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How true is this?

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If it was written on a Mac it must be true.

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Why take foto of screen

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Here you go

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Anything less than billionaire is middle class...

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le wacky applel hater using a magboog

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>even mactoddlers btfo mactoddlers
how will mactoddlers ever recover?

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Apple products are too overpriced for poorfags.

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> implying the middle class still exists
> 2019

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ironpill flex: land and children

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this is kind of right. the most heavily marketed and approachable device/asset classes are consumer household and telecom electronics.

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Don't use monkeyspeak.

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>being this dense

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Very true. Here’s a story
>Work at iToddler store
>Talking to coworker one day
>She says growing up never owning Apple
>She goes onto say that having a discount on the products helps her afford them and therefore feel more rich

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id say its pretty true, i see welfare leaches with iphones and tablets and shit all the time

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So many poorfags have iPhones. They just save money ir get a contract.
Really anyone can afford 1k per year if he really wants.

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you really don't need to save any money to buy overpriced toys. I have some questions about exactly how you could get yourself into a situation where you have absolutely no assets (house/car/etc) and $50k+ in credit card debt and have an iPhone - but that's not uncommon.

what stuff you want to "flex" or if you bother at all seems to depend on the willingness to take up debt, btw. people who want to avoid it tend to buy a cheaper used car and pay cash, people who are fine with having piles of debt tend to buy new fancy cars. there's usually a reason why people with lots of debt are in that situation.

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I see more welfare leeches with poodroids.

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More people in general use Android. That wasn't the question though. It's about bragging, those who buy a cheap Android do it because the need a phone, the poorfags who buy iPhones often think it's a status symbol.
Which is stupid because any person with a normal job can get an iPhone, but many do it to "flex".

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basado y pildora rojo

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very true

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How far above the average household income do you have to be to no longer be considered middle class? Does it change based on location?
I can live comfortably off of 70k in upstate New York and buy a 3 bed, 2 bath house with garage, pool, basement and acres of land while still retiring early, owning multiple cars and going on vacations. But I couldn't do that in NYC even off of 150k a year.

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Pretty much completely true.

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>not middle class
You can afford private school for all your kids while still owning nice-to-haves, going on overseas vacations and building a sizeable retirement.

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100% true

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That lawn mower always cracks me up.

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what the fuck is "flex"?

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no flex zone

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A normie meme, basically means showing off them Airpods.

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It means you make above minimum wage and can afford one more thing that someone else can't

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the zoomer term for "showing off'

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Apple lives rent-free in your minds /g/tards.

Posted from my iPhone.

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The middle class is dissapearing

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iPajeet dicklicker detected

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weird flex but ok

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Was Satania bullied in the series because she was an autist?

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By buying Apple, you may as well be an alt-right fucktard desu.

>they destroy the planet by making everything with planned obsolescence and devices less repairable
>they are the definition of evil capitalists that can brainwash people into sinking almost a trillion dollars into a worthless brand
>they make the poor poorer by making their products into social symbols.

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Middle class is so comfy.

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>lower class flex
that's a middle class boomer thing.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night, lowie

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it's more a poor redneck thing

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and rightfully so

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But I thought /g/ lives in their parents basements and just waiting for inheritance.

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literally me desu

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I take it some sad virgin fuck got triggered by my posts?
Anyway I'll actually answer truthfully without bait this time

I have
>The Ipad (and iPhone xr in the mail)
>ridiculous amount of money for age (bitcoin)
>1 percenter for age (excluding inheritards) BEFORE bitcoin
>At world famous uni
>generally very impressive CV
>came from awful family

Most the time I use university to impress people, and shitty background when the inevitable insecurity/cope (y-y-you must have gone to Eton) starts.

I'll only ever use money if someone's really pissing me off, NOTHING gets older people more seething than someone half their age ripping into them about being a failure. 99 percent of the time though i lie about it and when asked say I only have 40k (what I'd have without bitcoin). The insecurity and jealously got old very quickly.

/g/ however... I use my iPad. Isn't it painfully obvious they're all sarcastic bait threads? Maybe it only is... if you can afford it.

But in relation to the op pic, I would consider the macs a middle class flex and the rest lower class flex. Like it or not spending 2k on a computer is excessive to most people.

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t. triggered poorfag

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>all this larp to defend your poorfag fruit toys

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Get a load of this clown!

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Admit it. You WISH you could afford one

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Admit it

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Admit it

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admit you're a poorfag that can't even afford a car so you have to brag about your manchild fruit toys you bought with your mcjob bucks

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Admit it.

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>i'm so rich i brag about a $300 tablet

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yes, it is how the poor stay poor. Buying things for status or to look upperclass is exclusively a poorfag thing.

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Admit it.

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how many shitting streets you sweep to buy that pooPad ipajeet?

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chicken nugget

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>1 percenter for age (excluding inheritards) BEFORE bitcoin
>networth of $40k
Yikes what is that age? 15?

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Basically no one has 40k GBP while in uni. Guy with second most self made I know has 20k, median is probs 1k.

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I like my Macbook Pro

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Why does that nig hold the phone like a gun?

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You can make more than that by living with your parents for literally working one year whilst living with your parents.

