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>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and monitor suggestions; click on blue titles to see notes
>How to assemble a PC

Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing:
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>R3 2200G - Recommended minimum gaming
>R5 2600/X - Great gaming or multithreaded use CPUs
>i7 8700/K - Extreme solution for absolute max FPS
>R7 2700/X - VM Work / Streaming / Video editing

>Always choose at least a two stick kit; 2x 8GB is recommended
>CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3000CL15 or 3200CL16 is ideal
>AMD B and X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP

Graphics cards based on current pricing:
>Used cards can be had for a steal; inquire about warranty
>RX 570 8GB - good performance with great value
>GTX 1660 - standard
>RTX 2060 - high framerates (requires complementary CPU and monitor)
>RTX 2060 - standard
>RTX 2080 - high framerates (requires complementary CPU and monitor)
2160p (4K)
>RTX 2080 - standard
>RTX 2080Ti - better fit for 4K but expensive

>A 256GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor
>Bottleneck checkers are worthless

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price difference is so small that the 4g model doesn't make sense to buy kek

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Sir, do the needful and add vega and radeon 7 to the op, regards

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>cant buy incel because zen 2 around corner
>if zen 2 dissapoints in single core It's will all be for nothing

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at least it will be cheap ... r-right bro?

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A lot of nonsense in that loop for a single CPU and GPU. Done decently well although I don't like LEDs at all, but that's subjective. I do however like that little digital read out in the loop.

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rate my picks, I'm using this mainly for photoshop and occasional gaming

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>new 7nm technology
yeah bro just wait

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What's the best speaker system you can get for under $150?

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hey guys. I'm about to build my first pc.
It needs to handle 3D design and Gaming quite well and also in the upcoming 5 years. My budget is around 1300 euro's. Is this list a good build or is my inexperience missing something.

Memory: SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS M.2 500GB
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 windforce 8g
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 DIMM 3000 MHz/15 (2x8GB)
Case: NZXT H500
Powersupply: Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 750

Let me know what you think all the feedback is welcome.

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b450 tomahawk to save money
why two 1x8 ram kits and just not a single 2x8 kit
ssd is not the best i think has some problems before firmware updates as os drive
60hz 1080p. cant u get 144hz tn 1080p for that money

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>new arch
>barely beat the housefire 9900k in an amd favored bench
It's still gonna be shit for gaymes and apps such as adobe etc

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Gigabyte AM4 mobos are garbage. Get MSI. Ram is a bit low, get 3200 C16. 750W PSU is a bit too high, 650 is plenty enough. SSD is overpriced.

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It doesn't look very expensive to me

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used Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 off ebay.

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some points..
it ran at half the watts of the 9900k, it was thermally limited and it was a engineering sample not final clocks
idk lad..

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>games performance will max out at 3600x
>no 16c
>no clocks listed

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We already know 100% there will be no zen2 APUs in 2019. Any "leaks" that include them are autoconfirmed junk.

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someone suggested some good 2k monitors last thread

only now I noticed they are huge. any pick in 24 inch? if not I pretty much have a idea of what I want

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Why is Gigabyte garbage?
Thanks for the PSU feedback i was wondring that.
Isn't the m.2 ssd way better then a harddrive?

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Where does it say the date you dumb pajeet? Also these are zen+ apus, not zen 2.

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>2k 24"
why so tiny

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They use piss quality VRM that overheat and throttle under moderate load.
You can get SSD that are exactly as good in real work use for half the price.

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Fucking power rangers m8. That's what I think of it.

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For Ryzen, only even CAS latencies are supported above 2666Mhz and CL 14. Anything above that will be rounded up to the nearest even number. 15 becomes 16, 17 to 18, etc. Either try your luck with CL 14 or better yet try to overclock to 3200Mhz.

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my face is literally 45cm away from it

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>>no 16c
16 cores has been confirmed to be non existant by several sources.

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source? "leaks" dont matter

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Stop acting like you know anything incel.

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Good to know.
What SSD would you suggest?

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>Haha I posted it again, look mom!
So tedious.

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>midrange engineering sample chip beats the 9900K at the same number of cores/threads
>somehow that makes it bad for games and adobe

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You have to disable the Gear-Down mode in BIOS. If an odd CAS latency is set, all Ryzen processors automatically drop down to the next even CAS latency setting if Gear-Down is active.

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>better in multicore = better in singlecore
typical retarded animefag drone

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Oh okey. but the CPU is good for this application?

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Remember when the 1700 beat the 7700k in a video rendering demo? How did that turn out? :^)

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delete this sir, ryzen 3000 very good, 16 cores 5 ghz for $200 confirmed by adored. do the needful and wait for ces announcement

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There's no way a 6c/12t will be more expensive than MSRP for current 6c/12t R5s

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honest question
16c16t is as good as 8c16t?

>> No.70537856

there's if the new 6c/12t is better than the current one.

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No, actual cores are always better.

