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How did MS go from great visual design like this to what we have today?

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Anon... I have some bad news...

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t. zoomer

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XP was a great OS but visually it was dogshit. why do people like that look? aesthetically it's like Playskool: The OS

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>Same question

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you may not like it, but this is what peak desktop looks like.

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Those mount and unmount buttons, clickable with a mouse! Why can't software be this simple and easy anymore?

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It's actually quite simple

Old design:
Programming drove the aesthetic

New design:
Aesthetic drives the programming

The divide between those who appreciate the older styles and those who don't is the same as the divide between those with a natural affinity for computers and those without one.
I am not joking in the slightest, because there are styles I see even in new desktops today that have a very "computery" feel, and even give me a strong urge to start programming or something.
Then there's styles that just feel like I'm looking at a piece of contemporary art and has nothing to do with computers at all.

I firmly believe that if you don't "get" what I just wrote above then you are in the later category. No offense, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that IF I'm right, you'd be oblivious to it, because it's not something you ever see or hear about in our culture. Why would it be? Modern art and design is not driven by the type of people who fall into the former category.
I think those in the later category will always believe it's nothing but nostalgia, but it's really not. There is genuinely another "feel" to the older style computer design that is timeless.

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XP was fucking shit, 2000 was the pinnacle of Windows evolution

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>fisher-price os was great visual design

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90% of 2000 was NT, and still exists today in 10.. for real work anyway... Although they're working hard to hide it.

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based aeroposter

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Strong explanation.

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It wasn't good design, it is based on the Teletubbies which was popular at the time of release.

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this makes sense. it's exclusively women and basedboys who work in the tech design field these days (they even look alike). they fire up their abstract design tools and create things with a mindset not unlike that of advertisers.
then the poor programmers - well, many of them are onions leftist javascript faggots, too - are tasked with bringing that "vision" to interactive life. I don't know much about them, but apparently there are tools that will let you mock up interactive mobile applications which are surprisingly functional before a single line of code is written.
so yeah, everything's gonna look more and more ridiculous and artsy and non-masculine the longer this goes on.

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I kind of have to agree with this, because I've been thinking about it.
Basically, I like my machines to look like machines, not furniture. When you give me something like a Mac or a Surface I'm afraid to even touch it because I don't want to break it, like it's a god damn art piece. For the price, it may very well be.
I don't know. To me, as a workstation, something like pic related is far more enticing. It looks utilitarian.

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>not the classic theme

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That case looks like a campfire to me. Probably has a Prescott Celeron in it too.

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Windows 95/98/ME/2000 > Windows Vista > Windows 7 > Windows XP >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Windows 8 and 10 shit

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I disagree sir

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>Collecting information about your computer
>Estimated time remaining: 94 minutes
I guess even the NSA was on dial-up back then

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XP was a shitshow before SP2. it was basically ME with an NT kernel.

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It's because things used to be designed with some level of functionality and specificity of purpose that wasn't just a jack of all trades or a bullshit webapp thrown together in golang

Function should drive the aesthetic rather than its programming, but that didn't used to be a thing requiring a distinction

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Your words are correct but your picture is wrong.

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God bless you Anon, Windows 2000 was an still is the pinnacle of computing

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Not really, just the pinnacle of Microsoft computing.

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A little history of Windows UX.

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What do you suppose is better than Windows 2000?

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Nokia 2100 interface, obviously.

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Gradients make it look much better than the current windows design. "let's just make the panel solid black" is a shit design. It doesn't look dynamic or engaging. XP and Vista/7 design looked more real and less abstracted. It felt more like a UI for human beings and not robots.
Let's not forget icons. Flat/material icons are objectively worse than traditional ones simply because they give less information, especially to your peripheral view. If you had a whole screen of icons it would be much easier to find what you're looking for if it wasn't flat. I installed a flat white icon only theme once and it was impossibly difficult to use because everything looked similar. Everything looks too similar with flat design too, just not to that extent but it's still noticeably worse than non-flat.
Also, buttons. I don't have the image right now but an anon once showed comparison between windows 7 and windows 10. It is significantly easier to figure out what's what on w7, what's pressed/enabled, separation between buttons/icons/panels, etc. simply because of the pseudo-3D effect windows used before w10.

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why is it backwards?

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Also where's Vista

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You are absolutely right, except your explanation applies to Win9x/2k and previous iterations, not to Windows XP's Luna, and that's a fact. Luna falls in the later category you mention, it doesn't look professional or "computery" at all, it really is just nostalgia from babies first OS in the early 2000s mostly, and/or a lot of bad taste.

