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What's up with the sudden surge of faggots asking about learning how to code/getting a coding job?

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#learntocode movement most likely being taken seriously and not as a jab to buzzfeed cancer.

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yes we know faggot.

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highschool graduation soon and kids don't know what they want to do with their lives

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this, im 26, chose a shit career (community college tho so debt free). And noone is hiring me.
Im also thinking of learning code. Its that or become an e-celeb or whore my sister...as a gamer thot

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im 26 too and wasted my life away so far. seeing the way tech just keeps growing and wont stop im finally choosing to not give up on learning something useful

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despondent humans who have been automated nearly to oblivion, desperate to grab onto the one thing that has a tiny chance of delivering them from wagie hell.

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same hope people have with crypto

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