate right now.

>> No.70577450

Send it back to amazon. They don't check fucking ANYTHING. I've bought a second hand mobo from their amazon warehouse deals that was missing a shitload of bits, so i sent it back. I've returned a new mobo myself and genuinely forgot to put bits back in and they said nothing

>> No.70577471

They don't give a fuck about desktops. They realized the big bucks are in the server and console market so they're focusing on that.

>> No.70577495

The i5 9400F is cheaper and BTFOs the 2600x.

>> No.70577497

exploring options, making a round of calls today, if i cant get a decent price scamazon it is, i got the board on sale, if it costs anymore then the savings i got on it then i guess i wont have much of a choice, been puttin off to, im not lookin forward to being without a pc for a week, i guess atleast with your way the only downtime will be the time it takes to swap the board out

>> No.70577513

No, especially if you want a mobo with XMP ram support

>> No.70577516

It doesn't though, you get maybe 2-5 more frames at 1080p at the cost of not being able to do anything while your game.

>> No.70577520

delete this right now sir, ryzen is better

>> No.70577557

>ddr4 prices keeps falling down

How long will this last guys?

>> No.70577570

>still forcing this shitty meme
How boring is it to live your life, brother?

>> No.70577578

>newer product is better
stop the presses
I do hope AMD comes out with Zen 2 before intel makes the 9400f expensive though because otherwise why bother when intel is faster and cheaper.

>> No.70577610
File: 747 KB, 819x772, 1540206891136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a cheap micro/mini atx build, no case, no graphics card
I don't have any brand preferences

>> No.70577662

But i don't do anything while I game. I'm not some autistic faggot using discord or playing anime music on the background

>> No.70577692

ah yes, because you need 16 threads to listen to music or web browsing while you game. lmao you fell for the marketing scheme

>> No.70577707

if all you want is a facebook and youtube machine this is pretty much as cheap as you can go with new parts:
If you actually want to do something with it I'd get a cheap B450 motherboard with a Ryzen 2400G

>> No.70577716

Hello sir, 12 threads minimum for gaming and 16 gb vram. Do the needful.

>> No.70577746

>giant a are you faggot! fucking
lol japan and their backwards reading

>> No.70577778

>intel get called poo
>ryzen gets called poo
>instant replies from butthurt anons

>> No.70577780

Check the listings on your favorite retailer. The cheapest 24" 1080p screens I could find were 75 Hz TNs. DVI is also dead.

>> No.70577795

best pc monitors for gaming is there a cheat sheet around these parts partners?

>> No.70577809

I actually own intel cpus, just wondering why you're still trying to fucking forcing it?

>> No.70577845

because it gets him replies and amd indians get upset?

>> No.70577882

You mean you? 90% of the time no one even responds unless they're posing the same question I am.

>> No.70577896

I would think a 3 GHz Nehalem dualcore would struggle with modern video codecs so even as an HTPC I would hesitate. What's the phase count on that vrm? LGA1156 chips are going for pennies these days. You can probably get a Lynnfield/Bloomdfield i7 or Xeon 4c/8t. Even the cheapest 2 GB VRAM gpu on ebay could improve it. How many memory DIMMs are there?

>> No.70577902


>> No.70577947
File: 63 KB, 602x1200, image5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been using a ThinkCenter M71e with a sandybridge i3 as my "server" for some time.
I want to start hosting a plex server and maybe a minecraft server for some friends and it just cant handle it.

What CPU+Mobo combo should I go for? Used is more than ok with me.

>> No.70577953

2700x/x470 or i5 9400f/b360m?
Both gigabyte mobos btw

>> No.70577968

do the needful sir and wait for ryzen 3000 and x570 motherboards, regards

>> No.70578021

Go for the cheaper 2600x+B450

>> No.70578044

unless you are impatient unironically this >>70577968

I'm a bit surprised about the comparison though, the 2700x is the top of the line but the 9400f is a pretty low end CPU.

>> No.70578073

Very neat, Says it pushes 4k too. Thanks Anon.

>> No.70578100

>dual fan Vega 56 $20-30 cheaper than dual fan RTX 2060
Why even recommend the 2060 at all?

>> No.70578108

because 2060 gives better performance and ray tracing while being quieter/cooler

>> No.70578115
File: 776 KB, 845x886, 1405873487000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to install my new stuff this weekend...

How 5000 IQ would it be to blow out dust with an airbrush and then use a toothbrush+ rubbing alcohol to scrub?

>> No.70578116

Anyone here with a knowledge on the performance of i58400 vs i79700?
I dont really need the 4k, even 1080p 60fps is enough

>> No.70578119

>wanting Anons to burn down their houses
cmon now

>> No.70578128

oh now that you remind me: I forgot that the J4205 is actually the older board and the J4105 is the one I wanted to link. No big difference but you need DDR3 SO-ram for the J4205 and I gave you DDR4.

