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What technology could have prevented this?

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France building a Wall on its eastern border.

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a strict No Smoking policy

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The Fuhrer

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Flying water tankers

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strategically placed piss bottles all over the Cathedral.

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Can't wait for Notre Dame 2.0

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I can't believe he got away with it again!

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Gas chambers.

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Closed borders

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first pics in of Notre Dame 2.0 for a modern France.

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Notre Dame/Seigneur/Divers de Paris

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>consistent with our modern diverse nation
notre dame mosque 1.0

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Ironically that roof wouldn't have caught fire.

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Arya Stark being allowed to return home.

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Encase it in a block of clear plastic.

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It was bombed during WWII

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Really? Then what's this bullshit about "muh 800 year old cathedral!!!!"

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They will probably rebuild it as a mosque, might as well, western civilization is dead anyway

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guess it won't be a surprise to some people

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Great find anon

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4.0 actually, it was trashed during the French Revolution and was pretty much left to rot until rebuilt in the late 19th Century.

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>Literary criticism
>paying attention to only radical Islamism, and a limited knowledge of the Koran.
Everyone east of Western Europe who was invaded and enslaved by Islam which pulled the first knife knows the Quran better than Muslims themselves.
Also it's tough to not pay attention to radical Islamism considering Muhammad the prophet who wrote Islam and invented it as an inspiration and iteration of what his credited teacher Bahira taught him, waged over 50 war campaigns, sacked and genocided cities, enslaved people of all races, raped a prepubescent, and put a market value on black people, first thing after inventing Islam. The very religion at its creation is radical.

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Trump pls

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