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>is twice as many cores as good as half?
no its better

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Here's my opinion on your build but treat it with a grain of salt. In the end, always do your own independent research and look for help on different sites to get the full picture. This little forum for chinese cartoons enthusiast shouldn't be your only source of information. I don't know where you live but prices can vary heavily from one region to another I live in Eastern Europe so I see things from my perspective. Games like strong single-core performance and low latency (Intel), 3D design thrives on more cores and more threads (AMD). You don't really need an NVME drive, crucial MX500 would be just fine for you. $500 RTX 2070 is only around 15-20% faster at 1080p / 1440p than the $350 RTX 2060 but it usually costs 35-40% more, but it also have 2GB of VRAM more. You decide if it's worth it for you. Like it was already stated, Gigabyte makes terrible B450 Boards. You would be better of if you could get the MSI B450 Tomahawk, or the MSI B450m Mortar. Mortar is a little bit cheaper and it's an mATX board but it packs similar VRM and a bit smaller heatsink.

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Unironically pic related you posted is great, I have a set now and it btfos earfaggots like used klipshanon above.
Audiophools fucking btfo by the sheer value these speakers give

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Thanks for the feedback ill take it into account.
Looking back to it i think you're right when it comes to the m.2 compared to a regualar SSD.
i'll also take the gigabyte feedback into account from the Chinese cartoon enthusiasts.

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Oh shit... That's too bad

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M.2 is a form factor. It can be equpied with either NVME or SATA interface. You can get the Crucial MX500 in M.2 format as well which I generaly prefer as it usually only costs about $5-10 more but you have less cables to fuck around with.

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Holy shit I didn't know this and I've had ryzen for months, I just thought my motherboard didn't recognize my ram.

Should I have this ram

For gaming would I notice more improvement moving to CL 14 or 3200mhz?

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X470 Asus of MSI?

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>> No.70538217

for x470 crosshair vii hero
for b450 msi tomahawk

>> No.70538229

X570 next month. Wait.

>> No.70538243

There are plenty of good X470 boards below the $250 insane tier.

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2x Toshiba X300 4TB (7,200RPM, 128MB cache)
2x WD Red 4TB (5,400RPM, 64MB cache)

I already own 2 of the former in my server in RAID 1 cause they were the cheapest at the time. But now these 2 are the same price. I intend to make another RAID 1 setup. This server is on 24/7, but the drives aren't in use 24/7. As in they're idle or they turn off most of the time.

>> No.70538293

Whichever one has the better warranty since speed isn't important.

>> No.70538308

It would have to be insanely better, which it won't be

>> No.70538320

So with a noctua d15s i'm getting 70 celcius on sekiro while playing at 1440p, is this any good?

>> No.70538328

when a hard drive dies you just take it out back and shoot it, no reason to send a HD full of data back to a manufacturer

>> No.70538330

For a 9900k sure.
Anything else, no.

>> No.70538358

Those speakers are fucking dreadful you clown.

>> No.70538377

I don't do warranty for drives other than if they die within the first month or something. Plus warranty doesn't always point to a better product.

Fuck it. I'll get 2 more Toshiba X300's. The 2 I have have been going strong for 2 years and I like how I can still fully Saturate my gigabit LAN even with the overhead of RAID 1. The arrays are backed up to an Ironwolf 8TB anyway if shit goes south.

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>not using an AIO or custom loop for your CPU in 2019
Why would you waste time with air coolers? AIOs are so fucking cheap and they work ridiculously well.

>> No.70538445

My U2412M is dying, can't decide whether I should get a new one or spend 60 euros less and get a 1080p monitor. Are those extra 120 vertical pixels worth a ~50% price increase?

>> No.70538452


Even a 120mm AIO is fucking ridiculous for how cheap it is.

>> No.70538476

*leaks and destroys you're components*
heh nothin personnel

>> No.70538495

Have you ever used them? I doubt it.

>> No.70538502

Getting ready to pull the trigger on this:

Dell P2418D
ASUS Prime A320M-K
Ryzen 5 2600
EVGA GTX 1660 Ti
HyperX Fury 16GB
Seasonic SS-620GM2 Evo - 620W
Scythe Ninja 5
WD Blue M.2 SSD 500GB
(Salvage 2TB WD HDD from my current PC for extra storage)


>> No.70538508

once again the monster of poor thermal paste application has struck a poor innocent cpu

>> No.70538524

wth is that ram
scythe what?
is that just the case?

>> No.70538533

I think eizo brought out a new 16:10 monitor not too long ago, I don't remember the exact specs but it was in the 24-27 inch range and cost 400$ with what the review called the best panel in class. Doesn't have to mean much but at that size these extra 120 pixels do matter to me. I upgraded to the 43 inch multi client display but the U2412 was a really good monitor. See if you can find one for cheap or just get the U2415 which is the newer version with better looks and USB 3.0 (and better input choices).

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>Manuel says put a pea drop in the middle
>insert pea drop in the middle
>it's bad

>> No.70538545

no. Burn that
B450 or bust.
choose a motherboard based on features, not price. A decent ~$80-120 B450 is the sweet spot.

>> No.70538577

if you received a sachet like a ketchup you gotta do like 2/3rd

if it was a smol syringe it's at least a half of it

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WTF is this BS?

>> No.70538588

RAM is the cheapest 2666 2 stick that´s availible here (central yuro), scythe huge cpu cooler.
Will look into it, thx anon

>> No.70538591

also you have to manually spread for ideal cover. if you wanna be safe and use all of it by covering both surfaces it also works

the only over application that matters is if you got a shit paste that's electric conductive

>> No.70538613

a shit controller on a built wrongly on purpose ssd

wd green is like that too

>> No.70538619

For Ryzen, what is more ideal, Cal 15 3000mhz or CAL 16 3200mhz

>> No.70538643

>Will look into it, thx anon
recommended mATX B450 boards:
Asrock B450M Pro 4
Asrock B450M Steel Legend
MSI B450M Mortar

>> No.70538645

Is RTX 2070 a no no for 1440p?