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>everything old is good
Get with the times, faggot

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Win2000 was peak aesthetics. Simple, serious, consistent and convenient.

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>using the fucking Luna abomination and liking it when classic was just two clicks in the settings away
I bet you also enjoyed aero, you utter pleb kid.

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Admittedly the general WinXP aesthetic is pretty fucking silly. Bright greens and blues is retarded.

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>everything new is good
Now kindly project your faggotry somewhere else.

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>because there are styles I see even in new desktops today that have a very "computery" feel
Can you name some? Interested in that.

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Finally someone with an actual brain on this website.
XP was a fucking masterpiece, it made use of heavy contrast, basicly consisting of the 3 primary colors (red, green, blue) and used them exactly where appropriate, accented with the best desktop background of all time.
It just looked so friendly.

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XP with Classic theme looks the same.

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they replaced white people with pajeets

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I was actually thinking the same but didn't feel like making that distinction.
My memory of XP was always with the classic theme anyway, since disabling all the effects from XP back then actually gave significant performance improvements, and I think most people I ever talked to did the same thing.

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why are those icons look like Windows 10?

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Strong post anon. I feel the same, that’s part of why I started making my own OS, to get back into that computery feel.

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ME was good if you knew how to install drivers. XP was just a less stable and more bloated version of Win2k

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Why you unable are write question proper?

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Please do the kindly sir

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It was before XP (whistler betas) they didn't really have much in the way of 3d icons yet let alone luna and this was preliminary anyway they were probably just placeholders

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> great visual design like this

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That design was shit too. But to answer your question every designer alive moved to the modern 2D, flat UI design when Apple abandoned the skeuomorphic 3D UI design in iOS. It was almost overnight.

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Best Windows theme of all time coming through. It’s a fucking crime that they shipped XP with Luna instead of this.

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They needed to compete with OS X

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Details on your OS? I'm making one two, though we are probably going in opposite directions.

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It’s a Unix-like with a builtin desktop inspired by the look and feel of Windows+Office circa 1997-2000. I sometimes post progress in /dpt/. What’s yours about?

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windows is pajeet-ware now

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Sounds Cool. I haven't really got anything to show for mine yet besides a few userspace utilities and a logo but basically I wanna just do everything how I see fit and how I want a system to be for myself and my own use, so it is not Unix-like and will not be compatible with any existing software. It will be GUI based like yours but with a more Vista-like style (not exactly but kinda, I know in my head exactly how it will look). I have a bunch of small ideas about ways to do things to fix things I don't like in existing OSes.

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Awesome. I wish you all the energy and inspiration :)

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There was no "programming" behind the XP design you dumb autist, it was entirely corporate groupthink schlock on every level

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Same to you friend, I will keep an eye for you in /dpt/

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>implying it ever wasnt

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Are you the one with the librebooted W500 or the one with pink anime lolishit? Because both of those desktops look like shit

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I’m neither of those. This is what I’m working on right now. The IRC client is just a few hours old so it’s not looking the way I want yet but you get the general idea.

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Are you using GTK2 or something else?

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Looks Amazing

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i shed a tear :(
it's so beautiful

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Thanks anon!

It’s my own toolkit. Every pixel is home grown :)

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>>70175058It looked good with the Energy Blue, Zune or Silver themes.

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My nigger

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>94 year old grandpa can use his win 98 pc to play solitaire all day with no internet
>63 year old mom uses excel 40 hours a week and needs help with win 7/chrome daily
>keep a vm with full ms office suite and chrome for helping her over phone
>defeated by captcha constantly
>this website uses cookies
>website demand clearing cookies to login
>drm always online textbook subscription
>20 seconds waiting to turn page
its only gonna get worse when win 7 goes away

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>defeated by captcha constantly

This suddenly makes me wonder if you could construct a captcha that would prevent NPCs from posting on the Internet

>> No.70180222

It's an offline install, anon...

>> No.70180248

It's simple. Just have them type "FUCK NIGGERS" or "1488" into a text box. Very little programming knowledge needed but it's guaranteed to be highly effective.

