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Does anybody else still collect media?
Keeping terabytes of media on my hard drives seems a bit archaic but I'm not about to delete it all and start paying 7.99 a month to a jewey megacorp for a subscription service that *might* this month have it. Is there a better solution?

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>Is there a better solution?
delete everything and find a better way to spend your time.

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If only it were that simple, my friend

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stfu, nerd.

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>posts on 4chan and tells people to find a better way to spend their time.


I still do it too. It's so little work and I set up a network share that let's me stream to any device in the house. I know people who spend $20-30 a month combined on streaming services like Netflix and Spotify. I'd rather keep the $20-$30 a month in my pocket as long as I can. They also all seem to have runaway credit card debt so yeah.

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streaming is fucking garbage m'dude. you can only watch or listen to what ((they)) want you to consume. and since i assume you're into japanese media, you're even more screwed. and don't get me started on old stuff. If you want to watch, listen or read anything from before 2003 you're shit out of luck.

when did personal freedom become archaic?

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Of course I do. You really think I'm gonna hand over all control to the streaming jew? I'd rather give that money to the seedbox jew.

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Its not so much that storing media is archaic as is the methods of procuring it. Fucking about with torrents and newsgroups makes me feel like I'm in the 90's, though it makes sense that things still work this way seeing as a more streamlined solution would probably require investment which obviously no company would ever want to do. Sucks tho, I just want an easy way to watch king of the hill at 3 in the morning

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with the way things are going im hoarding the shit out of data all that shit is going to be banned in the next 10 years

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You should have played the /pyramid/ ten years ago, got /set4lyf/ and been on easy street letting it all just autodl.

Oh, I forgot.

Dumb frogposter.

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Collect physical media.
I have a DVD/BR collection, personal library, comic book collection, record collection and even old video games.
Digital is impermanent.

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lol the way the things are going by the time the decade ends and all the people I like have been metoo'd and their music/movies removed from streaming services I'm gonna be kissing all of my HDDs and servers.

I learned that when HBO took all of their Louis CK stuff offline and spotify started talking about morality. As if I'm letting corporate jews dictate morality for me.

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I only use cloudstorage for SFW and small files like school/work docs.
The rest is saved on my external drives. I'm planning on setting up a homeserver soon, mostly for fun and to possibly streamline my file collection method.

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I was 10 years old 10 years ago

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No fucking excuse mate.

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>taking the intertubes for granted
It will all come tumbling down eventually. And then you guys without local porn stash will be fucked.

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hoarding media is the only thing that brings me joy in life

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Not me because I can't afford it anymore, though I knew some who had PT of files, like every movie ever made, dumb shit like that. Now I'm limiting myself to Japanese stuff and only 2D just for the sake of art.

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Whenever you need to buy a new machine, set up the old one as a fileserver. If you use an unlocked cpu, you can undervolt/clock it so it uses minimal power. Then install FreeNAS and hook it up to your router.

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yes but only because when I go to watch something there's a 3-30% chance its been deleted from everything else never to be seen again.
the internet is not an archive and it is not a backup. Eventually every single file currently hosted on the internet will be deleted from any online archive and the only copies that remain will be on the personal drives of data hoarders.

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Yep. Going for an upgrade on the NAS shortly.

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I do. I rip and encode everything to my custom set h.264 profile. Store it all on my server

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same here

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kinda makes me want read only ftp access

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oh god what a sexy!
does she do nudes?

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When VHS was the shit I built up a thousand VHS collection.
Then DVD came and I collected the same films on DVD as I had done on VHS.
Then bluray came and I did the same again.
When 4K-UHD bluray came, I bought like four movies. All ones I had never seen before.
Then I got internet and bought like 3 movies on AppleTV and 12 on Google Play Films. Then I thought "Why the fuck am I buying movies, I haven't watched movies over again in a long time". Buying media is like hoarding in my opinion. And they cost like 20-50USD per film nowadays. And if you want to sell them again you only get 1$ if anyone wants it at all. But everyone must make their own (costly) mistakes.

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Who is she?

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I buy it because it supports the studio who made it, and I like owning the film. Same with music. Plus it allows me to listen/view the movie/music in the quality of my choosing after being encoded. I rewatch my stuff all the time, even if only as background noise.
>Resell value
You don't collect media for research value. That's just the wrong mindset entirely.

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My gf. Recommend you back off, anon.

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>Recommend you jack off, anon.


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Anyway, now I watch rented movies online. I don't use Netflix or services like that unless there's a particulare film that only gets there first or a series that I can bingewatch in a couple of days, then I buy a one month subscription and unsubscribe again before the month ends.

