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>(Segmentation Fault)

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put me in the screenshot

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>his code needs debugging
Just end it senpai

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I honestly want to kms, It took me 2 hours to finish my recitation. ty for reading my blogpost

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You're right in languages that aren't total shit like C you don't have to use debuggers.

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another one.
please tell me what is it like?

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You can see which line in a debugger by looking at the last line that was executed.

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Why don't you step through it line by line?

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>he doesn't know how to use a debugger

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>he doesn't know about ASan

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learn to use gdb and stop whining

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now you know why I switched out of CS. Unless you LOVE coding and can't imagine not doing it as a job, you should get out while you still can. CS is only going to get lower paid as time goes on

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bt you imbecile

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friendly reminder that windows has the most powerful debugging engine

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it's A-San you uncultured swine

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Use gdb, brainlet.

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Stop telling people to quit just because you are too retarded to complete anything in your life

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>Not using Clang

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