>> No.70538652

RTX 2070 is entry level for 1440p on the Nvidia side.
Entry level 1440P on the AMD side is the RX Vega 56

>> No.70538654

See >>70537615

>> No.70538671

ya because I am having the issue too, I could only get my ram at CAL 16 despite it being 15 and it's 3000 mhz, might try just overclocking it to 3200, does that work even if the ram out of the box is 3000?

>> No.70538709

>does that work
It all depends on the RAM silicon and your luck. There's a chance you'll have to loosen the timings for stability manually (or they'll loosen automatically if you leave the timings to set on auto) when you increase the RAM multiplier to 32.

>> No.70538723

if it involves voltage increase you will shorten it's life spam

it's worth it if you plan on getting the good ram soon ish

>> No.70538765

So move the timing to 16, set it to 3200mhz, and hope it stays stable without a voltage increase?

Would moving the voltage from 1.35 to 1.37 really decrease the life span by that much?

>> No.70538766

Depends on the RAM. XMP spec allows up to 1.5v. Going up to 1.37 or so won't hurt shit.

>> No.70538776

>he buys gfx cards new

>> No.70538797

do cl14 tbqh
and the voltage increase will depend 100% on the stick. might be luck, might be smokes

>> No.70538814

Would I need to upvolt to go to CL14 or nah?

>> No.70538821

>he buys sloppy seconds from miners
yeah you know what dog that's gonna be a big yikes for me, to be quite honest with you

>> No.70538842

Miners can't sell broken cards.
Just be smart and don't buy from someone who has 12 other 1080's listed and its fine.

>> No.70538913

#1 cope of consumerfags

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File: 241 KB, 1688x1904, 1536080144412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since my graphic card died I'm plannig to buy a new one
Here's my setup
>motherboard: Asus-M5A97 R2.0 ATX AM3+
>cpu: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHZ 6 Core
>graphic card: Sapphire Radeon R9 280X 3GB Dual-X (dead)
>ssd: Samsung 860Evo 500GB
>ram: G.Skill Ripjaws X 2x4GB DDR3-1600
>power supply: Textorm TX600M 600W 80+
And the new video card I want to buy
>MSI Radeon RX 570 4GB Armor OC (150€)
I have 150€(max 200€) to upgrade the rest, do you have any recommendation?

>> No.70538952

afaik yes but luck might do you good

even the worse mined card will work with minor artifacts only

>> No.70538967

cpu and ram would have to go together

find a combo? a used 1600 might be a upgrade if you get good 2666 ram

>> No.70539005

Linux web developer who occasionally would like to launch VirtualBox with various OS (in order to check browser compatibility) (probably 1 instance per time) here. So as a Web developer I'd like to spend most of my budget on edgy mechanical keyboard and cool wide-screen monitor.
But now I can't decide which CPU should I use. I'm stuck with ryzen 5 1600 and ryzen 5 2600. I just can't decide because I don't want to get frustration from realizing I've spent money on performance that I don't need. Please help.

>> No.70539020

you always need performance. you don't wanna discover later you don't have it wen you need it
get 2600 and a good aftermarket heatsink

>> No.70539032

2600X for $25 more, better binned chip and comes with a better cooler.

>> No.70539046

Switched it to CL14, hit boot just fine. I'll play some games see if that causes anything, I'll run a memtest later just in case, thanks for the help anon.

>> No.70539047

or use the 25 on a good cooler and burn your mobo by OC ing the cpu yourself like any good pro gamer

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File: 197 KB, 300x300, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything wrong with this build? I figured I'd add more RAM once I start my new job.

>> No.70539054

I thought the X did not come with a cooler?

>> No.70539070

really you should run mem test before but what the hey

one of these days I'll try that on my intel h mobo. I just can't really afford spare ram if something happens

>> No.70539073

Probably wants the IPS panel for photoshop.

>> No.70539080

Fuck cases, always some stupid dealbreaker.

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File: 34 KB, 334x334, 1437305792235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could look for a micro ATX case to save you some physical space.

>> No.70539119

You thought wrong kiddo

>> No.70539143

Looking at the ASRock board, it seems to have the PCIe GPU slot on the second from top mount. If I put the 2,75 slot GPU onto it, wouldn´t it be too close to the PSU/bottom of the case?

>> No.70539196

vega 56 worth 300 dollars?

>> No.70539207

There not gonna make a 1680 are they?

>> No.70539223

Drop the hard drive and get a smaller SSD, you'll be happier in the short term while you save to get more storage. I would also buy that 580 used so that you can save $50-75.

>> No.70539248

What about the exact same pair of ram so that I have 4x4GB and a FX-8350? the two for 128.79€

>> No.70539268

Do I need a powerful video card to watch full hd videos on a 4K screen?

>> No.70539270


>> No.70539278

What part of SAME NUMBER OF CORES didn't you retards understand?

>> No.70539281

Get the 570, then wait and save more for a platform upgrade. You're looking at probably 300 to get an R5 + mobo + 2x 4GB RAM

>> No.70539288


>> No.70539300

Nobody cares, Rajeesh. Poozen 3000 is doa.

