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Since gimp sucks i need to use something like PaintDOTnet since its actually usable-
any suggestions?

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I fucking don’t even use it.

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Aint nothing wrong with Gimp.

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>that photoshop-like logo

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Gimp has a learning curve, excellent software if you know what you're doing

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>gimp sucks
well yeah I'd have to agr
>use paint.net
gimp's better than that shit

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The only thing wrong with GIMP is the outrageously stupid interface.

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>gimp's better than that shit

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>using paint.net
how does it feel to be more contrarian than the freefags?

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gimp has always sucked ass and will continue to suck ass for the foreseeable future.
> rips off photoshop's logo and colours
fucking pathetic.

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they refuse to fix it. they don't think there's anytihng wrong with it and people should just get good at using gimp. much like the same attitudes with blender.
> nah, it's not blender's fault it's convoluted as fuck, get good
and both programs remain today as complete piles of fucking shit.

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Krita is unironically good.
I as a digital artist dumped PS for Krita and love it.

There are also bunches of lightweight programs that load in a second for when you just need to crop a screenshot or something just google
>Foss paint alternative

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>brainlet noob who can't git gud

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Blender isn't bad, its just alien.
Once you begin to understand its design philosophy it becomes super intuitive.

ZBrush is ten times more clusterfucked and terrible.

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Just use photoshop

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>be me
>design class
>have to learn photoshop
>everything hard to find
>can't drag the fucking canvas
>can't find the bloody bucket tool
>everything hidden in the less likely place
>photoshop is "easier" than gimp
Nope, photoshop is shit, from both a technical and practical point of view.

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Install Krita

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Gimp is very good for image manipulation. I vastly prefer the UI to photoshop

The people we who hate GIMP are the same people who use discord and reddit

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Gimp and Krita both have absolutely terribad text editing tools.

I once tried to make an infographic and it was so painful i finished the image and then took time to install PS just for text.

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photoshop is better than GIMP for any actual professional work (not that anyone here knows about that)
ms paint is better than gimp for shitty memes or quick edits
photoshop is better than gimp for shitty memes or quick edits

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There is a website called psdfiddle.com that is unironically more useable than gimp, BTFO by a web app. Also krita is much better than gimp. Hell HTML5 canvas and JavaScript is better than using gimp

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poor thing. imagine being too brainlet to use photoshop.

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I get by with gimp, kolourpaint and tikz.
It would be easier to answer your question if you have an example as to what you wanted to do.

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>Using MacOS

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> photoshop is better than gimp for shitty memes or quick edits
Photoshop 2019 recommends to have 16 GB of RAM.

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>much like the same attitudes with blender.
2.80 sexists anon. Download it. Blender has an extremely good UI now and made me love doing modeling again.

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That is legit pretty impressive to be running in a browser. I only worry about everything you edit being uploaded and viable by the operators. Don't feel like reading the TOS right now to see about that.

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Thats because its not aimed at average joe. They assume the user is going to be professional level with very high DPI images with many layers. If you're doing just small touch ups on a photo you can get away with having 4gb of ram.

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>people have issues using GIMP

I guess I'm not an advanced user because I have no problems

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>they even ripped off Photoshop's splash screen

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t. gimp contributor
fuck off, faggot. what a dribbling retard.

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I just got Photoshop again after years of trying to work with the garbage dump called gimp. Fuken awful desu

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>ZBrush is ten times more clusterfucked and terrible
i agree. i like what it can do, but it sure is a mess.

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i wouldn't wish that program onto my worst enemies. it's just torture. inhumane.

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it just an image that is being opened in gimp you absolute brainlet

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.t Adobe paid shill

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>Image manipulating programme is a bad text editor

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Gimp is pos, like everything else gnome touches.

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2.8 blender is reversing some of the dumber interface decisions.

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Yeah images never contain any text right?

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This is why proprietary software will remain superior to libre software forever. When a software company puts out a product and people hate it so much they start looking into alternatives, then the publisher is forced to listen to what customers want if they want to keep the cash flowing. So for instance, that's why Windows 10 brought back the start menu.

With FOSS, the guys in charge just do whatever they fucking want. If something's too difficult for them, they don't bother doing it and say one of the following in response to complaints:
>you just don't understand our design philosophy...
>we're reimagining traditional user metaphors...
>that feature is deprecated so it won't be needed...
>that feature we think is unnecessary bloat
>if you want it so bad, just code it yourself!
and that's how you end up with abominations like GNOME

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It sux that adobe doesn't do shit for linux (though understandable from their point of view)
The only way windows will die is by cluster remote computing being able to run pro-apps

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>not using Affinity Photo
seriously freefags will never learn

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Kolourpaint or Lazpaint.

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I feel like Paint.net users got used to it in school in the late 90s / early 2000s and just never learned anything else, so they defend their own lazyness, while sipping the boomer drink.

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You know, I really want to like Gimp. In theory, I don't need anything more powerful. But each and everytime I try to use it to do the most simple and mundane things, I just feel miserable, confused and more angry with every second the Gimp is up and running. Simple shit like transformations or the layer stuff. It blows my fucking mind how Gimp ended up like this. Last time I gave it a try was yesterday, and I immediately had to took a shower afterwards, to get rid of that feeling. Why. I don't understand.

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your opinion is discarded until you prove you can at least make a perfect circle with it

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the most annoying thing about GIMP is that because it exists, and "works" to some extent, there's very little incentive to make a new, nicer image editor

paint.net is very polished, very attractive
and hopelessly lacking in terms of features vs GIMP

the big killer GIMP has for doing professional work (on any level) is how much of a fucking hassle dealing with layers is in it

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>Since gimp sucks i need to use something like PaintDOTnet since its actually usable-
Another proof, in case it was even needed, that the people criticizing gimp are not professionals missing some of the most advanced features of photoshop, but entitled teenagers who claim it's "shit" because some superficial part of the interface isn't exactly the way they want it to be.

