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>he hasn't turned his old android phone into a networked (security/front door) camera

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I don't live in Nigger City so I don't really have any use for such a device.

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>i'm so poor, I have to use an old device as a camera to guard my other device

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>on /g/
>doesn't like to tinker with technology

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We're not the ones who posted the most reddit tier anime

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>He hasn't turned his android into a portable/hidden/normal mumble server

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Nigga I don't even lock my doors

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I actually don't have any old tech, I replace what's broken and don't buy unnecessary things.

Only thing I still have lying around is a Samsung Galaxy S3.
I don't really know what to do with it though.

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>thread about using old android phone for other purposes

>I actually don't have any old tech,
>Only thing I still have lying around is a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Yeah I guess that sounded retarded.
What I meant is, I don't know what to do with the phone and I don't have any other interesting tech lying around either.

Dunno I was always amazed by the stuff the poorfags in russia created out of old trash.
Putting some app on my old phone doesn't really compare imo.

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