>> No.70539301

>3k or less
>micro ATX
>super quiet
>built in wifi
>fast CPU, RAM, GPUx2

Can it be cheaper?

>> No.70539354

why not?

>> No.70539385

How long should you run memtest for? I have a spare hour before I leave to do shit for the day

>> No.70539398

Ditch Windows.

>> No.70539399

Old, runs very hot, noisy, consumes a lot of power.
For $20 less you can have a 1660ti and OC. Or for $50 more you can get a 2060. Both far superior cards.

>> No.70539406

You probably don't need an X470. B450 should be fine.
If you want to pretend you care about color, try to get a 10bit monitor instead. But those will add at least $80~100 and be minimum 1440p instead of 1080p

>> No.70539408

tbqh it's fine but I dislike the smol psu
8gb is fine if you don't open chrome while gaemING

intel x doesn't
amd x do but isnt better that a AiO or a beefy heatsink

>> No.70539427

Fuck off cunt, linux fags are insufferable. I can use whatever OS I want. Just ignore it if you're so triggered.

>> No.70539436

would eat 2060 market
get 2070ti
only 7.5gb memory boi

>> No.70539442

>6gb cards in 2019

>> No.70539464

ram speed is issue not size

3200mhz cl14 8gb would do you better that 16gb of 1666

>> No.70539473

shit senpai I duno since the test runs to 100% of memory might be best to just load 4 runs of all your memory size and cross ye fingers

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File: 132 KB, 1649x931, reply.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 316 KB, 882x758, 1551730969944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 238 KB, 1615x927, PCBUILD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bout to pull the trigger on my a build. What do you think /g/ents?

>> No.70539519

don't pay for Windows

>> No.70539528
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>Wireless N
I thought AC was all the rage, or is even that old?

>> No.70539540

shit memory
get a ssd
get a 550w psu

>> No.70539547

Imagine actually believing this utter fucking garbage.
V56 destroys 1660Ti and comes close to 2060 with a mild undervolt.

>> No.70539552

oh don't use wifi for gaming
if you makin a hotspot on your pc it's fine

>> No.70539563

Shit, start again.

>> No.70539570

This, just undervolt it sirs.

>> No.70539584

Salty nvidiot detected.

>> No.70539585

You get a decent cooler with the Ryzen, so you don't need to get another one.

>> No.70539598

Swap the 2600 for the X version and the ditch that cooler.

>> No.70539626

triple fan vega 56 or a more expensive blower vega 64?

>> No.70539654

Do the needful sir and buy the rayden 7.

>> No.70539672

some questionable choices there:
That cooler isn't really top of the line and could be better for the furnace that is the 9900k.
Why the intel ssd? Granted it's cheap for NVME but they don't have the best reputation for transfer speed consistency and durability.
The weiredest thing though is the 2070. Why pair the top of the line CPU with a mid+ level GPU? You implied you want to go SLI but why even bother? Just get a more powerful single card.
Also I'd not get a corsair PSU and seriously, don't pay full price for windows. This is what I would do, even though I don't know what you want to do with it:

>> No.70539673


>> No.70539690

RTX 2060 but for the love of god not the V64

>> No.70539697

But clicking on the button that says "auto undervolt" is so hard anon why would AMD put it there just to taunt us

>> No.70539704

Lmfao, the V64 shits all over the 2060.

>> No.70539708

Imagine being a idiot and buying a 6gb card lmoa

>> No.70539733

It's made it 13 loops and ran for like 30 minutes and still going, no issues.

I think CL14 is safe, which is rad.

>> No.70539748

Get some other motheboard.
Make sure the RAM is dual channel(2x8GB) and 3000MHz.
Maybe get a better PSU(better here doesn't necessarily mean more power).
Drop the cooler.
Instead of the M.2 SSD get a 2.5" one that has DRAM(buffer cache).

>> No.70539766
File: 54 KB, 500x1010, relative-performance_2560-1440 (6).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it sure does

>> No.70539780

What case would you guys recommend for this ? Something that's as cool and quiet as possible, but with cool>quiet.
Also, redpill me on this tempered glass meme.

>> No.70539787

Drop the cooler.
Consider the CX550M, even though the 450 would probably be fine.
Get a Sapphire Pulse instead of a MSI Armor.
Get 3000MHz RAM.

>> No.70539791

Come back in 5 years when your shitty 6gb card can't even run 1080 games rofl

>> No.70539792

It's been proven time and time again that a stock V56/64 has nothing to do with an UV/OC'd card. Enjoy yourself.

>> No.70539802

>"auto undervolt"
I'm a brainlet so is this option good?

>> No.70539810

Case depends on your budget and visual preferences.
Tempered glass if your PC is gonna be somewhere where you can look at it's insides or if you like RGB shit.
I like the Meshify but YMMV,.

>> No.70539819

>This guy is actually getting meme'd into buying a pooga56
Jesus fucking christ.

>> No.70539830

Who would wait 5 years for a card to become "good" lmao, just get a 56 if you're so hot for Vega. Fine wine is a meme.

>> No.70539835

Don't care about inside aesthetics, it's a nice extra but not for more money or worse performance. Unless it's outrageously hideous outside, I don't really care much for it (though I'd prefer if it was black).
Around 100€ I'd say.