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that's not gimp's logo

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newfag here, what's the best discord alternative?

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Krita is great for drawing, but if that fulfills your needs you had no business using GIMP or Photoshop in the first place.

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>not having at least 16gb of ram

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Fingerpainting with shit is better than paint.NET

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Have you tried photoshop on wine?
It fucking works

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just pirate adobe software like any rational individual

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i just use paint.net for temporary assets, very easy to make a MSpaint-like doodle and manipulate it with the better selection tools and transparency. all i really need.

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As much as I've tried, I cannot for the life of me make myself like GIMP.

t. artfag

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Krita also fuckoff.

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thats not macos retard

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Krita will kill Gimp, just watching the slow death part now.

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Have you tried Adobe Photoshop?

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>Judging based on 2.8.16
>Not 2.10.8+

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Aseprite. You can use it for illustrations and animation
It is made for pixel art but you can use it for anything.

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I generally agree with a couple exceptions. Lots of good libre devtools because programmers know what programmers want. Also Krita is a surprisingly good painting tool.

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this, but unironically. paint.net is the best.

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My can o' Monster laughs at you both.

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Just had a look a Krita. While it got nice brushes, it's rather barebone (filters and what not). But the interface is pretty sane for the most part (again, the transform/scale tool is kind of odd, and doesn't always activate when I want it to, so I gotta click like a mad man until the tool finally shows up, why is this so hard, fucking shit), and drawing is fun, from what I can tell.
Still, the performance sucks, sliders, preview and shit (just as with Gimp), which is something photoshop is actually really good at.

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Photoshop is unparalleled. Krita is decent for painting only

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Only on /g/ would software designed by programmers be held as superior to software designed by actual designers.

Photoshop is $10/m and $4 for students, there's no excuse not to use it.

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Subscription based models can fuck right off. Adobe products are overpriced and new versions only bring gimmicks for the most part.

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It used to be hundreds to thousands of dollars bought outright. $120/y is incredibly cheap if you're using it professionally.

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>Adobe products are overpriced

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>ever paying for an adobe product

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Photoshop is unethical nonfree software that should not be used by anyone regardless of price. Save your money for proper software that provides freedom for the user.

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There's nothing unethical about wanting to be compensated fairly for your time as a software engineer.

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The make seamless plugin is based though. Can't do that can you Photoshop cucks?

>> No.70192850

>wanting to be compensated fairly for your time as a software engineer
Proprietary software like Photoshop has nothing to do with this. Its goal is to unfairly assert control over the user. Save your money and give the fair compensation in exchange for proper software that provides freedom for the user.

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See >>70192796
Please do not suggest others to use unethical software.

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>paying for photoshop
What's next paying for winRAR?

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There's nothing unethical about closed source software. Adobe has proprietary algorithms and user interaction patterns they would like to be compensated for coming up with, as they took a lot of expertise, time and research to come up with. Fuck off with this idiocy. Selling proprietary work made the modern world you live in.

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I have 32GB nigger

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>There's nothing unethical about closed source software.
>Adobe has proprietary algorithms and user interaction patterns they would like to be compensated for coming up with, as they took a lot of expertise, time and research to come up with.
The code being free and open does not prevent them from being compensated from this and you are being intentionally obtuse by suggesting it does. What it does prevent is them asserting control over the user. But I know you will just ignore this and repeatedly claim "but they need to get paid" over and over again. I don't support their panhandling and neither should you.
>Selling proprietary work made the modern world you live in.
Yes and it's a huge problem that needs to be fixed.

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> falling for the 17179869184 bytes of volatile random access memory meme

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Best way to pirate the Adobe Programs?

>> No.70193067

Faculty subscription to ACC was 10 euros per year

>> No.70193078

You aren't entitled to free source code

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Shit companies like Adobe aren't entitled to charge me money just so they can take my freedoms away.

>> No.70193133

It's a voluntarily arrangement between you and Adobe. Nobody is forcing your idiotic ass to do anything.

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Yes I'm lucky I was never tricked into that scam-like arrangement. However current Photoshop users are not so fortunate.

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There was a Paint.net clone called Pinta, for Linux distros.

IDK if that thing it's updated tho.

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Use Krita then

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You can still download Photoshop CS6 directly from Adobe and replace the amtlib.dll

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Try Krita.

Krita is better than GIMP. It is no Magic Software, so don't download it expecting the best software in the world. It is just better than GIMP and that is it.

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Saying GIMP sucks without any reason shows you do not have the wherewithal to learn any tool sir.

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photoshop cs6 runs pretty much flawlessly on wine.

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lmao thats such a visceral reaction

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I'd rather pay $10 /month for Photoshop than have people pay me to suffer to use GIMP

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ccmaker that shit

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also that's a much better logo than what the actual Green Is My Pepper logo is...
Webm related, gimp is fantastic software, you can do anything in it, check out how easy and simple it is to draw a circle once you get over the learning curve.

