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So that European article just passed what does this mean for big companies like google?

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Hopefully they block the EU for a short period like they did with spain.

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Im from germany and i hope they permaban europe
Maybe our idiotic shitlords will learn that way

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Does this mean 4chan is now committing copyright fraud whenever I post this?

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>Maybe our idiotic shitlords will learn that way
Learn what exactly?

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Ban the fucking EU

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what the hell is this? and would banning the EU be good for google?

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No, but seeing the EU is completely spineless if Google and some other larger companies simply ceased service within Europe that would cause them to most likely rollback the law

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imagine being this retarded burger.
Smaller sites that nobody uses might do it but any tech giant wont.

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You're dreaming. Why do you think Brexit is happening?

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yes. or rather, whenever they allow you to post it.

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I'm from spain and I didn't notice anything ever. What are you talking about?

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It was only google news since that is what they got mad over.

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>companies like google?
Hopfully bad things. Far as I'm concerned the best result would be the collapse of the internet so that all normalfags and social shitea gets purged elsewhere. EU is doing us a favor.

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All non EU websites should block YUROPOORS so they can ban memes in their shitty part of the world

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How else are Google and Facebook supposed to block EU citizens from seeing copyrighted material in order to avoid being fined? A filter will largely be ineffective, as people WILL find ways to get around it.

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> A filter will largely be ineffective, as people WILL find ways to get around it.
and? It doesnt mean google has the responsibility

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>It doesnt mean google has tje responsibility
Didn't Article 13 say that the companies hosting copyrighted content would be fined for doing so, even if said content was user-submitted? If so, it would be in thier best interest to avoid serving copyrighted content to avoid said fines.

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piracy is pretty much dead in germany because they went full orwell on everyone

the article 13 is just an extension of germany's retarded copyright laws

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Nothing, like GDPR

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And Google will say, well we had to design the filter so it will "in no way affect legitimate uses".

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Why ya Nazis have such strict laws? Judens?

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If we weren't living in the worst timeline, Amazon and Google would both block the EU for a single day, which would instantly cause major uproar and cause a repeal, since the majority of people don't even know this is happening, let alone the repercussions it'll have.

Wont happen but I can dream.

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Listen here you glow in the dark eu niggers. If you block my internet and take my memes away I will literally bomb and massacre públic spaces and mosques.

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>Jews were the real nazies the whole time
Explains everything.

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I'm with you, but I'd also bomb Russia

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You kind of misunderstand who has more power. It would be very dangerous if Amazon and Google could coerce the EU.
Being able to lobby it almost as they please as long as they start early is bad enough, same as in the USA.

Memes and other parodies are not included?

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They wouldn't care if I threatened churches so I will just target the mudslimes instead.

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Yeah, it won't happen, because EU isn't being fucked in the ass by corporations like US and begging for more.

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lmao as if hiro gives a shit about laws

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>permaban europe

This is what I would do. How quickly do you think the fucking stupid EU would have to overturn their fucking cuckfest laws when theire are rioting on the streets because people can't access youtube or their gmail. Or companies losing millions of dollars and going out of business because they can't access google (and similar) services.

This could seriously become a game of ultimate chicken.

Except Alphabet isn't me, it's a fucking giant conglomerate ruled by people with no values or morals and data-hungry to know everything about everyone and to spread their reach over the entire world, and they don't like freedom that much anyway, so making the internet a stupid place is fine by them as a consequence.

RIP euro-fags.

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based and, may I dare to say it, redpilled

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Yep. And the victors got to choose how they wrote history. Once you learn this truth it really helps you appreciate how the "villain" was really the hero. I sometimes wonder how technologically advanced we would be if ww2 had ended differently

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Consolidation. Unlike big actors, small websites or portals can't afford full time moderators or huge AI systems that purge copyrighted content. They would fully embrace it as long as they don't have any competition in the foreseeable future.

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Damn, I just posted nearly the same thing but you said it better.

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Nigga you mad? They lost their shit when someone danced in the church, when someone catched pokemons in the church, give them 10 years and they'll go full retard on that one.

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what? Everyone I know uses a adblocker and pirates everything.
>the article 13 is just an extension of germany's retarded copyright laws
While Germany played a major part here and the BILD publisher bought every goddamn politician from the CSU one shouldn't underplay France's part in it. Macron wants to control the general opinion and a upload filter is a useful tool against the protestant in the near future.

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Bad stuff.

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>It would be very dangerous if Amazon and Google could coerce the EU.
Yeah, do I want the Orwellian tyrannical government to control me for the sake of the billionaires running the companies crying afoul over 'copyright' losses....... Or do I want the multinational corporation also controlled by billionaires to run their business the most effectively (and they can do it unlike the 'rights holders' companies kek) and efficently......

Rock and a hard place. But free market is probably the better choice. At least you seem to get that the whole thing is corrupt.

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Mickey Mouse copyright ended a few years ago, so... nope.

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you mean TORRENTING is dead. That is true, torrenting without any security measures is suicide. But loading stuff from a fileserver, very safe.

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Google voluntarily walked away from China once and now they're willing to do a handjob to everyone in communist party just to get back. And even if they were allowed back, they would still have their asses handed to them by Baidu. It's too late now.
No way in hell they're walking away from anywhere anymore. They'll pay fines, and then they will implement the filters. They need data collection from everywhere in the world for their business model to succeed.

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desu 4chin is the only site situated in us that i use and normalfags would be better off without the botnet so i agree. europe is investing in alternatives to google and such anyway. i just hope they make them open if not free as in freedom.

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>Against the protestant
You mean protestors, right? Does France have a specific thing against Protestants?

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>You kind of misunderstand who has more power. It would be very dangerous if Amazon and Google could coerce the EU.
That's just theater so people side with the government and people don't chimp out when tech giants and corporations reach to an "agreement". Tech giants benefit from this.

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Can I ask, who are "Creators for Europe"? Are they more than just an astroturfing group? How am I supposed to know that they're not just like America's "Citizens United"?

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yeah got that mixed up

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Vote for extreme far-left politicians, get extreme far-left censorship. But hey, at least now the childrens won't be radicalized by le evil Pepe frogs amirite?

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>be me
>mfw I see this
>go create a Twitter account to tell some select MEPs what I think of them and their decisions
>rage follow a couple of related accounts
>an automated system unironically ban me for behaving like a bot before I can even start writing my first tweet
What the actual fuck. I've never been so heavily trolled in my entire life. I'm literally laughing, not even mad anymore.