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Go for it. Streaming video still looks like shit on my projector, where the macroblocks are as big as hams.

Once you get some money you can start making your own bluray rips.

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i just ordered two well-needed 10TB drives (one for backup) that i'm gonna fill with anime

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I started on private trackers when I was 12. Your point?

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Gotta use a nas my man

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How new are you?

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Just get a NAS/old pc install radar/sonar and something like plex and your set

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I quit for years after a HDD died and I lost most of my collection. I do still have some stuff I want to preserve though, and just downloaded seasons 1-9 of Unsolved Mysteries (the Robert Stack ones) from youtube to compliment my shitty low res collection of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction episodes.

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How do

How do I find a NAS to connect to?

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you're better off not knowing what she looks like
I honestly regret finding out
enjoy the pic for what it is

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>Fucking about with torrents and newsgroups
RSS has been a thing for longer than torrenting has been a thing.
Seeing how pretty much everything is HS these days I've set up unfiltered autodownload of their 1080p feed and autodelete after 12 months. That way I don't have to think about procuring any recent content, it's already there.

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I'm currently having six HDD's with 8TB each. They all are filled with TV-series. Mostly in 1080p and some 5% also in 720p if nothing better available.
That's good for actual 422 different TV-series, which are mainly ripped and released from AMC, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and so on. I do also replace such webstream rips with BluRay rips if available.
If i would pay a montly fee for all these services, i could esily spend even more money on fees, than i do on the HDD's and premium account from share-online.net
The share online account costs me 4 years for 100 eurocuckmoney, which i paid anonymously with paysafe cards bought cash at the gas station.
Normally the account is 3years for 100 bucks.

The advantage of my collection is clear, i have access to it, no matter what.
A streaming fag gets blocked from all access immediately, the moment he stops paying, even if he's spent hundreds or thousands of bucks.
I haven't set up a server yet, because i'm the only one currently in our family using the content, but if the demand changes, NAS is already available.

If (((they))) happen to finally kill off filesharing, the streaming websites will most likely push their monthly fees on skyrocket levels.
10 or 15 bucks montly fees are just the bait to get people addicted. This will change soon, once the entire internet is China 2.0

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How loud are these spinning rust drives?

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In general, the internet will become a horrible subscription and thin client server based place.
Microsoft plans to evolve Windows into a web based OS, where your local OS is just a bootable internetbrowser and all your content is stored on Microsofts servers is making me worry.
Software vendors like Adobe already started with their subscription shit and more companies are following this meme.
For me, as a "traditional" PC user, this is a horrible scenario.
That's why i'm hoarding the shit out of the content i can lay my fingers on.
By now, i would probably need ten years or more to watch all the TV-Series i already have, if i watch 24/7.
And my collection grows with 100 GB every day.

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You know, if shit really hits the fan, there's literally nothing wrong with simply leaving your basement and go outside, enjoy the sun, go for a swim in the local lake, have sex (just kidding), something like that.

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Imagine being so retarded you think a single physical copy of something is more permanent than a file that can be backed up in multiple places.

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Well, i do allt his. I am a road cyclist, train every week about 4 to 5 times with 700 kilometers each week, own an online shop where i sell stuff, have a wife and four kids.
But i like to have the choice and i hate being dictated around and i hate others making decisions on what is good or not good for me.

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Of course, lossless music, a couple extended versions and directors cuts of my favorite movies, lots of high res images and all the stuff I produce myself.

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>But i like to have the choice
You never had one in the first place.
>and i hate being dictated around
oh, nooo, someone call the cops
>and i hate others making decisions on what is good or not good for me.
>he hates it
Welcome to society, where all alone you're not gonna survive just one day, and where you'll always be dependent on someone else.

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Download it from torrents

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There's plenty of us. The only true upsides in using the Jew cloud are
>1) you don't have to know or understand anything
>2) just pay and you have access FOR NOW
The downsides are
>1) You're PAYING for them to create an extensive profile on you, the metadata you're providing for them is massive
>2) You have NO CONTROL over the media, meaning they want to shoah something, it's gone (I know this happens A LOT in Spotify)
>3) Even your ACCESS to the content is now completely dependent on 3rd parties, not only the service provider, but your ISP as well
>4) You're like a pet hamster, you have no control over what is being fed to you. Don't like the content? Nobody cares.
To anyone who's not a total poorfag and technically incompetent, this should be a no-brainer.
>tfw you host your own private cloud and streaming services for free

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>tfw you host your own private cloud
Honestly, I'd fucking love a mobile thin client device (maybe something like a tablet and a pen and shit for comfy computerings outside the house in the shades of the garden) hooked up to my powerful personal pc.