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krita will eventually be better than PS but it isnt better than PS right now unless all you really needed was a manga drawer in which case you shouldve been using illustrator or manga studio

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>I immediately had to took a shower afterwards

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>60 hz screen
>shit resolution (not 800x600 or 640x480 @ 240hz
>no fps counter on screen
>network latency box showning bottom right even though solo offline
>home depot boxes when i know all home depots have much nicer break areas than that

same desu except last time I used it for something like that was 2009-ish
krita can do everything you're talking about, simple shit, ezpz.
check the webm where you have to write a python script to draw a circle
if only it was
riot.im, wire, telegram, for AIO solutions.
mumble for voice (And just voice; it has text chat but really wasnt designed for text chat)
if you absolutely must be connected to discord, use Ripcord or browser version, much less spyware involved; uninstall the client ASAP as it collects a lot more information from you than you think.
You Should Know: Discord is spyware, and logs and sells everything you do / run on your computer for profit.
Discord's main source of income comes from selling collected data

Discord contains a process logger

Discord receives government requests for your information

Discord contains features which allow integration with other spyware platforms

Discord confirms that it collects large amounts of sensitive user data

Discord does not make its source code available

Discord explicitly confirms in its privacy policy[1] that it collects the following information:

IP Address

Device UUID

User's e-mail address

All text messages

All images

All VOIP data (voice chat)

Open rates for e-mail sent by Discord

*All of this information is literally embedded within their TOS, but more info on a free hosted website here, with citations:


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Does it recover files when it crashes? I can't remember which version was the first to finally have that feature.

>> No.70196396

>per month
I want lifetime

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/g/ approved post of the day
Aspergers? Aspie-rite? What the fuck?
Isn't this the shit the WarGroove devs used for their pixel art? It's really fucking easy to mod shit so i heard.

>> No.70196411

>Photoshop is $10/m and $4 for students, there's no excuse not to use it.
That kind of dogshit subscription based model is precisely why I will never fucking give Adobe money.

t. got cs5 site license from a school and still using it with no problem

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A "Friend" of mine bought me a Trillian Pro lifetime subscription to try to get me to use proprietary, closed-source software for the purpose of talking to her. What should I do? I fear taking a moral stand here might put a strain on her friendship, as she can't "return" this purchase.

>> No.70196456

Ah, yes, the "if R. Kelly is pissing on you, just stand up and get out of the way" argument. You see how that held up in court.

>> No.70196460

Last was 1.7 or something in 2015.

It still works, but it's dead I think.

>> No.70196466

>Blowing $120 a year on shit that's free

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Use the circle selection tool and drag the mouse with ctrl and shift pressed. After the selection, add a border.
Boom! You have a circle

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Gimp is literally free

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i said perfect

>> No.70196533

>check the webm where you have to write a python script to draw a circle
no cheating

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File: 16 KB, 1600x1200, gimp-or8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a perfect circle for reference

until you can make that you have no right to complain ITT

>> No.70196699

How is it cheating?
It's literally right there.
You can copy paste the code, once, bind it to a global hotkey, speed it up 10x, and there, you have your circle tool. It's like adding a spellchecker to Scrivener or Notepad++, or adding the "press f5 for the date and time" function to notepad++, yes you have to write a python script, but it's like 5 lines and takes 30 seconds, and once it's done, you never have to do it again, just do it, and have your circle tool, fuck, you're on /g/, you're not the "Average user"

>> No.70196737

it's a funny webm but the result is not worth more than a joke

>> No.70196753

y that works too

>> No.70196761

I don’t draw, I do graphic and photo manipulation and gimp is the worse, in fact it’s pure shit.

Krita is better at photo manipulation, when people say it’s just a for drawing it shows they know nothing. Psdfiddle.com also better than gimp.

Gimp is a retard lithmus test, if someone says they like gimp or choose to use it I know to completely disregard their opinions

>> No.70197013

imagine having this opinion and also using /g/

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>Reddit spacing

>> No.70197616

without telling what's worse about it, your input is worthless

>> No.70198160

ripcord looks beautiful...will look into it

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It's not healthy to be proud of being scammed. Do not use Photoshop under any circumstances, it's harmful software.

>> No.70198466

at least you have a justification with after effects

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>You can copy paste the code, once, bind it to a global hotkey, speed it up 10x, and there, you have your circle tool. It's like adding a spellchecker to Scrivener or Notepad++, or adding the "press f5 for the date and time" function to notepad++, yes you have to write a python script, but it's like 5 lines and takes 30 seconds, and once it's done, you never have to do it again, just do it, and have your circle tool, fuck, you're on /g/, you're not the "Average user"

it's a fucking circle tool.

in a fucking graphics suite.

that is not reasonable.

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I got used to Jasc Paint Shop Pro, but it's 32-bit only and the Corel version is absolute AIDS. Even if Paint.NET didn't exist, I would still much rather use Corel's version of Paint Shop Pro than ever touch GIMP again.

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Affinity Photo

>> No.70200669

>Photoshop is $10/m and $4 for students, there's no excuse not to use it.
With this subscription horseshit
I'd have actually bought it at a sane price, but this subscription shit can go fuck itself

>> No.70200999

>ms paint is better than gimp for shitty memes or quick edits
>photoshop is better than gimp for shitty memes or quick edits
Just use Kolourpaint. It's a free and open source clone of classic (pre-Vista) paint.

>> No.70201018

just pirate a copy of it. they're all cracked and released.

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>> No.70201034

>paying subscribtion fee
is there anything more cucked than this?

>> No.70201071

>as she can't "return" this purchase.
You could give her what she paid for it and tell her to use GNU Jami.

>> No.70201156

whats wrong with it?
if you don't like it then try
Bach macros + imagemagick (you have no balls to set it up)

>> No.70201261

You can draw using the selection tool and select a border color for it. GIMP can draw circles but it's not a drawing program so there's couple of extra steps there. You can select a circle area in no time, there's a tool for that. After that you can do whatever you want with that selection, like paint the border.

>> No.70201583

Feels like /3/ in here with the retarded FOSS vs proprietary software war

>> No.70201771

pinta is paint.net on linux

>> No.70202141

>Since gimp sucks i need to use something like PaintDOTnet since its actually usable-
>any suggestions?
Getting a brain and learning to use it

>> No.70202196

Don't bother mate, can't draw circles in gimp is bait so old it became hip again.