>> No.70539842


Do you absolutely have to push whatever chip to it's bleeding edge? Do you need to spend several or more hundreds of dollars pushing that far? Do you just have money to burn and want to play turbo lego?

If no to the first two questions you don't need water. I got tired of the cost and effort and went back to air. If you have money to burn more power to you.

>> No.70539846
File: 217 KB, 1602x924, AMICOOLYET.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am i cool yet? A tad more expensive than what i was hoping for

>> No.70539849

>comes with DMC5 and RE2, GOTY contenders
>undervolt trashes the 2060

>> No.70539857

I can definitely understand this advice.
Cooler can be whatever as long as it fits and is quite, any suggestion is good.
I just wanted an M2 for main drive and games, and then have a reliable backup/media storage device, but normal SSD is fine too if you think thats better.
I chose the 2070 because its the same price as 1080 but slightly better with better support. Two 2080 would be over 3k price tag.
I chose the powerful CPU because I do a lot of non-GPU work that benefits from the greater CPU power.
PSU again just has to be reliable, modular, and quite, any suggestions are good.

>> No.70539877

>just get a shit card that will be good in 5 years
Except you can oc every nvidia card too

>> No.70539888

Uhm sir, but can you undervolt it? Also 8 gb is better then 6 gb.

>> No.70539895

You don't even get the games anymore and even if you did you can pirate them and run better with no denuvo
Stop coping yourself into the pooga

>> No.70539911

The cheapest pooga Im seeing is the shitty blower one for $300.

>> No.70539918

No need to since nvidia doesn't run on 300w. Still waiting to see those games that use more than 6

>> No.70539921

No. I'm using a cooler master 212 and my cpu doesn't go above 60c on sekiro or basically any game at 1440p

>> No.70539941

that ssd is bad but yer gud
just trash the ssd and buy one later when you can get anything good
don't get wd green btw

>> No.70539944

Is HDR a thing yet for PC games or is it just a meme?

>> No.70539982

Looking to upgrade, preferably spending no more than $500 or so. My current setup:

>1440p 60Hz monitor
>Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz
>NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (Gigabyte)

I'm leaning towards either a 1660 Ti or a 2070. But would the 2070 even be worth it without also upgrading my CPU/MOBO, or would my CPU be bottlenecking things at that point?

>> No.70539994

wats your mem speeds
a i7 used might solve all your probs

>> No.70539998

>you can oc every nvidia
Not really since daddy Nvidia puts a hard power and voltage cap on it, he doesn't want you to be getting more than you paid for.

>> No.70540003

not idea what I'm doing here I already have the monitor and SSD

>> No.70540015
File: 71 KB, 772x508, custom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no

>> No.70540021

Okay there's two problems with that in my opinion:
RTX2070 doesn't actually get the SLI capabilities of the bigger models so you can only use it as traditional multi GPU unit.
And the second point: If you only need a pretty fast SSD, not an extremely fast one you could just get a 860 EVO M.2 which in normal applications is just as fast. Think about doing this then:

>> No.70540023

Fucking hell you don't even read these threads do you

>> No.70540031

I have a hdr monitor and I haven't used hdr once because it literally doesn't work. It just fucks up the contrast. Every single fucking hdr game worked the way it's supposed to on my xbox one before I sold it. I don't understand why.

>> No.70540036

some benchmarks of 2070 OCed can match 2080
having the gtx with more power delivery actually does creates more stable OC
stunt mods are easy to make just need to apply liquid metal as well

>> No.70540039
File: 186 KB, 1007x955, ram.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my memory setup.

>> No.70540044
File: 51 KB, 296x453, TaxSoftwareHDD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reminded that I need to order a new HDD
>Tax software w/ purchase
This doesn't make any sense.

2TB at NVMe speeds is questionable unless it's for your workflow. Especially for Windows, it and your browsers don't need that speed. And a single massive 10TB drive is very risky as a backup solution.

But I'm peculiar about how I like to setup drives.

>> No.70540049

Jesus Christ mates, I can buy the b450 Tomahawk for 60 bucks right now but I have no idea if it will be good enough for one of the new 6 cores Ryzen 3000. This is fucking killing me.

>> No.70540051

wats the memory cl
wats monitor resolution and hz

>> No.70540064

I have a question:
I want to buy a Core i5, 8GB RAM PC. I want to know which GPU is optimal for me. I am a casual dota player. What is the optimal min/avarage/max fps for playing on high resolution (1080p) with all effects enabled (I take it the minimum is 90 fps?), and which GPU is the most suitable for aquiring that fps range (considering the aforementioned GPU and RAM config).
Dota is the only game I ever play, and I need this particular CPU+RAM for other operations on my PC.
tl;dr Which (minimal) GPU product should I choose to build a PC for dota with i5 + 8GB RAM?

>> No.70540078

It will be good enough.

>> No.70540085

You'll be fine.
Don't worry Anon.

It's really not that big a deal.

>> No.70540095

Yeah, either skip the SSD or the HDD (and get a better SSD).

>> No.70540097

I wouldn't do it. The chinks with the ryzen 3000 ES said the cpu ran like shit in x470.

>> No.70540102

It 100% is BUT you will need a 1st or 2nd gen chip to update the bios.
Grab one from Amazon warehouse and refund it after you're done.