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>every single tech company bans europe as creating a filter for all the copyright material would be too expensive and inefficient
>VPNs become mandatory

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Is it really that bad over there? They actively track p2p connections and confirm if they are copyright material?

What are the punishments?

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>blue used to be my favorite color for as long as know
>a few months ago I start choosing red over blue whenever I get the chance
he, guess my subconscious is not that stupid afterall

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We need your phone number, goy

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Twitter instated that new "bot detection" algorithm to stamp out alt-kike trolls and Trumpfags, you literally need to follow their approved leftist/celebrity accounts AND verify your phone or else it autobans you.

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I think the next great war will be one where were we see what happens when the Left goes too far. I wonder if Marcon will be the Hitler of the 21st century. It will be a war which exists on the battlegrounds of the internet and upheld by the paramilitary trained police in each nation state. A war of ideas and ideals, of freedom of information vs police states. I hope we develop a deep-web type of technology which they can't control or oppress.

The absolute state of Twitter. Their CEO and the indian dyke that works as Chief Censor will tell you black and blue that their alogrithims don't work like that. Kek

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Got a dedicated server in Germany for months now and using it to torrent terabytes of shit monthly from a private tracker and have had zero complains.

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We seriously need to create a right-leaning twitter platform. There needs to be a balance in the Force.

Will any Software Engineers help me do this? I'd handle the business side, and if you were instrumental I'd cut you in for a good percentage of the company.

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>draconian copyright protection is far left

>> No.70308635

>have to have my phone number
Fucks sake. No way.

>their approved leftist/celebrity accounts
Even more fucks sake. I'm aleftist and was actually in the process of following a couple of local commie parties when the ban hit me.

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There's gab, too bad every single idea they implement is done so poorly it loses all potential. Twitter really has to fuck up badly to stop being the platform of choice, I mean fuck up harder than digg and myspace ever did.

>> No.70308664

>>their approved leftist/celebrity accounts
>Even more fucks sake. I'm aleftist and was actually in the process of following a couple of local commie parties when the ban hit me.

Local commie accounts that are not verified don't count, you need to follow Obummer, Kathy Griffin, Bill Kristol or any of the other verified far-left shitstains they shove in your faggot face when you sign up.

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It unronically is in this situaiton, sempai

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It's not about the copyright itself, but rather using these existing laws as pretext to censor ANYTHING they want.

>> No.70308706

leftists are the only ones who would put the appearance of protection of the entertainment industry before technological advancement
it's increasingly clear artists should be culled

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Oh they are verified. And I actually did follow Bill Gates but I guess that was not enough.

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>what does this mean for big companies like google?
Absolutely nothing since they already have enough resources to filter uploads. The real question is what will happen to anyone trying to compete with these giants?

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Then just put your phone number and you're golden, I don't see why you so salty.

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If we went grass roots we could make it happen. Get speciality groups disaffected by twitter onto the program, get them to promote it. Twitter but not LEFT leaning tyranical censorship. Marketing will polish the subheading call-to-action.

Second step would be to get all Repubicans on it, because that's half the US. And there are a lot of red states, then we have a real competitor in the twitter sphere, and at that point people love options, so when twitter bans you for writing 'learn to code' or 'there are only two genders' people will flood to our platform.

Seriously, if you know a Software Dev looking for a serious challenge, please let me know.

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>Seriously, if you know a Software Dev looking for a serious challenge, please let me know.
Why would a dev waste his time making a safe space for right-wing crybabies when gnusocial/mastodon/etc already exist and are objectively the future thanks to the decentralized nature of the fediverse?

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More like:
>Germans were the real jews the whole time

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Because Twitter, Facebook and the others sell my phone number and I'd prefer that they do not. I'm salty because our EU Overlords are literally ruining the internet step by step.

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>mfw retarded burgers don't realize google, facebook, etc. need the EU more than the EU needs them

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This doesn't match reality, it's pretty much always the copyright owning companies and conglomerates that push for more copyright and more enforcement.

>> No.70308854

most of the EU isnt democratically elected. We didn't vote for most of the people runing the show.

>> No.70308859

Just don't pay the fine. The fuck is Eurostan going to do? Write a strongly worded letter voicing their disapproval?

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>being this dumb

>> No.70308879

who exactly do you think their primary shills are
incredibly stupid, narcissistic entitled egomaniacal artists, usually musicians and authors

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>retarded frognigger doesn't realize there are billions of EU companies relying on Google services and other US companies
Hang yourself

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How do I radicalize people into leaving the EU?

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>We seriously need to create a right-leaning twitter platform.
Or just use the Fediverse and create your own rules.

>since they already have enough resources to filter uploads
They don't really. Filter uploads that work are not worth the money it's way easier and cheaper to just false flag almost everything and hope things work out.

>The real question is what will happen to anyone trying to compete with these giants?
They have 3 years to find a way to create a system that pleases copyright holders (which isn't possible), where no company has yet created such a system or get sued after the 3 year protection period

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4chan is hosted in europe?

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It means this: whatever countries that stay in the EU will just have to learn to get used to not having google available to them

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liberuls. bad

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Please stop embarrassing yourself. German politicians voted AGAINST the law.

>> No.70309297

So, how is it dead if a simply $5 monthyl subscription protects you from any repercussions?

>> No.70309393

No but it has users in the EU so it will have to comply with the laws if it doesn't want to get in trouble.

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Are you trolling? Piracy has never been as rampant in Germany as currently. The law doesn't affect the general citizen at all in piracy it just affects us megacorps.

And none of those companies would ever want to lose the eu market meaning they are forced to comply. EU is beyond genius.

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one of the most cucked left leaning polish parties are in EPP
literally anyone who isn't a eu cocksucker voted against

>> No.70309653

Didkt google state that if the link taxes wrnt through they would simply remove themselves from EU? I cant fucking wait. please DO IT NOW

>> No.70309686

They would remove their news service. I really hope they do it.

>> No.70309716

They also have to remove youtube since we can technically sue them right now for having copyrighted content there. EU can sue youtube right now

>> No.70309734

Youtube already have a filter desu. They just need to give it free reign to block EU visitors.

>> No.70309771

>Is it really that bad over there?
depends. warez boards are prefered over torrents. you can still download anime via torrents. but forget about new games or movies. you will be fined by the koch media gmbh for 500-1200 bucks. you can bring them to court and deny your actions but doing so would cost you just as much so you have no choice

>> No.70309775

For fuck's sake they're willing to cuck themselves to russia, they're licking chinese boot hoping they will let them back in, but apparently they're going to quit their biggest ad market behind USA because this is where they draw the line .
How dumb are you? They will pay fines, it's barely one week of their ad operations, and then they will do the filter. No one cares if EU isn't getting full search results, no one does anyway.