>> No.70202948


Lmao. Is that their real logo?

>> No.70202998

Why is /g/ so obsessed with chinese knock off quality? You would think it's the opposite.

>> No.70203010

Copyright infringement is illegal and still does not solve the problem that Photoshop is unethical software. You aren't sticking it to the man by stealing his surveillance camera and then proceeding it to install it in your house anyway.

>> No.70203098

u gotta pick one

>> No.70203129

>unless all you really needed was a manga drawer in which case you shouldve been using illustrator or manga studio

Krita is better than Manga studio and works fine for painting.

For digital painting it has everything PS has but the interface and workflow are better.

>> No.70203154

Does CS5 have that bullshit Adobe Cloud stuff implemented? I know CS6 did

>> No.70204272

In your shithole country. My country doesn't give a fuck about rules made but western dogfuckers.

>> No.70204501

That's funny considering you seem to give an awful lot of fuck about being able to use their software

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File: 1.99 MB, 3351x2219, swings-and-roundabouts-4f006c2ad8eed_hires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>subscription software (ludicrously high cost for home users)
>clearly aimed at Head of Depts who don't really give a fuck about cost of site loicenses.
>premium pricing model
>win & mac
>pirated with who the fuck knows what trojans/worms & or keyloggers are installed

>cross platform

Both tools are comparable and both serve the purpose they're intended for. Both can perform a suitable job. If you have $1500 per annum to spare and want a shitton of "cloud" stuff installed or don't mind Ivan in Bulgaria getting your online baking details go for PS. If you want free but recognise that you'll have to take some time to adapt to a learning curve and possibly interact nicely with other humans online - go for gimp.

This is literally an apples vs. oranges argument.
(probably more accurate to say it's a "granny smith vs. pink lady" but meh!)

>> No.70205791


I've been using advanced image editors since i was 14. Whenever i tried to find an option besides photoshop, GIMP was always the #1 suggestion. So, judging by that, if the best option is fucking GIMP, then it makes me think that if there was a better option i would know by now.

And /g/ must be like one of the worst places to ask that kind of question because people in here are kinda brainwashed into this "free software" thing. They refuse to admit that GIMP sucks and Photoshop just werks. Whenever you talk shit about GIMP in here they will give you the very same excuses, like "hurr durr it takes time to learn", or "GIMP is good, YOU are using it wrong", i mean, come on...

I know we have free code editors out there, email services, operational systems, videogames, really great stuff, but when it comes to image and video editing, there's no good free options out there, unfortunately.

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>They refuse to admit that GIMP sucks and Photoshop just werks.
I'd say they refuse to pay several hundreds of dollaryoos each year.

>t. was a ps user for many years until it became subscription based. Why should I pay annually for software I already owned with a valid sit license?

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>but when it comes to image and video editing, there's no good free options out there, unfortunately.
There are literally dozens if not hundreds.

If you're too lazy or inept to learn how to use a
new (to you) piece of software that's hardly justification for paying thru the nose for bloated corporate shit.

See muh suggestion for azpainter - it may not have a dark theme and you might have to spend some time learning to use it (probably no more or less time than you took to learn how to use PS) but fuck me!! While your cc services are still loading I'm saving and quitting...

>> No.70205972


Photoshop does not "just work" as it does not provide freedom for the user. Adobe reserves the right do whatever it wants including delete features, raise the price on you and threaten to revoke the software if you don't pay, bloat up the software beyond all belief, force you to install malware, etc. And in fact they have already done all these things. So as far as image editors go, you may not like the free option, but the proprietary option is always going to be objectively worse due to this.

The price of GIMP is really not a factor in comparison. Like most software there are probably many things that it's inadequate at. If you want it to improve, then you can improve it yourself, or pay someone else to do it. This is not an option with Photoshop.

>> No.70206020

Sometimes you want to pay money to receive the benefit of the competent ux designer can do.

>> No.70206060

>Sometimes you want to pay money to receive the benefit of the competent ux designer can do.
Then pay a graphic designer to use their copy of PS. I'm sure they'll build the cost of using "pretty" software into their price for you.

>> No.70206316

>In theory, I don't need anything more powerful
here's the rub - GIMP is in theory really powerful, it's just that in practice it's unusable.

>> No.70206416
File: 354 KB, 1280x720, 1684_lee-chan-s-world-food-tour-hd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems like PS users only really argument against gimp (aside from "hurr durr it doesn't look pretty") is that it has a learning curve.
Were these same users born with an innate ability to just use PS instinctively?

>> No.70206464
File: 86 KB, 530x800, 1492383851533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is that it has a learning curve.
not really the argument, the argument is it's very annoying to use and needlessly complicated
layers are a NIGHTMARE, ui sucks, transparency sucks, everything sucks
>Were these same users born with an innate ability to just use PS instinctively
PS is somewhat intuitive for at least the basic functions

>> No.70206555

Spooked me at first.

>> No.70206629

perfect circles dont exist
they a mathematically impossible. it is impossible to have something completely round with no edges, even to the most minute scope.

>> No.70206692
File: 1.27 MB, 940x940, cu in nt bottle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>very annoying to use and needlessly complicated
Same can be said about breddy much every piece of software on the planet
opinion/anecdote != objective experience

>layers are a NIGHTMARE, ui sucks, transparency sucks, everything sucks
>WAAAAAH! It doesn't looook prettttttty! Fix it Daddy!

