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Just because he uses your private data to sell some Coke to zoomers does not mean he's not a Chad.

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the answer is clearly in the picture you posted, it's because his brain is written in javascript

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He ruined the internet completely with his real name policy.

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switches only work on integral types

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it's an enum dummy

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>switch statement with one case


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Not in single quotes it's not.

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>>70173683 you
>>70173730 what he said

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That's obviously JavaScript, where switch does work on strings.

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just kidding... ha ha ha

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anon wanna date

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nobody hates him here, but msm surely does.
if i had to guess, it would be because traditional media still has no absolute control over facebook news

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Is this an actual magazine cover? Poor zuckbot. Imagine getting compared to a robot running on JavaScript. Low key sad

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"/g/ trusts me. Dumb fucks. Heh."

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> Low key
But you love javascript.

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He's literally the virgin. Watch The Social Network.

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He brought more normies onto the internet. Fuck Zuckerberg and the cuck-a-doodle-doo edgelord normiefaggot scum who think it's cool to be a contrarian and polish Zucks cock.

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it isn't, design is too shitty

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And to imagine that the creator of the world wide web wants facebook and google of all people to fix the internet

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He is doing more harm to humanity than terrorists, pedophiles and feminists combined.
Fuck that guy.

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fb is a nsa tool

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