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>jewgle forcing people to get unjewgled
i wish anon

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Im not dumb. They said this shit themselves, Google. Fuck youtube, fuck google, fuck facebook, tumblr, instagram, and 4chan. Its all going away, big tech can burn in hell and take big data science with it.

>> No.70309839

>4chan is a for-profit company.
>4chan cannot implement a sophisticated filter to prevent """illegal""" uploads.
>4chan will be forced to block all European IP addresses


>> No.70309840

Every german citizen should know send in images of cats to the government and claim copyright ownership over them to flood the ML filters with cats until it becomes impossible to upload images of cats.

>> No.70309846

I may as well start trademarking CYANiggers™

>> No.70309866

CDU is considered center-right in Europe...

>> No.70309874

>hey EU, eat my nuts, I'm not implementing no fucking filter, with best regards, hirosima's trump fan club, USA
now what?

>> No.70309887

it is, and the whole idea of being a criminal before rule of court for simply trying to possibly, maybe violate copyright LAW is really left as well.

Also laws restricting very certain things, before the actual need too. Look at US laws, they exist on fundamental levels and are according to human rights and the constitution. Unlike British or EU laws where they are trying to "avoid" bad stuff from happening, while scrutinizing whole industries to the point of failure of the infrastructure within. Then they write laws against monopolies, while the government actually being the only monopoly in the whole system.

Its USSR 2.0. EU will fail in our lifetime and it will be UGLY.

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Then European ISPs will be forced to block 4chan...

The only solution is to move everything to pic related.

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Government control over private businesses is a left idea from the get-go. Free-market Capitalism is extremely right idea.

Restricting and regulating the private life and/or the business is a left thing too. Thus, regulations like A13 is by default, on every point and by any definition, a left-wing idea.

I advice you, and everyone in this thread to read Basic Economics and Visions of the Anointed by Thomas Sowell.

>> No.70309944

They are forced to block facebook and youtube too. Even if European users do not see the content, it still exists there. Therefore it cannot even be accessed.

>> No.70309949

4chin does not have that much copyrighted content so it's irrelevant

>> No.70309950

So I'll just have to change DNS, good to know

>> No.70309956

Shitty DNS spoof is all they can do without investing money.
And good luck finding the money.

>> No.70309968

You do realize that, conservatives in EU are literally the offspring of a socialists parties from WW2? In 90% of EU, being a conservative, and wanting the "good ol times' is actually wanting socialism back.

>> No.70309969

There is zero capitalism in monopolies, price fixing, internal trade, gatekeeping, etc. which is exactly what happens without government intervention.

>> No.70309974

The EU can extort however much money they want from tech companies for access to their property, I mean 'citizens'.

Most likely big tech will just tell the EU to fuck off, created some walled version of their service and focus more on Asia, as Google has already started doing.

>> No.70310006

Free-market capitalism doesn't like and/or endorse ANY kind of monopoly. And government run monopolies are not the answer to private ones either. Not to mention, if I have to take the middle stance here, and say that the government should step in, there are already anti-trust laws, both in EU, US and international ones, that are exactly for that reason there.

Read Basic Economics and you will understand why your statement is wrong on so many levels.

>> No.70310009

> just ignore one of the biggest markets in the world
Do retards seriously believe this?

>> No.70310028

They will implement automatic filters and declare they are using AI content filters to make their links and pictures "EU-compliant".
Screencap this.

>> No.70310034

Fuck off with your garbage opiniob. Its not a free market, free as in libre, when the government decides what the market can and cannot be. You are completely delusional trying to peddle centrist economic ideas as free market capitalism.

>> No.70310055

It's almost like the EU is making a cash grab instead of trying to pass legislation for some kind of legitimate purpose

>> No.70310058

No. EU will make their own judentube and islambook and america will be left behind

>> No.70310066

>Live in ex USSR country
>Still a left wing party ruling over
>Fixed prices on most products
>Fixed salaries
>Fixed production rates and still very planned economy on national level
>It's all done by laws and politicians, instead of private owners or businessmen.
>There is huge monopoly on every energy provider, such as water, electricity, heating and gas

>>Some US Bernie Bro with assburgers
>>Huurrrr durrrr without gubument Amazon will rape me

Go eat some tranny's dick, faggot.

>> No.70310083

Free markets dont exist retard. Thats the god damn point.

>> No.70310102

With more reason they will try their hardest to police content with the pretext to cater to the European market so it won't be more of a First Amendment issue.

>> No.70310109

>what does this mean for big companies like google?
yoropian IPs will get blocked, and the internet will be just americans and brazilians talking to each other?

>> No.70310111

lol? they will block all 4chan's IP addresses, so you will need a non EU VPN to bypass that...

>> No.70310125

It will fail. This is an economic move by EU and the timing couldnt be better with brexit. They are going to shut down american services so they can build their own.

>> No.70310133

You are quite literally retarded.
Free-market capitalism stops being free by definition the same moment the government proposes some kind of regulation or tariff and/or tax on the market. But generally speaking, less regulations and taxes, the better.

And no one said the market, especially in EU is even for a moment "free". Also free as in "libre" is retarded, as free-market is free as in laissez-faire.

>centrist economic ideas as free market capitalism

Its right, even far-right idea, not centrist. Centrist ideas are gate-way to Stalinism and national-socialism such as Germany in 1930.

>> No.70310138

So they will block the entire cloudflare?
You're retarded, try again.

>> No.70310145

>entitled eurocommie thinks that the world has to do business with them
That's not how it works.

No company will do business in a market where their potential operating costs are higher than their profits. As the EU now has some arbitrary tax which can be slapped on any tech company at any time for a massive amount of money, most companies will have no choice but to opt out.

That's the point of this legislation anyway. The void will probably be filled by some European company that is aligned with the EU with a board of directors with deep EU parliament connections.

>> No.70310151

>I am not free
>I cant be free

stupid incel

>> No.70310152

>big companies like google?
Not much since it helps them by ensuring no small company can compete.

>> No.70310175

Are you retarded? Of course it stops being free. What is being argued here is that a free market cannot exist at all. Either the government intervenes, or some companies grow so big they control access anyway. The unseen hand is unseen because it doesnt fucking exist.