>> No.70540111

1333mhz. doesn't feel like it
how far can the mobo take? I duno 4th Gen shit
almost certainly a i7 can handle 1440p60 but I'm also certain memory will choke it

>> No.70540126

Lol what the fuck are you even trying to achieve here

>> No.70540127

what is your monitor resolution

>> No.70540139

hey man I don't know shit about computer parts I literally added everything based on googling best cpu, motherboard, video cards 2019 so I don't know if gigabyte is trash or not my dude

if cl means cas latency a quick google says 15
monitor is ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27” 1440p 1ms 165Hz DP

>> No.70540142

You can update the bios in that board without a cpu, they have a bios flashback or whatever is called, just need the usb stick with the bios file in it.

>> No.70540156

And it still won't beat it.

>> No.70540158

What’s wrong with Gigabyte?

>> No.70540166

just fookin wait, computex is less than 2 months away

>> No.70540167

if ye wanna make absolute use of 150+fps gotta go 2080
memory is fine

>> No.70540183

high failure rate as of late

might be because a lot of people have it rather that it's bad. where I live loads people swear by it, but hey they are all sellers so who tf knows

>> No.70540187

Ah ok didn't realize the lower end tomahawk had that.
They cheap out on vital shit, bad vrm on mobos and bad coolers on GPUs.

>> No.70540201

How does that relate to high quality boards for $60?

>> No.70540213

Anyone thinking current boards will be good are idiots.
>Buy and buy a new generation of motherboards. . . The X470 is miserable. . .

>> No.70540215

t. Anus/MS* shills
Gigabyte is the best

>> No.70540217

I was under the impression that SLI was being phased out.
How would a single 2080 compare vs two 2070s?
Which would be better for 2-4 monitors with at least 1080 60hz?
Yea, the SSD doesn't need to be ultra fast, I would prefer more space and reliability over speed.

Heres what I use it for: Gaming, streaming, video editing, watching multiple video streams at once, programming, running servers, crypto mining/nodes, and some 3D rendering and photo editing.

I dont mind paying a little more for faster loading of programs and games. I actually already have a triple backup system: 1 internal HDD, and 2 external HDD. In this case though its not JUST for backup, but also holding media or archives etc (things that don't need fast loading times like games).

>> No.70540236

Because A) There will be X570 boards for $120-$130 (like the gaming plus) and B) Prices of current boards will likely go down.

>> No.70540251

What are you talking about?
1920x1200 10 years ago is obviously not poorfag tier. That was basically "high resolution" with 1080p being normal back then.
Now 1920x1200 is normal and 1080p is poorfag tier and 1440p+ is high.

Yeah, it's alright. Nixeus makes an okay mouse; the quality isn't good but sensor is fine.
Check rocketjumpninja.

The one in your picture or, unironically, a soundbar.
I tried the slightly cheaper logitech 5.1 set that was like $85 and it was fucking GARBAGE.

>> No.70540255

>/pcbg/ tells me not to buy one
>do it anyways since it's 4chan
>have zero issues and it OCs like a beast

>> No.70540256

What the FUCK. I just spend $200 on the carbon pro ...............

>> No.70540267

single bigger card will always be better
dual gpus suffer with 1% fps being the same as its single gpu, its just not worth it unless you wanna do the absurd and have 2080ti sli for that sweet 4k70 gaming

>> No.70540275

Ok guys I am concerned with my setup atm.
I have an
NZXT S340 Elite
w/ a gtx 1080 TI Aorus xtreme

Currently my cpu is being cooled by a kraken x61, the radiator for this is on the front of the pc.

I have sitting next to me a kraken g10 and corsair h55 that I am considering putting on my card. Currently the only other two fan spots are the single on the back and the single on the top. If I put the radiator on the back and tried to push all the hot air up through the top fan, would I just be pushing even more heat over my mobo causing the temps over all to go up? Or is my current setup with the Aorus fans shooting hot air down into the computer causing even more heat than that would add? Or am I over thinking this and just go with liquid cooling good, fan bad.

>> No.70540285

>high quality

>> No.70540304

Sounds good, means I could add as second one later then, eh?

>> No.70540305

Wow so convincing
We know there are latency issues with AGESA because it's fucking beta code. Guess what will be on the launch X570s? The same fucking code. There will be no major differences between them, the AGESA will be updated and fix the problems on all boards not just on X570.

>> No.70540313

What's wrong with it?

>> No.70540322

It supports 1600 MHz, 1333 MHz, 3000 MHz, and 2933 MHz.

>> No.70540340

>He doesn’t buy X570 even when it gets really good shit like the Asus Impact, MSI creation and gigabyte waterforce

>> No.70540342

i5 4670k should probably be enough for 60fps. Just overclock it a bit.
And try OC memory too. Looks like a mixed kit, but it can probably work fine at 1600 or 1866 (see how far it can go)

>> No.70540349

I'm gon do it
tell me why not

>> No.70540372

>spending over $250 on a mobo for a $150 cpu

>> No.70540373

3000 is the absolute sweetspot for gaming

check what brands are compatible with your mobo, or train the memory yourself. you might not need to redo the whole rig, just a i7 and maybe memory later

>> No.70540376

>tfw only come to these threads to shit talk brands and products to plant seeds of doubt on any anons looking to build their new pc

>> No.70540390

holy based

>> No.70540393
File: 91 KB, 780x1040, IMG_20170521_084112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried to find a pic for some visual aide but all I could find are goofy rgb pictures.

