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delet now

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I fucking hope so

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It's a cute proof of concept but it's fundamentally unsuitable for production code
Just wait for C tooling to improve

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>tfw waiting for 20 years

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nah some other language will come along and you'll be able to read about rust in history books as "that fag language" and everybody is going to have a laugh hahahaha

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You posted no picture, because there is no such face, because C is so fast you never have to wait

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>you'll be able to read about rust in history books
I'm impressed that you think this will happen

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how fast will be it be do?

can it really outperform c in complex programs?

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or maybe nobody will ever optimize their shit because there's no need to since hardware will be so fast. js OS when

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>having a program run 10 faster just by switching to rust is not worth it because hardware will be so fast

fucking kill yourself

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This. Hardware doubles in speed every year. In 2005 we were still on 3GHz processors. In ten more years just imagine how much faster they will be...

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>Just wait
I thought Bell labs made C not amd.

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Not yet but it's faster than C++ now.

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>OS based around Rust
>self-hosted GCC ported very early thanks to light dependency on small portion of posix
>meanwhile porting rustc log-going hard word
>will require GSoC to be viable
>cargo not even in most optimistic dreams
portable self-hosting compiler toolchain would be nice

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>Just wait for C tooling to improve
haha well meme'd

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And then Go will destroy rust

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>a fucking go fag

basically java without the interesting things and slower

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>esperanto will destroy english

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Go is nothing like that pajeet language, is faster and is much more interesting

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swift will destroy them all

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oh weird, but redox isn't posix so that makes sense

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>Hz is an absolute performance metric
Aaaaaand your input is trash.

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Is that the stupid Apple language? Almost forgot it existed.

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languages are too fragmented nowadays. C/C++ had too long to achieve dominance, now everybody else is left fighting for scraps
admittedly the massive infusions of Mozilla cash are helping Rust, but it's too frustrating for humans to use.
if you need memory safety and you're not writing embedded code / drivers, use a fucking GC'ed language and stop being a whiny faggot. 99.9% of people who complain about GC have never benchmarked their specific use case or made any attempt to try it out.
I know some retard who can't be persuaded to leave VB6 for any modern, useful language because of the GC bogeyman. holy shit the delusion.

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swift is the only thing apple makes that is good anymore. thank fuck you can use it on non applel devices.

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No you can't

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not likely
rust is on its way out
the day in the sun is over for rust
experienced developers try rust and don't like it
projects are switching away from rust
core rust devs are abandoning ship
there's still nothing useful written in rust like there is Go
rust is being compared to C++ much to the chagrin of rust devs
even the logo isn't rustling jimmies like it used to
It's so sad, I'm not even going to give you a bump

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what a fucking shill
in few weeks firefox is going to upgrade its core to rust

game over c fag

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A lot of people don't know how to optimize code for a garbage collector and that's where the misconception lies. It doesn't help that what you need to do depends on the architecture. Like in Java allocations are extremely cheap but deallocating objects tanks performance. So you should declare huge Chuck's of objects and keep them in scope as long as possible.

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>caring about furryfox

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Forgot to take your hrt again, seething tranny?

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about as long as it takes to compile hello world in Rust then

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Botnet that uses speck

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> hello world
> 3 mb binary

Yeah no.

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Redox would be interesting if they just kept it to a TTY and focused on making a good kernel. But they've instead decided to waste time building a GUI and terminal emulator and shit when it will never be usable.

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> a company that invested millions of dollars in a language is going to try to use it.

Big sign anon.

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kek, I just downloaded the ISO. It's currently 49MB. Terry achieved more in 2MB than Rust trannies can in 49MB.

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get woke
go broke

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