>> No.70310176

I like how retarded the EU commies are.
>crying the big monopolies are raping private citizens
>ensuring and giving the best possible environment for big companies to exist without any kind of competition, since they are outlawing the competition.
>got to step one and repeat

>> No.70310179

Lol last time my ISP blocked anything it was through DNS so if they block 4chan that's how they'll do it

>> No.70310197

The theory of the unseen hand is far from what you think it is. There is literally 0 companies that grew too big to control everything. The government uses the scare to cash-grab by taxing the stupid shills like you.

And the free market is what made the US so rich, you stupid dum-dum.

>> No.70310221

LUL at german spergers
>lets make sure private citizens and small companies cant compete with the big tech giants
>this will make life better and safer

>> No.70310227

Who wants a goverment anyway? Right?schools, water, food, electricity, housing, medicine, banking, police, human rights, it should all be privatized so some anon can go buy lolis imported from Russia at the local convenience store.

>> No.70310240

Are you forgetting the fact that Google even what's to do business is China witch is kind of insane considering their censorship demands this is nothing.

>> No.70310252

You fucking idiot, the military is what made the US so rich. They literally shot and killed and enslaved and raped the entire EU shitskins, mudslimed, niggers, indians, etc. It wasnt free trade, it was nukes, ground solidiers, covert operations and natural resources.

>> No.70310263

Don’t forget McDonald’s and Microsoft

>> No.70310289

The conditions of business in China is that you need to joint-venture with a Chinese company, not that you can be extorted by the EU for tens of billions whenever they need loans to prop up their social programs.

The US was made rich through steel, oil, and later international finance. The US only ever did that shit to Japan and later Vietnam and Afghanistan/Iraq, never Europe.

>> No.70310295

You think microsoft US would exist if america never went to war and btfo everyone making then sign economic treaties and never had any slavery or revolted against england and took the land?

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>being this brainlet

Of course they will, the law is the law: EU regulators will first fine them (exactly as they are doing right now with GDPR[1]), and if that doesn't work then they will announce that they will have to block Cloudflare.

Internet as we knew it is dying. Article 11 and 13 are just one more step forward towards its demise.


>> No.70310308

And absolutely zero of any of that has to do with your delusional free market.

>> No.70310315

America is a vicious empire. Now say something we don’t know

>> No.70310316

Imagine being fart huffing retard that thinks EU is good.

>> No.70310320

>Internet as we knew it is dying.
I'm really curious about what will take it's place.

>> No.70310324

If you don't get European Politics just say it lol

>> No.70310329

Citizen's United was the group that was releasing "documentaries" cataloging Hillary Clinton being a crook during 2008's primaries. The FEC took issue with this and sued CU. CU protested pointing out that Fahrenheit 9/11 came out in a campaign season and is also a "documentary" with political overtones. CU was entirely correct in their assertions that the film should be allowed and the FEC had no basis in reality to do shit plus they neglected to do shit 4 years prior about that fat fuck Micheal Moore so they weren't being consistent with their application of the law. It goes up to the Supreme Court and fucking blows up in EVERYONE'S faces. The FEC is the one who should be blamed for that fiasco not CU itself. The Supreme Court is also to blame for making such a wide ruling as well.

>> No.70310337

Its not that america is vicious it is that it is successful in strongarming the world. Every single culture that ever existed did heinous shit to others, america did not invent violence. It just profited from it. And if Hitler wasnt such a retard and went into Russia he would have profited too.

>> No.70310344

Can someone explain what exactly Article 13 is anyways? Is it literally "you cant access copyrighted content?" How the fuck are they even going to use the internet?

>> No.70310376

EU, like based Russia, will make their own internet. You comply with their rules or get the fuck out. Its really that simple. We are returning to the glory days before globalism, or something like it but with bigger states.

>> No.70310382

>yurope eliminate itself off the internet over 4chan
No I mean it would be great and all, but sadly they're not that retarded.

>> No.70310393
File: 109 KB, 900x900, 1510857479390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread

>> No.70310408

Now if US decided to nuke EU things will truly be great again. "There is only room for two big boys in this playground, right Putin bro?" "Da."

>> No.70310410

It doesn't mean anything for big companies.
Article 13 of the copyright reform takes care of "upload filters" that can scan material for copyright infringements. Google, Amazon and the like already have something like that for video and audio as well as images.
Article 11 is another intellectual property right that lets newspapers sue services like google new or bing news for displaying news snippets and images without an explicit license to do so. However this was already done once in germany and has failed disastrously. Virtually all newspapers have given free licenses to big companies like Google or Microsoft to gain discoverability

>> No.70310414
File: 378 KB, 816x1356, 1551935915223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70310419

>the eu will create a prison for its netizens where you need to be identified by name and any comment dubbed wrongthink will put you in the gulag
Nice dream.

At least Google had to abide by the first amendment, you have none of that. lol

>> No.70310439
File: 48 KB, 1093x146, 2019-03-26_16-35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is fine

>> No.70310441

Based Russia shat their pants trying to block telegram. Literally no tech company takes them seriously anymore.

>> No.70310442

>>70308595 >>70308386 >>70307949 >>70309771 >>70308540
torrenting in general won't get you fucked, it's just specific torrents that are monitored by law firms because someone else ordered them to.
e.g. I got fucked for downloading a refx-nexus.iso

>> No.70310456

But thats exactly what im hoping for. Why wouldnt EU do that? It doesnt give a shit about its native people at all. They should finish their giant gulag project. Hell, maybe Hitler never died. Maybe he is still alive and sitting in the EU board now. The entire masterplan is to put all the immigrants in EU, transform it to a gulag, then lock it throw away the key and let it destroy itself.

>> No.70310567

>China can't extort Google if they enter the market
Yea you are dumb

>> No.70310568

This comment is so stupid, I can't believe it.
The legislation was approved by right wing conservative parties

>> No.70310588

that's my point, it's only /pol/tards who try to turn everything into "muh left" and "muh liberals"

>> No.70310698

If google, facebook, and the whole of europe ceased existence would I even notice. I don't think I would until I read about it online or tried to watch a youtube. I'd be really annoyed, where am I supposed to watch videos, vevo?

>> No.70310786

radacalize by voicing your opinion and getting /ourguys/to run for office and take over from within

>> No.70310845

>right wing conservative is a universal description in geopolitics
and you're doing the same thing by defending one side "against" the other.

maybe stop using short hand descriptions originating in American politics when talking about European policy? nah that makes too much sense better contribute to the cancerous
>us versus them

>> No.70310989

Except the GDPR had significant fallout in the form of every fucking website throwing up a 400x900
banner. Fucking euroshits.