>PS is somewhat intuitive for at least the basic functions
No more or less than any other piece of software. Suggesting that PS is more "intuitive" than gimp or any image editing/paint software is just stupid - THEY ALL HAVE A LEARNING CURVE.

0.01 adobe-shekels have been deposited against the cost of your monthly subscription. Plz pay balance before we cripple that software you use to make your memes.

>> No.70206806

I just think I'm too used to PS. I tried gimp, and I still have it installed, but I don't really do much with it now. Are there any good tutorials for retards?

>> No.70207183

You'd think, if this really were the case, there'd be a document/a simple post floating around addressing the main UI differences coming from PS to the Gimp, s.t. PS faggots could have a simple and fun time to change the workhorse. Alas, there is no such thing, because the Gimp is fucking horrible.

>> No.70207196

(sin(theta))^2 + (cos(theta))^2 = r
Prove it doesn’t make a perfect circle. Pro tip, you can’t.

>> No.70207257

Bullshit. If you used gimp first you'd find PS very hard to use.
I went like this --> Paint.net --> gimp --> gimp + PS
Today I use mostly gimp and sometime a bit of PS. When I use PS, it's for some "intelligent" feature like finding edges. When im done i finish in gimp since PS is so ass-backwards to me.

I'd take the time to learn PS if the features I want actually worked most of the time. But they don't. about half the time I have to give up on the the "smart" features and go back to gimp.

>> No.70207837

>>pirated with who the fuck knows what trojans/worms & or keyloggers are installed
clearly someone doesn't know the right places

>> No.70207921
File: 83 KB, 1024x576, ImageHandler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've used the Ching_Liu cracked dll before - both jotti and virustotal came up the "false positives".

Muh point is that for the majority fuck only knows what's bundled.

Unless you're opening the dll in a hexedior and changing the byte order yourself you have NO POSSIBLE WAY of knowing that what you've just downloaded and installed isn't compromised some way.

Saying otherwise is just pointless. Doesn't matter "where" it came from...

>he thinks his private tracker scene krew aren't just a bunch of Ukrainians harvesting him for his deets....

>> No.70208163

layer management in GIMP flat does suck
one of the dumbest things is that you can't apply a filter to multiple layers at once
you also can't drag multiple layers around in the layer editor

>Plz pay balance before we cripple that software you use to make your memes.
GIMP is feature competitive with Photoshop 6. Not CS6, but 6.0. You know, decades old software that still runs on modern machines.

actually shit, Photoshop 6 lets you do vectors
like drawing one step circles, among other shapes (not even given a release number on the GIMP roadmap, and apparently there's even code to support PS-style vector layers, just no UI)
or even adjustment layers -- non-destructive color editing is pretty important to anyone who actually works with photos (ETA: GIMP 3.2)

GIMP is powerful enough that you could spend the time to get the same results, but GIMP just lacks some fairly basic features, some of which have no reason to not be there unless the GIMP developers don't actually do any image editing or raster design beyond slapping some text on a picture (actually, given how much of a hassle working with text in GIMP is, I dunno if they even do that) or applying single filters

>> No.70208262

Then just use inkscape. It costs the same as gimp.

>> No.70208402

The GIMP developers are not against any of that but there are other things on the roadmap that are priority. In particular the whole backend (gegl) rewrite has been an ongoing project over the last several years and there is only one person working on it. The necessary support for adjustment layers needs to land there first. Feel free to send your own patches or contribute to pippin's patreon if you want to help him work on this.

>> No.70208458

Get photoshop CS2.

It is free and it is good.

>> No.70208588

Gud chap!



>> No.70210316

too bad basically all the "improvement" suggestions from idiots like you are "I want photoshop, but free"

>> No.70210492

GIMP is fine, but I wish there were default keyboard shortcuts for 'flatten image' and 'crop to selection'. Probably my two most commonly used menu items and apparently no keyboard shortcut.

>> No.70210533

Isn't that what it already is? A poor man's photoshop.

>> No.70211019
File: 11 KB, 307x462, wodddd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70211040

>GIMP sucks
>I need something like paintDOTnet
Kill yourself

>> No.70212587

Elliptic selection, shift+click to select a circle area, fill the area, reduce the area by line thickness, cut the area. There, have your fucking circle in GIMP.

>> No.70212824

No, look beyond the short-term.

>> No.70212862


>> No.70213421

Then GIMP is harder than Photoshop for you.

>> No.70213453

easier to draw a circle than in GIMP

>> No.70213462


>> No.70215139

No, I'm a longtime Gimp user and I'm struggling with photoshop's irrational GUI design.
Gimp is much easier and accessible.

>> No.70216131
File: 6 KB, 128x128, xpal optimized.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it fucks 256 color palettes so im not interested

you just need to go snag a copy of Photoshop7
its that simple, its discontinued, and even if you wanted to pay for it the copies vie seen on ebay are like 30 or 40 bucks and really I think the price is more of a collectors thing than anything else.

As far as I can tell, besides compatibility with new brush sets, Photoshop 7 does like 95% of the crap that youll find in CS6.
> the entire graphics culture of the modern era was founded on Photoshop 7
depends on what you're using it for
I dont think krita caters to anything I wanna do
> does it simulate the use of a drawing tablet with only a mouse? smoothing the line and establishing the stroke based on the length? If Not then its not enough sauce to make me care.
How about oldschool stuff like pixel art and working with color spaces less than truecolor?
--- Krita is a free program and that means it should work for free hobby-based stuff not just commercial art.

It should cater to the pixel art revolution going on with all the many retro-izing effects that some other programs (like Pixatool) have.

>> No.70216147

>you just need to go snag a copy of Photoshop7
No. Do not suggest use of unethical software.