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XP is a weird blend of the two imo. It departs from the win98 style significantly, but still isn't really the modern feel that appeared in vista either. Also, there is something to what >>70175207 is saying. I thinkk this is largely why people like the SEL aestetic so much in the modern era. They appreciate that "computery" or retro kind of feel that >>70175207 was talking about. And it is kinda hard to explain unless you just kinda get it. Now that said. Windows98 was lacking soul completely imo. while it's closer to that retro style, it feels very "business" inlike the comfy window that >>70175207 posted, though I would argue that functionally Arena looks lacking. Very nice aesthetic though. I almost always go for dark themes or this retro style. Actually, would be interesting to see this aesthetic design applied to a dark theme... would probably have some interesting results. For the most part though, I do use modern software for the functionality. Of course, I also like to have "crazy rainbow neon syntax insanity" as some have told me, so maybe I'm not the most qualified to talk about design.

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summary: (((ui designers))) didnt feel like making anything that takes more than 5 minutes because vectoring skeuomorphism requires actual design skill which they dont have so they have to force flat design on us to feel better about their $200k arts degree. (((apple))) endorsed it so that's all they needed to go full autistic 5 yr old with design complexity

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My question goes beyond that, why all hardware when from white/cream to black?

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Microsoft was never good.

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True but there were times where they were "better" as far as the bad scale goes. Looking back and compare that bad to recent bad, sometimes you prefer some of the old bad back.

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It's deeply depressing what Apple has become.

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olive was an excellent "professional" desktop theme, and while the default luna, especially in combination with the bliss wallpaper, was horrifically garish, the bright, but simple colors and gradients livened the interface without being horribly tacky (so long as you changed the wallpaper)
the calm blue leitmotif of luna was perfected in the "embedded" style, which brought to it a professional elegance luna sorely lacked.

i don't consider silver to be an improvement over luna, the chrome grille skeuomorphism is even tackier, and does not even have an approachable, calming color to offset its tastelessness with.
"energy blue" is the worst of both worlds, combining the garishness of luna with the tasteless chrome of silver
in the same way, "Zune" was a deteriorated version of the unofficial "royale noir" theme with tasteless orange highlights

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everything old is new again, looks like windows 8

>> No.70182212

Just use VNC to control her PC dude.

>> No.70182743

They had to write the uxtheme engine for it. It uses bitmap skin segments, a real departure from the previous algorithmically drawn theme.

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> Not the stock Vista

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damn, vista looked like this?

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looks like windows 8.1

>> No.70182877

Early versions of OS X looked ugly as sin. It took almost 10 years for it to look good.

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The GUI on modern OS is not really the issue. It's the fucking websites that are driving me nuts. Just look at pic related, which is what a website used to look like. No 10 minutes loading all the javascript, videos, audios, ads, malware, popups and flash crap. Simple and straight to the point.

>> No.70182997

>that comfy HTML table layout
I want to go back

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So do I.

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you a damn lie
tiger was perfection
leopard ruined everything

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>Y2K is coming
>MSN on your cell phone
Shit nigga that's gotta be 1999 at the latest. I miss those simple text ads.

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File: 80 KB, 640x480, gorelieberman110700home.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just look at how fucking simple and straight to the point it was.

>> No.70183066

>all that information in 640x480
terry was fucking right, vga is truly God's resolution

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Look at how comfy youtube was. No "load more comments" bs, no "show more replies" bs, no "show more videos" bs, no video ads, no disappearing comments. All comments could be read by clicking on one simple underlined text saying "show all comments" which would open a nice list of all the comments, with all the replies available and all ordered by time posted instead of muh likes and shit.

>> No.70183102

>computers have more RAM and CPU power than ever
>websites load in sections forcing you to click to load the next bit

>> No.70183116

>what went wrong
People stopped codding websites and started using shitty software to do it for them.

>> No.70183120

>pretty girls make graves video contest

>> No.70183127

I ran Tiger on a white macbook for a long time. It's surprising to see how dated it looks now. I really enjoyed having a mac back then, but I've since moved on to better things.

>> No.70183135

No reason website design software needs to hide 1MB of data in chunks when it takes less than a tenth of a second to transfer and parse.

>> No.70183192

This, pictures of XP remind me of a toy buy dog is cute. I think vista was peak aesthetics but I also like the flat look (in light colors) too. 95/2k was functional.

>> No.70183193

No reason indeed, but since the fags no longer have to code in html directly and save their work every 30 seconds and preview it to see if their 2 extra line of code worked as intended allowed them to add more useless and fancy junk no one wanted.