>> No.70311072

What is the end result of all of this nonsense? If they take it to its ends are we going to see the death of the fair and open internet and watch it be replaced with some marionette used to shovel state sanctioned content down our throat? Frankly I'm disgusted that there isn't a larger effort to ensure a perpetually free and independent internet.

>> No.70311105
File: 207 KB, 1920x1080, 1551899907149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the Abmahnung letter is scam. My 70-years-old Mother got one of those Abmahnung so she call me. I told them it was a scam and they should ignore the paper considering my mother doesn't own a computer.

>> No.70311122
File: 1.21 MB, 952x859, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some other search engine would fill the void within a month. easy.
are you dumb enough to think google is the only option?

>> No.70311160

I rarely see them tbqh, and I used to see them before GDPR was even a thing

Look at this dumb retard who thinks Google is only about its search engine

>> No.70311263

Nothing Google does is irreplaceable. It might have to be several companies who could focus on separate areas but there is no reason it couldn't be done

>> No.70311324

They just do that automatically if you dont give them a phone number, you can email them and tell them you dont have one and they will undo it.

>> No.70311344

That's only incompetent and euro faggots who show that cookie crap. 4channel doesn't, I assume because it doesn't have to follow foreign stupidity like euroshits think.
>they'll get sued
Oh no, well then just convince/remove everyone involved. Problem solved.

>> No.70311359
File: 33 KB, 620x330, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what does this mean for big companies like google?
Nothing, because they're the only ones that can even comply with it. The ones taking all the damage and closing by the thousands are the smaller platforms and forums, further cementing the domination of big corporations that this law was supposed to fight. Either the EU politicans are completely clueless about how technology works, or they're blatantly corrupt, either way that fucking place must burn.

>> No.70311660

> muh left
You know all right wing parties voted for this right? They succumbed to lobbyists a long time ago. Only the left leaning parties actively pointed out what a pile of shit this bill is. Biggest supporter of article 13 is CSU, a german right wing party. Then you have all those anti EU guys voting for the bill and later to point out how fucking useless the EU is.

>> No.70312060

i am so fucking sick of it. can ANY of you guys please just read the law and shut the fuck up for 5 minutes. it is not at all what you are making it out to be. it is TEH GOBBERMENT GOING 1984 it is protecting people who do creative work from mega corporations. how is this bad?

>> No.70312069

You seem to be the one who needs to learn how to read.

>> No.70312072

EU mad

>> No.70312122

I worked at a monopolgy, I won't say which, but it was a national player with zero competition between it's representation in almost every post code except for very small botique mom&pop stores (which it would regularly buy-out or run out of town eventually).

This monopoly had a pricing team whose sole job it was to be the cheapest market option to ensure customer loyalty among it's many and varied products. They were so intent on this, that if someone else, even online retailers, had a cheaper item on sale, they would drop their price of the item to make it lower, even if that meant they sold a national quanitity of the particular item below the cost-price for that week/month at a massive loss to the business.

Their whole strategy was very wholistic. Sure they took a significant hit on that one item (enough so that it would put most smaller competitors in the bankrupt line, or at least make their profit margin miniscule for that year) but for this giant national company they could afford to take that loss because in the end it kept their customers loyal and wholistically the company didn't lose out because all those customers bought all the other items which had healthy margins and the company still saw massive profits.

This is the danger of monopolies. They can ''offer you a good deal'' in a deliberate attempt to kill their competition and see you shop with them. Consider what happens when they no longer have any competiton? Because they never gave you those low prices for your benefit.

>> No.70312315

>Either the EU politicans are completely clueless about how technology works, or they're blatantly corrupt
Both. The people that voted for it don't really know what it will do, they have just been told by Hollywood that it's good, one of them even said he'd make youtube illegal. They think the internet is some small thing kids do, they don't realise how much data is being uploaded every second and that they can't really stop it without going full on China mode

>> No.70312325

what fucking article

>> No.70312383

More like Anglo protestants

>> No.70312527

welcome to boomers

>> No.70312551

Time to grow up and realize g*rmans have contributed nothing good to humanity

>> No.70312759

Google, Amazon, Akamai, Microsoft and a few more (most if not all of them non EU companies) will have a major benefit out of this as those are the only few haveing enough capacity to implent and offer filters for 3rd parties for $$$

>> No.70312916

Pay the fine, burger

>> No.70312919

*except every major technological, philosophical, modern-engineering, and modern industrial thing the world has to offer. And german speaking regions have contributed even more, such as Switzerland banking.

>> No.70312934


>> No.70313042
File: 88 KB, 853x480, e4e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70313065

Yeah that's why they lobbied against it
Retarded fattistani

>> No.70313349

Wikipedia lobbied against it too while they're excluded from the norm

>> No.70313504
File: 335 KB, 556x720, 1537586636354.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that this is the fault of the Frogs and the Germs.
Frogs and publishers (like Axel-Springer) are the main driving force behind this and the Germs collaborated with them in excange for french support on Nord-Stream 2.
Fuck 'em.

>> No.70313533

The greatest supporters of the reform were the conservative blocks though, you alt-right clown. In fact the left and the pirates were the only ones somewhat consistently voting AGAINST it.

>> No.70313609

fuck people who oppose article 13.

We tried the model of free content paid for with advertising. it has drastically and completely failed with a race to a bottom since it's easier to make money from other people's content than create it yourself. It's also increased the amount of advertising to make people buy yet more dumb shit (folding phones, waffle makers, clothes, etc)

this is not a good solution, but it's at least the start. The google model is tried and tested and it fucking sucks. The only people who benefit are the advertising companies (google, fb, etc) and the aggegration services who are a negative drain on humanity.

>> No.70313613

congratulations on being an idiot

>> No.70313623

Which conveniently omits the fact that social-democrats where the other largest group in support, besides the main stream "conservatives".

Right wing eurosceptics also voted against the article.

>> No.70313640

>The google model is tried and tested and it fucking sucks.
t. publishing dinosaur that simply doesn't understand how the internet works

The internet has made content creators more independent from greedy publishers than EVER BEFORE, and it has made countless people millionaires and billionaires. All the potential for wealth is in the digital realm now. Reform yourself or die out, it's your choice.