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>personal pc
And yeah, I do have brainproblems.

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>I quit for years after a HDD died and I lost most of my collection.
You could have backed up the .torrent files from your torrent client and re-downloaded everything.

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A tablet with a 4G modem will suffice. You can stream 1080p over 4G no problem. Just make sure your server hardware's sufficient for transcoding.

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Buy Laserdiscs like I do.

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Yeah, maybe some shiny day.

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Imagine being a poorfag millennial leftist who doesn’t own anything.

In addition to Laserdiscs I have CDs and books. I have some DVDs but not many, if I can get something on Laserdisc I prefer that format.

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I have archives of Uber Land Und Meer which don’t exist anywhere online and have been purged in Germany too. They record the birth of Germany.

You can’t torrent this or get it from Netflix.

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>Oriental Rugs A Complete Guide

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I collect rugs. Expensive habit, I’m 20 grand in now.

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>Imagine being a poorfag millennial leftist who doesn’t own anything.
>In addition to Laserdiscs I have CDs and books
>he thinks physical things are collectible and have value by default
What you're doing is like collecting and cataloguing coins you get from the cashiers at the store. As a person with a bookshelf filled with non-special books, let me remind you, unless they're extreme rarities / leather bound / first editions / misprints, non-mint condition books are generally not worth the paper they're printed on.

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Get out of here Nick.

>> No.70228589

cool as fuck, guy
I appreciate your appreciation for the physical, but I trust you have digital backups of some of your rarer literature?

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The books I collect are for my own enjoyment and reference but I do collect rare manuscripts and leaves from works which are far too expensive for me to obtain whole. Here’s just a small sampling of what I am neutralizing right now for preservation.

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Laserdiscs, rugs, books, manuscripts...It's like you're searching for an identity in the things you collect but never finding one.

No amount of stuff will fill that void in your soul, bruh.

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Well cant you just download everything from the cloud anyway these days? Kek. Many of the books and other printed material I have have never been put online. Some stuff might only exist in my personal collection and perhaps large private libraries.

>> No.70228678

yopur entire comment makes no sense at all.
It's projection all the way.

>> No.70228687

>rugs go on the floor and keep my feet warm, and appreciate nicely
>books feed my brain and preserving old manuscripts so the covetous academics don’t lock them off is fun
>laserdiscs simply look better than digital video
Ask me how I can tell you’re Jewish.

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what to keep? music? i have yt. movies? i have torrs, what? games? steam. literally what?

>> No.70228713

Nothing and when you’re gone nobody will care anyway. Disposable life.

>> No.70228719

>Many of the books and other printed material I have have never been put online
that's what I mean
I'm not saying you should share it, just create a digital back up in case of a house fire or something

>> No.70228720

>cat ears
>octopus tentacles
Umm, Anonkun, this is the wrong board for that kind of stuff.

>> No.70228726

>anon advocates against brainless consumerism
>tell them they're Jewish
You don't know what that word means, do you?

>> No.70228758

Maybe someday.

Most books I buy used. Laserdiscs are like $1 each in lots or from the thrift store. Nothing I showed would be classed as brainless consumerism except by Jews on a pilpul streak.

Clearly you’re ass burned in some fashion. It’s fascinating to see the results of your very alien mentition, you know, the pointless garbage you post here.

>> No.70228763

>coolect rugs
Have a favorite? Any that really tie a room together?

>> No.70228768

how is collecting old out of print books even remotely consumerist

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I sense chinks itt.

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He’s just mad and is trying to spread his anger. I’m sure that anon has nothing of value aside from maybe a leased automobile and a house that isn’t paid off.

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I have a terrabyte of ripped DVDs which I just copied with dd into iso. What is a good way to shrink the file size, and still be able to keep the multi language and subtitle features?

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Kek I know what pissed that Jew off.

It was pic.

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My favorite rugs to collect are silk but they are extremely expensive. I also like Baluchi rugs but they are pretty rare. I don’t buy machine made rugs so this vastly decreases the number to choose from, and the prices are high.

>> No.70228886

>posts overly inflammatory non-argument to direct more attention to his incoming blogposts
Lmao, not gonna fall for that one. Enjoy the low resolution and having to flip the disc in the middle of a movie you delusional visually impaired hoarder faggot.

>> No.70228894

You didn’t deny being Jewish. I can tell too.