>it fucks 256 color palettes so im not interested
Please elaborate, works for me

>> No.70216198
File: 438 KB, 1366x768, PS7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree that photoshop is terrible from a technical point of view, and wasnt put together very well from a GUI perspective when it comes to layer effects.

But it works fine for me.

>> No.70216327

When you convert an image to 8 bit format in Gimp it will scramble the order of the colors in the palette. You see that nicely crafted palette that I posted there, it actually has 256 colors in it but Gimp would see the fuscha colors at the end of it as being unused in the document and would remove them.
Having colors removed from a palette is technically different than having colors in the palette which are just unused in the image.
- You get no choice about this, it just does it.
Also even if you select a pre-existing palette to have an image converted into at the 8bit level, it will still scramble the colors.
- GIMP is completely useless for pixel art relating to games and modifications for them.

This is what everyone has told me in the circles I run in. But the real reason ive never used Gimp is because it has images in separate windows rather than docked into a program canvas, this is hard to work with and unnecessary (mainly because of the need for beyond-image-border coordinate selections using lasso/polygonal selections).

THERE IS A REASON those colors are exactly where they are in the palette. And it must maintain exactness from one image to the next, to the next.

Even if the program you are importing images into works natively within a truecolor environment there are other tricks it may need to do with the 256 color palette that the image has. Like remapping colors so that range of Greens on the 5th row becomes the range of Hot Oranges on the 7th row, or the Sky Blues on the 8th row.
Also if a Palette Swap is used, that means loading another 256 color palette thats had a bunch of modifications on it, you need those colors to be in the same places to get the intended results.

> unethical
Please, its abandonware, its not even in the CS series. Its a wonder it even runs anymore, but it does. And like I said its also cheap if you want to buy it and get the cd, and its extremely powerful.
-Adobe isnt making any money on PS7

>> No.70216536

>But the real reason ive never used Gimp is because it has images in separate windows rather than docked into a program canvas,
You know, GImp has a single window mode you can enable with 2 clicks, most people don't know this.
Also the single window mode now is enabled by default on gimp 2.10
2.10 also adds support for 16bit

>> No.70216555
File: 10 KB, 300x272, poorly designed games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time is a resource and its not worth it
make the program efficient and work right the first time and you multiply the efficiency of the users
anything other is trash
has blender kept functionality with the times? and does it still run efficiently?

what if I want to do alot of cutting holes on models like im sawing and drilling on a piece of metal in a factory... is it going to shit a ton of errors and die after 15 minutes?
> this is how I 3d model
Also does it still have a huge reservoir of little squares at the bottom that im still foggy on what they actually do?
If it has that its a no-sell
If you wanna reverse something you have to completely REDO it.
Bandaids wont do shit.

but there's no keyboard shortcuts for those in photoshop either
> though Ctrl+E will merge down layers and if you select the topmost layer and machinegun it, the image will technically be flattened.
Flatten image might be nice to have as a macro Action though.

Another problem ive got with Gimp is the Brush Sizes. The last time I checked out Gimp if you want to change the size of the brush but not the shape you're out of luck. You just have to make a new brush thats the size you want.

I end up changing Brush Size ALOT and I key in values I dont just use a slider. And I need to be able to use the same brush shape, fuzziness, distribution, or whatever

Let alone Subpixel sized brushes (0.5 or 1.5 pixels). Photoshop didnt let you de-facto make subpixel brushes but you could make a new one and set some scaling to it where it was actually drawing much smaller than its intended size (eg, if the size of the brush is set to 10 but its only drawing at 25% that size, thats a 2.5 pixel brush).
Subpixel means when you're zoomed in the position of where the actual cursor is at will determine how it will draw and which line or column of pixels will be weighted.

This shit is INCREDIBLY important.

>> No.70216701

>Just added support for 16bit
Jesus fucking Christ how can gimp be this shitty

>> No.70216741
File: 40 KB, 891x866, 16-Bit-Black-Hoodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> most people dont know this
Well that doesnt help people use it or improve their attitude about the software now does it
How counterproductive. It should be a damn button.

Most people also dont know that the secret to success on Wall Street has nothing to do with actually owning stocks. But thats what keeps them poor and keeps wall street running.
> 16 bit
So what im thinking about in terms of 16 bit May Not Be what you are thinking about in terms of 16 bit.
You see to me 16 bit is below truecolor level and was formerly known as HiColor because it has more than 8 bits of color, but its still limited to about 32 shades of each color channel. About 65,000 possible colors.
Though the problem is almost none of the useful image formats out there can be saved in 16 bit. So its kinda useless these days. Some ancient dinosaur formats like Targa or Tiff might be able to, I dont know, but that shit is so old and dilapitated and has no compression either.

The real travesty is not having stuff like the Amiga palettes where you could have 2048 or 4096 colors. We dont have any image formats that could use them even if you could program an architecture around it.
The strength of that from a retro perspective or even a modern 3d texture perspective is being able to use them for Palette Remaps, Palette Swaps, and Color Cycling.
- Because with a simple instruction within a game you could change a bunch of the colors, without applying a complex process of H/S/L transformations... and with great precision have changed the complete look of some kind of Monster or a Light or Weapon or special effect.
Without having to have those textures bloat your memory or have to be whipped up by hand in advance.
You could have hundreds of color combination adjustments with almost no overhead.
> useful even in modern day, as long as its a sizeable number of colors like 2048 or 4096, and you have a good premade palette for the assets you're working with

>> No.70216744

The people who would like to draw a circle

>> No.70216748

I know what issues you're talking about. Gimp's palette support was made with exporting photos to GIFs and 8bit pngs in mind. For initial sketching and palette creation try Grafx2 which is a native 256-color editing program. Then bring your images into GIMP after you already made the palette.