>> No.70313659

Social democrats aren't left though, they're center, and in Germany's case they're spineless clowns that talk shit all the time but fold like paper when things get serious.

>> No.70313684

aka destroyed for quality journalism and replaced it with click bait and fanfic news

>> No.70313724

Fuck computer illiterates thinking copyrights as they are right now are fit for the internet age. That shit they just passed is simply impossible to sensibly implement.

>> No.70313738

>hurr shitty tabloids haven't existed before the internet
>hurr good journalism has suddenly vanished entirely
Besides these blatant lies, access to information has never been this easy, but somehow in some peoples' minds this is a bad thing. Fucking kill yourselves, you ass-backwards boomer retards.

>> No.70313753
File: 81 KB, 613x531, 1531054088818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Social democrats aren't left though
"Conservatives" are right wing but social-democrats are center, eh?
Are you by chance mentaly impaired?
No wait, it's the classic "not real leftist" switcheroo.

>> No.70313776

Yes, first they voted against it when it was discussed nationally. Now they voted for it in the EU parliament.

>> No.70313788

ITT /pol/ retards get scared of big Government yet again

>> No.70313795

So conservatives are center-right, what difference does it make? Merkel doesn't have any alignment anymore, she's just there doing nothing. "Social" democrats definitely aren't even beginning to be left though after all the neoliberal horseshit they've been pulling off since the century started.

>> No.70313811

EU - where asscunts go to order countries around if they can't accomplish an act of corporate pandering on a national level.

>> No.70313825

look at what's happened - you are the one who is backwards

The incentives of a newspaper who is funded by people buying it is much more aligned to quality content than a newspaper funded by adverts. Now the pressure is on to have sponsored content.

More information =/= good information. flat earthers exist despite the volumes of information out there to the contrary.

Democracy relies on a free, well funded press, and now facebook and google are destroying it. It's laughable that democracy is crumbling before your eyes and you think it's technological progress. kys.

>> No.70313844

Can't wait for Euugle, EUtube and EUzon

>> No.70313851

Twitter, Facebook and Google should ban access to their sites for europeans just like Wikipedia did. Except longer than one day.

The outrage would be glorious. Corporations in the EU suddenly would be without online presence and all those oldfarts would be unable to google and therefore unable to find anything because people are too stupid to use the address bar.

Article 13 would fall within a few days.

>> No.70313852
File: 154 KB, 319x448, 1552692789255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Democracy dying would be one of the most beneficial things that could happen. The only thing better would be the collapse and death of capitalism.

>> No.70313871

Fuck the internet
Set up a decentralized wifi

>> No.70313928

Yeah, thank god for banks, you fucking brainless turd kike lover.

>> No.70314044

>The incentives of a newspaper who is funded by people buying it is much more aligned to quality content than a newspaper funded by adverts.
Weird because the best selling newspapers in pretty much all countries are opinionated, lurid tabloids. Also flat earthers were a thing before the internet and haven't grown significantly since. Democracy foremost relies on free exchange of information, the press is just a minor extension of this.

>> No.70314577

i can only speak for my own country, but compare the Guardian, the Telegraph and the economist to buzzfeed and The Mail. Our funded newspaper are actually quite good and do alot of quality investigative journalism.

And it's a whole lot more nuanced than "free exchange of information" - it's the way its presented, disseminated and processed that's highly important as well.

The flat earth point is just saying that lots of good information on a topic and quality facts don't necessarily persuade people. But Fringe groups like the alt-right have definitely grown on the internet, given that before they couldn't find any others to share their views.

>> No.70314600

My wishful thinking is this.
The death of the entertainment internet built around social networks and a few monopolies.
The internet as we see it right now must die an rise from it's ashes in a new form.

Sadly I guess that it will just mean more power to the big companies and less powers to smaller websites to oppose to copyright infringement notices used as a tool for censorship.

>> No.70314697

The legal aspects of this is so fucking vague.
Ok, so from an individuals perspective: Copyrighted shit circulating the internet can not and will not be stopped, ever. The real question is what resources will they have to deal with it, if I were you anon, I would not worry for a second, cus the second after something like this gets implemented - there's a workaround. We're literally streaming games through another computer with minimum delay, downloading a fucking picture through a VPN would not be hard.

What this will do to the big companies I'm not sure. What we all will have to realize is how powerful these corporations are, and how heavily dependent we are on their services, i doubt the EU will fuck the largest companies in the world in the ass without them just working around it.

>> No.70314713

Go outside

>> No.70314735

article 13 doesn't apply to smaller companies, no profit organizations, cloud services, personal blogs and start up younger than 3 years

>> No.70314741

niggers niggers niggers herding them, herds of niggers!

>> No.70314764
File: 134 KB, 375x500, 1546490391423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why care about google? Care about yourself, dumbo.

>> No.70314788


>> No.70314837
File: 236 KB, 1536x1152, 2018-07-04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what outside looks like for me, friendo.

>> No.70315091

a-anon, I'm sorry

>> No.70315460

Seriously though, what are they going to do?
Extradite a fucking website host? Lmao

>> No.70315504

I still think a deep dark blue is one of the prettiest colors around. Part of why I have a big ass bottle of bluing for my gunz

>> No.70315530

>serious challenge
Building a twitter clone is not a techincal challenge. Its a social one

>> No.70315543

Just register a throw-away twilio number you sign up for with a cock.li email

>> No.70315625

Watch out for the Kleer when you go out, anon.

>> No.70315780
File: 15 KB, 570x570, copyrighted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Uploading 3 black circles will result in a massive fine that Hiro will have to pay out of his own pocket

Based copyright shills. Is this how 4chan die?

>> No.70316190 [DELETED] 

Join the official /g/ discord server..

>> No.70316242

Yes, I remember noticing when "News" disappeared a few years ago

>> No.70316255

It is not leftist. A conservative government must still protect free markets, just like theft will be punished, copyright infringement will be punished.

>> No.70316359

every imageboard is based on copyright content, what are you on about? What have you ever uploaded that was your own content that you had the rights to?

>> No.70316658

ohhhhh boy. It's going to be really funny when your dumb ass gets this place fined to death.

>> No.70316911

Theft requires tangible property though. Not imaginary property.

>> No.70316932

Fucking spics. Jesus Christ.

>> No.70316953
File: 36 KB, 480x360, waitthats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70316961

found the faggot

>> No.70316967
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, 1553611585560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Robot that makes coffee
Is called a coffee machine...