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My player has auto-flip and unless you sit closer than two screen diagonals to the Tv it’s mathematically impossible to tell the difference between SD and HD assuming 20/20 vision.

Laserdiscs have better blacks, better dark areas, better gradients, they look smoother and are as sharp as one would need unless you were one of those fags who sits less than two screen diagonals away from your TV. They also have better sound than DVDs, I have many classical music concerts on Laserdisc, they sound amazing.

Hollywood hasn’t put anything decent out since 2007 anyway, the majority of good kinos are on LD.

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>I have archives of Uber Land Und Meer which don’t exist anywhere online and have been purged in Germany too. They record the birth of Germany.
Why? Because MUH SIX GORRILLION, or is this something even more autistic?

I can't find anything on Uber Land Und Meer that isn't in German.

>> No.70228973

This is why I have an analog Laserdisc copy of Ghostbusters. In the future they will say the only Ghostbusters was that one with the broads in it.

>> No.70228994

>unless you sit closer than two screen diagonals to the Tv it’s mathematically impossible to tell the difference between SD and HD assuming 20/20 vision
That's literally not true.

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I love how people archiving rare books and manuscripts into their personal collection to ensure their safekeeping seems to greatly affect you. Did you don your sack cloth and cover your face in ashes before this post?

There are plenty of other threads which are probably more your speed, anon. This is a thread for people who have physical possessions which could be considered valuable.

>> No.70229045

What the fuck else am I going to use 24TB of hard drive space for?

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File: 2.26 MB, 3264x2448, 0C628515-C1AB-44E3-82F2-B53F8228916F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is. Do the math yourself. What’s the smallest angle the human eye can sub tend assuming 2/20 vision? You can go from there. Or you can just read the book you dumb millennial. I’m sure it’s in your collection, it is the definitive work on the subject. High Definition Television Hi-Vision Technology by NHK’s Science and Technical Research Laboratories. The math is all in there newfag.

>> No.70229076

>hoarding the shit out of
for me relevant books, music, movies

>> No.70229085

They just banned Culture of Critique from Amazon.

>> No.70229105

have you any recommendations how to rip the DVDs in terminal?

>> No.70229126

(((they're))) getting scared. Good thing I bought my copy years ago.

>> No.70229128

Wikipedia apparently has copies of this scanned on their German site, and has it up on Wikisource. I'm not knocking the idea of having this book or anything, but I'm just curious what you mean by it being purged.

Cry more, Kike.

>> No.70229146

>he called me out as a Jew, better do the same back!
You’re boring, last (You).

>> No.70229177

Pirated rips isn’t “collecting media” zoomer. Media are CDs, books, DVDs, Laserdiscs, cassette tapes, LPs, and so forth.

>> No.70229184

>relevant books, music, movies
I meant I'm hoarding on HDD all this stuff, because we are never knowing what comes in some years

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File: 16 KB, 1234x299, pathetic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>calls everyone Jew and/or samefag who disagrees with him

>> No.70229194

>Is there a better solution?
You could like... buy hard drives and download terabytes of media.

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>> No.70229209

Yeah, hey, could you Nazis like, fuck off? If the German government wanted the book banned, you should respect their wishes and not promote the existence of it.

>> No.70229238

>If the German government wanted the book banned, you should respect their wishes and not promote the existence of it.
this is sarcasm, right?

>> No.70229298

A girl with a good body (according to pics) but a not so pretty face. I was honestly surprised when I found out.
I think she posed in some DeviantArt thing. The name of the site should give you a clue of what to expect.

>> No.70229345

I still got my DVD/CD collection plus my video game collection. I store them all in my basement. I ripped my DVD/CD's long ago. I quit console gaming at the end of the PS/2 era. I still buy the occasional DVD or CD if it's a franchise or artist that I really like but most time I just turn to torrent if I want a film/song.

Fuck streaming services. Why bother paying $10 a month to watch something I already got once on DVD? Plus they can pull content at anytime so yeah fuck that to.

I got all my books in digital format as well. Lucky for me my favorite authors works have been redone as epub,etc via amazon or 3rd parties so it was no big deal to track them all down.

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File: 3.43 MB, 3264x2448, 8506914B-3897-4373-AEF9-7C43F09F6A1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She’s a cam whore playing dress up for the cuck who pays her. It’s a sad story all around. That cuck posts here and is very proud of his paypig status.

This is why I have this in the first place. It’s safe here.

>> No.70229374

Oh god, please have a dick. OP, does she have a dick?

