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Is it good yet?

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No. Install Vivaldi.

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no and it will stay this way

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yes sirs, this is beings the most bestest internet browsing service to be using. Thanking you kindly for download our very secure browser so we can be selling your every move to the hiest bidder. t.Pajeet Mohinder.

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Thank you Pajeet please send more botnets

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we have this thread literally every single day

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It's >>>/trash/, you fucking shill! And it willl alwaya stay this way!

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Shills need money and brave wants some /g/ data

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ungoogled-chromium + adblock. Wow, that was difficult

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Yes, quite decent.
Vivaldi is laggy as fuck.

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Brave is really doubling down on these shills

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Noice try to get around muh filter cunt.

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Yeah it’s Brett gud

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paid indian influencers who can be hired via freelance websites for less than $100

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Not great yet, but considering people on this board unironically recommend trash like ungoogled chromium and Pale Moon, it's probably a step up.

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You can’t even watch YouTube with it

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>people on this board unironically recommend trash like ungoogled chromium and Pale Moon
Show me 1 (ONE) post with this recommendation from the last 24 hours.

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It's easy to farm (you)'s from the resident autists here.

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>b-but MUH NORMIE BROWSER is more secure and less botnet!
Face it. They're all variants of shit. Outside of using a tor browser and a vpn any security features of any other browser is going to be placebo effect, at best.

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>it's an ad-driven browser that panders to advertising agencies with a blockchain-redistribution scheme while pretending to be ethical by hardcoding deprecated web extensions into it's core (https everywhere & adblock plus)

>and contains a ledger system that anonymously measures user attention aggregate to accurately reward publishers.

>The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs.


You know what has to be done.

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There is unironically nothing wrong with ungoogled chromium. Certainly superior to a botnet built around serving you their own fucling ads, shill

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No killing vertical pixels by enforce muh bottom bar down user throat

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i use it for everything but 4chan. because the capchas are nonstop

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I mainly use Firefox, but if you want a Chromium-based browser, Brave is probably the best option.
They apply the Ungoogled Chromium patches and more stuff to it.

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>injects ads headers

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>and more stuff to it.
Like the tracking for the ads that advertisers pay them to send to you.

>inb4 hurr durr optin - the ads maybe optin, the BAT mechanism is builtin..

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>Like the tracking for the ads that advertisers pay them to send to you.
This stored locally. It's open source too, so you can make sure of that.

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It never will be, shill.

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So, because you say it's stored locally - that makes it ok?

How many of the users here let alone in the wilderness are going to compile?

Yeah, nah. Sorry m8 but the devs have an agenda in trying to get more users so they can get more money from advertisers and breads like this are clearly promotion for them.

You have to be naive if you can't see that.

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Well, you can say that about any open source project out there.
"They must have hidden agendas, you can't trust the source, you're not compiling it".
What about Mozilla and all the shady stuff they pulled on Firefox lately? The Mr. Robot extension, Pocket still not open source, the Cliqz stuff. Have you ever checked Firefox's entire code? Do you compile every new version?
So yeah, go ahead and believe what you want to believe. Brave's BAT stuff is well documented and explained, with reasons on why they don't want or need to sell your private information, and the source is open for everyone to see.
I'm not interested in 'earning' BAT's or anything like that, but OP asked if the browser is good and, as I said, yes it is, if you want a Chromium-based browser, it's probably the best option right now.

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Why does the Private window with Tor option seem to load so much quicker than using Tor via the Tor Browser? Is it a botnet?

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I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. Replaced Mozilla Firefox by Brave.

It's alright, basically just a more annoying version of Chrome because of some bugs.

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