>> No.70578164

Sir, vega is very power efficient, just undervolt

>> No.70578207

The 8400 will be more than enough for 60fps

>> No.70578240

Hmmmm..... I have several Sun Sparcstations and an SGI Indy that I've used for parts over the years. Thinking about using the cases by fitting them with an x86 motherboard and installing Linux for a modern *nix workstation. This would fit well in a pizzabox case. Only issue is how thin of a PSU I can get. And recommendations for a thin PSU to match that board? It only needs to run the motherboard, no GPU or anything else.

>> No.70578257

I frequently see graphs posted in these threads where the vega 56 beats the 2060 by not a small amount.

>> No.70578281

You mean just the opposite, right?

>> No.70578312

How much power are we talking? They make laptop bricks with 24pin end for up to 200W desktop motherboards or so, enough for a mildly powerful CPU but no chance if you want a dedicated GPU. Take a look at the Streacom website for example.
Smallest regular PSU form factor is SFX which comes in all falvors from 300W to 750W modular. Decently small already but still a bit of a brick. Look at Silverstone, Corsair.
Then there is the absolute smallest standardised form factor flex-ATX which is just like a tubular thingy. Small , expensive and not too powerful. Silverstone and Seasonic make one, maybe up to 400W? Not sure but might not be worth the hassle.

>> No.70578318

In power consumption yes, it uses a lot more than the 2060.

>> No.70578360

>higher is better
top kek

>> No.70578480

Thanks. I don't need anything more than an iGPU and quad core CPU, so I don't think I'll need a very powerful PSU.

>> No.70578513

What's a reasonable CPU to use with a GTX 1080?

>> No.70578539


>> No.70578541

2600+ the X version are good up enough for 1080ti.

>> No.70578544

I've used an air compressor for many years without ever having damaged a thing. High percentage isopropyl is good, 99%+ can be found online for less than $10.

>> No.70578606

Then I'd say get a 120W or even better 150W brick from Streacom or whoever is available at your location.

>> No.70578630

is that ~1300 usd? looks good actually

>> No.70578667

whats the difference between the special anti static brushes and just using a normal toothbrush? is it a big deal?

My only concern with an airbrush specifically is that it's a metal tip, dunno if anyone has experience with.

>> No.70578708

A kinda stupid question, but i want to up my GPU, im sitting on a 1070ti at the moment, but fuckin shit, i kinda want to skip this whole generation of RTX, any clue when there could be a release of new GPUs?

>> No.70578756

I guess i5 4760 was bottlenecking my 1050ti and replacing it with 2600x made games run 60+fps
Pardon me for being a dumbass, I'm still new to this shit

>> No.70578794

either wait for navi memery or 2 years from now we might get new gpus from novidya with rtx on

owner of a i7 2nd gen here
what was your memory? i also had a 1050ti and my 1080p60 was never under 60 fps

>> No.70578803

Lol isn't the Radeon VII a better deal than the RTX 2080 considering the price? $50 to $100 (for overclocked cards) dollars cheaper

>> No.70578814

Good itx case and mobo for
Reference 1080

I wanna make a frag box cause i use a server for work now. As of now ive been looking at the node 202

>> No.70578820

>navi is the only thing coming out in near future
life is pain

>> No.70578834

It used to be 2x 4gb ram but since a friend gave me an 8 gb single one, I decided to buy something new, I'll probably a second 8gb

>> No.70578854

Silverstone FT03 Mini, ML07
Fractal Define Nano or Phanteks Evolv ITX
Thermaltake Core V1

>> No.70578926

you did it
you ruined your own FPS
with uneven memory sizes the CPU chokes because it needs to use single channel to access the memory thats not paired
the reason you cant do 60 fps on a 1050ti is because you choked your processor with shit memory configuration

reinsert the 2x4gb sticks and behold your FPS reach its max
might need to check memory speed and voltage methinks. those settings are for the whole memory and 2 memory sticks of different properties can also be fucking with you.

>> No.70579084

Any suggestions of a ram for 9400f+B360? I still can't wrap my dumbass head on rams
I need 16gb

>> No.70579200

any 3000 cheap ram will do, intel isn't as sensitive on ram as ryzen

>> No.70579268

Plastic toothbrushes can produce electrostatic discharge while natural bristle toothbrushes and anti static brushes should'nt. I've cleaned several xbox 360s using dollar store toothbrushes without a problem and if the brush bristles are fully immersed in the alcohol I dobubt it would matter much but I would use a natural toothbrush or anti static brush on more valuable equipment just to be on the safe side. A natural toothbrush can be found for about $5 so they're pretty affordable if you want to minize potential risk to your mobo.

>> No.70579451
File: 66 KB, 189x223, 1551810891952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate my first build pls

>> No.70579481

get a SSD. 250gb is enuff

>> No.70579490
File: 31 KB, 644x528, help me im dumb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so i have this old computer and i want to upgrade so i can do some gayming again, is there anything i can recycle or is it a whole new rig on the agenda for me?

>> No.70579494

Thanks, I'll try for 3200 with the gigabyte b360

>> No.70579515


>> No.70580238

Use bicarbonate after unclogging with a god for your life, chew your food for you to add your avatar Id pay to see those titties Jess B from Baltimore.
Considering how vulnerable the cop would be amazing.

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