>> No.70229399

Oh now I understand why you called me a Jew for disparaging your habit of hoarding physical documents. You're collect Nazi literature, and of course you assume anyone questioning your habits must know you're an antisemite, hence the Joo allegation.

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>> No.70229414

the edge
btfo zoomer

>> No.70229433

Isn't cable more expensive? Streaming is kinda OK, is cheap all things considered and if you pay a lot then is your fault, jews take your money because you give it to them but can't fucking grab it from your wallet (they wish they could).

>> No.70229452
File: 3.23 MB, 3264x2448, 5A5C19FF-A906-45B5-B538-51ABE773B3E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This particular part of my collection is relevant to the pan-Germanic movement started long before Hitler was born dummy.

>> No.70229470

Does anyone have the original nme of this chick? I've had that image saved for years and I want to find the rest

>> No.70229479

>This particular part of my collection
That's not a denial. Not to mention you replied to a guy explicitly calling you a Nazi because of your collection a reason for having your collection in the first place.

>> No.70229515

The Nazis are all gone dude, just relax.

>> No.70229549
File: 14 KB, 175x268, 12758FCB-8F9B-49B4-BAAE-3CF543C96D6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There were lots of ardent Jewish Nazis though, anon.

>> No.70229586

Cable and Netflix are equally bad. The only reason cable still exists is because of sportscucks.

>> No.70229611

Yes, it's obviously easy. Imagine building the library of Alexandria or something just to collect entertainment and knowledge and stuff. That's some effort. Having a HDD or a few isn't really, and you get to store more.

>> No.70229631

There one living in Syria

>> No.70229634

Pirating and copying stuff onto your hard drive isn't 'collecting media' you idiot. Please read the thread before you reply, as a courtesy to your fellow board members.


>> No.70229698

You mean the YPG? They're commies, much worse than Nazis.

>> No.70229713

How about ISIS? are they not fascists/ethnonationalists?

>> No.70229781

What's with all the posts fearing cloud storage as a back up medium? Do you not know encryption programs exist? Am I really in /g/?

>> No.70229796

I never said anything about robbing people in international waters. Nor do I care to discuss the exact method you're using to collect data. For all I care, you can implant your tits with hard disk drives as you smuggle them into North Korea. Although usually it's really a whole lot easier than that.

The point is having information in your possession and at your disposal.

>> No.70229827

The question isn't cloud storage or not, the question is whether you own it or just rent it?

The latter tends to be a whole lot less reliable and often less economical.

>> No.70229847

nice try nsa

>> No.70229855

Remember when Microsoft had a DRM-enabled music thing called PlaysForSure and then one day they stopped everybody's ability to play PlaysForSure media?


The MS shills have done a number on that wiki article too, it's a classic example of astroturfing.

>> No.70229867

they can just turn your account off in all technical reality, they're private companies and not infrastructure or common carriers

google deleted all of some pajeet's papers on race and IQ like two years ago now and disabled his gmail

>> No.70229893

Yeah, I do. I'd rather have media I like under my control than relying on random companies for streaming shit. I don't like subscription models either, I really dislike the idea of paying every month. After a few years of that you've paid them hundreds, but you're still left with absolutely nothing if you stop paying. A movie isn't a service/utility like water, power or internet. I also hate how their libraries are constantly in flux, some show or movie I like may simply be gone at some point. It just seems like a shit service model, I guess people buy into this shit because it's "cheap".

I wish there were a shop for video which operated like GOG. Pay for it, get access to download it at any time and the ability to store it yourself however you want.

>> No.70229929

Yup. And apart from that, the difference is rather extreme in general. If they loose your data on storage-as-a-service, they're probably fine (according to contract) if they repay you the last month or something.

If they destroy a server of yours from the cloud, you're almost certainly getting a new server and probably some compensation for lost business and/or work.

If someone is making an attempt to destroy ALL your servers in your data cloud, they're probably owing you a LOT of money and going to jail.

>> No.70229947

>some show or movie I like may simply be gone at some point
I don't have Netflix but I've been able to try it while I travel. It's horse shit. Their original shows are trash and the library is pretty small. I remember in the old days when they did DVD by mail, they had almost everything ever made, and they would buy something if it wasn't available and you called them up or chatted with a rep.

These days it's a lot less of a selection.

>> No.70229953

>If they destroy a server of yours from the cloud, you're almost certainly getting a new server and probably some compensation for lost business and/or work.
>If someone is making an attempt to destroy ALL your servers in your data cloud, they're probably owing you a LOT of money and going to jail.
You have way too much faith in our shoddy legal system.