>> No.70316976
File: 38 KB, 416x431, 2ymazj5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nazi totalitarians are scared of big government

>> No.70317024


>> No.70317097

>law tailored for allowing the recording, movie and printing industries to bring any website to its knees for not enforcing their copyright
>does not benefit the average citizen in any way
If this isn't "being fucked in the ass by corporations" then I don't know what is.

>> No.70317167

Please, PLEASE range ban all of europe!

>> No.70317888

Yes, but I addressed that in my business plan outline of how I would grow the business. All I need is a dev to help with the technical stuff, one who is capable of building infrastructure to support a twitter-level competitor. Is there anyone out there?

>> No.70318041

India's their biggest market, or soon will be.

>> No.70318072

Weeell the haber process was invented by 2 germans, so you have to thank them if you are alive today. Without it we wouldn't have seen such a big population growth.

>> No.70318083

>making fertilizer
>and also other stuff...

>> No.70318167

Oh germans are responsible for the saturn V. Almost forgot.
Goddamit these pesky germans and their engineers

>> No.70318176

Do you have money??

>> No.70318202

Man I'm glad I voted leave, bye bye EU


>> No.70318215


>> No.70318226

Oiii guvna wers dat porn pass at??

Go oon giv it op

>> No.70318253

it's never going to happen, and you know it.

>> No.70318375

you dont have the right to laugh when you have to buy a porn pass, anon.

>> No.70318687

>The internet has made content creators more independent from greedy publishers than EVER BEFORE
By regurgitating the same garbage between one another and feeding on nothing but controvesy to drag brain dead people in.
How about you let the new age in instead, and welcome the web, free of shitty social media, hoard of children, and no shitty marketing at every corner?
The internet was indisputably better when it was a hobby, not a store front where you're a product.
If you want money, actually try making content worth buying, don't nab jpegs from shitstagram and shove 20 ads between them to get ad revenue.

>> No.70318727

>Biggest supporter of article 13 is CSU, a german right wing party.
Why is it always the germans

>> No.70318737

>"Far Right"

>> No.70319002

You know right wing parties in europe are basically leftyfags under a different name right?
They even support the fucking migrants.

>> No.70319027
File: 52 KB, 448x500, 1553557028968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll tell Vadim to fire up the vpn

>> No.70319077

Based EU. World-wide web was a mistake and article 13 doesn't affect non-profits so everything worthwhile is safe.
Grab popcorn and enjoy more screeching from plebbit, joogle and others.

>> No.70319342

its a victory. they wont have to worry about small, innovative competitors for a very long time.

>> No.70319381

>Sources: dude, trust me
It's protecting music industry from losing that sweet sweet 0.001% of profits. Any artist with working brain is against this shit because otherwise their work will not be discovered.

>> No.70319391

im green if i were blue i would die

>> No.70319463

>the movie industry has already prepared for enforcement of """""""fair"""""""" copyright residual rates on licensed music in Yurup by hiring studio musicians to make various artists esque soundtracks for flat fees in which the movie studios exclusively own and profit from the copyrights


Artists are nothing more than dancing bears. The requirement of professional distribution for physical copies and the expansion of the middle class created a once in a billion years economic phenomenon that has come to an end. tl;dr, you should have listened to your parents and gotten a real degree.

>> No.70319494

I feel the need to beat up a guy

>> No.70319497

u must be american.

>> No.70319640

twitter is cancer, and 4chums already exists
our discord mods are shit, but fuck creating your own clone; your efforts would be much better served with using or contributing back to a deceltralized project like nntpchan
how do you tolerate being a leftist when deleuze-guattari and memes like stirner are practically copypaste alt-right neoreactionary ideologues? leftism is just a funhouse mirror of nonsensical right wing babble wrapped up in maudlin sentimentality.
i left behind that crap years ago and took the liberty-pill.
>euroskeptic. bad
>populist. bad
and the "left" , the "greens" (who i voted for btw), the "pirates" and "regionalists" are controlled opposition, fringes incapable of passing or blocking any regulation even if they were remotely sincere in their opposition (which i doubt) and who intentionally tarnish good policies by association with the most contemptible garbage idpol rhetoric imaginable.
fuck them and all the britons they killed during the blitz
siemens, skype, nokia, jolla...
we'll do just fine, thanks

>> No.70319971

Hopefully just block all of the EU countries from accessing their content. Seems easier and cheaper to do.

>> No.70319997

wait what law, what did I miss?

>> No.70320052

If that actually happens, how can i use the EU internet if I'm not in Europe?

>> No.70320068

Bullshit. EU can't govern a Chinese company beyond blocking it at their backbone infrastructure.

>> No.70320113

>piracy is pretty much dead in germany
based on no facts whatsoever.

>> No.70320117

Why would you want to?

>> No.70320135

Not German here. As far as I recall that whole copyright bullshit was pushed by France and Belgium. So you can actually thank the frogs for this.

>> No.70320139

>no maymays
>normalfags fucked off elsewhere
>fewer people
>original content enforced
Why wouldn't you?

>> No.70320148

Kinda wonder what happens when you from outside the gulag upload violating shit to it.

>> No.70320155

>everything I don't understand is left wing

>> No.70320187

Gets filter'd, presumably. I just want comfy my internet back, and the death of the internet is probably the only method to get it

>> No.70320293

copyright is welfare.
ot is left wing.

>> No.70320351

Fake news
All left parties in my country voted against both 11 and 13 only right wing parties either voted for it or abstained from voting

>> No.70320422

>euroskeptics and populists were against.
it costs fringe "left" parties nothing to grandstand when they are incapable of effecting any policy change.
greenwald has written (in the US, but still applicable) how a random selection democrats/republicans will conveniently turn on a issue to ensure that the status quo postition wins, while maintainong a public facade of dissent.
its all controlled opposition.

>> No.70320523

The "fringe left parties" where the socialist(majority party) Communist and green parties
The far right abstained, only the center-right wing party voted for it. If the vote was only nation wide motion wouldn't have passed. Not that it matters being part of the EU

>> No.70320561

And that is not trouble? And they can do much more if you have a server in the EU which a lot of big sites do.

>> No.70320598
File: 83 KB, 1280x720, 1528136043154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The low iq europoor redditard is afraid I see. Little Björnstjerne won't be able to browse his favorite website anymore, pretty sad!

>> No.70320612

now i know why the amerifags want us banned

>> No.70320620

take another look at >>70309248
the measure passed on the backs of the "conservatives" "social democrats" and "liberals"
all the other parties were "mixed" but on the balance against it.
yet even these "virtuous" defenders of freedom had just enough cross over to the other side to ensure that it passed by a comfortable margin.
this behaviour isnt a fluke. it is the system working as intended.

