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Hello, I need to learn how to use JAVA + SWING or JAVAFX to make GUI programs with XML, how do I go about doing this? Please and thanks!

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oh god

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Jaxb and xml are a match made in heaven, faggot. It simply doesn't get any more comfy than this.

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So what is the very best resource(s) to get uptospeed (i.e., hireable) in as short a time as possible?

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it would be a better idea to immediately kill yourself
all Java GUI frameworks are complete cancer

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JavaFX is actually rather nice for the most part. It's just far too stupid BufferedImage isn't a first class citizen any longer. So fucking stupid. Gnah. But that probably wont bother you, unless your also into image processing shit.

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Why? Why would you choose to make software like this in 2019? You might as well be asking us how to make a java applet communicate with a flash program that reads data over IPX/SPX from a cobol program running on your mainframe. Sure, it could be done, but why?

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>With XML
But fucking why
XML is a stain on tech

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>in 2019
Ah, yes, OP should have asked how to make JavaScript desktop GUI apps.

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So how does one build modern Java GUI desktop applications if not without Swing/JavaFX (and JaxB for working with XML)?

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Use C++ and the Qt Framework faggot

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The official docs are actually really good, they even have a nice tutorial.

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>the Qt Framework faggot
I don't use people.

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but not this

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You know you would like to

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you don't need XML for any part of this
just learn Swing, you use it directly from within Java. (ie, your window/form designs are made with code, not markup)

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jesus. more konqi lewds pls

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Use scenebuilder to generate fxml files. Load them into a Parent object with FXMLLoader

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use javafx swing is dying out

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please stop ive already jacked it twice today

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>fxml files
I never got this. Doing all GUI by code is so much nicer/simpler to work with.

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Post his girlfriend and I'll consider using Qt for my future projects and KDE for my desktop.

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The way you've worded your question (xml?) strongly implies a lack of general programming knowledge, not trying to shame you but I'd recommend starting with just hello world/ fizzbuzz. once you understand how to import libraries you can check out the documentation for swing and go from there.

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Based furry mods, I'm still not b&

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JavaFX. It's awesome.
XUL, Glade... JavaFX. They all use XML to define the ui. WPF as well,iirc.

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What is/are the very best resources for learning JavaFX, JaxB ? I cannot really find anything...

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Official docs are great. If you're more into video tutorials then check out the JavaFX vids by thenewboston on YouTube.

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The official docs. Read them.

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Use Java to start an Electron app

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