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am I the only one hating apple so much? It doubled recently when watching Spotify video about unfair competition.

It's not innovative, lacking features, anticonsumer and stupidly overpriced.


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>am I the only one who hates this company the entirety of /g/ hates?
not a mactoddler btw, I'd sooner use even windows rather than that garbage, I just don't have an echo chamber fetish like the rest of you cretins

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I admit, I'm new to /g/ so I havent seen many posts about it

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>It's not innovative
>lacking features
yes and no. it's hard to compare things that are different.
>anticonsumer and stupidly overpriced
just like every other company. they make as much money as they can.

apple doesn't owe you shit. it's not their fault the competition is garbage.

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>it's hard to compare things that are different.
>one has a feature
>the other hasn't
wow so hard
1/10 made me reply

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>>one has a feature
>>the other hasn't
goes both ways, retard.

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literally a man taking a shit

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Why does Apple make people so mad?
You should be mad at Microsoft, Google,... for failing to compete.

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No youre just another seething retarded poorfag who has never used an apple product that is here to join the r*ddit "it's cool to hate apple circlejerk". Who fucking cares. I hate dodge, i dont post on /o/ about it because i dont care and dont buy their shit

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iSheeple are brainwashed to think that they need the latest iProduct. Someone who really only needs a $150 Moto E thinks she needs a $1300 iPhone XS Max just to "fit in".

This proves that iProducts are fashion accessories, not technology.

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This is now an Apple hate thread

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Not him but what if I hate Apple and also don't care about them?

I don't hate it because I can't afford it. I can absolutely afford it, I inherited $200k when my mother died. I hate it because I've used it and I have less expensive Linux systems that I like better even disregarding the price difference.

This is also why I don't care about it. If I hated it because I couldn't afford it, I'm sure I'd actually care about it, too. So, you might be asking yourself, why do I post Apple hate if I don't care about Apple? There are two answers, depending on whether you're talking about posting threads or replying to threads.

I reply to threads that either are about or incite Apple hate simply because the threads are there. Even if you don't care about something, if you have an opinion on it and are externally prompted to express an opinion on it, chances are you will express the opinion you have, rather than opt not to express an opinion at all.

As for actually posting Apple hate threads, I very rarely do this, and when I do, I make them really stupid on purpose, sometimes going so far as to deliberately use broken English and upload pictures that are unrelated to the subject matter and/or clearly doctored to be ridiculous. This, of course, is also not because I care, but rather for the sake of shitposting.

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lyrics related

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same here, I work in cybersecurity, I earn reasonable amount of money so I truly can afford apple products. But why would I by it?

I grew up on windows 95/98, XP, 7, then switched to debian than back to WIN10.

I hate it because i can compare it, i understand the technology behind it and can recognise if it's new or reasonably priced.

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I went to an Apple store just yesterday, I wanted them to make me a bootable thumb drive with Yosemite on it for my cheesegrater Mac Pro that I got without a hard drive. After the first person I talked to implied I thought she couldn't handle the task because she was a woman when I asked for the tech desk people, she made me stand in one spot for seven minutes while she got some white male to take care of me. He takes me over to a random mac mini and hunt and peck types S-A-F-A-R-I into the search bar and clicks it with the mouse, then looks up the bootable usb creation instructions. He selects the full text of each paragraph after he's done reading it and then scrolls to the next paragraph and reads it and then selects it until he's done reading how to do what I want. Then he hunt and peck types in T-E-R-M-I-N-A-L and clicks it with the mouse, and expertly pastes the copied text of a terminal command I admittedly didn't see him select.

Nope, doesn't work; he doesn't have permission to run the file or use sudo or something, so he leaves and comes back with an older whiter maler guy whose nose hairs you could probably braid. This guy, oh man, this guy gets all huffy and almost insulted when I say the word cheesegrater, like he barely keeps himself from recoiling in disgust as he quietly says the word 'obsolete' like it's a dirty word he doesn't want anyone else to hear. Then this puke has the nerve to lie to my face and says I could just hold option while booting the mac with a brand new hard drive with no recovery partition, as long as it's got an ethernet cable plugged in, and it would just magically install the right OS I was looking for.

