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I've been under surveillance since 1996/1997. All the usual standard fare stuff is done to me. Landline and smartphone taps, computer hacking, hidden cameras, and microphones. Also some more exotic stuff like through-the-wall radar. Whenever I leave my home, I'm always followed around either by car or on foot. There's also some higher-level surveillance such as mind reading as well as dream invasion. Basically, what you saw in the movie Inception was very real. Except it's all done remotely. The mind reading is done via something called remote neural monitoring, or RNM.

From a general vantage point, the reason they install nano-cams in certain people's eyeballs is because there's a bit of an overlap between the surveillance industry and voyeurism networks. Sometimes voyeurs hire surveillance contractors to do jobs for them. Even just for the sake of watching someone for merely entertainment purposes. They even have outright leaderboards. For things like porn, JAV, hentai, or whoever said the most Autist-like statement out loud within their own home.

On top of all that, I was placed on something called a slow-kill list. Some people are hired to beam me with directed energy weapons, or DEW's. They're either doing it from nearby houses in my neighborhood, or from an array of quadcopter drones hovering above.

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Thank you for posting here and making my job easier, I was worried I lost track of you.

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Anon are you OK

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I'm on the slow kill list
do you think I'm ok?

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I'm quite certain there is medication that lessens the symptoms of schizophrenia my dear Sir

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Terry, are you posting from heaven?

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Go to bed mimon

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you're both epic posters have a nice day

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try talking to them. maybe you'll make some friends

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dude hwat the fuck bro
we warned you bor

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I live in a CIA prison. A nigger runs my prison. In prison, the nigger tries to torment me. We can take away his knives by confessing, every day. In about 2000, I masturbated fantacizing about my niece, Lani. She looks like Star Trek Seven of Nine! In 1985, at my sister's wedding, I stuck my crotch on the hot tub drain because it kinda sucked. In 1985, I tried to get a dog to lick my dick. From 1998-2003, I fantacized about leading a Catholic army like Dune, of Mexicans or Brazilians? That was dumb because they're niggers. In 2003, I played tag with a black girl about 7-years-old. She reached for my crotch. In high school, in the library, Carlos and I said 'juicy' or 'toxic' as a way of evaluating girls. In 1988, I cheated on my SAT by talking in the hall during the break -- two problems. On 9/9/1999, I killed a CIA nigger on purpose with my car. :-) In 1982, when I was 12, I babysat Kevin's kids. I changed a diaper because I thought that was being professional. In 1975, when I was about age five, my brother, Keith, put my penis in a vacuum. In 1977, when I was about age seven, my brother, Danny, got me high on gas fumes and we sucked each other's dicks. Dr. Tsakalis had an oddly round ass. Paul Keck at Xytec had an oddly round ass. Distracting? At about age five, Jay Weinrick and I touched dicks to each other's assholes.

What do we do all day?

We beat the nigger because the nigger cannot understand what a random number is.

We beat the nigger because the nigger thinks the brain does timer tongues.

We beat the nigger because he thinks TempleOS is real mode.

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When the schizophrenia hits

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