>> No.70320647

This won't affect Google because like all laws now, it will be selectively enforced. Google and Youtube get a free pass. This is meant to have an easy way to take out any website guilty of wrong think. Want to takedown stormfront? Just have an EU agent make an account, post a clip from Star Wars, then fine the shit out of the site.

>> No.70320665

Where the fuck is that?

>> No.70320704

beautiful desolation
reminds me of mos eisley (i.e. north africa)
i imagine catal houyuk looked like this

>> No.70320758

>disgusting attention whoring anime pedo scum talks about low IQ

>> No.70320807
File: 3.83 MB, 7000x10000, 1550929801320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay mad, yuropoor.

>> No.70320874

That's the dumbest thing I've read today. Sure, it will be selectively enforced but to fine Google, Youtube and Facebook, that's why they are screeching like madmen. The way I read it, forums like 4chan would not even qualify as online content-sharing service providers.
There is a fuckton of misinformation and lots of articles are based on old drafts. For example, the articles 11 and 13 are numbered 15 and 17 in the final text.

>> No.70321020

If Nigel were there it wouldn't have passed.

>> No.70321027

Parliament wants to give up its responsibilities to Europe though.

>> No.70321069

>The way I read it, forums like 4chan would not even qualify as online content-sharing service providers.
Any source to back that up unless you count 4chan as non profit or a blog.
>Sure, it will be selectively enforced but to fine Google, Youtube and Facebook
It will be used by big copyright holders to get more money for even less work. All of the "artists" that have been pushing it are part of a big corporation that will benefit from this. Small independent artist will get fucked because google will be scared more about Hollywood lawsuits than some random youtube artist with 20 views that has neither the money nor the time to be bothered with this. Article 13 or 17 as it is now benefits mainstream media and artists not independent ones or startup companies.

>> No.70321140
File: 1.86 MB, 540x306, 4b1c8b5fc4d9e8d20f60b86500d00c89.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't stay mad at you

>> No.70321141


>> No.70321142
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>Any source to back that up unless you count 4chan as non profit or a blog.

>> No.70321316
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>Now they voted for it in the EU parliament.
Like I said, stop embarrassing yourself. German politicians voted 24/39 against it.

>> No.70321340

That number is actually completely off. No clue where I got that from. Rate should still be about the same.

>> No.70321933

How will this affect piracy and browsing on 4chins?

>> No.70321935


>> No.70322422

Google and Amazon are the winners here. They will become the ultimate power in the internet in Europe, as only they have the technology to even do the filtering necessary to comply with this law.

>> No.70322736
File: 150 KB, 1280x720, fun is the enemy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With enough money you can pull 4chan into that definition and even if not, the thought of getting sued is enough for some to shit their pants and give in. We've seen that happen already with nyaa. We will need to see how all of this shitshow turns out but no matter what I'm not happy with even more terrible digital copyright laws that rich people can abuse.

Youtube is fucked. They have to remove and block all copyright content that they have been notified of (so you will basically have to give your copyright to some company, this much for helping small artists right) if they don't and can't proof that they acted fast and "did their best" they can get sued. And if your 100% "legal" video of your cat gets false flagged by whatever, youtube needs to have a system in place through which you can fast and easy make a complaint that has to be reviewed by a person and your country has to provide you with the ability to sue them (looking forward to the queues when people catch on and will try to abuse the system for money) if you either don't agree with the outcome or they don't provide it at all. Video services like youtube are basically a financial suicide now even more than before. It's impossible to make a profit on this shit.

>browsing on 4chins
Probably not at all but it's hard to tell now. 4chan already avoids some EU laws and are totally fine. We are basically the outskirts of the internet that nobody cares about for now but once the big fish are gone it might change.
Doubt much will change maybe avoid public torrents of local stuff but a VPN can solve that problem fast.

>> No.70322846

>With enough money you can pull 4chan into that definition
Not part of this conversation but unless this shithole generates 10m in annual revenues, which I doubt, it will be able to ignore the most damning laws.

>> No.70323040
File: 49 KB, 811x592, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not what the 10 mil thing means. For 3 years and if the site earns under 10 mil it will be required to proof less to not get sued (at least that's how I understand it). Every site that's covered by the definition still has to follow the laws it's just easier to get away. 4chan is older than 3 years (unless the split counts) so if it is under the definition it will have to proof more stuff and even if it would be under the "better" laws if the site gets over 5mil monthly users it will need to prevent the future uploads of material that has been "illegally uploaded" before which would be a pain for everyone. It's still all pretty vague and up to each country to make the details but I can see it getting abused easily.

>> No.70323106

A friend of mine got a fine for around 2000€ last year for downloading a movie

t. German slave

>> No.70323147

The 3 years or 10 mil is an OR criterium, not an AND.

ANY platform over 3 years old must comply, and the ones UNDER 3 years old are only exempt if they don't make money.

>> No.70323148

Good. Anyone who is too retarded and cheap to get a no-log VPN deserves to get fucked by fines. You're doing something that is violating someone else's right. At least have the decency to conceal your actions. If you spend 120 bucks a year on a no-log VPN with RAM Disks you can essentially save thousands a year on media consumption. I fucking hate people who refuse to pay for pirating so much. They are too underdeveloped to appreciate unlimited amounts of content for a measly 100 euros. They want it for free.

>> No.70323643

>They want it for free.
Glad nobody cares in my country, so far.

>> No.70323769

Between porn bans and this it feels like the internet is over to be honest. Wish there was more of a push to get online privacy and freedom written directly into some kind of constitution so old people can just fuck off.

>> No.70323917
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Thankfully the internet was designed to be decentralized so a lot of the stuff can be avoided easily especially with how tech illiterate law makers are but I do not want a future where I have to take many steps to just post loli butt on imageboards

>> No.70325584

>internet was designed to be decentralized
factually incorrect, ESPECIALLY if you use it in the lazy way most people do to mean "www" when it really refers to "Internet Protocol"
the internet was built to facilitate extreme amounts of Centralization and Deduplication, in the interests of Efficiency.
the topology looks like stars, not a mesh

>> No.70325606


>> No.70325608

>what does this mean for big companies like google
Don't know why this is the first question you asked rather than "what does this mean for me" but I guess that's how your totalitarian government media has brainwashed you.

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