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Hey /g/, I been jerking off on this IT shit for ~18 months and so far I have gotten these certs:
-MCSA windows server 2016
Is this enough to get a respectable networking job or should I jerk off more?
Oh yeah, I got no work experience.

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The MCSA will get you a gig with an MSP. Other than that, no-one cares about your certs, they care what you can do. With no experience and those certs, I'm going to assume that you're a pajeet that's braindumped the exams.

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Let me tell you a bit about myself...
I was originally at uni for a bachelors in music, I came to a realization on the colossal mistake that I was doing and decided to drop out first semester.
Then my parents kicked me out and I moved out with a roomate and learned about IT and networking.
For the past 18 months I have been working shitty jobs and taking community college/lydia courses.
I'm not a pajeet, I just find nagoor to be funny.

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>I got no work experience
>For the past 18 months I have been working shitty jobs

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Are you telling me that I can put McDonalds on my resume?

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It's going to look a lot better than an 18 month gap.

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So... What jobs can I get with these certs and 18 months of experience in flipping burgers?

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Tier 1 helpdesk. Go for big companies. Join an MSP if you want real experience, but don't stay there long anough that it kills you.

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So... was getting these glow in the dark certs a waste of time?
I didn't get networking and security certs just to be helpdesk.

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Helpdesk, stay for 1 year. Learn more and look for opportunities. Apply for higher positions with experience, etc.

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Well come on in then Mr Burgerman, we'll make you president of the fucking company then!
Unless you join some massive corporation as a junior assistant network monkey, you're not doing anything.

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