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Please help me out in my retardation. I'm simply trying to subtract the number of days between the date in a cell and today. It keeps displaying a date in 1900 instead. I tried the DAYS function too. Same result. Everything online says it should work. What gives?

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Check the D column formatting - it might be set to show the returned number as a date instead of, well, a number.

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(so the formula is correct, but the output cells in column D are interpreting the result - eg '3' - as a date. as in, 3 days from the start of 1900, thus displaying 01/03/19)

...I think

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Like this, OP.

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Thanks smart friend

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And thank you as well. I knew i could count on /g/

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No problem; payment is via the usual method. I've sent you the details. Make it look like an accident

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