>> No.70229999

>You have way too much faith in our shoddy legal system.
I am probably not in your shoddy legal system.

Not saying ours is brilliantly designed and full of brilliant minds, but they can handle intentional sabotage and property destruction quite okay. Most countries likely can protect things corporations also very much care about.

>> No.70230018

Disc Rot.
That is all.

>> No.70230038

i agree. id rather support a p2p model like bittorrent instead of some monolithic company. hosting our own materials and information is much more rewarding and i would argue more practical on a long-term basis. another plus is that you dont have to keep shelling out money every month/year

>> No.70230056

I save stuff that's rare or was difficult to track down. If something is popular, it'll be on the Bittorrent network forever so I can always redownload it when needed

>> No.70230063

scan and torrent a pdf pls?

>> No.70230135

> id rather support a p2p model like bittorrent instead of some monolithic company. hosting our own materials and information is much more rewarding and i would argue more practical on a long-term basis
It's definitely more practical for things people are interested in and will keep the torrent healthy for, but for more niche interests, especially older tv shows, you may be better off storing it yourself.

My own clone! Now neither of us will be peers!

>> No.70230167

>another plus is that you dont have to keep shelling out money every month/year
Yes, I agree and that's what I do myself. To be fair though, it's not like storing things yourself is free in the end. If you need to store media, you need HDDs and even more HDDs if you also want backups for some safety.

>> No.70230177

Really? Boomers are actually retarded

>> No.70230326

Laser rot isn't that big of a deal actually.

>> No.70230344
File: 18 KB, 320x240, 1460935540422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using the """cloud""" for anything
You've to go back.

>> No.70230420

trusting others wilth your data why

>> No.70230443
File: 77 KB, 615x679, 1541861454431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I use a chromebook. I don't even know if I can store media on it and I don't have any desire to.

What does /g/ do when encountering a thot who says shit like this?

>> No.70230489

Encryption isn't the problem, I imagine it's mostly a question of how safe the data is and of unknown risks. Of course they should (in theory) have infrastructure and reliability far beyond anything most anyone would set up by themselves, but it's not like some companies are infallible. Plenty of them have had data fuckups or security fuckups. I work at a very large company which handles financial data for its customers, other teams (not mine, thankfully) have somehow managed to lose entire databases due to bugs or fuckups. Not only once either, but multiple times.

If you've got your own backups you can at least know and control/mitigate the risks to some degree, some people would rather have full knowledge of the situation rather than simply trusting that a company won't fuck up. With backups you may not even know they fucked up until you need to download the backup and may find shit corrupted or missing, for instance. If your own backup media breaks, you at least know immediately what you've lost and you presumably still have your primary copy safe, you don't get a nasty surprise exactly when you need to restore, probably because your primary is fucked.

>> No.70230537

Say "Begone, thot."

>> No.70230687

bump, this thread pisses off zoomers

>> No.70230801

Also I have a half ass decent porn collection, hell some of it dates to 1997/8. When the torrents all die and all that's left is the shit quality crap on porn tube w/the site banner embedded well I'll be sitting pretty good.

Thank god for ZFS and Backups and cheap ass 3.5 drives.

>> No.70230909

>if some notoriously libtarded government halfway around the world bans a book you should ban it too and stop talking about it
this is just a peak soviet mindset, you must be european

>> No.70230917

looks we got a shill with phobiaphobia

the fear of fear, he can't have people "fearing" things when there's a shekel to be made

>> No.70230936

I have a HUGE collection (272 GB) of E-books, everything from comp sci text books to religious texts to magazines

I also collect copies of movies and TV that I like/watch

>> No.70230966


Her cosplay is pretty good.

>> No.70230989

these ruski bitches are way too hot aaaargh

>> No.70231005

another one for the collection

>> No.70231014

vk sad chan

>> No.70231022

fugg I love cosplay thots
what type of man universally attracts them? Is it just about the face here too or something more?

>> No.70231029

There is nothing archaic about storing stuff in HDDs
get your head out of the clouds, zoomer. This isn't the 22nd century.

>> No.70231043

they love con-going slobby neckbeards wearing tshirts featuring underaged anime girls

>> No.70231074


>> No.70231089

I know. The internet is AWASH in a sea of 11/10 Ru girls.

I'm calling it

>> No.70231098

someone didn't read the op

>> No.70231126

OP is a retard and long abandoned thread. Prove me wrong.