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admit you shit in the street

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Underwater welder?

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>bragging about being rich with your entry level iPad
If you really want to trigger /g/, at least post it next to a steering wheel with the Tesla logo showing and a smashed Xiaomeme phone in the next post.

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The political equivalent of a Macfag is an alt-righter.

>inb4 libs
No, that belongs to the FSF nuts.

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you're trying way too hard, buddy, no one is eating that flavour of bullshit

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I'll just put this here, I guess.

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see >>70369567

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absolute Reddit-speak

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seethe more poorfag

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/g/ 1337 lvl 99 haxer flex

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>no longer be considered middle class
House worth at least $2m, vacation home worth at least $1m

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What does a billionaire computer look like?

Once you pass a certain threshold say 2000USD. I don't see how he can get anything better than what a Walmart employee can save up to.

I'm thinking about desktops now.

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MacBook Pro, billionaires don't use desktops.

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What does billionaire email look like? What does billionaire YouTube look like? What does billionaire 4chan look like? What does billoinaire music sound like?

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just because someone is a billionare, doesn't mean know anything about or give a shit about computers

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True, my wealthy friend who is worth >$100mil doesn't know shit about technology, just knows business very well, plus he's cool because I got my high paying job via nepotism

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t.never held a gun

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One of those $20,000 Origin gaming pcs with a custom case made out of diamond or some shit.

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>What does a billionaire computer look like?
You'd have an array of data centres built.

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poor rednecks don't rent booths at gun shows to display guns they have no intention of selling.

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Middle class should also include guns. I don't think many lower classfags buy 3000 dollar optics

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and redpilled

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>t. lower class fag who buys $3000 optics and thinks he's middle class

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why is there no upper class?

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im flexing in three categories right now

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>the lower class is armed
it is time

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I thought they replaced the pistol with a water gun

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> Being this clueless

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You made my day.

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Even in a shitty eastern european hellhole im living in, a macbook is not a flex.
It takes some major projection to even imply that. in the US literally anyone can buy a macbook easily. and you can find ones in near perfect condition for cheap on ebay

everyone here is from africa or what now seriously

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This is a billionare website: http://www.berkshirehathaway.com

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lmao that extra commercial in the middle of it

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billionaires don't use computers.

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You do know really rich people dont flex,
they just have what they want.
It's not even a thing of want, it's more of :"If it's even on my radar."

Rich people flex with the fact they have to die eventually just like poorest fuck out there,
and are aware no amount of stuff can make them immortal, while poor fucks grind from day to day
for another bump in their "distraction" of choice

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This, whenever i drive through nice neighborhoods, alot of them have paid off Honda Accords from 10-15 years ago, but alot of the people in my apartment complex have brand new cars that they do not hold the title to.

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what you do with the 80 tonnes of lard on your arms that you wish were muscles you illiterate

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Because prerequisite and whole trick of being rich is understanding a value of money compared to stuff and understanding entropy will win .

I'll bullshit a little here, but example= car is an device that gets you faster than walking from point A to point B.
That is it's core nature.
Now, if your time is extremely valuable, giving more money for faster car is logical solution, but check this out.
I sold same product as did my friend, same quality, everything was the same, but he sold more and for a higher price.

So, it made me wonder why(it was not that he had better personality or anything), but he splurged some money on expensive car, not faster or better, just more luxurious(remember , product we sold we delivered and it was literally 1:1 in every shape,way or form).
But, to people who perceive shit on this level(mainly people we sold stuff we sold), he emanated success and they were willing to give more money for same shit because they believed they were working with successful person(even if he had to sleep in his car).
So, sometimes flexing for flexing sake is sometimes logical if you work with people who function on that basic level,
kinda, fake it until you make it logic.

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What's her ig?

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Basted and rippled

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wtf is a flex?

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I think it's n word for "show off"

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Checked, Flexing is when you spend money trying to impress others.

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rich people value money so they wont spend on shit. poor think having expensive stuff make then as good as the rich but they dont know how to spend well. so we get the op image

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Actually based.

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You don't want a thot gf anon, those hoes for everybody.

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>that house
>middle class
Very, very upper middle class with dual income of $100k+ per person MAYBE. Possibly more required.

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Thank you for your service.

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cuz the nig nogs

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nobody considered to be upper-middle class or higher has anything but an iPhone. so it's not.

>> No.70380432

HP i7 with windows 10 enterprise.

>> No.70380441

>5000 square foot house
>Benz repair bills
>Health insurance premiums for wife and 2 kdis
>Somehow yard care isn't farmed out
>Middle class

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You all just hate innovation

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nigger detected

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incel cope LMAO

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A Samsung Galaxy S6. Their half-dozen secretaries all use Dell Inspiron desktops, and their personal assistant takes notes and manages the billionaire's schedule on a Surface Pro 6.

The company has a Surface Book 2 ready for the billionaire to use at all times and there is staff employed to run maintenance on it weekly. He used it once to play a quick game of Solitaire.

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>world famous uni
Interesting that you’d rather say ‘world famous’ uni than actually naming it.

Surely if it was that good, the name would speak for itself

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Post your priceless flexes boys

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