>> No.70540394

>Not buying the most top CPU for future proofing
Lmao. Motherboard manufacturers also support highest end mobos the most.

>> No.70540407

>$150 for a new ryzen
dream on pajeet

>> No.70540419

>3000 is the absolute sweetspot for gaming
That's DDR3. 3000 are overclocking meme kits (that won't work on OC haswell)
2400/10 is probably a sane maximum.
2133 is a reasonable sweet spot. Performance gains aren't that big after 2133.

>> No.70540421

Lol I know right the 3600 will be at least $599

>> No.70540427

>Low tier Asus motherboard (prime is shit)
Anon, I...

>> No.70540480

The O-11 is such a nice case, when will the larger variant be available.

>> No.70540523

SLI is called NVLink now but that's just marketing in the consumer variants at least. Get the 2080 and if you can afford it get the 2080 ti.
Also I don't think you need the additional speed of an NVME drive.
Hard to say how fast two 2070s are because nobody test that setup because no SLI.

>> No.70540525

I have no idea what the issue with those items might be, but at this point its a couple years too late to care.

>> No.70540551
File: 984 KB, 3375x870, viewing_angles3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70540554

NV link is like 700usd

>> No.70540557

any board under $150 has trash components

>> No.70540586
File: 70 KB, 751x483, customcustom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get rid of gigabyte shit hope this board is worth it
>prime is shit
oh fucking hell what I'm supposed to get then?

>> No.70540606

It's 4chan, ignore him.

>> No.70540614

Too bad people with actual knowledge and experience disagree.

>> No.70540639

Gigabyte in general is shitty except for their Z390 lineup now. Asus low tier should never be considered and NZXT is trash, especially the older ones when Corsair exists.
>Asus Prime
Bro, get something more high tier

>> No.70540643

Actually it costs less than 100 USD for the 2080 or 2008 ti.

>> No.70540648

Prime pro is decent.

>> No.70540669

im sure your e-friend from reddit is right

>> No.70540673

you think 2070ti will have NV link?
and a actual sane amount of memory?

>> No.70540710

Yeah I'm sure random neet anon from a chinese cartoon forum knows more about mobos than buildzoid.
I'll be sure to buy your favourite brands at a minimum of $150 from now on.

>> No.70540751

Can I get some input on monitors?
>LG 24GM79G-B
>AOC G2590FX
>Viewsonic XG2401
These are 3 of my potential choices for monitors right now. They're not permanent choices since I'm planning on upgrading my computer and monitor in about 8 to 12 months or so and this purchase would then be moved to another system. So what I'd like to know is if anyone has any experience with any of these monitors or if any of the brands are memes.

>> No.70540806

xg2402 is pretty praised ive seen for low motion blur and response
xg240r is the improvement of it too

i guess xg2401 is the predecessor so should be ok

>> No.70540846

a poorfag can literally run a 4k60 monitor now. are we talking driving the games at max res and hz or just the monitor itself? else this is useless

>> No.70540853


>> No.70540856

The VX2458-MHD (not the -C-MHD) would be another decent choice. Should be cheaper than all of them.

>> No.70540870

lol why even reply if that's all you've got.
You're wrong, you lost, move on.

>> No.70540876

keep coping

>> No.70540891

Don't buy early, because you'll need to update the BIOS and you probably can't with another Ryzen CPU. Additionally you'll likely want an X board for PCIe 4.0 etc

>> No.70540911

how much will PCIe 4 matter?

>> No.70540923

it wont for gpus, but the bandwith increase will be nice if you have plenty of ssds

>> No.70540950

>knows more about mobos than buildzoid.
his perspective is from extreme ocing and pushing the mobo to it's limits

the tomahawk can literally run all ryzens fine even oc'd with no overheating vrm.

>> No.70540955

Depends on how long you want to keep the board. If you can get 10 years of use out of it, yeah it will matter.

>> No.70540963

Buildzoid is a paid MSI shill. I would take his opinion with a grain of salt.

>> No.70540968

You're right. You can run 4x [email protected] monitors on a $55 Athlon 200GE. But poorfags is not just about money but a mindset. People think they need a $3500 mac for 4k.

>> No.70540982

This is good to know, I don't know much about monitor brands and products asides from LG so any input is a good lead.The 240r is 40€ more than the 2401 so I might even wait a bit longer than I expected to scrounge up that difference.

On the other hand this is considerably cheaper so that's nice in its own right. The only noticeable difference I see is the inches but I guess i'll have to do more reading on the series in general to see how much changes between them and what's worth what. Thanks for the input

>> No.70540988
File: 165 KB, 1200x1000, 1551021936486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>recommending a cpu full of security vulnerabilities
lol wtf.

>> No.70540997

Buy ARM cpu, sir.

>> No.70540998

i didnt intend to use his opinion on msi in that post at all just the general "150 sub mobos are shit components" quote

>> No.70541034

there's AYY-lot of monitor choices. for 350-400 eur you can also get something like 1440p144hz VA 32" curved compared to 24" 144hz TN. like Samsung C32JG50

just examples

>> No.70541045

I know, I was just pointing that out.

>> No.70541046

>Buildzoid is a paid MSI shill
let me guess, the only "proof" you have is that he praised some of their boards?