>it has images in separate windows rather than docked into a program canvas
This was fixed years ago, use single window mode

>Please, its abandonware, its not even in the CS series. Its a wonder it even runs anymore, but it does. And like I said its also cheap if you want to buy it and get the cd, and its extremely powerful. Adobe isnt making any money on PS7
That's not why it's unethical, it's unethical because there is no pulbic source code despite being abandoned.

For example those palette issues you mentioned, I have been meaning to fix those in GIMP for a while, but I haven't had the time, I will get around to fixing them eventually. But with Photoshop, this will never possible.

>> No.70216929
File: 280 KB, 386x518, doubt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could get a fat flying balloon less about source codes. Im not a programmer, I cant program. Im not a soldier who needs to know how to field strip my gun and how all the pieces function.

If anything what it looks like to me is that people making programs like Gimp are trying to make something functional but they're tiptoeing around making it work Just Like something in a professional software. Even though they're not even selling the program they're tinkering with.
Its like OpenOffice/Libre and the obscenely shitty way they handle Tables in documents. Because to do it right, they'd have to DO it like Word.

> ive also learned some neat stuff recently about Feathering selections with subpixel accuracy so that they're nicely anti-aliased instead of fluffy as hell.
> and Unsharp Mask at lower levels to apply lesser amounts of Sharpen than the standard filters would cause
> and Smoothing selections so you end up with rounded corners on rectangles, which combined with the above Feather technique also makes those corners anti-aliased nicely too.
Part of this reminds me how Not Gimp and Not Krita and No Damn Program out there will help simulate Tablet Drawing using a mouse
How pathetic.

Photoshop handles palettes just fine. In fact when you reduce to 8bit you can even have it use the same palette it used previously... so that you can save an entire series of images in the exact same palette.
The palette editor is also just fine too, I forget which key it is but when you select a range of colors you can make it create a Gradient between them so that you dont have to edit each one individually. Took me awhile to find that but after I did it vindicated it for me.
Photoshop doesnt have a palette problem. For it being such a high profile graphic software you'd think they'd have eschewed that, but no its still true to those roots
> if you're a time traveler in need of saving images for old computers in the 90s in obscure formats it can still do that job for you

>> No.70217110

You know GIMP has an option to not remove those colors, right?

>> No.70217147
File: 44 KB, 718x512, DownieColbert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>programmer art

>> No.70217427

Well I am a programmer and I can tell you you are wasting your time trying to use abandonware that the developer refuses to let people modify. The source code is important to you whether you like it or not because you are a user of the program. I told you a program that has better palette support than photoshop, not my fault if you refuse to use it.

>> No.70217478

Doesn't Gimp have tons of plug-ins and open source extensions? It's probably the most advanced, git gud.

>> No.70217722

but photoshop doesnt have a palette problem, it works alright enough
ill check out the program you suggested, but what ive got works pretty well already
(also if it works within a 256 color environment im going to guess it cant do antialiasing and antialiased brushes from Within that environment... that would be the real benefit but its unlikely that it does. Prior to the modern age there was a program that could called Deluxe Paint II but nobody borrowed those principals)

>> No.70218894
File: 35 KB, 322x504, really.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just pirate photoshop like a normal person

>> No.70218941

Grafx2 is a loose clone of deluxe paint, that's the only reason I suggest it

>> No.70219156
File: 56 KB, 997x644, grafx2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it certainly has the antialiasing-within-8bit effects like DP2 used to have. So thats a plus.
And it would've been really groovy to get into years ago, its still better than DP2.
But I can do basically the same thing with Photoshop anyway
(draw what I want, then convert to 8bit, then if there's any other tweaks I wanna do

Krita and Gimp definitely need to incorporate the kind of Dithering Methods that programs like Pixatool have.
And being able to work with truecolor tools and antialiasing within 8bit color space. I mean if it is stoneage level techniques logic suggests that a modern application should be able to do it. Especially in this case with free tools which is what someone is going to need to use if they're on a low budget or doing it as a hobby.
> rather than an oversight, not having the simplest of things that were mastered years ago is a major criticism

Grafx2 must have it in the sourcecode somewhere how to do those effects when "Smoothing" is enabled.
Not a programmer but there was zero lag when I was using the tool too, so that tells me that it must not be all that complicated.
Like checking all pixels that are affected, maintaining those modifications in a 24 bit space, but then when updating the image and the screen you convert the results of those pixels to an entry on the palette.
(I guess its kinda like within the span of 4-30 pixels converting an image to 24 bit, then converting it back to 8bit again after the math has been done for the antialiasing effects... which if you consider a dedicated algorithim/function to it with current computer speed it would be very easy and fast)

Photoshop doesnt do that. But then again neither does Gimp or Krita either.
Pixel art is coming back bigtime and the giants should respond to that instead of being surpassed by stoneage tech.

>> No.70219211
File: 45 KB, 960x600, some green meanies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what I mean by Dithering.
I mean photoshop can dither and maybe gimp can dither images to conform to a 8 bit palette but the way that they do their dithering is weird and doesnt have this neatly ordered patterning to it.

This is what Gimp or Krita needs to be incorporating into it. And the ability to do that not just downconverting from truecolor, but also when using an airbrush tool within 8bit as well.
And because its something you should be able to do in Realtime that means it CANT be a Filter either. It has to be part of the program.

Its not hard to do. Getting someone off their ass to make them implement it sure seems like it is though.