>> No.70231163

i tried doing this
i had a shitbox laptop and i got around the file stuff through dropbox, everything would upload into one file which would sync to my desktop

but it pretty much worked one way, like if i wanted to access my porn on the desktop when i was away i wasn't able to. :(

>> No.70231210

There are several open source solutions which would work better anon.

>> No.70231219

Delet the stupid shit. Compress everything.

>> No.70231254

Disposable life.

>> No.70231264

>Culture of Critique
i want to read this so fucking bad, literally haven't heard of the book until seconds ago but seeing amazon banned it i need it

>> No.70231266

No i talking about a SS member that is exiled in Syria

>> No.70231286
File: 24 KB, 419x416, 1543701492430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so at a point it wasn't playing for sure?

>> No.70231296

can you explain?
i gave up on that idea after going to college, so all i had was a laptop. after moving out from the dorms freshman year i got a new desktop so i'm trying to double dip my data and it's destroying me

>> No.70231308

Isis are CIA puppets

>> No.70231369

If this isn’t some of the most based books I’ve seen in years. you my dude can be my friend.

>> No.70231426

Varg tier larp.

>> No.70231428

You can easily find a PDF but seeing as how they banned it might as well buy a copy. I just bought one myself after seeing this and checking it myself.

>> No.70231435

My $5 carpet looks the same
lol at this shit.

>> No.70231442

What’s wrong with rsync?

>> No.70231446

Stupid natsoc larper, I hope some muzzie bombs your shitty home and blows up your Industrial Society manuscripts.

>> No.70231450

That’s why you should read the book, instead of flapping on about shit you have no clue about.

>> No.70231464
File: 29 KB, 600x315, 0E37B84D-9505-4425-94CD-95676D43843F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks fren. It’s just a small portion of my library.

>> No.70231477

You can check out most any DVD or Blu-Ray from the library and rip them too.

>> No.70231489

I don't need to collect carpets to feel better about myself LOL

>> No.70231523

LDs sound better than Blu-Rays too, they murdered Terminator 2.

>> No.70231527

The recent loss of whole MySpace data is a clear example that yes, we should backup everything, collect media and never ever trust any cloud services with our data.

>> No.70231573
File: 2.59 MB, 3264x2448, CA507D57-DE1F-4755-A6C6-A802AC0D436F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my personal library is a larp
kek are you shitting me?

>> No.70231585

I would even advocate keeping data you wish to preserve offline. You never know what could happen with the hardware backdoors we are now saddled with.

>> No.70231602
File: 379 KB, 1477x1735, 8AB00B10-07A5-4223-B225-290A8B12CBE1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why I believe private collections are better than university or museum collections. Retards like you can purge what you like in public collections after your long marches through the institutions. I also collect important artifacts and have an important collection of Maruyan and Ashokan punchmarked drachmas.

>> No.70231609


>this is just a peak soviet mindset, you must be european
Easily fits on US-american students also.
Some of them are extrmely SJW cape shit and even wave the soviet flag so hard.
According to them, everything offensive to them shall be prohibited and censored away.
So you really don't need to go to Europe in order to find such views.
Berkeley University and Portland Oregon are all around the corner for you i guess.

>> No.70231639

HDDs are dirt cheap now.

>> No.70231645

>X Y and Z coordinates
Is there someone CNC-machining?

>> No.70231659
File: 135 KB, 1280x720, 1552680097630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no asuka gf

>> No.70231681

yeah, will do anon ty
never heard of it bro, will look into that

>> No.70231739

pigeonfoo's asuka cosplay was hot as fuck, fucking titties yeaaah

>> No.70231866

She's a pretty well known cosplayer. Her insta shows up on reverse image search.
Alexandra Gaier

>> No.70232026

It’s disturbing and must be dealt with. Starting with the Universities.

>> No.70232361

Yeah, what kind of a fucking question is that? Keep it on the HDD, put it on optical if you want, Put it on flash but keep it plugged in because that shit degrades over time. Hell, if you got it put it on Tape.
Flash is most convenient to transport, I have backups on the HDD and hard copies on optical for me.

>> No.70232461

Is that an easy process? Cause I had the same thought a couple of weeks ago but wouldn't know how to start it/ go about it.

>> No.70232627


I would honestly just get / make a NAS, doesn't have to be great, use a Rpi at the absolute minimum (slow as FUCK) but an older out of work PC works way better. There's also shit like owncloud where you can make, well, your own cloud storage system.

Also there's nothing archaic about keeping hard drives around anon.

>> No.70232909
File: 1.80 MB, 1601x1601, HYPELP012_VISUAL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some stuff you just need on vinyl.

>> No.70233015

a least give us a name of her.