>> No.70183223

The biggest thing I hate about modern webpage design is the limiting of content. We have something called a scrollbar and we can use it to easily navigate through thousands of lines. I don't want to see 10 comments, click "show more", read 10 more, and then do it again when my computer with 64 GB of RAM can easily show every comment on every page of your entire website.

>> No.70183261

Limiting contents by asking you to press a button to show the comment for instance, and even after you told the fuckers "YES SHOW ME THE FUCKING COMMENTS" they only show 10 and you have to scroll down and click on show more is driving me nuts.
Another thing that really pisses me off is the extra crap popping up without you asking for it like those pop ups blocking the site because you have an ad blocker or the pop ups that asks you to subscribe to some shit or even the one that asks you to enable cookies. And then there's the crap that pops up on the webpage (not on another window)when you click on buttons. Like can't you just add them to the page in the first place? Either put a button that directs you to another page, or add the things into the page, don't put a fkin button that pops something ontop of the shit you want to read.

And last but not least, the fucking GUI. It's so hard to tell what is content vs what is links/ads. In the past, all of this could easily be told by simply looking. Links were underlined and in blue, ads were banners on the side, aand content was in the middle. Now each fkin website has it's own layout, and you don't know where things start and end.

>> No.70183296

Look at >>70182974 >>70183025 and >>70183036 and rage at how back then websites showed orders of magnitude more information on tiny 13" 480-line CRTs while modern websites on 30" 4K UHD monitors look anemic as fuck. Normalfags need to burn for the destruction of the internet in an effort to cater to them.

>> No.70183324

Steve Boomer was the last redpilled M$ CEO.

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I memorized the Win98 CD key in around 2000. I still remember it.

>> No.70185122

you're right
that browser in the pic has shit design though
You don't have to pretend that the aesthetic was better before, or that it doesn't matter, both of which is wrong.

>> No.70185145


>> No.70185208

I think a big part of why we moved away from that design is because using tables to align elements is now considered "improper".
It's honestly fucking retarded because I've tried making the simplest imageboard designs and there are actually things you almost cannot do at all without tables. I remember trying for hours to do stuff without tables (and still having to compromise) that I could do in 1min if I just said fuck it and used tables for the site layout.
Our current web standards are just retarded and bloated.

>> No.70185222

XP UI is an eyesore, Windows 2000 was the peak of Windows aesthetics, with Windows 7 coming in a close second.

>> No.70185259

This but unironically

>> No.70185724

>my first windows was xp

>my first windows was vista

>> No.70185783

The word you're looking for is "bevels". Faggot

>> No.70186410

I like win10 dark

>> No.70186430

Windows 7 looks like shit.

>> No.70186437

all of these are good

>> No.70186750

Yellowing of white plastic.
Less visible dirt.

>> No.70186795

They hired a lot of Pajeets. Just like Google.

>> No.70186849

I agree 100%. I'll admit that I didn't immediately take to the default XP style when I first saw it, but over time I learned to appreciate the brilliance of it.

The puritans like tradition, and the modernists like the cutting edge, but XP is somewhere in the middle, and I think that's what I like.

>> No.70186888

I'd give anything for every website to have that simplicity back again.

>> No.70186920

It's a matter of personal taste. To me Windows 7 is the eyesore, too much transparency and messy looking default bitmaps.

>> No.70186949

>great visual design
right from fisher price
throw your fucking nostalgia goggles away already, it's pathetic

>> No.70187019

What was wrong with Fisher Price?

>> No.70187125

Still far better than Win 10's disjointed UI.

>> No.70187146

Silver made it look better

>> No.70188839

>Windows 2000 was the peak of Windows aesthetics
This. Everything was perfectly consistent and the UI didn't get in your way with anything fancy. Ran that fucker all the way until 2010 and I'd still be if modern software worked on it.

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File: 16 KB, 500x560, 1480286984294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder....

>> No.70189792

Windows 7 with the classic theme looks basically no different from 2000.
I miss the classic theme. Not only was it simple and utilitarian - what flatshit wishes it could be - it was extremely customizable. I used to have a wallpaper and color scheme for each month that I would cycle through as the year went. I miss that.

>> No.70189842

Windows had a consistent and good-looking "dark theme" as early as 95. Meanwhile the H1Bs at Microsoft still can't get the default theme to look right in 10 let alone a systemwide dark theme.

>> No.70189897

The fuck are you talking about

>> No.70189957

Fun fact, the Win 95/98/ME installer was actually a miniature version of Windows 3.1. You can find the files in mini.cab on the CD.

