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has /g/ ever built anything cool with microcontrollers?

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fucking pajeet

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i was going to build a brass annealer, but I can get away with regular timers that come with a display.

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I built a dildo rig that vibrates at 7am, promptly waking me up with an orgasm. I used a mac to code it

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Im studying computer science and I have to deal with this little fuckers.

Currently I'm writing a microcontroller independent driver for the ESP-01 wifi modules since we have to use them in our project and there isn't any nice api for them.

After that I'll have to write a minimal http client to post data to a webservice via the esp.

If somebody knows a minimal C library which is capable of creating http request for further usage I'd be greatful.

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which brand dildo and how?

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electric drumkit

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Fuck microcontrollers and fuck FPGAs

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I'm building a controller for my apartment AC unit, which is so ancient and awful it has no timer or thermostat.

One esp8266 in the bedroom measures the room temperature and reports it to another one attached to the AC, which has a display & controls to set desired temp

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did you use node.js?

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Did you remember to wear cute programming socks?

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cool clock ahmed

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