The worst part was, I kept taking out my usb drive I brought from home, that I wanted them to make bootable, and they wouldn't even look at it or acknowledge it in any way. I would have offered to buy a new usb drive from them, but all they had was usb-c, because they don't like things that are obsolete.

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you have to go back

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I would argue the stone is open source. Sculptures and buildings are made out of stone frequently, among other things.

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stone is foss

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imagine at computers being

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>because you don't like this company, you are this and that

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i would like to use it if only i could right click and create a text file.

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custom rom > ios > android

in terms of privacy atleast, just look at this shit https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb

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All the world's a stage

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I buy their phones because I don't want google shit.
Aside from that, their laptops are fine but I'd rather use something cheaper just for programming, surfing the web and stuff. No need to spend that much money.
Their stationary stuff is trash tho. Except if you are into aoi PCs

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It requires me to enter email. Wat do?

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That's just modern marketing for anything tech related

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They don't even sell phones anymore.

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>imagine being at computers
>so fat you look and see food

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no it isn't.
stone didn't give you the source code for stone, we had to reverse engineer it.
we have free documentation for stone now, no thanks to stone though.

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>using a literal botnet made by an ad company, because "apple is bad"

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>being poor

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> a study in the Uk

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Imagine sitting at several computers that are all so overweight that while using them you see food wherever you look.

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>everything apple makes is shit
>>b-b-but y-you use a-android

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eat a dick

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Imagine not knowing how to quote properly.

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no argument.

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I thought you were talking about alienware

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If you mean no argument on my part, then that's no argument on your part, since the post you just replied to was my first post in this thread and I have no stakes in this discussion.

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custom ios rom or android rom?

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/g/ doesn't hate Apple anymore because the shiftless weebs realized that mindlessly defending everything they do is more contrarian and ego-boosting than criticizing them and mocking their cult, and because all they do is consume media and argue on Internet forums, they think all of the shiny visual overdesign is indicative of state-of-the-art engineering.

The itoddlers btfo guy is a hero we don't deserve tbqh.

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open source just pull it out of the ground
stone its a stone luigi

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Big companies are always useful. As great and innovative as small companies are, their markets will always be niche. By having their innovation adopted by the big tech giants, we're able to get those new things put out to the majority of people.

Big companies might just steal shit from the little guy, but the majority of consumers would never have come into contact with those things otherwise.

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that's free as in beer idiot.

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The ATP just mentioned on the most recent episode that if you are willing to ditch macOS, then your "dream MacBook" is probably already for sale by other manufacturers.

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those 2 designs are obviously different u mong

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you clearly come from rebbit, please leave, there are enough echo chambers on the internet

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i dont even like apple, youre just fucking stupid if you cant see the difference
take that image out of your apple hate folder, it hurts your credibility

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what is the thing on top of the dell's case even supposed to be?

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Linux > Apple > Windows

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No idea

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you're completely right but you can't argue with brainwashed people

just nod and feel sorry for them

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What a cuck. A real man has faith in Christ.

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wait what

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>using the same oil filter for 2 years

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>tfw not even Cuckberg wants you around

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I did NOT came from reddit at all, always hated that site. Been visitor of /v/, /p/, /pol/ and /b/

>> No.70273648

Faaark, i'm 4 maglite charger cables in, $130 a pop, and those cunts couldn't do this one simple trick?!

I wooooonder why?

If only M$ wasn't as bad and had a botnet "Service" which you can't even stop downloads, not even mentioning telemetry.

?inb4 linux, yeah, I actually need programs to run.

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>no porn tab
Anon, I am disappoint.
Learn 2 screenshot.

>> No.70273773

this makes me SO angry

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