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Why does Karlie Kloss make the average /g/tard so upset?

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She larps as a ((((coder)))) and gets PR for it

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because Karlie can kode while the average /g/aytard can't

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Because shes a woman

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Saw her irl looks average as fuck.
I feel people like this go minus

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I cannot be attracted to her after seeing her nude body

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>when it's a woman
she ugly tho would not bang 2/10

>when it's a guy
lmao virgin

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Because tfw no giant coder gf

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>thnx I'll have nightmares now knowing airplane software is written by guys
she's not wrong you know

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>two totally different functions
>turns out they are wrote differently

Got me to rage. 10/10

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Their meaning was the lack of comments and apparent difficulty in understanding the quick sqrt you autistic fuck

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>Shit goes south
>Blame the software!
Boeing is run by kikes.

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Then why didn't she write a more readable qsort, you fucking brainlet?

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It seems to me that she is just pointing out that women tend to think differently when they code and tend to care more that the code itself and it's product are more aesthetic and approachable.

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It's because we want to f*ck her sooo much..

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No she really does nothing at all
It's a typical white girl pretending to be special to make up for her shitty shortcomings and exploiting other people for money.

There are thousands of people just like her that can't or won't whore themselves out because they actually need to work unlike some upper class white bitch.

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Someone else has probably covered this, but:

>Supermodel, Super hot, Makes every little /g/tard diamonds and frustrated because she is a reminder of everything they will never have
>Then, on top of all her natural beauty and talents, and personality, she decides to enter the /g/tards percieved walled garden of coding.
>Then, not only that, but she shows normies how easy it is to code, further taking away from the /g/tards one last refuge of percieved superiority over normal people with normal lives.

Thanks for the new fap material, OP, I like me some Karlie Kloss. I'd use her as floss.

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>not threehalves

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Klossy is actually a computer genius but nobody has any idea. She acts like she can't code well.

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