>> No.70233085

honestly once you get setup with a few private trackers, plex, airsonic, syncthing, and a chromecast it's pretty fucking easy to just snatch something and have it sorted and ready to cast in like 2 mins

>> No.70233386

Sounds pretty gay bruh. Do you really need to steal all that shitty media?

>> No.70233507

Thotty McCamwhore

>> No.70233581

>Is there a better solution?
I backup terabytes of shit in private Github repros ever since m$ made 'em free.

I have some jobs that encrypt a handful of folders, starts a new private repro, and pushes it all up. It's not what git is made for but whatever. It's free and works well for me.

>> No.70233664

Retards like you are the reason we can't have nice things.

>> No.70233733

They will eventually delete all your stuff.

>> No.70233864
File: 267 KB, 901x2268, 20190224_011752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Data tapes, 400GB for a mere 12€ is hella nice
Never looked back

>> No.70234066

this is the girl
same hips and moles above navel

>> No.70234091
File: 313 KB, 612x716, C44C886A83DB40BF83CA64405A11C10C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Traps aren't gay wtf

>> No.70234092

what the fuck are you even talkinga bout

>> No.70234386
File: 103 KB, 800x800, 1504380345035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70234399

Oh look the threads being slid by incel weebs.

>> No.70234798


>> No.70234823

anime website

>> No.70235086

>100mb/hr transfer rate

>> No.70235186


>> No.70235290

I would say that this isn't an issue when just archiving data and keeping it offline, but anon here just posted a pic of some old pentium. I wonder what he meant by this...

Also there are tape drives out right now that are much cheaper than 400GB/12€

>> No.70235533

I am not giving control over my media to a blabbering capitalist retard. Having gigs of music and stuff is very.fine.

>> No.70235609

That's nothing compared to Winnie the Pooh

>> No.70235620
File: 102 KB, 630x441, 1338240917837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DVDs are dirt cheap right now, so I've been buying-up all my favourite movies

>> No.70236065

Too bad everyone's moved to the city and it's so dense not everyone can feasibly enjoy the outdoors at once. Whoops.

>> No.70236224

They’re flipped man. But even if they weren’t they are also farther away.

>> No.70236328

Unrelated shit, but your post made me wonder if the meme folder of the NZ killer will be made public as a proof during the trial

>> No.70236831
File: 2.32 MB, 4032x1960, sfxdhcgj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bookshelf thred?

>> No.70236971

you should get into occult books. rare Thelema works are costing thousands of dollars now.

>> No.70237062

I have over 16 TB worth novices and TV shows.
The only thing I don't archive meticulously is porn.

>> No.70237068
File: 816 KB, 1082x1388, dw4dq7xi6yk21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did restore my whole music library after a drive fail (around 120GB) and the whole process took just an hour
I'd say you're holding it wrong so get a better SCSI card
>but anon here just posted a pic of some old pentium. I wonder what he meant by this...
That's not a pentium, but my computer
I got a pretty sweet deal for 300€ with a novideo QuadroK2000 at the height of the cryptoscam bubble and it came with a free tape drive so heh

>> No.70238799


>> No.70238934

that's not her, you mongoloid

>> No.70239238

Based anon. 6*8TB hdd is a bit expensive for me. I feel like we shouldn't take the internet for granted. Free websites like FB and YT have spoiled us, this will end some way.

>> No.70239314

honestly you just need to step up your hoarding game. don't save everything you download, build up an archive or rare/important shit. that's what I do, I'm saving a bunch of anime and shit from before ddl shit the bed (megaupload), as well as hard to find versions of films.

streaming services are OK for normie shit that you don't need in high quality. I don't think of it as giving money to jew services since I just leech off other people's accounts. everyone has prime and netflix so I'm sure you know someone that can give you access. streaming sites of all kinds really have shitty libraries if you like more obscure stuff thoug, that's why I could never get by with just streaming. that and the video quality can be ass, and I live being a videophile when it comes to my favorite shit.

>> No.70239415

>Intel ME scans your drives for pirated content
>simply deletes the files one day
Nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.70239428

Stick around, kid, you might learn something.

>> No.70239431

What do you do with the videos? There are almost no videos that I want to rewatch.

>> No.70239447
File: 32 KB, 186x368, E95AC59B-0E0D-410C-8C30-48358D6F7934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70239960


often times the older some movie or album is, the shittier the encode, the one real exception being lossless rips obviously and it's rare to find old lossless DVDs, it's basically just CDs

if you can find you thing at all

>> No.70239968

Based Snufkin

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