>> No.70219228
File: 124 KB, 540x635, 1509127350293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One thing really makes me think about gimp memes
Why the fuck you need to draw circles with image MANIPULATION program?
It's not paint or cad or vector graphics program

>> No.70219377
File: 117 KB, 500x517, 1527359105541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> he needs more than one program to get the job done

>> No.70219414

>has blender kept functionality with the times? and does it still run efficiently?
>what if I want to do alot of cutting holes on models like im sawing and drilling on a piece of metal in a factory... is it going to shit a ton of errors and die after 15 minutes?

Blender runs very well and is competitive with any of the big 3d packages (and actually has way more functionality than most of them)
If you want to model like that, you want some sort of CAD software. There are some free CAD programs out there but none of them are particularly good other than OpenSCAD for procedural things.

>> No.70219478
File: 373 KB, 1024x768, dakota fire hole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Solidworks? Does it do that?
I need to know if shit is going to barf every 15 minutes and lose my work like it always has
> if you're going to model like that
yknow, since humanity learned to model in 3 dimensions by chiseling on stone and cutting on wood id think this would be the principal, primary way to approach modeling on a computer. Thousands of years of precedent sorta demands it.

I started working with 3d back in the 90s but these problems with the programs ive used have gotten me so goddamn angry ive not touched them in years and ive even got a creative block against doing any kind of 3d at this point (basically, ptsd).

>> No.70219526

Solidworks or Autocad will model that way
Blender won't shit the bed after 15 minutes, it's been years since I've had stability issues unless I'm on the beta versions.
Blender's prime methodology is box modeling. You build your model out of a basic shape like a cube, by extruding it, adding faces, manipulating them, etc. Then you go back and sculpt in details.
It does not have good support for parametric surfaces as is usually required by CAD, especially if said model is intended to be used on a CNC machine or some other device. Neither do any of the other big 3d software, it's the wrong tool for the job.

>> No.70219771
File: 1.15 MB, 889x672, 1545415878141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't group Blender in with GIMP.

Blender is an industry-competitive modeling program with a non-mainstream UI philosophy (2.8 has a normal interface now so that's a moot point anyway). GIMP on the other hand is legitimately bad compared to its proprietary competitors.

>> No.70219902

why do free software faggots have such a hard time dealing with the fact they suck balls at UI
fucking hell just make GIMP a library in a scripting language and be done with it it'd be easier than trying to salvage the abortion of design it is

>> No.70219921

>gimp can replace photoshop!

the fact people believe this is a fucking joke. brainlets

>> No.70219955
File: 646 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180824_162842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70220014

that was all dithered by hand, bucko

>> No.70220521

The fuck you're talking about?
CAD, vector graphics, painting and image manipulation programs does different things and are for different work.
Will you try to open your gay pictures in autocad to increase your dick size? Or will you try to make schematics in a fucking photoshop?
Dumb cunt
Use proper tool for proper work
Draw your fucking circles in paint or inkscape

>> No.70220571

bar CAD which is going to be working with 3d in some way they're probably using the exact same libraries to do the exact same thing lolol
unix philosophy ends up leading to massive fucking bloat when you realize a screwdriver can be used for more than just screwing in screws and that software is just a tool

>> No.70220856

gegl already is fully scriptable and can be run from the command line
>they suck balls at UI
your patches to improve them are welcome

>> No.70220869

>your patches to improve them are welcome
if their codebase is anything like their UI, no thanks

>> No.70220903

oh wow that is nice

>> No.70221112

so you can't fix it? then stop wasting our time, the codebase is quite clean, but you need to be comfortable writing C and gobject

>> No.70221139

would rather make my own from scratch with vulkan as the graphical backend than have to deal with something so archaic as c and gtk, something so poorly documented fucking linus would rather have used C++ and qt

>> No.70221174

read then come back

a poor choice, not even supported on 20% of machines in the wild

>> No.70221178

>using screwdriver to anything else rather than better, specialized tool for particular task

>> No.70221208

no thanks, documentation quality is proportional to software quality, which means gtk must be shit
>a poor choice, not even supported on 20% of machines in the wild
it's theoretically supported on literally everything including things without a screen or a proper gpu at all
so any real world lack of support is no fault of vulkan

>> No.70221214

everyone I've ever heard say "just use Inkscape" to draw a couple fucking circles is the biggest fucking retard I've ever come across, never mind the fact that the shapes are going to have filters and masks and the lot like other raster layers
just because you're working with shapes doesn't mean that a dedicated vector graphics program is even close to the right tool

>> No.70221293

as someone who uses GIMP damn near every day and I hate it: none of your complaints are valid
like, absolutely none

>But the real reason ive never used Gimp is because it has images in separate windows rather than docked into a program canvas
enable single-window mode
>THERE IS A REASON those colors are exactly where they are in the palette. And it must maintain exactness from one image to the next, to the next.
unselect the remove unused colors option when converting to indexed, GIMP won't fuck with your palette

>The last time I checked out Gimp if you want to change the size of the brush but not the shape you're out of luck. You just have to make a new brush thats the size you want.
you fucking what
like, you can make specific size brushes for various tasks, but there's a slider/type in area to let you resize the current brush (and you can make fine adjustments with the [ and ] keys)

why are these posts so fucking shit

>> No.70221537

Why is your post so full of shit? Why can’t people accept that gimp is shit, there are better free alternatives, even a website is better than it.
I swear using and actually defending gimp in anyway is a sign of a tiny brain and a tiny penis

>> No.70221556

GIMP is great software. It has a learning curve. Don't use it if you're a brainlet.

>> No.70222245

theoretical != reality
>documentation quality is proportional to software quality
i really hope you aren't trying to shill photoshop with this garbage, their developer documentation is significantly worse, gnomeshit for all its faults does have an excessive amount of documentation available for it

>> No.70222255

I agree gimp is not the best at some things, however promoting non open source programs as an alternative is not valid even if they are "free".

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