>> No.70541048

gonna get a B450M Gaming Plus and 2600x now and fuck it, zen2 is gonna be expensive when it comes out anyways

>> No.70541066

To clarify, are you saying that I should upgrade CPU/RAM instead of getting a new GPU, or in addition to getting one?

>> No.70541085

>gonna get a B450M Gaming Plus and 2600x now and fuck it,
That's basically what I did a few months ago

>zen2 is gonna be expensive when it comes out anyways
Not necessarily (in fact probably not for a 6 core), but there's not too much reason to wait. The longer you delay buying though, the more reason to wait as the launch date looms

>> No.70541100
File: 36 KB, 1031x337, meshify case cumming.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait to build my Facebook machine lads

>> No.70541109

The 6 core 3600 and 3600X will be around $200-250. You should wait, it's less than 2 months.

>> No.70541121

Y don't you guys sage when you post?

>> No.70541145
File: 42 KB, 653x726, 1454176825666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope it does high clocks or else...

>> No.70541149

Because it's not 2004? Who gives a fuck.

>> No.70541183

I want to put one quiet 140mm exhaust fan on the outside of my case behind my main one. Is there something that would easily let me do this?

If that doesn't work I could just put in two 60mm fans but that might be too loud.

>> No.70541195

Have faith, sir

>> No.70541310

dont use screws just put a paperclip through the 4 hole your welcom

>> No.70541328

My current rig has FX6300 + R9 290 + 8GB RAM. Would it make sense to spend 100-150€ (used parts prices) to upgrade to a LGA1150 mobo and a i5-4xxx CPU? Maybe add another 8GB of RAM? Anything better I could do to improve my PC's gaming performance for around 100-200€?

>> No.70541338

Not even sure sage works on this board
Anyway why would I? No one else is going to use it, and people who don't want to see the thread can set up filters

>> No.70541410

How long do you think an RTX 2060 will last before I need to upgrade? I might get a high refresh rate 1080p monitor in the future, but I am fine with 60 FPS on low/medium.

>> No.70541443

3 weeks

>> No.70541448

6 gb are already obsolete. Most games use more than that. Consider at least a vega 56.

>> No.70541525
File: 1.73 MB, 364x225, 1550419507747.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm about to build mini itx pc but don't want to buy windows 10. I've never pirated an OS but should I just dl and install the unlicensed version of Windows from MS website and pirate a key generator ? I don't wanna spend $120 for that shit. I'm too poor

>Inb4 Linux

>> No.70541528

Fuck, so you're telling me this is GTX 970 3.5 GB all over again. (((NVidia))) is an asshole.

>> No.70541544

Download it from microsoft website and buy a $5 key off ebay, no one here should be paying full price anymore.

>> No.70541555


Are the eBay keys legit ? Wouldn't it just be easier to get the key generator off piratebay?

>> No.70541564

You just need to run 3 lines in powershell to activate your windows for free lol

>> No.70541577


Care to share with me what those 3 lines are?

>> No.70541586

shh don't tell them

>> No.70541588

just pirate it, it comes pre activated you dont have to do anything

>> No.70541593

Not unless it's an i7.
>for around 100-200€
save 50-100 more for a 2600. It'll probably be extra cheap when 3000 series launches.

They generally are. They are bulk international keys.

>> No.70541606

How much of an upgrade is a 290x to a fury x? Friend of a friend is willing to sell me his for $75 but I don't know of it's worth it. I'm on a 2600k.

>> No.70541614
File: 66 KB, 855x730, firefox_maF37BJut1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Decided to upgrade from my old HP Omen and plan to start buying when I catch them at a good price.
Is this a good starting point?

>> No.70541657

Using a msi b350 gaming pro carbon
Ryzen 5 1600

I will buy the r7 3700 but will buy a new msi mobo to go along with it and MSI specifically because my concern is anything other than msi can mess up my PC.

What do I need to do after I install everything, I plan on using the same SSD I use to boot my OS , what do I need to download or remove?

>> No.70541717

>r7 3700
you mean 2700. and no you dont need to install anything

>> No.70541722

They email you the keys pretty much instantly and they're legitimate copies that they get from recycled computers that had W10 on them.

I have legit bought at least 20 of them and only 2 or 3 were bad and when I sent them a message they emailed me new keys within a day.

>> No.70541804

2060 will last you plenty, don't fall for the Vega meme. It was outdated back when it was released.

>> No.70541830

You are being memed. No game so far has suffered from the 6gb ram. And I'm not sure what this has to do with the GTX970 debacle? They are clearly advertising the correct amount of vram here.

Are you sure itx is for you if you are on a tight budget? What did you have in mind?

>> No.70541876

Is the new MX 518 any good? Looking for a new mice.

>> No.70541891
File: 826 KB, 449x318, oh my.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are SSD's fine for main storage if I'm only looking for 1-2tb? I think my hard drives are causing resonance in my case and the sound pisses me off endlessly.
Also what 2.5" SSDs should I look at?

>> No.70541909

>vega meme
Yeah dude, it's awful. I hate beating out 2060s for $250.

>> No.70541974

For 1080p it's okay. Just wouldn't consider less than 8Gb for 1440p.

It's a decent upgrade, but an RX590 is just better than the Fury X. Has better driver support and more VRAM. The 4Gb on the Fury really hurts now days.

nice btfo, friend.

>> No.70541991

New thread


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