>> No.70190557

That actually is a fun fact, and nicely explains the look/feel of those installers. Thanks anon.

>> No.70190572

That actually is a fun fact, and nicely explains the look/feel of those installers. Thanks anon

>> No.70191170

So they made the new UI which clearly works once installed but couldn't use it in the installer? Was it to reduce RAM usage or did they just forget until the very last moment and go "fuck it we need an installer"?

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File: 61 KB, 787x625, old microsoft 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70191802

Damn that's so aesthetic!

>> No.70191875

>text-only home page
muh dick

>> No.70191951

Win 2k would prob be in use today if it had these 4 things; GPT support, able to take over 4GB ram and usb 2.0/3.0,and sata 2/3 drivers. Think god windows 7 can take 192GB of ram, so lots of headroom left.

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File: 239 KB, 894x588, Speccy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This baby still runs smooth as a babies ass and it's processor has been in use since 2010. Fuck "upgrading"; zero point and gains to do it.

>> No.70192018

Don't forget 64bit

>> No.70192041

>great visual design

XP always looked like shit.

>> No.70192068


>> No.70192197

Someone realized they can make you view more ads this way.

>> No.70192202

same reason they use winpe to install win10

>> No.70192638

next time use aeroshot

>> No.70192692

Sir, don’t prepone it - kindly do the needful

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You are correct, sir.

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File: 33 KB, 292x357, explorer.exe_20190316_152453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Windows 10? Since when did Windows 10 icons have CR-

>> No.70193304

Microsoft's lazyness is amazing.
Those legacy icons have been in there for decades

>> No.70193316

Windows 2000 was the peak of Microsoft UI design. Despite the icons looking dated you won't fine better consistency.

>> No.70193337

Damn son in just that one image I see icons from 95, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 10 like looking at a museum

>> No.70193390

>Windows 2000 was the peak of Microsoft UI design.
95's more flat icons look better.
98/ME's icons are too 3D, so they look like pixelated versions of XP's.
There's also some from later 9Xs.
That PC-Phone-PC folder icon and PC on front of folder icon have a gradient that the 95 ones (printer and settings) don't have.

>> No.70193407

IIRC the gradient used in that dialup? icon is from 98.

>> No.70193450

Installing Leopard on my G4 eMac was one of the worst decisions I had ever made.
Went back to Tiger and OS9 dual-boot.

>> No.70195413

Luna was the same kind of garbage though, it took an expertly designed and professional interface that was developed over years of careful study and observations of user interaction and put some obnoxious coloration and fisher price graphics over the top of it to look trendy for consumers.

The only thing worse than being ignorant of something is being blinded to its faults by nostalgia goggles.

>> No.70195436

XP looked like pure garbage.
>olive was an excellent "professional" desktop theme
there was nothing professional about XP's looks, it looked like it was designed for kids

>> No.70195446

Even XP with Classic theme had horribly inconsistent icons that kept me on 2000 until Vista came out.

>> No.70195472

I find that making the 3D objects a little brighter helps me make peace with the inconsistencies, but yes I generally prefer 2000 because of that as well. Or I use the MCE 2005/Embedded themes that while still in a similar vein to the shit I hate about Luna are at least a better trendy aesthetic.

>> No.70195494

It's not the window UI, it's the icons that look so out of place. Take the "unknown file" icon for example. Something that shows up so often as that is still in Windows 2000 style while half of the common file icons are in the new high-color XP style. The extend of halfassery in XP was so dramatic I couldn't stand it.

>> No.70195512

It's pretty much why I like what I do, but I actually don't mind a lot of the fundamental aesthetics of flat design for similar reasons. Mid-2000s skeuomorphism tried to be something other than a computer, while earlier pseudo-3D and later flat interfaces that aren't trying to replicate natural/corporeal objects feel much more like an actual machine.

>> No.70195529


I went 98SE >2000 > XP > 7 > 10

I miss Aero Glass.

>> No.70195538


>muh widgets


>> No.70195541

> My name is Aaron
Quit stalking me

>> No.70195549

Take off your nostalgia goggles. I upgraded to Windows 10 after 1803 came out and I found its UI a lot less intrusive than the shiny glossy shit that was Aero. The only reason I used it over Classic theme in Vista and 7 was because DWM only works with it enabled.

>> No.70195596

Gosh, I remember playing on xp. That was great desu

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